Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 1

* * * * *

Day 1

* * * * *

Nev wakes up in a dark and stenching alley in a city she has no recollection of. She is wearing black leather high-heeled thigh high boots, black stockings, a very short skirt that barely covers her private parts, a corset that doesnt cover her breasts and a pair of black long gloves. Panties are missing.

She doesnt seem to be hurt ... yet. Her limbs feel numb and cold, but she has no visible bruises. Scared and shivering does Nev get up and starts wandering. She hadnt turned one corner before someone yelled out at her and pulled a knife, threatening her. She runs as fast as she can, flees the scene, panicked. Maybe he just wanted to scare her, or maybe there was something physically wrong with him, but she manages to loose him.

Not recognising anything does she wander this desolate city by night. She was either in a very poor neighbourhood or the entire city was in decay, but one alley led to the other and the other and the other. Buildings had broken windows, the streets were filthy and no matter where she looked, everything just seemed to be on the verge of crashing down.
Finally she sees someone and despite her previous encounter does she decide to ask for help.

- - - - -

Nev tries to cover her exposed breasts with one arm as she walks up to the stranger "Hey there .. can you .. ehm .. help me?"

PimpGuy runs his foot over the ground kicking little stones aside bored as he hears the woman's voice and raises his eyebrows at her "help you with what?", he answers annoyed

"Ooh gawd" Nev thinks to herself, already regretting to have walked up to him, he didnt seem particularly helpful at all. "Well .. maybe I could borrow your shirt? Or .. never mind .. " she stepped back a bit, arm still in front of her bare chest "Or point me in the direction of a police station maybe .. or shelter .. or whatever .. "

PimpGuy looks at her as she covers her breasts and grins moving a step closer, trying to keep her in his reach "and how did you end up walking around with your boobs out?"

Nev squints her eyes some and her nostrils start to flare as she gets the feeling she came up to an entirely wrong character "I .. ehr .. " as she stepped back again, trying to keep her distance " .. shit happens .. " she just mumbled.

PimpGuy forces a smile, and hums under his nose "fine", pretending he's satisfied with her answer. He moves his eyes to the gas station as he says "with that fuel leak we can fly up in the sky any moment" and laughs out loud

Nev half turned to look at the gasstation he was referring to, she had no idea where she was. Lost, cold, scared and embarrased she had wandered around to find someone who could help her. "Ooh .. well, guess I'd better move out of the way then." Not even bothering to ask for help again does Nev start to walk away from the gasstation, which meant she had to pass him.

PimpGuy just waited for her to turn her head and rushed to her, reaching to grab her wrist. "Wait, where you think you're going?" he asks in a serious tone as his smile and sense of humor fade away instantly

Nev 'eeps' as he grabs hold of her wrist and goosebumps appear on her bare skin, cheeks flustering with fear and anger while a voice in her head screams out .. 'No, not again!' ... She tries to pull her hand free from his grip, almost stumbling down shifting her weight on her trembling legs "Let me go!!" she exclaimed, with a highpitched voice. "Just let me go .. I want to go!!"

PimpGuy grins as he tightens the grip around her wrist and pulls her hard to him, saying "I made up my mind, I'll help you, I'll give you a shelter and you'll work for me, those boobs can make me rich". He reaches to her nipple and pinches it, twisting it between his fingers

Nev's jaw drops hearing his words and she shakes her head, slow and confused "Wh-what?" She slouches her shoulders down, bending her back some, to try and get her breasts out of the way of his hand. Another 'eep' escapes her lips when he pinched her nipple and the fluster now turns into a deepshade of crimson covering her cheeks and chest. "No ... " her voice small and barely a whisper " .. I dont want .. no .. just let me go .. please?"

PimpGuy reaches behind her back and grabs her waist, dragging her trembling body again looking straight into her eyes "look I'll have to tie you up and drag you wherever I want, you're not cooperating at all". He reaches to his belt and undoes it, pulling it off his pants and starts wrapping it around her wrist tightly

Nev wished she had the guts to fight or scream or do anything to try and get away from him, but she felt her body weaken and her throat getting dry "Why?" she whispered. Her heart was racing and she couldnt stop shaking. Then .. pulling out courage from a place deep down she suddenly thrusts her head towards him, butting him against the forehead, almost knocking herself out. "HEEEEELP!" she screamed, the voice ringing loud inside her head, but the sound not carrying a long distance.

PimpGuy steps back shouting out loud "fucking bitch!". He reaches to his forehead and touches it just to find out she opened a wound there and his blood is coming out. The adrenaline rushes through his veins, attacking his brain and almost driving him insane. He smiles wide and swings his fist to her belly, trying to slam it as hard as he can, shouting at her "someone wants to fight! HA!"

Nev 'oomfs' and looses her balance as the fist punches the air out of her longues. She'd collapse down to the ground if he didnt already have his belt around her waist and instead she falls towards him like a ragdoll leaning against his chest. She feels nauseous and dizzy and curses herself for having pulled that stunt, even though the sight of blood trickling down his forehead does give her some sort of satisfaction. "Im sorry!" she mumbled softly, a half-hearted excuse to try and make the situation a little better. "Dont hurt me .. I'll ehr .. I wont do it again."

PimpGuy grabs her hair and pulls her head back hard. He moves his lips to hers holding them an inch away, breathing into her face as he tells her "not only you won't do it again, but you'll do what I tell you from now on, am I fucking clear?". He pulls her hair harder, trying to sound more convincing as he finishes speaking.

Tears fill Nev’s eyes and she swallows hard, nodding only once, eyes held down to not face him. His breath wallows over her skin and she tries to turn her head away a bit, which turned out to be impossible without hair being torn out from her skull. "Youre clear." she just said, not knowing how else to respond.

PimpGuy moves his lips to her ear and whispers into it "good girl!". He reaches to the zipper of her top and pulls it down roughly, pressing his bleeding forehear against hers, staring down at her boobs. "Take that dress off and show me what you have under it", he says as he brushes the blood floating down his face with his sleeve

Nev clenches her jaws together, her breasts moving up and down quickly by her hastened breathing. The corset that already didnt cover much of her upperbody now fell off of her and she stares at him numbly for a moment, not able to move or react to his demand. Her panties seemed to be missing anyways and the skirt barely covered her bare cheeks. He'd hear her heart thumping wild, close as he was to her. "Wh-who are you?" she finally got herself to ask, as if it would make a difference to know what name this brute would answer to.

PimpGuy slides his cold hands down the sides of her body and takes her skirt, pulling it hard to both sides, tearing it off and dropping the pieces over the pavement. He grabs her face and squeezes her cheeks, making her look at him and shouts "what did I tell you? ask me a fucking question?"

Nev's underlip trembles, her naked body now entirely exposed for anyone to see. "Sorry" she mumbled again, unable to move her head she keeps her eyes down, staring at his chin instead of into his eyes.

PimpGuy releases her face and slaps her cheek hard "look me in the eyes when I'm talking to you. you expect people to help you, but you're not helping yourself at all!". He grabs her arm by the elbow and makes her turn her back to him, slapping her ass as hard as he can, going on "I was going to give you a better job, but now you'll have to suck cocks for coins for the rest of your miserable life!"

Nev seemed to be stuck in some sort of nightmare, clueless as to where she was or how to get out of her miserable situation she starts to sob silently. Big tears streaming down her face and her throat swollen and dry. The smacks on her cheek and bum echo through the alley and would sure leave brightred marks on her pale skin, but she doesnt dare to 'eep' again. "I'll be good .. Im sorry." she whispered, back towards him and not seeing much more than some grey concrete wall ahead of her with her blurry tearfilled sight.

PimpGuy pushes her rudely to the gas columns and walks after her. Once they get there he makes her face him again still angry at her shouting loud "Wipe your tears and smile, nobody likes sad faces ... and repeat after me 'Hello Sir, I'm a cheap whore, can I suck your cock and you're gonna pay me only if you like it?'". He crosses his hands in front of his chest and adds "and look into people's fucking eyes when you talk to them"

Nev gets shoved towards the gasstation, still sobbing. Then those words .. and she blinked .. twice. Swallowing hard again she attempts to hold the tears back, a very faint and fake smile curling her lips up slightly. She stares at him blankly, clearing her throat with a little cough. One cheek redder than the other from the slap he'd given her earlier, she turns deeppurple as she repeats what he had asked her to "H-hello sir .. Im a cheap .. wh-whore." She looks away for a moment, shaking her head slowly hearing her own voice, then refocusses her eyes when she continues " ... can I suck your cock and .. you dont have to pay unless you liked it."

PimpGuy looks at her calming down a little, finally seeing her obeying to him. He keeps talking calmly now "if they say yes, you'll get on your knees in front of them, unzip their pants and pull their cocks out gently, show me how you're gonna do it"

Nev nods, arms hanging down her sides and she moves her hands behind her back for a moment, balding her fists and counting to ten inside her head to stop herself from panicking all over again and making him angry. Then she slowly lowers herself onto her knees, glad she is still wearing her long boots so she doesnt scrape her knees on the filthy, cold and oily concrete. She takes a deep breath while looking up at him, the small fake smile still clistered on her lips. Both hands now move up alongside his thighs towards the front of his pants and hesitating for just a moment she then pulls down the zipper without taking her eyes off of his face. One trembling gloved hand reaches inside his pants and searches for the bulge that must be in there somewhere. "H-how .. do you like it .. sssir?" she asked him, before doing anything else.

PimpGuy takes a deep breath as she touches his cock, closing his eyes for a moment. He reaches down to her face and moves her hair aside uncovering it. "you're doing good, go on", he says as he steps wide in front of her, leveling his crotch with her face

Nev gives him another confirming nod before lowering her eyes to take a close look at his cock. Her mouth felt still dry so she licked her lips before pointing the tip of her tongue out towards the piece of meat facing her. Gently she slides it around the head, in long slow circles, extending her tongue a bit at a time untill the tip curls around the edge of his cockhead. She lifts her eyes up, to see his reaction, to get confirmation that she is doing good or get instructions of how to do it better.

PimpGuy groans as he feels the touch of her tongue. His cock starts to grow bigger and harder slowly as he arches his back and looks up at the sky for a few seconds before he moves his eyes back to her face and tells her "perfect! looks like you've practiced that a lot, go on!"

Nev would have grinned if the situation were different, if she had been here on her knees in front of someone she actually liked. Now all she does is close her eyes and continues to slide her tongue alongside the shaft, flattening it against the skin and licking him long and slow over his entire length up to the base untill her nose is buried in his pubes and her face almost hidden inside his jeans. Dragging her tongue down along the other side of the shaft she made sure that every inch was covered in a thin layer of her saliva so it would be easier to suck him in. Back down she pauses a second, before parting her lips and letting the head disappear between them, gently suckling on it without too much pressure yet.

PimpGuy starts moaning silently, feeling his cock can't get any harder, pulsing as more blood tries to fill it in. He puts his hand over her head and runs his fingers through her hair, thrusting his cock a bit deeper into her mouth as she sucks him.

Nev takes that as a sign to speed things up a bit, hoping he would be one of those guys that came quickly. Tilting her head up some to change the angle of her throat she quite abruptly moves her head forwards, lips tight around his wet cock untill she bumps her nose against his pubes again, the glans back in her throat thumping against her tonsils. She feels the soft skin of the rockhard shaft throbbing inside her mouth and increasing the suction she pulls back, almost till it falls out, only to move back up again and suck in his entire length.

PimpGuy shouts loud "oh fuck!" as he feels the head of his cock pressing at the back of her throat and his penis bends sliding down further. He grabs her head holding it tight and starts pulling her to him brutally, fucking her throat furiously. He looks down at her wet eyes, hoping they'll fill with tears soon as he tells her "I wanna see you gagging on it!"

Nev arched a brow .. 'Men were strange' .. she though to herself. Apparantly some guys got a kick out of seeing a girl gag and choke, but it seemed she was able to cope with his huge hung dick without getting any natural gagreflex. If she hadnt had his cock shoved inside her mouth she might have given a very stupid remark that would have gotten her in more trouble. Instead she slids one hand behind him, grabbing a firm hold of his behind to assist him with his thrusts, other hand on his thigh and holding on to the fabric while speeding up her up and down movements, increasing the suction with every thrust and faking noises she assumed would be believable as choking noises.

PimpGuy stops for a while and pulls her head to him, pressing her nose to his pants holding her down firm and waiting for her to start fighting to breath. He gasps amazed as he realizes she tries to fake her gags, looking at her eyes. They would be full of tears if she wasn't faking. He holds her neck pressing her head to his crotch with one hand and squeezes her nose with the fingers of the other one.

Nev is as amazed as he is probably, what the fuck is wrong with this dude, does he want to kill her or something? Slowly her cheeks redden again and she opens her eyes, lifting them up to look at him, panick obviously visible in them as its impossible to breath now. She mumbles something, vocal chords and tonsils vibrating and massaging the cockhead buried deep into her throat. The hand that was resting on his thigh unclenches the fabric and moves up, fingers beggingly curling around his arm, hoping he would release his grip from either her neck, her nose .. or preferably both.

PimpGuy feels her fingers wrapping around his arm as she desperately struggles for breath. He keeps holding her down for a few more seconds and releases her head, pulling his cock out, starting to laugh loud. "So you don't gag? Do you feel pain when your ass gets pounded hard or it's been used so much that it's all the same to you?", he asks being sarcastic

Nev's eyes widen, gasping for air when he finally lets go of her. "Whaaaaa?" she blurts out, exhaling at the same time. "I .. never ... " she bites her lip, realising she probably said too much already. "Whatever you want sir .. " she then mumbled, not wanting to piss him off again.

PimpGuy spits aside as he tells her "get up! I'm gonna show you your shelter and you're gonna show me your virgin hole". He grins as he waits for her to get on her feet, crossing his arms over his chest, looking down at his cock all covered with her saliva before he adds "hope you sucked it good, it will hurt less if you did"

Nev had to balance herself for a moment with one hand on the ground when he stepped away from her. Then she got up, her whole figure slouched down and trembling with fear and cold. She didnt know what to say .. or do .. so just stood there and waited for him to lead the way.

PimpGuy waits for her to get inside and closes the door after her, locking it. "You're safe more or less here, it's at the edge of the town and usually people are too lazy to go that far, but who knows ...", he says, starting to laugh as he pulls off his shirt, dropping it over the floor and starts to unbuttons his pants, watching them fall to his ankles before he steps out of them.

‘More or less’ Nev thought to herself .. ‘Less more likely ... with him being around.’ She couldnt exactly feel herself 'safe' in his presence. She had only stepped one step inside the room and stays there, as if nailed to the ground, watching him lock the door and then watching him undress. Afraid to drop her eyes to the floor, she looks at him. He could be attractive, if his attitude were different. Now all she saw was someone to fear.

PimpGuy smiles as he points to the bed behind him, telling her "grab the bed and spread your legs, I wanna see your ass". He can sense she fears him, but he's too horny to think about it right now.

Nev walks slowly over to the bed, keeping her eyes on him for as long as possible untill facing the bedpost and grabbing hold of it with both hands. Arching her back only a little and parting her legs maybe two inches, she isnt disobeying him, but she isnt doing exactly what he wants of her either. She's afraid of what will happen next, she might know how to do a blowjob, but what he intended to do know, that was just .. gross .. and not-done.

PimpGuy puts his hands over her shoulders and slides them down her back to her ass cheeks. He squeezes them and spreads them, uncovering her ass opening so he can take a better look at it. "yeh, looks virgin really, guess it's my lucky day", he says, starting to grin before he presses his index finger to it.

Nev bit her lip hard, determined not to make any sound, but she cant help but squeeze her asscheeks together when his finger enters her rearhole, clenching the anusmuscles tight around it while fighting the tears that are about to appear again. "Please dont." she begs, not making any attempt to move though, knowing he would hold her in place with violence if she'd try that again. "I'll work for you, like you said .. suck cock .. I can do that. Please, dont make me do this.

PimpGuy reaches in front of her with his other hand and slaps her clit. He bends over her body as he pulls his finger out and smells her hair, starting to rub her slowly. "you don't have to do anything, I'll take care of it and you're still gonna work for me", he says before he kicks her feet aside one by one, making her spread her legs more and lower her waist for him.

Nev flinches when her clit gets slapped all of a sudden, trying her best not to shudder as his naked body bends over her and she feels his skin against hers. Grabbing firmer hold of the bedpost she waits in silence, taking in his words and letting out the softest sigh of despair. A chilly breeze tickles the warm slightly moist skin of her private parts when he spreads her legs further and she tries to swallow away the lump in her throat that had come back again.

PimpGuy takes his cock and steps to her pointing it at her asshole and pressing it to it. He grabs her hips and starts pulling her slow and firm back to him, sliding his penis up her ass as he feels her muscles fighting it. "You got wet while you were sucking me, didn't you", he tells her feeling the moist between her legs over his fingers as he starts to rub her more intense

Ooh how she'd love to tell him off. Truth however was, even though Nev feared him and disliked him, sucking his cock had indeed turned her on. But that was just a natural physical reaction. A groan of pain arises from deep within her when his cock, that was way too large and hard, entered her ass, and automatically she tries to pull away from her, pulling herself closer to the bedpost in an attempt to escape from his penetration. He'd feel her lips swell and getting more moist though, a simple reaction to the rubbing of his hand. "Yes." she whispered in answer to his question, followed by an even softer whimper as his cock slid up her hole that had never been used like that before.

PimpGuy grins into her neck, satisfied by her reaction and starts ramming his cock hard and deep up her virgin asshole and pull it back slowly, tapping his fingers over her clit, just to do it again and again. "A blowjob expert and a virgin asshole, you have to be my personal hero", he tells her ironically as he spreads her pussy lips ands sticks two of his fingers inside, holding his thumb over her clit.

Nev screams out now, her ass being torn open from within it seems as he pumps his cock inside of her. All else sort of fades, she hears his voice, a low rumbling male voice behind her, but the pain dazes her and she cant make up the words. The hand playing with her clit and lips is also barely noticed. She moves her head towards her arm and smuthers her mouth and face into the fabric of her glove, biting down on her own flesh to not scream again. "Stop. Please stop." she begged him with a tiny voice, uncovering her mouth for just a second before biting down on her own arm again.

PimpGuy smiles as he bites on her shoulder and slows down, still moving his cock up and down her ass, but more carefully, giving her some time to get used to it. He reaches deeper inside her pussy, searching for her g-spot, listening to the sounds she makes for a hint if he's finding the right place. He moves his lips to her ear and whispers into it "so you've never cum with a big hard cock stuck up your ass?"

Nev whimpered again, even though the thrusts werent as wild now, it still felt like being penetrated with sandpaper, tearing her insides. His fingers, skillfull as they were, made their way to a very sensitive spot and she felt herself getting wetter, juice started to dribble over his hand and down her thigh. "Nggh ... " she moaned softly into her arm, fighting her emotions between the pain and pleasure given to her simultaneously. "No .. aaaah ... no, never."

PimpGuy grins as he bites her shoulder gently and presses his finger over her sensitive place, starting to finger her hard and fast. "Well, there's always a first time", he says as he moves his other hand over her clit, rubbing it furiously.

Nev hates her own body for reacting the way it does, her thighs warm and wet covered with her own fluids she starts to moan louder. It still hurts, every time he pumps into her, she'd want to scream out, but both her clit and g-spot swell under his touches and her nipples stand up stiff, her whole body now shuddering as the tension builds up. "Ngghmmm .. " she lets out again, muffled by her arm, but a defenite audible response to what he is doing to her.

PimpGuy keeps working over her cunt and her anus at the same time. He leaves her clit alone for a moment to grab her neck and turn her head around to look into her eyes and tell her "the more you hate me the harder you'll cum". He licks her cheek rudely and releases her head, getting back to her clit, trying to rub it even faster then before.

Nev is puzzled by this, makes a grimacy face as he licks her in her face and rubs her cheek on her arm as soon as he let go of her neck again. "In that case, I'll explode." she muttered .. inhaling with a moan and holding her breath when the rubbing continued. Her entire body now tensed and trembling, hating herself .. and hating him for doing this to her. She was getting close .. and as her anus slowly got used to being penetrated, her pussy-muscles tightened around his fingers, as if to pull them in further.

PimpGuy listens to her moans, thinking she's close enough and she'll cum soon no matter what he does to her. He pulls his fingers out of her pussy, but keeps rubbing her clit just in case as he grabs her shoulder with his free hand and starts pounding her ass like an animal, groaning loud and breathing heavily.

Nev cries out, her ass now feeling as if its on fire but not in a good way. He had brought her so far already though, that she didnt need that much more and she freezes for a few seconds just before the tension reaches its climax. Leaning her head back and squeezing the bedpost tight she yells out when an orgasm flows through her entire body. If what he had said was true, she had to hate him intense, as a sudden splash of juices were squooshed out of her cunt and splattered around, wettening his hand, the bedpost, her legs .. and leaving a small puddle on the wooden floorboards. With him still pumping his cock wildly into her ass she now leans her head forwards against the post, hugging the pole to keep herself from falling while her body occasionaly spasms with little aftershudders of joy. Her skin is warm and dampy and she feels little beads of hot sweat trinkle down her spine while she tries to catch her breath again.

PimpGuy keeps ramming his cock in and out of her as hard as he can while she's cumming and keeps going, waiting for her to start to feel the pain again as she totally collapses right in front of him. He reaches to her boobs and squeezes them, pressing them together, then he slides his hands down the sides of her body to her hips and down to the inners of her thighs brushing his fingers over them and sticking them inside her pussy before he lifts them to her lips and tells her "taste yourself!"

Nev's orgasm had been intense and the feeling of extacy continues to rush through her veins in waves, but the constant thrusting of his thick cock in her ass builds up to pain again. Tears well in her eyes while his hands run over her body, her breasts and back down to her center again. To prevent herself from whimpering or even crying does she suck in his wet fingers covered with her own juices. Soft moans of pain emerging from her throat and clamping on to the bedpost tighter, hoping he would be done soon.

PimpGuy pulls his cock out of her ass and grabs her hair. He gets over the bed and lays down, pulling her after him, making her crawl, directing her head to his cock as he tells her "I wanna finish with what I started with. I'm close, make me cum and swallow it"

Nev let out a sigh of relief when he finally pulled out, wrinkled her nose as he pulled her on the bed and explained what she had to do. She had no problem with swallowing, but sucking his cock after where he had just put it? Instead of taking his erect hard cock between her lips as she had before, she now folds one hand around the shaft, cupping his balls with her other hand gently and starts to jerk him off while massaging and caressing his balls, hoping he would like it enough that he'd forget what he told her to do in the first place.

PimpGuy grabs her neck and presses her head down over his throbbing penis. He feels his stomach muscles starting to contract - a clear sign he won't be able to hold it back much longer. "Move your hands away of it!", he shouts at her and pushes his hips up, trying to stick it between her lips.

Nev makes a face before letting his cock slid in her mouth, moving her hand to his hip to support herself. She closes her eyes and sucks wild and deep, slithering her tongue around the shaft as she moves her head up and down fast. His balls feel hard and swollen in her hand and she continues to massage them with her fingers, almost as if to squeeze the seed out so he would finish and be done already.

PimpGuy arches his back and looks at the ceiling as he feels he can't take it anymore and explodes inside her mouth. "fuck! I'm cumming!", he manages to whisper before his cock starts to squirt his load of hot sticky cum and his body starts to shake hard each time it squirts more of it. He wonders if he did good enough to fill her mouth, but doesn't mention anything while he's breathing deeply trying to calm down.

Nev curls her lips up in a smirk, thinking this will finally be over. She resists the urge to pull away from him immediately, not wanting to do anything that would upset him again. Different loads of cum land on the back of her tongue and she swallows it all eagerly, not leaving one drop. Her hand still cupping his sack relaxes some and she lets her head sink down onto his stomach, leaving his entire cock inside her mouth and slowly swirling her tongue around it, waiting for either a last squirt of cum .. or for it to slowly slacken.

PimpGuy looks down at her, saying "I have to admit you suck like a pro .... you better go earn me some money now, you can keep half of them for yourself, cause you kinda fixed my mood". He reaches to her head, caressing it as his cock goes soft slowly, taking a deep breath, feeling completely satisfied. "and be careful what you're doing, cause I might be around the corner watching you", he adds starting to grin.

Nev suckles softly on his shrinking dick, frowning some when he sais she'll have to go out and ... 'work' .. right now. Very slowly does she raise her head, letting his cock fall down on his belly with a soft plopping sound as she releases it from between her lips. She tilts her head up to look at him "Now?" she asks in a whisper. "Can I get some .. clothes maybe?"

PimpGuy looks at her face as he tells her "I don't have female clothes, you'll get some when you earn money and yes ... now ..."

Nev lifts an annoyed brow, getting up and off the bed and walks towards the door. She planned on finding that gasstation again and hoped her skirt and top, though torn, were still there. It would be better than nothing. "Anything else I need to know? When can I rest?" she asked him, making sure her tone to be polite and somewhat submissive.

PimpGuy gets up from the bed and walks over to his clothes, starting to dress, looking back at her. "you'll rest when I think you're tired", he says as he points at the door

- - - - -

What a story huh? This is how Nev became the whore she is today. Scared of PimpGuy and with no memories of her life before that night, she is just too scared of him to even consider to run away. Where would she run to anyways and what would she say. That she was lost?

- - - - -

Male Client LM: Hello there.

"H-hello sir." Nev said with a tiny voice, trying to cover up her naked body with her arms.

Male Client LM: "errr..." shrugs and looks at the sky, "I'm lost, can you help me out?"

Nev arches a brow, skittish looking around her "I .. eh .. Im a cheap whore Sir .. would you like a blowjob?" she said, as instructed. "You dont have to pay if youre not satisfied." she added, keeping her distance and obviously scared about something.

Male Client LM smiles at her "uhmm sure I guess?" he looks at her a bit confused

Nev bit her lip and nodded slowly, eyes drifting over to the blonde girl that had walked up to them "Wh-what do you want me to do sir .. and .. " she looked around her some " ... and where?"

Male Client LM shrugs and looks around "Well I'm new here so I wouldn't know.." looks into that garage near by "How about there?"

Nev nodded again and waited for him to lead the way. One arm covering her bare breasts while the other was held down, hand over her private parts "After you, sir." she said politely, lips trembling a little as if she were to burst out in tears any moment now.

Male Client LM looks around the garage and smiles at her "So I guess this is a good place then for you?"

Nev was a little relieved to be somewhere sheltered and nodded, walking closer to him and kneeling down in front of him. She looked up, tears welling in her eyes "How do you like it sir?"

Male Client LM smiles at her and pulls off his pants showing his dick infront of her, "Just nice and slow...remember to lick everywhere"

Nev sighed, bringing her hands up to his crotch and taking his cock in her gloved hands. "Ofcourse." she simply said. Licking her lips to make them wet before pointing out the tip of her tongue and letting it slide around the cockhead, slow circles, extending her tongue some untill the tip curled just around the edge of the head.

Male Client LM moans "ohh that feels good" he puts his hand on her head to control it and push it down if needed

Nev was glad to hear him moan and continued, extending her tongue even more and flattening it against the soft skin of the shaft. Long slow licks alongside the entire length, all the way up untill her nose was buried in his pubes. She made sure to cover every inch of his cock with a thin layer of her saliva before looking up a him again, one hand now cupped around his sack and gently massaging it as she parted her lips and let the head slid in between them, slowly increasing suction and taking in more of his cock into her mouth.

Male Client LM moans even louder as pre cum starts to flow out of his cock into her mouth he moans again and looks down to her "oh your good..." as his cock throbs and the pre cum continues to flow out

Nev felt the pre starting to drip, suckling on the head for a moment she drank it as if it were water. Big blue eyes looking up at him, almost beggingly, but too afraid to ask for help in case she was being watched. She hoped he would pay her, so she wouldnt be beaten up later. Still gently massaging his balls she brings her other hand up and around him, grabbing firm hold of his ass cheek and pushes him towards her, opening her mouth wider and taking in his entire cock that felt hot and hard, veins throbbing in her mouth, untill the head bumped against her tonsils.

More pre cum begins to come out of Male Client LM’s cock and he moans loudly and loses his balance for a second trying not to fall down he takes his hands off her head and places them onto her chest rubbing around her breast softly

Nev held her breath for a moment, shocked or scared by his touch, freezing her movements for no more than a few seconds before continuing to work the piece of meat in her mouth. She increased the suction and moved her head up and down, slow, as he had instructed her. Letting the head almost plop out before going back to capture the entire length into the warmth of her mouth, tongue slithering flat against the shaft to stimulate him even more. She started to rub his balls a bit harder, squeezing them, sure to be careful, almost as if to squoosh his pre and cum out of it as soon as possible.

As she rubs his balls Male Client LM begins to pour his full load into her mouth he moans louder as this happens and his cock throbs as the cum flows out of it into her mouth

Nev closed her eyes as the first load of sticky cum splashed against the back of her tongue, gulping in the load to not make a mess. She continued her up and down movements, decreasing the suction some as she knew his cock would be sensitive right now. His sack noticably shrunk in her hand as he filled her mouth with his seed. She wasnt sure if he would want her to continue or not, men were strange, and all different. So she looked up at him again, with her lips around the base. Questiongly. Letting his cock rest in her mouth, suckling gently on it, making soft squooshy noises as she did so.

Male Client LM sighed and looked at her with a happy smile "that was amazing.......very amazing" his cock still semi hard as she gently sucked on it "i dont think i can go again after that..." he chuckled and continued smiling at her

Nev nodded, with his slackening dick still inside her mouth. Slowly she let it slide out untill it the head was released with a soft plop. She watched the cock dangle up and down in front of her, her lips curled up into a faint smile. "Thank you." she whispered and stayed down on her knees in front of him, the big blue orbs observing him as she looked up again. "Was it good enough for payment Sir?" she asked, almost embarrased to beg for money.

"Depends how much it is" Male Client LM said gently and rubbed his dick a little

Nev lowered her eyes and head, staring at the filthy concrete floor she sat on. "You pay me whatever amount you seem fitting for my service sir." she mumbled. She let both her hands slide down alongside his thighs, taking them off of him and resting her hands on her upperlegs as she waited for his reply.

Male Client LM rubs his chin and looks at her "that was real about 300? I think thats fair"

Nev's smile turned a little wider and her eyes even glittered some. "Very fair Sir." She would have to give half of it to .. well, whatever his name was, but the other half was for her. 150 would be enough to buy herself some clothes, so she wouldnt have to wander the streets in the buff anymore.

Male Client LM picks up his pants and grabs his wallet from the pockets, he takes out 300 dollars and hands it to her

Nev takes the bills, folds them neatly and shoves them down her stocking, making sure her boot would cover it so it wasnt visible and she wouldnt get robbed. "Thank you very much Sir." she said softly, still down on her knees. She desperately wanted to ask for help, but was too afraid to do so. So she just waited quietly untill he would .. leave, or say something. "Anytime you ehh .. want me again." she offered with the faint smile clistered on her lips. "I'll be at your service Sir."

Male Client LM smiles at her "oh ill surely be seeing you again"

Nev smiled timidly back at him. "That would be my pleasure Sir."

Male Client LM looks around the room then back to her "dont forget to kiss my cock goodbye" he smiled

Nev's eyes widen slightly, then she nods, leans forwards, raising both hands and takes his softened cock between them. Lips puckered out she plants a soft kiss on the head, teasingly sticking the tip of her tongue in the hole and letting it slide around the head once. Then she leans back again, hands back on her upperlegs, looking up at him. "Your cock is huge Sir." she offered him a compliment. "It was a pleasure pleasing you."

Male Client LM smiles at her and says "thanks" he picked up his pants and put them on along with shoes and begins to look for a way out of this place. He looked back at her and asked "Any idea on how we get out?" he said confused and continued to walk around the big room not knowing where to go or how to get out of it

If she knew that, Nev would have gotten out herself already. The problem was, she didnt know where she was, or who she was for that matter. "When you find a way out Sir .. " she whispered, eyes shifting through the room, not knowing if she were watched or spied on " ... please let me know."

- - - - -

Threehundred dollars!!! For a simple blow-job!!
This job is gonna be so easy Nev thought to herself when her very first client turned out to be such a sweetheart. She is scared for PimpGuy but cant help to feel proud of her first achievement and hopes that he will be proud of her too.

* * * * *

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