Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 3

* * * * *

Day 3

* * * * *

That night had she spend in the shelter of PimpGuy. He had not been there when she arrived and Nev wasnt sure if he had come in some time during the night or not. If he had, at least he hadnt bothered her and let her sleep in a real bed. The effects of the drugs had worn off some and her body was no longer in a constant state of arousal. The good night sleep and the drugs wearing off made her feel better and worse at the same time. But Nev felt that she had no option as long as she had no recollection of her ‘previous’ life, and she heads out on the street for another day of trying to score good paying clients.

- - - - -

Nev holds her breath when she sees 'him' approach and forces a faint smile on her lips. "H-helloo." she quietly mumbled.

Stubble smiles pleased as he see's his whore working on the street . Stepping directly to her he snaps with a hard voice "you got my money bitch,? " reaching out his bloodencrusted hand

Nev bit her lip and shook her head slowly "I ehr ... I dont have any money yet." She had made quite a lot of money actually, but given it to PimpGuy .. and for the share she got to keep she had bought a dress. "I'll eh .. Im sorry .. I'll work harder tonight." she offered her apology.

A cold mean grim come's over Stubble’s face as he grabs her hard by the hair , pulling her close to his face .His burning cigar close to her eyeball "stop lying and give me my money bitch" as he blows out a thick cloud of smoke in her face "you must've made a shitload of money by now "

Nev 'eeped' and tried to pull her head back from the burning cigar. "He made me give it to him!!" she exclaimed, eyes wide with fear. "I told you, he claimed me before you did!"

Stubble takes out his cigar and blows the smoke through his nose "i told you you work for me !" keeping the cigar threatening close to her eye "i want my money you hear tell him i want to see him and set things straight " gliding his thumb over her neckvain "or you gonna miss out on my extasy "

Nev gulped and nodded, the effects of the drugs had finally worn off some and although her cunt still was swollen and soaked, she didnt feel the uncontrollable urge any longer to fiddle with herself or find a cock to screw her. She wasnt looking forwards to be drugged again though and hoped that he wouldnt do it if she'd tell him what he wanted to hear. "As soon as I see him .. I will ask for my money back." she mumbled.

Stubble licks his lips as he strokes her vain with a twinkle in his eyes "i better get my money whores on my drug make a shitload every night " tapping her neck "now if i shoot you up again dont you dare to give anything away i want the full hundred percent this time " slaps her soft in the face "that'll teach you "

Nev's chest moved up and down rapidly, her breath unsteady and eyes still widened with fear "I will work very hard tonight .. but dont waste your drugs on me untill Ive gotten rid of 'him' .. in one way or the other. I might need your help doing that, he is quite ehrr .. agressive." It was a feeble attempt to keep herself 'clean' .. and she hoped he'd fall for it. "You wouldnt want your drugs to make money for someone else, now would you?"

Stubble rolls his cigar from left to right, he forces her head side ways and presses his thumb on her vain , reaches for his pocket and grabs a syringe "im gonna drug you anyway just a bit nobody can work as hard as on my drugs "sticking in the needle he injects her a light dose "there ...and about him ...well i never backed down over whats mine " gliding his hand over her chest he boldly checks if she hasnt any money hidden in her bra

Nev's eyes filled up with tears when he injected her again and she whimpered softly. The drugs spreading through her veins quickly immediately had their effect and her nipples stiffened painfully hard under his touch. "I know I work for you!" she whispered, turning her head to look him in the eyes. "Now leave me alone please, you'll scare my clients."

Stubble releases his grip he looks around as he puts the syringe back in his pocket and slaps her firm on the cheek "yeah thats right bitch you work for me " seeing no immediate clients he reaches out and turns her nipples between his fingers "not too snappy girl ...i might be your first customer and you wouldnt like that "

Nev moaned and squirmed her body as he played with her nipples roughly, rocking her hips in response she whispered again "You wanna pay yourself?" with a smirky grin on her lips.

Stubble grins amused seeing his drug getting hold of her body as he pulls her nipple hard and lets it pop from between his fingers "dont be too clever cunt might get you hurt " hard he slaps her ass as he turns "i come back in a few hours ... and better have my money you hear "

Nev nods relieved, her lips slightly parted and little beads of sweat forming above her upperlip "I'll make sure of it."

"you better " Stubble grunts as he walks of leaving a trail of cigar smoke

Nev coughs lightly as she inhales the smoke and she watches him walk off, worried what would happen if PimpGuy got to her first and took her money again.

- - - - -

“Ooooh for fuck sake!” She needed to get rid of this Stubble guy .. and soon! He had drugged her again. Thank god it wasnt such a large dose, but still. Not much else to do for her at this moment than to just try and get herself a new client, but one way or the other, with the help of PimpGuy .. that Stubble guy needed to get out of the picture.

- - - - -

Nev walks up to the man and smiles timidly "Can I be of service to you maybe Sir?"

Male Client NF raised his cigarette to his mouth and inhales deeply, then looks over arching his eye brow "Get the fuck outta here... I'm not paying for shit." He didn't need to pay for sex or anything like that, he could get it for free anytime, anyplace, anywhere. He wasn't into the whole buying a whore thing.

Nev blinked and stepped back, she hadnt mentioned any payment at all, but he gave her a way out and she took it, she'd had too many 'unfriendly' clients already. "Sorry to have disturbed you Sir." she mumbled, before turning around and hurriedly making her way.

Nev walks up to her next potential client and smiles faintly, observing him for a while as he was clearly not sober .. or not well .. or both. "Excuse me Sir?" she asked with her soft almost timid voice "Can I be of service to you?"

After a very long silence did she get worried and she walked closer to him and knelt down besides him, placing a hand on his shoulder "Sir? Are you allright?"

Male Client DC looked up at the women in red lingerie. "The fuck you want?" He says, slurring some in his words. The smell of alcohol on his breath with his British accent. He drops his bottle of JD on the concrete and slowly picks it up again, taking a nice long swig from it.

Nev backed off a little, dropping her hand next to her and stared at him with slightly widened eyes "I am sorry Sir .. I just asked if I could be of service to you. You seem to be .. ehhr .. alone." He might be drunk and not at all that nice, she thought to herself, but maybe she could get some money off of him without even having to work for it.

Male Client DC chuckled like a mad man kinda. "How well do you blow? You know I gotta fuckin' woman, yeah?" He slurred out the words. He was drunk yes, but still knew he had a girlfriend and shit. He took another gulp from the half full bottle of JD and kept his gaze on hers.

Nev clenched her jaws together and lowered her eyes, staring at the filthy concrete he sat upon. She had no clue who he was, or who she was for that matter. "Let me show you?" she asked, rather timidly and adding "You wont have to pay if youre not satisfied."

Male Client DC chuckles some more. "Well fuck me, what if my girl finds out, yeah?" He asks as he sips on the bottle of JD. Looking the women up and down.

"She isnt around now, is she?" Nev said, rocking her hips a little. If he'd sneak a peek up her skirt he'd see the glinstering swollen petals and her clit, throbbing and at least twice its normal size peeking out from under its hood. She'd been drugged by Stubble and it made her horny as hell. Her eyes shifted around the area, never knowing if she were being spied on. "We can go somewhere more .. sheltered?"

Male Client DC raises a brow in interest. "Alright.." He says without hesitation and slowly gets up to his feet, stumbling some and looks at her, a bulge in his pants. Drinking made Colton pretty kinky and horney. "Follow me!" He smiles.

He laughed as he bumped into the cage, he stumbled upon a place he would often come when he was drunk so he could sober up before his girl would see him.

Nev followed him, staying a few steps behind and wondering when he'd fall down.

Male Client DC tripped over the wood of the fence, he fell flat on his face, laughing as he did so. He slowly made his way back up and turned around. "Okay, lemme see you suck my nasty dick!" He grinned as he went into the cardboard house and layed on the bed.

Nev followed him inside the primitive shelter, quickly grabbed the bottom of her short dress and pulled it over her head, crumbling up the soft fabric she shoved it down her boot. Too many clients had ripped her clothes already and she didnt want that to happen again. Then she kneeled down between his legs, moved her hands to his waistline and undid his pants. "How would you like it to be done Sir? Soft and gentle .. or ..?"

Male Client DC grew a big boner as he laid there. "I want it rough baby!" He laughs

Nev nodded and took hold of his already growing cock with her gloved hand, pulled it out, wettened her lips and without any warning or gentle foreplay she sucked the entire length in her mouth. With her nose buried in his pubes did she lash her tongue along the soft skin of the shaft.

Male Client DC feels the warmth of her mouth on his cock. "Ohh fuck yes!" he said as he grabbed her head and started to fuck her throat. "Take it you fuckin' bitch!" He shouted as he throat fucked her. Loving the warmth of the back of her mouth. He moved some of her hair out of the way and nodded some. "I'm gonna make you eat my cum." He grins

Nev cupped his nutsack with one hand, folding her fingers around it and squeezing the balls tenderly while her other hand dropped down between her own legs to take her clit between thumb and indexfinger and pull on it. She couldnt help but produce some gurgly noises as he forced her head back and forth, the cockhead bouncing against her tonsils and saliva combined with pre started to dribble down her chin onto her chest as she never had a chance to swallow it.

Male Client DC pulls his cock out quickly and rams it back into her throat. "Hows it taste bicth? Gagging on my cock?" He says as he continues to fuck her mouth, holding his hand around the bottom of her jaw. "Rubb that pussy harder." He says as he slaps her mouth

Nev didnt get time to reply and made some moaning noises as a positive response. Neither did she need any encouragement to rub her cunt, extending a few fingers she dug them into her wet hot cave and massaged her clit with the palm of her hand. Increasing the suction she slurped and gagged on his cock that she now felt throbbing against her flattened tongue.

Male Client DC smiled as he looked up and let out a light moan. "Finger your pussy deep." He commanded as he continued to fuck her nasty wet mouth. He slapped her cheek again and looked down, nodding in statisfaction.

Nev now shoved her entire hand in her pussy and squirmed her hips around, her own liquids streaming down her innerthighs. A last squeeze of his sack before she moved that hand behind him to claw into his ass and help him thrust harder into the back of her throat.

Male Client DC felt his cock throbbing uncontrolablly, he pulled it back out of her throat and stroked it with his hand as he started to cum in her mouth. "How's that taste you filthy whore?" He asked as he rubbed his cock head all around her face. "You better keep that hand in your pussy until I tell you to pull it out." He grinned

Nev opened her mouth wide for him and collected the thready stream of semen on her tongue, played with it for a moment, making it bigger by adding her own saliva and showed him the blob before swallowing it and showing it again, as proof that she had eaten it all. The hand on his ass massages a cheek and she smiled up at him, her big blue eyes glinstering some. "Delicious Sir!" she answered, spreading her legs a little wider and flipping her pelvis up, fucking herself with her fist.

Male Client DC grins and slowly nods. "Good." He says as he pulls back a bit and puts his cock back into his pants. "I wanna watch you fist fuck yourself." He says as he zips up his zipper and watches. "Looks fun." He says with his eyes widening.

Nev let herself fall back on her ass, brought her legs in front of her and leaned back some so he had a better view of the soaking wet gloved hand pumping down her redswollen cunt. "You dont want to fuck me?" she panted in between loud moans.

Male Client DC smiled at her as he looked at her spread legs. "No. Maybe some day though. I'll ram my dick up you soo deep." He exclaimed. "I wanna see you cum baby." He said, smiling at her.

Nev's moans and groans became louder, working her pussy hard she added her other hand to twist and tug on her clit. The muscles in her stomach made the skin of her flat belly ripple as the tension started to build up to a climax. Her nipples painfully erect screamed out for attention and she looked up at him "Pinch my nipples please?" she begged.

Male Client DC nodded as he walked over to her, kissing her nipple. He bit on it and pinched it hard. "Hows that feel?" He asks as he sticks her nipple in his mouth, sucking on it vigoursly.

Nev howls out now, the extra attention just what she needed to bring herself over the edge. Her body started to jerk around in spasms and she pulled out her hand of her pussy, clear liquid gushing out from her wide-open cunt when she came.

Male Client DC grew an instant boner as she gushed everywhere, getting some of her liquid on him. He leaned down to her pussy, the tit he had in his mouth coming out of his mouth with him. He licked all around her red pink pussy. Licking all around her inside walls and on her clit. "Oh my god, you taste great!" He moans

Nev gasped out and laid down on her back, flipping her needy cunt up against his mouth and his lashing tongue. "Ngggh!" she growled, pleasantly surprised with the extra bonus of being eaten out by a client.

Male Client DC looks up at her, still licking inside her walls. "You like that?"He asks.

Nev's eyes turn around in their sockets "Yessss!" she exclaimed wildly, both hands tugging hard on her nipples and stretching them beyond what seemed physically possible.

Male Client DC grinds and spits inside her gaping hole. Pushing his tounge as deep inside as he can, enjoying the taste of her pink delicate pussy. "Hmmm, your better than my girlfriend." He says as he slaps her pussy really quick than rams his tongue back in

Nev felt herself getting close to yet another orgasm and she held her breath, her body all tensed up and stiff she warned him "Watch it!" Knowing he would drown in the next squirtwave that would be forced out of her.

Male Client DC rubbed her pussy vigoursly with his entire hand. "Fuckin' cum!" He says as he waits, opening his mouth wide, waiting for her to squirt into his mouth.

Nev couldnt hold back even if she'd wanted to and with a loud scream does she come. Several waves of her cum splashing him right in the face and mouth and her body uncontrollably shuddering on the filthy matrass she laid upon "Ooooooh FUCK!!" she yelled out.

Male Client DC closed his mouth as his mouth filled up with her cum. "Fucking tasty!" He says, swallowing it. He slaps her pussy hard one more time and gets up.

Nev lays still on her back, breathing heavily and unsteady and a little 'off' this world as the orgasm rushes through her veins. She dozes off and when she comes to she finds herself alone in the cardboard shack, without having been paid.

- - - - -

She knew it had partly to do with the drugs. They made her body so aroused and needy that she couldnt think straight. This drunken client had satisfied her so much that she had completely forgotten to ask for payment. Ooh well, she would just have to make it up with the next one.

- - - - -

Nev walks up to the man and smiles rather timidly "Hello Sir."

Male Client EC: ... um... hello

Nev's smile widens a little and she bows her head down "Can I be of service to you maybe?" she asked in her soft voice.

Male Client EC: stares at the young female surprised by the attention... "well possibly"

Nev nodded and stepped a little closer to him "What can I do for you Sir?" she whispered.

Male Client EC: nervously utters..."well i am not sure.. i am kinda new at this..."

Nev places one hand on his shoulder and squeezes it just a little, as if to relax him in some way "I'll do anything you want Sir, its my job to please." Her eyes shifted around the area, not knowing whether she was spied upon again and not that comfortable picking up a client in front of the police station she added "How about I take you somewhere more .. ehm .. sheltered?"

Male Client EC: eased by the subtle comfort " sure that would be better, what do you have in mind?"

Nev hadnt been here that long yet but she knew a few places where they could go. She gave him a wink and turned around "Follow me please?" She led him to the desolate gasstation "Not many people around here Sir." she said, while moving closer again and leaning her breasts against his chest. Softly she whispered in his ear "Now, what would you like me to do?"

Male Client EC: noticed being followed... "seems a little better what are your services?"

Male Client EC: intoxicated by her smell, "lets go into the building and see if we can continue?"

Nev sort of ignores the man that had followed them, he didnt seem to be a cop and that was all that mattered to her. "Sure!"

"Is this better for you Sir?" Nev asked him when she led him to a dark corner behind the gas station

Male Client EC: "yes i believe so"

Nev smiled "Allright ... just tell me what you want me to do Sir. You wont have to pay if youre not satisfied." she added quickly as per instructions.

Male Client EC: looking around for the best spot nervous but gaining a little confidence... " umm ok what do you do?"

Nev tilted her head some and let her hands run down his chest untill she reached the waistline of his pants. "Anything you want Sir."

Male Client EC: feeling her hands tugging at the waist line, he takes his hands and pulls her closer to him and wispers in her ear "i want you"

Nev arched a brow and chuckled softly, pressed her breasts into his chest before kneeling down in front of him, rubbing her breasts down his body. "Want me to start .. gentle?"

Male Client EC: feeling her ample breasts rub against his chest... he looks down at her with a smirk "sure i would love you to"

Nev quickly undoes his pants and reaches one hand inside to grab hold of his cock, pulls it out and leans in to nuzzle against the head and flick the tip of her tongue out and around it, teasingly poking it in the hole. "You like that Sir?" she asked, big blue eyes lifted up at him.

Male Client EC: amazed at how fast she was able to undo his pants, and her warm hand around his cock, teasing with her tongue, he looks into her eyes "why yes i do"

Nev continues by circling her tongue in slow motions around his cockhead, the tip curled around the edge. Then she proceeded by pressing a soft kiss on the tip before parting her lips and letting the piece of meat slide into her mouth, taking in the entire length untill her nose was buried into his pubes, tongue flattened against the soft skin of the shaft.

Male Client EC: feeling her tongue teasing and circling his cock, then being enveloped by her warm moist mouth, watching as she takes his cock deep in her mouth, sliding against her tougue, he hesitantly puts his hands on her head as if to guide her

Nev made some approving moaning sounds, one hand gliding in between her own legs to play with her erect clit, tugging and twisting it. She spread her legs a little wider and rocked her hips up and down while reaching her free hand up to cup his nutsack, folding her fingers around it and softly squeezing his balls. She moved her head back and forth, not that fast yet, and increased the suction, feeling the veins of the shaft against her warm wet tongue.

Male Client EC: getting more aroused by her actions his cock stiffens when the suction increases, her moans are pleasing to hear while feeling her hands around his nutsack, watching as her hips start to move with the motion of her fingers knowing she is getting more aroused

Nev started to move her head back and forth faster, each time taking in his entire length and letting the cockhead bounce against her tonsils. She didnt have time to swallow the increasing amount of saliva in her mouth and it started to dribble down her cheek onto her chest. The petals of her pussy red and swollen started to glisten as she got more wet and she moans louder, aroused by the stiffening dick in her mouth and the actions of her own fingers between her legs.

Male Client EC: the slurping of his cock going in and out, her body moving warming up her hips gyrating, his hard cock passing in and out of her tight lips, his hips start to move as he grabs her hair and starts to move her head faster and deeper. Her warm mouth statisfying as his cock is slick passing in and out intensifying with every pass

Nev extends a few fingers and digs them deep into her craving cave, rubbing her clit with her thumb. The hand around his sack starts to massage and stimulate the balls a bit rougher, but she's careful not to hurt him. Growls escape her throat when she hears and feels the splattering of her own juices on her innerthighs and she tries to lash her tongue around his rockhard shaft while sucking him hard. The top of her dress by now soaked with a mixture of her own saliva and his pre.

Male Client EC: caught up in the moment the intensity surrounding his cock, he looks down at as her head is bobbing back and forth around his cock, saliva dripping down her chests around her breasts, his hands held tight around her hair, he pulls her head away, looking down at her, takes her and pushes her onto her back and kneels down between her legs and pulls her closer

Nev gasps and is pleasantly surprised, lays willingly down on her back and spreads her legs wide for him. The hand that had cupped his balls grabs hold of the bottom of her dress and in a rapid swoosh does she take the sorry little excuse of a clothing item off, exposing her firm breasts with the painfully hard pink nipples. She is still playing with her cunt and clit, unable to resist the urge. The dress gets thrown behind her and she places her hand behind him on his ass, pushing it down and in between unsteady breaths does she manage to pant "Fuck me?" almost beggingly.

Male Client EC: Grabbing her hips while taking in sight of her curvacious body he pulls her closer sliding his cock into her already dripping cunt. Feeling her hands pulling him into her. Hearing her voice he leans closer to her hot body gasps "oh i will"

Nev let out a satisfied growl that started deep within her and emerged from her still soakingwet trembling lips. "Oooooh yess!" she exclaimed when his fat cock pierced itself into her pussy, clenching the warm walls around the throbbing stick her body starts to shudder already and she flips her pelvis up to make him dive in deeper. She wraps her legs around him and arches her back, pushing her breasts up. "Fuck me hard!" she now demands, although her tone of voice is still rather timid.

Male Client EC: Her vocal demands arousing, he thrusts deep inside her moist but tight pussy, sliding as deep as he can get into her, wanting to hear her voice burst out. He runs his hands up her sides following her arched body, and cups her breasts fondling them. Her skin soft, her breasts supple. While he rotates his hips in a circular motion to get deeper and deeper with every thrusts trying to make her body shudder with pleasure

"Nngggghhmn" Nev moaned, blown away by a client who actually fullfilled her own needs instead of just using her to please themselves. His huge rod massages her g-spot and she grinds her own hips to let her swollen clit be stimualted by his pubes. The nipples grow even larger when he starts to squeeze and fondle her breasts and she pushes her calves down on his buttocks to help him pump down on her harder and deeper. "Fill me up!!" she yells out, the tension in her body growing to almost unbareable, muscles randomly clenching and releasing makes the skin on her flat stomach ripple. "Cum with me!" she beckons.

Male Client EC: The two bodies drenched in sweat both in tension beyond what they had expected. Thrusting himself in and out of her tight pussy feeling it starting to spasm knowning she is holding back, he tries to push through her, his hands running all over her tight body, his cock pounding into her tight pussy, her flat toned stomach clenching with every thrust. His cock starts to throb, the intensity is almost more than he can handle, hearing her scream he moans back " with pleasure"

The walls of her cunt narrow around his throbbing cock when Nev explodes in extacy, milking him from the seed she so desperately needs to feel inside her burning cave. Clear liquid gushed out in several splashes between their thighs, making a puddle on the filthy cold concrete ground. Her body jerks under him and her head gets slammed back onto the concrete with loud thumps while she howls out, sweat streaming down her forehead and chest. "YESSSSSSSSS!!!" she cries out as the orgasm spreads through her veins and keeps her spasming in extacy.

Male Client EC: Feeling her clamp and spasm around his hard cock, bursting out his liquid spraying her inside, hearing her voice screaming in pure extascy the tension is release his body tingles all over from the intense orgams as he grunts above her body limp on the ground from the waves of pleasure that over came them both.

When the worst .. or best .. of the climax slowly ebbs away does Nev lay back with her chest moving up and down rapidly, unable to steady her breaths. She now also wraps her arms around him and just holds him tight, pushes his exhausted body into her own. "Wow!" she panted. Genuinly surprised and amazed by the intensity of her orgasm. The occasional spasm made her body jerk uncontrollable and a wide smile appears on her face. "Wow!" she repeated herself.

Male Client EC: her body close and exhausted from the act, he holds her tight and sees the smile on her face and the happiness, he wispers in her ear "how was that for you?"

Suddenly a bit worried and remembering her role Nev looks at him with her big blues "Wonderful!" she whispered back in all sincerity "How was it for you?" she adds immediately, halfway the act having forgotten to care about his needs and feeling rather selfish about it.

Male Client EC: relaxed he wispers back to her, it was great... suddenly he remembers why she approached him , he looks at her and says, "i hope no one was watching you"

Nev shrugged slightly, her needs fullfilled and still wallowing in an afterglow of pure joy she couldnt care less if either one, or both of the men who claimed to own her were spying on her or not. "Will you pay me?" she asked shyly, feeling guilty to ask for it but knowing that she'd receive a punishment if she didnt bring home any cash.

Male Client EC: knowing that she was shy about asking, he looks at her sadly "i never had the money" afraid of what might happen to her as he tells her

Nev's eyes fill up with tears and she nods "Thank you." she mumbled. She might get in serious trouble later, but it had been worth it. She grabs the little dress and pulls it back over her head before getting up to a rather wobbly stand. Her legs still shaking from the intensity of her orgasm. She looks him in the eyes and gives him a smile "You are wonderful."

- - - - -

Maybe the concept of ‘servicing’ first and ‘getting paid’ afterwards wasnt that wise. She was sexually satisfied .. again. But no money to show for it and PimpGuy wouldnt like that.

- - - - -

Nev smiles faintly at the man near her "Hello Sir."

Male Client MW: hey huni

Nev forces her smile to widen and she closes the distance between them "Can I be of service to you?" she asks rather timidly.

Male Client MW: what will you do with me

Nev: "Whatever you want me to do Sir. It is my job to please." she answered, leaning in to him and pressing her breasts against his chest. "You wont have to pay if youre not satisfied." she added in a whisper.

Male Client MW: how much huni

Nev shrugged and mumbles, lowering her eyes and staring at his tatts "However much you think I was worth Sir."

Male Client MW: where we want to do that

Nev grabs hold of the bottom of her tiny dress and pulls it over her head, fumbling up the thin shiny fabric she shoves it down her boot. Too many clients had ripped her clothes apart already and she was sick and tired of it. Then she looked around her and whispered "Wherever is fine. Right here .. or somewhere more sheltered if that is what you prefer Sir."

Male Client MW: huni you makes me crazy

Nev cant help but chuckle softly and reaches for his hand "Follow me Sir, I will take you somewhere."

Male Client MW: he lookt her perfect body ..and his cock getting hard

"So, what is it you want me to do Sir?" Nev asked him gently.

Male Client MW: suck my dick a little bit hard ...mhhh

Nev nodded and lowered herself onto the matrass besides him, folded her gloved fingers around his cock and nuzzled the cockhead gently, extending the tip of her tongue to swirl it around it and poke it in the hole teasingly.

"You like that?" Nev asked, lifting her big blue eyes up at him.

Male Client MW: yea huni dont stop it pls circles with my dig

Nev lashed her tongue around the shaft, zigzagged between the piercings and made sure to cover his entire length with a thin layer of her saliva. "Didnt that hurt?" she giggled, referring to the piercings.

Male Client MW: i rub her pussy ...put my finger in an taste her wet sweet pussy ..mhh
Male Client MW: i wanne cum on her face and ram my milki cock in her wet pussy

Nev moans in surprise when she felt his hand between her legs and lifted one leg a little to make her hot cunt better available for him. She took a firm hold of the base of his cock and parted her lips, sucking him into her mouth until her nose was buried in his pubes.

Male Client MW: i put my cock deeper in her mounth...and cum OOHHGODDD!
Male Client MW: pumping my cum in her mounth.....lik my cock clean huni

Nev increases the suction and lets his cockhead bounce against her tonsils in the back of her throat, saliva mixed with his pre dribbling down her chin and wettening his nutsack. She moved her free hand over his stomach to his nipple and pinched it lightly. She almost chokes in the load of seed that lands in her throat, but she manages to catch her breath and collects his semen on her tongue, opens her mouth and shows it to him. She then swallows it all and lashes her tongue around his rockhard cock, making sure it was all clean again.

Male Client MW: you like my cum

Nev grins and nods, licking her lips "Its delicious Sir!" she said, before diving her head down on his cock again and continuing to lick it.

Male Client MW: lets go doggy over ther ..iam gonnna crazy ...want to taste your sweet pussy

Nev quickly gets up and hurries over to the spot he pointed at "Here Sir?" she asked, kneeling down and sticking her ass up in the air, legs spread so her swollen lips were clearly visible.

Male Client MW: he saw her booty and rams his pierced cock in.

Nev gasped when he pumped his cock deep inside of her, the piercings stimulating her in a new way and she started moaning loud, pushing her hips back and letting her full ass cheeks slam into his stomach.

Male Client MW: rub her pussy let her taste my fingers

Nev sucks eagerly on his fingers, loving the taste of her own juices. One hand reaches down under her, far back between her legs and grabs hold of his nutsack, gently squeezing his balls.

Male Client MW: her pussy is grimping my hard cock ...omg she is so tight

Nev growled as the tension build up inside of her, her tight hot walls clenching around his throbbing pierced cock. "Yessss!" she panted in between unsteady breaths.

Male Client MW: he is pumping his cock deeper and deeper
Male Client MW: and spank her ass

Nev arched her back more, changing the angle of her hips so he could dig in even deeper. "Ngghaaah!" she yelled when he spanked her, the vibrations of the smack sending shivers of pleasure to her deeppink swollen clit.

Male Client MW: 4 the last lets play cowgirl i want see you riding huni
Male Client MW: oh yea ride my huni....uhhh

Nev nods and turns around, pushes him on his back and straddles him, letting herself slide down onto his delicious hard dick. She grinds her hips around, flipping up and down wildly she rides him hard. Her breasts dancing up and down with proud erect rosebuds perking out.

Male Client MW: he play circles with her pussy and taste her juice

Nev tugs and pulls on her own nipples, beads of sweat appearing on her forehead and chest and she groans loud as his hands work her cunt.

Male Client MW: he grip her booty and drop her down faster harder on my cock

Nev cant control herself anylonger and her body starts to shudder and jerk while clear liquid gushes out of her hot pussy, wettening his stomach and chest. She screams out and leans back, pushing down on his cock as far as possible, spasming uncontrollably in extacy.

Male Client MW: she is pumpin deeper and faster he cum ....UuUhhHH
Male Client MW: she rides with her creampie pusssy milki cock

Nev keeps on riding his dick, his cream and her fluids being squooshed out with a slurpy noise with every thrust before she finally collapses down on his chest after he came for the second time, her breasts pressed down on him and she closes her eyes for a moment, nuzzling his neck and sniffing in the delicious smell of fresh sex.

Male Client MW: thank you huni...good job :)

Nev smiles and climbs off of him. "Are you satisfied Sir?"

Male Client MW: and sry 4 my bad english

Nev smiled again "I understood you perfectly, no worries."
Her smile widens as he hands her some cash and she bows her head "Thank You Sir!"

Male Client MW: thank you ...see you huni:)

"Take care now .. its dangerous here!" Nev raised her voice after him as he walked away.

Male Client MW: iam not scare

Nev plucks her dress from out of her boot and puts it on again before going back out on the street. She winks at him when she passes him "Cant say I didnt warn you though."

- - - - -

Not the most articulate client she’d had, but he was nice enough and .. the most important thing of all .. he had paid her! Finally some cash so she could show PimpGuy that she was doing her job and not just hanging around.

- - - - -

Male FA limps a little as he goes after the papers then sighs and sits down and rubs his right leg in a sore manner. He may be alive but he was in alot of pain right now from that now that the shock of the fall was wearing off. He looks back up to see where he fell from. "..woah that was a big one..." he mutters.

Nev blinks hearing the voice, she looks down and sees a young man on the beach "Oh .. hello Sir."

Male FA looks up at someone else speaking to him and nods. "..umm... hi" he says in a distracted way and gets up going to pick up the papers still limping.

Nev sees him limp, she hadnt been aware of the fall and the boy seemed too young to be a potential client. "Are you allright?" she asked him anyways, her eyes darting through the street already in search for someone else.

Male FA stacks the drawings into a pile and starts putting them back in his bag along with his wallet and sighs looking around for his id. " yeah.. I'll live...." he said searching through the sand and rubbing his back every now and then.

Nev notices the wallet and shrugged lightly, a faint smile curling on her lips as she walks closer to the railing and leans down over it just above the boy. She makes sure her legs are spread some and if he'd look up he would see she wasnt wearing underwear. -Hell- she thought to herself -I'll just give it a try- and she lowers her voice, so he'd have to look up and do his best to hear her when she asks "Can I be of service to you maybe?"

Male FA looks up to hear her better and blinks at the view trying not to smirk and looks the otehr way blushing a little. "I think I might need some water..." he says and chuckles softly. " and some ice" he says dusting off his id and putting it in his pocket.

Nev's smile grows wider and she giggles softly "I might have something to 'drink' for you."

Male FA dusts himself off a little. " oh?" he says then looks at the ramp then back at the skatebaord still by the rail and decides that it woudn't be wise to try to same thing twice. "Like what?" he asks putting his bag on his shoulder and wincing and making his way slowly up the ramp still limping.

Nev closed the distance between them and looked down at him, her breasts awfully close to his nose. She places a gloved hand on his shoulder and leans down some to whisper in his ear "Or maybe you'd rather want me to 'drink' you?"

Male FA can't help but stare at the breasts in front of him and smirks a little and sighs at the voice in his ear. " tempting..." he says softly. "youre very pretty and all... but I am going to have to decline that offer...." he said starting to feel a little light headed now from the pain and makes a small face. " I need to find some ice..and lay down for a bit" he says rubbing his head.

Nev gives it a last attempt, looking around her she sees a bar. "Why dont we go in there?" she continued in a hushed voice "They'll have ice there and I'll let you lay in my lap."

Male FA smiles a little " you sure you won't mind?"

Nev gives him a sincere smile back "I dont mind at all handsome." She moves her hand to his shoulderblade and softly nudges him in the direction of the bar, her eyes on his bag where she knows he had put the wallet. Even if he wasnt interested in her services .. she might be able to snatch some money from him after all.

Male FA smiles and nods. " youre very kind..." he says moving in that direction trying to walk steady. " what do you want in return? I can paint you if you would like" he says smiling.

"The question is ... " Nev replied with a little smirk "... what more can I do for you?"

Male FA: "well if you could tell me a bit more about this city that would be really nice" he said in a friendly manner as he sat down once he got in and sighed a little. " sorry if I seem a little tired... that fall hurt more than I expected" he said and looked around a bit. " why are you out so late? aren't you worried something might happen to you?" he asked.

Nev waved at the bartender to get his attention and asked for two glasses of water and a bowl of icecubes. She then turned her attention to the boy and bit her lip, shaking her head apologetically "I know nothing about this City hon, I just got dropped off here to ehh .. well, to work." She stood up from her chair and moved behind him, softly brushing her breasts against his back she let her hands stroll down his sides to his hips and then thighs, very carefully "Maybe you need a tender massage to ease your pain?"

Male FA waits for the order and watches her and smiles and leans back a little agaisnt her. " That sounds like that would be nice... but i think I need to get checked out to make sure it's just a bruise and not something more..." he says and sighs as he’s been been getting that alot lately. " it's fine.. I been getting that answer alot.. i am mainly wondering if there's a faster way to get across the bridge...levi is a long walk from here" he says stretching his legs a little and winces.

Nev keeps one hand on his thigh and whispers "Im sorry I cant help you with that." Her other hand slowly moves down to his shoulderbag and she tries to get her hand inside without him noticing it, to feel around for the wallet. With her soft lips against his earlobe she mumbles "Need any help getting to the hospital or emergency room?"

Male FA watches her hand with mild intrest when he looks down to think over the question. " hmm no I think I can manage... your awfully friendly for a stranger" he says and shifts the bag to between his knees just in case. " I think I should start walking now to see if i can find a job... be careful out here though would be ashame if something happened to someone as nice as you.. maybe if we see each other again and I am feeling better I can make you a nice picture for free... it's the least I could do.. seeing as i don't have many credits to my name and all" he says.

Nev stepped away from him and nodded, the expression on her face turned into somewhat disappointed. "Thats fine hon. You dont owe me anything. Just take care of yourself." Without wasting anymore time does she turn around and walks off towards the street again. This had been her first attempt to steal and to be honest, she was a little relieved she had failed at it.

* * * * *

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