Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 11

* * * * *

Day 11

* * * * *

PimpGuy woke up as the first sun beams touched his face. He opened one eye and saw the red sphere appearing over the horizon. "Shit!", he tought as he felt his head pulsing and heavy. He shouldn't have drunk that much last night. Pushing her body carefully aside, trying not to wake her up he walked over to the shoreline and washed his sticky face with sea water, filled his hands with some and walked back to her, splashing it over her face, laughing and shouting "Wake up, sunshine! We need to get going"

Nev hadnt slept well. Dreams about the past had made her twist and turn and break out in sweats all night. The cold water rudely awakening her makes her scream and she seems seriously confused and even scared although the images that had haunted her evaporated immediately and she wouldnt be able to remember any of them, just the creeping feeling that something was seriously wrong. "Wh-whaat?" She reaches out her arms towards PimpGuy and just wants to be hugged, comforted. "Where are we?"

PimpGuy laid back on the blankets. She deserved the splash as revenge for what she’d done yesterday in the morning. He hugged her when he saw her so scared and kissed her cheek, telling her "Where we were last night, at the damn beach"

Nev held him tight and nuzzled her face in his wet salty neck, slowly things began to fall into place again. "Right, the beach." She doesnt seem to be in a hurry to get up and snuggles herself closer into him.

PimpGuy touched the tip of her nose with a wet finger and started to tickle it. "Don't fall asleep again", he said and squeezed it, pulling it, trying to keep her awake. "How's your head?", he added pointing at the empty bottle next to their improvised bed.

Maybe that had caused Nev’s nightmare-filled dreams, the vodka from last night. She raises a hand up to her head, almost as if to check it still was there. She didnt have a headache, well .. she was a bit groggy and not entirely awake yet. "Fine." Her face turns into a grimace and she squirms her body around, the plug suddenly even more uncomfortable than it had been the past few days. "How long am I supposed to have that thing inside of me?" She gently pushes PimpGuy away and gets up, somewhat swaying on her legs. "I'll just take a quick dive to wake up." she announced while pushing her skirt down and pulling her shirt over her head.

PimpGuy looked at the plug still stuck up her ass and started to chuckle. "Well I'm not a doctor, but I think that should be enough", he spread his arms wide still feeling sleepy and added "but I must admit it stays good on you so you can keep it there a bit longer, shouldn't do any harm". Getting up onto his feet he pulled down his jeans and decided to follow her in the water.

Nev walks to the shoreline and without caring about the low temperature of the water does she just continue to walk further untill only her head sticks out above the water. She dives under and slowly swims around for a bit underwater, trying to clear her head .. or maybe trying to fill it up with all the recent events and what has to be done now. Still deep in the water does she come to a stand, dips her head back in order for her hair to fall smoothly over her back instead of all over the place and then she reaches for the plug. Damn thing had been in there for what .. like two entire days now? She groans when she pulls it out, the cloth wrapped around it scraping against her insides and then the salt water flushing against the raw flesh. Out of sight for PimpGuy does take the cloth off and rinses it with seawater, she didnt have that much medical knowledge .. not that she knew of anyway, but salt water also worked as a disinfectant. Quickly she fabricates the device again and curses loud when she pushes it back in place. "Fuck!" A last dive underwater and she swims back to the shore, forcing a smile on her face. "Where to now?"

PimpGuy jumped into the water right after her and once his head sank underneath the surface he felt a lot better. He walked out quickly and waited for her. A smile snuck onto his face when she cursed sticking the toy back into her rear hole. Walking back to the pile of blankets and clothes he started to dress, thinking "where to now indeed ... good question". Tying up his shoes he looked at her and said "after out little accident with the car I think we'll need to take a bus or hitchhike"
Nev had walked back to their 'bedroom' and used a blanket to dry herself off after flapping it around wildly to get rid of all the sand. "I guess." Both ideas didnt appeal to her, but public transportation seemed the best option to her .. still feeling anxious after her dreams and very skitterish about hitchhiking .. not knowing who would stop to offer you a ride. "Lets go to the bus station." she said, putting on her clothes, including stockings, shoes and the blouse. She nodded over in the opposite direction as where the liqor was for some reason just knowing they had to go there.

PimpGuy's eyes shine as a better idea runs through his head. With an evil smile on his face he tells her "or ..... that guy from the reception ..... he should have a car ...... why don't you .....". Thinking she already knows what he was implying, he picked up the bag of clothes and headed back to the motel once she was ready to come with him.

Nev looked at him, she knew what he was getting at, but still .. Today she seemed to be more troubled with walking, maybe it was because the scrapes, scratches and torn flesh started to heal .. causing her discomfort as the scar tissue and new skin itched. She follows PimpGuy in a much slower pace, the road to the motel was uphills too and she took her time.

PimpGuy remembered about the blankets and thought it might be a good idea to return them before asking for the guys car. "you keep going, I'm coming in a bit", he told her and ran back, grabbing the covers and rushing back to catch up with her as he was tossing the sand off them on the way. Entering the reception room, he threw them over the counter and smiled friendly at the nerdy guy behind it, who amazingly was awake and fresh this time. "Thanks buddy!" he said as he looked back to make sure Nev's following him inside.

Nev had unbuttoned her blouse already before she entered the reception and despite her confused state of mind and physical grievance does she manage to put on her 'acting face' and throws the clerk a huge smile. With her breasts showing completely she jiggles her upperbody so they bounce freely around. "Ya know doll, ya really are the best motelclerk ever, did ya know??" she purrs .. baldly walking behind the desk and leaning down to push her boobs into his face. "We did it on the beach ... now we wanna do it in a car." She lets one hand wander over the guys chest down to his crotch and grabs hold of his enlarged bulge through his pants, her other hand sliding into his pocket. "Ya mind if we loan yer car for a bit handsome?"

PimpGuy looked at the nerd's face turning red as he forgot to breath. The whole cute picture in front of him made him put a hand in front of his mouth and pretend to cough so the guy couldn't hear him laughing hard. He grabbed a pen and a little piece of paper from the counter not bothering to ask, cause he wouldn't get an answer anyway and ran out, afraid his laughter might ruin everything.

Nev didnt even wait for an answer and just grabbed the keys she found in his pocket. She kneels down in front of the clerk and quickly unzips his pants, pulls his cock out and slurps it in entirely. She lets it plop out again, lifts her head up to his face and plants a wet kiss on his lips. "Where did you park it doll?" She buried his face between her breasts and shimmied them around, waiting patiently while the poor guy almost choked and coughed in utter amazement. Then he pointed at the back of the motel and mumbled "Red toyota." Nev smiled at him, slid her middlefinger between her pussylips and pressed her 'smelly' finger on his lips "We were never here, remember doll?" Quickly she leaves the reception and follows PimpGuy out, proudly showing him the keys and pointing in the direction of the parking lot.

PimpGuy hadn’t seen what was going on inside, but a few strange noises and the plop sound made him guess. He looked at her approaching him shaking the keys between her fingers and finally released his laughter, not trying to stay serious anymore. Her clumsy walk made him think it's probably hurting her as she walks so he went to her and grabbed her shoulder as he put his other hand under her knees and lifted her body up in the air. "Wait, we gotta do something before we leave", he told her carrying her back to the place they’d spent the night. Dropping her back onto her feet carefully he grabbed the empty bottle and started searching for the tap, finding it a few meters away. "We gotta write a message to anyone who finds it".

Nev flung her arms around his neck and couldnt stop staring at his face when he carried her all the way back, planting soft sweet tickling kisses on his neck and ear. "Did I tell you today already .. that .. I love you?" she whispered in between the shower of kisses raining down on him. When he put her back on her feet and announced the message in a bottle stunt she started laughing and shook her head "What ya gonna write??"

PimpGuy shook his head at her first question and bit her earlobe gently, whispering into her ear "no, you didn't, I was starting to wonder if you changed your mind". Scratching his head and thinking what they should write, he turned to her to discuss it "don't know", he said "something you wanna tell to the whole world"

Nev shrugged "Fuck off and leave us alone!" The whole damn rollercoaster of emotions started to flip her stomach around, the whole damn situation of not knowing who she was, not wanting to go back to Cyan, not wanting to leave PimpGuy. Suddenly she felt sick, sick of everything .. the fact she hadnt eaten anything the last few days ofcourse could also have to do with that, but that thought never crossed her mind. She extended her hand and said "Give me that piece of paper, I'll wipe my cunt with it and when someone finds it, they'll just think that its something 'fishy'."

PimpGuy lifted up one leg and put the paper on his thigh and wrote the first thing she’d said. Looking at her face questionably he asked "should I add 'we love each other!'?" and not waiting for an answer he wrote it. His fingers rolled it up quickly a few times until it got small enough to fit in the bottle and put the cap on, then he gave it to her, saying "throw as far as you can!"

Nev took the bottle, planted another kiss on his cheek and then walked over to the shoreline. With a loud grunt does she throw the bottle as far as she can into the water. "You shoud've added ... 'FOREVER!'." she said when she walked back to him, wrapping her arms around him and pulling herself off the ground. "Carry me again?"

PimpGuy grinned as he took her again and started walking to the parking lot slowly, humming some tune he’d heard on the radio the other day as they were traveling. Once they reached it he turned around, looking at the sea. "Damn, I don't wanna leave", he said, "we should come again someday". Looking around at the cars parked he started to wonder which one was the clerk’s, he had a good guess for it, but decided to ask her just in case "so ... which one?"

Nev had rested her head in the nape of his neck and smiled when she heard him hum, flipping one foot up and down in sync with his song. It were these little moment, these details, she would never forget. "Someday." she mumbled agreeingly. When they arrived at the parking lot did she let her eyes shift around and spotted a rusty old red toyota starlet, with pointed toes does she indicate 'their' car. "That piece of shit over there."

PimpGuy closed his eyes right after he heard her. "Holy shit!", he said "you're gonna drive it! I can't be seen driving that piece of crap! the fucking japanese can only eat rice, not make cars". Laughing he went over to the drivers side, kept on walking around the red rubbish "thing" eager to take the passanger seat instead.

"Pffffff!" The stupid thing was that Nev didnt know IF she could drive. But she got into the driver's seat, jiggled the key in the contact and everything just went on 'automatic' from there on. Her feet and hands routinely shifted it out of 'park' and put it in reverse. Backing out of the lot she glanced at PimpGuy "Where to?"

PimpGuy shrugged, looking at her face without a clear idea where they should go. All he knew was they should keep moving. "Wherever", he said as he bend over her, looking at the dashboard to check how much fuel they had and let his head touch her breasts. "well, this thing either doesn't work or we won't get very far without refueling so drive to the nearest town", he added and tapped a finger over the fuel gauge, making sure it's not stuck.

Nev made a left turn when leaving the parking lot, leaving the ocean behind them. It wasnt a big village they had been and roadsigns within the 'centre' of town were rare, but she manoevres the little car without hesitation to the mainroad leading up into the hills without giving it a second thought. Turning right at the first big intersection they soon arrive in another little village that also is situated on the coast and she pulls in to the first gas station she sees, stays in the car and waits for PimpGuy to fill up the tank.

PimpGuy walks out of the car and went to the gas column. He started to fill the tank and went inside to pay and grab some beer. Since he wasn't driving he could drink more so with a big smile on his face and a six pack in hand he returned, closing the tank and getting back to the passenger seat, opening a can and taking a huge sip from it, blurping loud and sighing deeply "Aaaaaaaaaah!" when the cold liquiq slid down his troat. "Should be fun driving and sitting over the plug", he told her and started to grin. Pulling the side window down and holding his hand with the beer out of it, he looked at road. "Think we're ready to go", he told her hoping the japanese piece of rusty crap wouldn't give up on them and just stop somewhere.

Nev had been shifting in her seat and while PimpGuy was out filling up and paying, she had fabricated another 'relief' pillow using some very suspicious looking smudgy motel towels she had found on the backseat. "Not really." she huffed back, wrinkling her nose and pulling out of the gas station taking a turn into town. "Whats the plan by the way? Where are we going and why?"

PimpGuy opened the glove compartment and started searching for "cool stuff". He pushed most of the useless crap inside of it over the floor into his feet and pulled out a map, taking a look at it. Turning to her he raised his eyebrows at her, asking "Does Prickville sound familiar to you? It's just a few kilometers away from here"

Nev started to giggle some hearing the name but shook her head "Not really, you want to go and check it out?"

PimpGuy nodded convinced "yeh, sure. We should check it. He showed her the map and pointed at the place, telling her "drive there! and faster, cause I'm getting hungry.". Taking another sip from the can he burped louder than the previous time and started to laugh, talking to himself "stop burpring you idiot!" as he slapped his own cheek.

"Eeeeew, youre such a pig!" Nev said, attempting to look really disgusted but she couldnt help but to keep on giggling anyway. "Prickville it is then. I think I am gonna dump this fuckin' plug soon .. if I dont eat something soon I think my stomach will forget how to digest food." She hadnt had anything solid to eat for what .. four days now?

PimpGuy turned on the radio and showed his head through the window. He started to shout as they started to move, feeling the hot air hitting his face and soon his eyes started to fill with tears from it. He got back into the car feeling completely sober and told her "A pity I lost my gun, we could rob a bank and go to one of those poor countries to live there"

Nev wasnt too sure it was a good idea for him to pull stunts like hanging half out of the car and shouting out loud and when he got back in his seat she hissed at him "Stop that shit will you? You want people to notice us? I could just pull up at the police station ya know?" she nodded her head to the left as she passed a building with several police cars parked in front. "Well, we dont have a gun .. and before we could do anything like that we'd need to fix some ID's right?"

PimpGuy reached into his pocket and pulled out a few IDs. He took the IDs of the whore's working for him so they couldn't get too far if they tried to run. Searching through them quickly he found his own and showed it to her "look, I have one", he said and started to read it "PimpGuy, height: 173cm, eyes: grey, hair: auburn" his picture on it was from his school years and he pointed at it. "look what a cool boy I was before I turned into a monster", wondering if he still looked similar to it, he started to laugh and stuck his head through the open window again, turning back to the police station they passed, showing a middle finger.

Nev elbowed him annoyed "Will you cut that shit out? You want to end up in jail?" Then she frowned, thinking out loud "How come some of the girls have ID's? Are they locals from Cyan? And even if they tried to flee .. where could they go with the city being locked up like it is."

PimpGuy sat back again and looked through the rest of the IDs. "Cyan, Cyan, Cyan, New Jersey", he said and noticed one of the women looked similar to her. Showing it to her, he asked "you could go with this one, what do you think?"

Nev nibbled on her underlip, her eyes glancing at the ID. "Arent those names 'known'? I mean, the government would just send me back to Cyan if I used one of those, right? I'd feel better with a 'fresh' one." She turned her head the other side and stared out of the window, one eye on the road. If only she could think of a way for PimpGuy to 'want to' stay in this world too. She didnt plan on going back to Cyan ... ever ... but the thought of having to live without him didnt make her very enthused about escaping that shitty town.

PimpGuy nodded hearing her words, which sounded reasonable indeed. Starting to laugh when she stopped speaking "yeh, that was genius! now when we park we'll just start to walk around and ask strangers 'excuse me Sir, can you direct me to someone who would be kind enough to make me a fake ID?'". He emptied the can and tossed it through the window over the road, opening a second one. "I give us at most an hour before the cops appear if we do that", he said before he kept on drinking.

Nev threw him another slightly annoyed glance. "Maybe you should get some coffee instead and clear your mind!" She shifted the gear down and pulled in to an empty parking space, seeing a terrace of some sorts where people were eating and enjoying the sunny morning with a oceanview. "Youre the worst crook ever, ya know that? Maybe you shouldnt go back to Cyan after all and find yourself another job at some car factory." She turned the key and the sudden silence when the old crappy car stopped hissing and rattling was almost deafening. She turned in her seat to face him "Lets get you sobered up first .. and some food in our stomachs okay?"

- - - - -

Nev had gone to the restrooms before they ordered their breakfast and had disposed of the plug. Solid food for the first time in four days, it made her feel a whole lot better even though the creeping feeling of something ‘bad’ being on the way haunted her the entire day. They checked out the beach and spent yet another entire day being lazy, fucking like bunnies and brainstorming about ‘what to do next’. The salty seawater helped the healing progress and her wounds were slowly fading. They hadnt come up with a solution, both not wanting to address that what seemed to be inevitable, not wanting to ‘have to’ part from eachother. So instead of deciding on anything concrete PimpGuy and Nev checked in to another motel and silently agreed to postpone their final decision of what had to be done to the following day.
She had trouble falling asleep again. PimpGuy had dozed off immediately after making love to her and now was snoring. Nev twisted and turned around in bed with a hyper-active brain, constantly trying to think of a way to come up with a solution that would enable them to stay together without having to return to Cyan.

- - - - -

Bryan smiles from the shadows.

Nev yawns, shifts, turns and stretches her arms above her head sleepily.

Bryan looks on lustily at the way the sheets drape over her body, outlining her curves as she moves under them. Pulling a knife out of his boot, he quietly stands picking his nails deep in shadow, only the occasional glint from his dark eyes betraying his presence

Nev hides her head under the covers and lazily turns away from him unaware of his presence, she wraps her arm around PimpGuy and the sheets crawl around her, reveiling a glimpse of the bare flesh of one of her cheeks.

Bryan smiles to himself watching her intently, then melts from the shadows like a jungle predator, totally silent till he's beside the bed arm outstretched. With the cold blade of the knife pressed between her butt cheeks he whispers in a dead voice "don't move ... honey.” Pressing the blade harder against her skin he adds in an afterthought "Shhhhh."

Nev holds her breath, gulps as silently as she can and doesnt move a muscle when first she feels something cold and hard against her skin followed by the stranger's voice.

Bryan smiles slowly again at the rush of power he feels and whispers huskily "slowly, and quietly, slip out of the bed, and stand up facing away..." He moves the blade back a tiny bit an waits for her to comply. God he's wanted to get his hands on her ... he's fighting the urge to just thrust the knife in.

Nev was sure he would be able to hear her heart thump, blood was being pumped through her veins so fast that it almost made her dizzy. -Is this the end of me?- she thought to herself, while trying to gather her thoughts and nerves and as in slow motion crawls from underneath the sheets to obey this intruder's request .. or demand. Trembling on her knees does she come to a stand next to the bed, facing the wall and only catching a glimpse of his shadow in the dark, slightly moonlit room.

Bryan twists the knife up, still between her butt cheeks to bring her on her toes and wraps his fingers in her hair bunching them tightly and painfully. Pulled by the hair, ass on the knife point, he draws her slowly backwards out of the room with a malicious "don't trip" whispered in her ear, emphasized with a small twitch of the knife. The shadows cast an image of an odd looking beast with two bodies moving crab-like across the room.

Nev was petrified and didnt dare to make even the slightest noise, extremely aware of the fact the cold 'thing' she had felt earlier and that now was slipped between her buttocks was nothing less than the sharp blade of a knife. The warm breath of this 'monster' wallowing over her earshell as he whispered his next demand into her ear sickened her and caused the little hairs in her neck to stand up straight. The thought of trying to escape or fight him off never even crossed her mind and on her tip-toes does she let him lead her to what had to be the tragic last moments of her short existence.

Bryan pushes her against a cold wall once outside the room and away from the other guy. He withdraws the hand in her hair, there is a muffled clink of metal and he whispers slowly, full of menace, "put your hands behind your back my sweet". Maliciously he lifts the blade against her anus stretching her up forcing her to scrape her body against the cold wall

Nev felt her eyes well up with tears, hoping desperately PimpGuy would wake up and rescue her, but in the short time she had spend with him, she knew that when PimpGuy was asleep, not even a bombe would wake him up. Why was this happening, they weren't in Cyan .. they were in the safe 'outside world'. With her cheek squooshed into the wall and unseeing eyes does she move her hands as slow as possible behind her back, stepping higher up on her tiptoes when the knife digs into the healing flesh of her abused rear end.

Bryan flicks a pair of handcuffs on roughly with one hand, the hard metal bighting her delicate wrists. Withdrawing the blade he quickly wraps a blindfold round her eyes and presses the blade to her throat "quietly, this way..." he hisses as he pushes her in front of him out of the building into the empty night. Moving quickly along the sidewalk to his parked car he only pauses long enough to slash the tires of an old crapped out vehicle, before bundling her into his car and driving off.

Nev's body shivered and trembled violently as he took her handcuffed and blindfolded, totally naked, outside. Only moments ago had she enjoyed the comfy snuggle against PimpGuy's warm naked body and now the chilly nightair hit her and she was overwhelmed by fear and confusion. "Wh-who are you?" she whispers after he had pushed her into a car and drove off.

Bryan laughs and asks "so, you thought you'd shafted me bitch?" as he drives wildly through the sleeping town "you really thought I'd never come looking?" he looks towards you and slaps your face then has to quickly swerve the car back onto his lane, eliciting an angry horn blast from an oncoming car. He continues the drive in silence ignoring your questions till finally with the crunch of gravel under the tires he slows and stops the car "time for some answers honey" he mutters and drags her naked out of the car into an abandoned building

Nev's mind works overtime, the feeling of uneasiness that had gradually grown in strenght throughout the past two days had not triggered her memory, but on some level she had known something 'bad' was about to happen to her. Apparantly this man was someone from her past, but who was he .. and who was she? "You know me?" she asked in a hushed tone while he was dragging her out of the car.

Bryan grabs her by the hair and forces her blindfolded face up before slapping her hard "I missed you babe, and your little games" he hisses "and I missed those fucking diamonds!". He slaps her again "I don't suppose you'll just tell me where they are ... for old times sake?" he growls, his hand intimately roaming her breasts, then he shakes her head by the hair "huh?"

Nev tried desperately to connect the dots, to make sense of what he said. Diamonds? They had known eachother? It was as if all the answers were within reach but she was unable to reach out and grab them. Her head flies sideways when he smacks her and she feels blood trinkle down the corner of her mouth but she doesnt make a sound. "What is my name?" she mumbles after a long silence. Defining herself maybe would bring it all back.

Bryan flashes anger "don't play with me Lara! I went to the slammer and I didn't say a thing bitch!" he brings his face close to her growling "I get out and are you waiting? Fuck no! Youre off shoving your pussy on the first piece of meat you come to" he rants "just tell me where the fucking diamonds are ... or I swear you'll be screaming to tell me everything soon"

Nev: -Lara .. Lara .. she repeats the name silently for herself over and over again and the feeling of getting close to answers she had been looking for gets stronger. Diamonds? Lara? Diamonds? Lara? "Br ... Brandon? Brady?" it was something with a B .. but the names didnt sound right when they roll over her lips. Her nostrils flare in fright, with his face so close to hers, his scent is familiar .. he defenitely had to be someone from her past, she had known him .. intimately. "Bernard?" But what was his name again? And what was he on about with those diamonds?

Bryan swears as she starts rambling off names and spins her around wrapping rope around and through the cuffs then forces her to sit on an old chair tying her wrists and cuffs to the chair. He then rips off the blindfold so he can look into her eye. "Look at me!" he commands harshly "Very cute Lara .. but I know your damn games and how good you are ..." he can't help letting his eyes wander her body though, she could always send sparks shooting though him with just a look. Angrily he breaks off and cups her chin "maybe I should fuck first ... you think that would jog your memory?"

Nev: Seeing him, seeing the face she had adored, admired and lived for for so long. His name still didnt come to mind but her body reacted in a way she didnt want it to react and he'd see her nipples grow stiff as his eyes traveled over her naked form. It was so close, the recollection, yet still just 'feelings' and not anything concrete. Had she been a thief? Had they been a team? What diamonds was he talking about? Had she escaped while he was thrown into jail? Her eyes gaze into his, questiongly. "Who are you?"

Bryan looks momentarily puzzled at the scratch marks that look so much like an animals but when she asks him who he is his eyes blaze "bitch!" and he slaps her "forget me so quickly? Already onto the next?" he pushes the tip of his boot rudely between her legs "I am going to fuck you over for that ... then you _will_ tell me where those diamond are"

Nev's face once again flies to one side and a blob of bloody spit wooshes with a splotch on the filthy floor of the abandoned building he had taken her to. She cant help but squirm around in her confined position, rubbing her nether regions unwillingly against his boot. Whoever he was, whatever their history .. it was clear that there had been strong physical chemistry between them that hadnt disappeared, despite the lack of her memory. Slowly does she turn her gaze back to him, her big blue eyes staring into his, searching for answers. "Please?" she begs, her voice tiny and trembling and her chest moving rapidly up and down by unsteady heavy breaths. "Tell me .. who are you? Who were we?"

Bryan looks at her in amazement "you can't even say my name can you" he says in disgust. Grabbing her ankles and roughly forcing them apart to expose her pussy, he comments rudely "some other guy gets his meat in there and you forget everything, it that it?" driving a pair of fingers into her pussy harshly he says "I mean it Lara .. stop with the fucking games, or I'll hurt you" he pumps his hand roughly

Nev gasps loud and instantly feels the folds of her flower moisten when he forces her legs apart. Why couldnt she control the way her body reacted to him? All she can think of right now is PimpGuy and she hopes to god that he would somehow be able to come to her rescue once again. She throws her head back as she feels his fingers delve inside of her, panting heavily and staring unseeing at the ceiling, flipping her hips back and forth against the hand pumping her. "I ... I'm not ... ngggghh ... pl-playing games."

Bryan forgets his anger for a moment, her sudden wetness and silky texture combining with her pants, hot-wire his arousal. Feeling his cock swell he pumps his hand all the harder "See bitch" he says finally "pretend all you like .. your fucking body knows me ... is this all just a game for you? Does it turn you on to make me angry?". Angrily he stands up suddenly and undoes his zipper pulling out his now erect cock. "Fucking hell, you've always turned me on" he raves then draws her hips forwards and rams hard into her, wanting as much to hurt as to fuck the hell out of her

Nev: "Bryan!" she shouts out the moment his erect member penetrates her longing cave. Everything fell into place and her whole past flashed through her mind in only a matter of seconds. She immediately bites her lip after yelling out his name, not wanting him to find out that his name is not the only thing that she remembered, but .. knowing him .. through and through .. she knew it already was too late. He could read her like no-one else. She lifts her legs up and lets her calves rest on his shoulders, tilting her pelvis to enable him to enter her deeper .. his lust for her, and her lust for him .. the only thing that might be able to 'save' her .. that might be able to distract him.

Bryan pounds into her hard enough to set the chair scraping backwards with each thrust. Her tight pussy milking him as he groans, sweat soaking his clothes, his eyes fierce. He quickly feels his orgasm approaching, it's been too long and he is too angry to even think of delaying. Fucking her furiously he suddenly buries himself to the hilt and cums with a scream of rage hips spasming against her backside, his whole body shaking and the chair coming close to tipping over.

Nev had always been able to follow him and knows his body so well that the moment she feels his member expand within her she is immediately ready for him and it drives her over the edge. All her muscles contracting and the walls squeezing tight around his shaft buried so deep within her. Her eyes roll to the back of her head and her entire body jerks uncontrollably as her orgasm rushes through her veins. "FUCK BRYAN!!" she yells out, like she always did when he brought her in this state. She doesnt even notice the way the chair is dangerously close to tipping over and wouldnt probably even notice if they fell down together, already falling into bliss as the climax slowly ebbed away.

Bryan pulls his dick out sinking to his knees and gasping for breath letting her slump back on the chair. He watches globs of oozing cum drip out of her pussy as he catches his breath. Finally he sais "now we've introduced ourselves" voice dripping with bitter sarcasm "you will tell me where you've hidden those diamonds ...." he grabs a bottle nearby "or I'm going to open you so wide that dick I found you in bed with won't feel a thing next time he fucks you"

It takes Nev a while to gather herself, breathing heavily and her skin coated in a thin layer of sweat that makes her all shiny and glowing with the passion he had always managed to bring out of her. Even though her memory had come back, she couldnt tell him where the diamonds were .. and she knew that he would never believe her. "I'll show you." she grunts at him, hoping to buy time to come up with a better plan or .. escape.

Bryan just laughs "yeah right ... because I trust you" he places the neck of the bottle against her pussy and twisting it, he parts her labia pushing her neck inside the cum slicked entrance till the thickening neck stops his progress "last chance bitch. You've made your choice and would have left me to rot if you could .... where are those diamonds?" he adds pressure to the bottle distending your entrance around the hard glass.

Nev shook her head, eyes lowered to the bottle being forced into her sensitive still contracting from afterspasms cunt, the cold glass digging into the hot depth uncomfortable and even slightly painfull. Without wincing does she lift her eyes back up to stare Bryan straight in the face, knowing all too well what he was capable of doing. "You dont know what happened to me after you got caught, do you?" she asks, her voice dropping to a low murmle and trying to make him 'listen' to her, convincing him of her 'innocence' with a sincere look in her eyes.

Bryan looks back, unsympathetic, "I wasn't the one that ran off to fuck the first thing on two legs ... now, I told you I'd have you screaming it out and you know I keep my promises" he says darkly and begins to shove the bottle in, watching in grim pleasure as your intimate tissues stretch grotesquely around it. He glances at the pain written on your face and gives the bottle another sharp shove driving it deeper "diamonds? I'm waiting..."

Nev couldnt help but pull her face in a grimace as the bottle drove deeper inside of her. "Bryan." her voice awkardly calm "Believe me the shithole I have been in the past weeks has been far worse than the comfy bars you have been behind. If I hadnt lost my memory, you _know_ I would have come to get you out ... this was our biggest hit ever .. I'd have whisked you off to paradise baby." How the fuck was she able to let her voice purr as sweet as honey .. but she was an actress indeed .. the kind that never needed a script .. the kind that would improvise with her only goal being to benefit from it herself.

Bryan marvels for a moment at the control she shows, the bottle must hurt, but it irritates him that she is still play acting like this, he's seen her doing this many times and it still gives him a shiver to see how good she is "Still not catching your attention baby?" he mocks and adds "let me help you accommodate" grabbing a pinch of sand and dirt off the floor rubbing it under the folds surrounding her clit. With one hand he begins to finger her clit rubbing the grit back and forth over that exquisitely sensitive bud, with the other he shoves hard on the bottle driving it deeper and deeper. His voice mocks "I'm sure it's been all pleasure baby, the way you were walking hand in hand with that guy"

How many times had she witnessed him pulling his crazy sick shit with their 'victims', fuck the bastard for doing it to her. Nev knows he thrives on afflicting pain, seeing women twist and turn their bodies in despair, crying out and begging him to stop .. which only egged him on to push it further. She'd have to block out the pain, she'd have to pretend he didnt affect her .. whatever his torture method would be. It is impossible though to blink the tears back and stop herself from squirming around on the chair as he forcefully scrapes her clit with the dirt, the pain the bottle causes nothing compared to what his fingers accomplish. "The diamonds are in Cyan baby .. you will _have_ to trust me and let me go back to retrieve them. You wont even be able to get in the way it is surrounded and guarded by the army. Give me a week .. one week baby .. get me a false ID in the mean time and we'll run off as we had planned."

Bryan finds himself getting turned on again, his cock hardening once more, by her pain wracked squirming. Her body giving her away despite the brave front she was putting up. "What guarantee do I have that you can even get the diamonds? Especially out of Cyan?" he asks calmly though he continues his cruel fondling and bottle fuck, knowing the pain is just going to build and build.  "I can keep this up all night honey .. you know I can. Better if you tell me exactly where they are .... wouldn't want for something to happen to you and those lovely stones to disappear now would we"

However hard Nev tries, soft groans of pain emerge from her throat and her already sweaty skin breaks out in something similar to a fever forcing herself so hard to not show him her pain .. and fear. Tearfilled eyes stare at him while trying to at least keep her facial expression as 'blank' as possible while the rest of her body squirms and jerks in an attempt to escape from his torturous actions. She is sure the pink tender skin around her clit has started to bleed by now. "I had .. swallowed them. Before they caught me." Another groan makes her pause for a moment and she closes her eyes, taking a deep breath, then looks up again, lifting her chin some .. proudly, selfsecure. "I hid them behind PimpGuy's caravan, dug a hole in the ground and buried them. He has no clue about them, he doesnt know who I am Bryan .. I didnt even know who I was. You have no idea how surpised I was when .. well .. ya know .. when I discovered those diamonds myself. I can get out again .. PimpGuy loves me, he will do anything for me. He got me out once .. I'll return to Cyan with him, get the diamonds .. and it wont be that hard for me to let him help me get out again."

Bryan studies her for a long while keeping the stimulation going, long enough that she would be forgiven for thinking he was doing this for his own pleasure rather than for the effect. Throughout it all his eyes are locked to hers .. assessing, judging. Eventually he just nods and takes his fingers away from her bud, leaving the bottle half buried in her cunt and sits back on his haunches. He takes a look at the label and makes a note to buy a bottle to try, might become his favorite regardless how it tastes. "If you play me again ... god help you" he says simply and stands "tell you what I'll do babe.  I'm going to go and buy a little tracking device which I'll implant in you ... to keep careful tabs on you, in the mean time, think of a suitable story for your boyfriend" he taps your face lightly leaving you slumped in the chair.

Nev cant believe she had fooled him. Bryan who knew her so damned well. Without changing the expression on her face, her body relaxes when he steps back. After a moment of just staring back at him does she nod and forces the corners of her mouth to curl up in a smile "Sounds like a plan baby .. soon we'll be living the life we have dreamed of for so long. Dont worry about PimpGuy, I have wrapped the sucker around my finger."

Bryan gives her a dark look then turns and leaves. The sound of the car squeeling away follows shortly.

- - - - -

PimpGuy woke up by the sound of tires squeeling. He turned to the other side to see the bed empty and ran to the window, thinking she’d left him and is running away, but with a surprised look did he not see the toyota, but another car heading down the street. Dressing up quickly he ran downstairs and jumped in the japanese piece of crap, starting the engine just to discover the tires were cut when he tried to take off. "Shit!", he thought and jumped out, started running in the direction the skidmarks were leading. After a few hours searching around the town, just when he was about to give up did he notice a stranger, zipping up his pants in front of an abandoned warehouse and getting into the strange vehicle he’d seen earlier. He hid behind the corner and waited for the car to disappear before he rushed into the warehouse, kicking the door and a rather unpleasant picture revealed in front of him.

As soon as Bryan had left her alone had Nev started to shuffle the stool she was tied upon towards the wall, hoping to be able to fray the ropes against something and free herself. Hopefully Bryan would take his time, but she curses under her breath when she hears the door open again so quickly after he had left and stops bonking the chair backwards. When she saw it was PimpGuy, her heart skipped a beat of relief and she yells out at him "PimpGuy, hurry .. get me loose before he returns!"

PimpGuy cursed out loud before she started talking "Shit! This will never stop no matter where we go, will it?". When she mentioned a name he raised his eyebrows at her questionably and stepped wide in front of her crossing his arms in front of his chest like he was not in a hurry for anywhere. ‘Since when do strangers introduce themselves before raping someone ... what the fuck is going on here’ he thought. Reaching to her face and pushing her chin up looking into her eyes he asked in a very calm tone "wait wait wait .... who the fuck is Bryan?"

"Cut me loose PimpGuy!" Nev hissed, not wanting to waste any time at all and absolutely planning on explaining everything as soon as they got the fuck out of here. "I remember okay? I remember everything and if we want to live .. we need to hurry up. I lied my ass off to make him believe that he can trust me, but when he sees us together now .. he'll kill you before you can even blink."

PimpGuy shook his head and stared deeper into her eyes, saying "you know what? I don't fucking care and I won't do a shit before you tell me everything. We come to this peacefull cute place to find out what? Maybe you were not that different before and there was someone else following you around like a dog to help you in case you ran into the next freak"

Nev stared him straight in the eyes, blood still seeping down the corner of her mouth and her right cheek brightred with an obvious handprint of where Bryan had whacked her more than once. The act she had pulled off for Bryan, being tough and ignoring the pain, disappeared and sincerity and love are written in her eyes when she gives him the short version of her previous life. "My name is Lara .. I was a .. thief. Bryan _was_ my partner in crime .. he _was_ my lover." She stresses the word 'was' while her eyes once again fill up with tears. "PimpGuy .. these last two weeks, these past days .. my feelings for you are real, nothing of what I remember from my life changes that. I need you! And you need to believe me and hurry the fuck up. Bryan will kill you .. and he will kill me when he finds out I lied to him." Her underlip starts to tremble and her whole posture changes into a scared shivering little girl, she had never been 'this honest' about anything in her entire life.

PimpGuy nodded and looked back at the door for a moment. "I believe I'll hear his car when he returns and I can hide and surprise him.", he said moving his eyes at hers again. "you know what? people don't kidnap and rape because of jealousy.", he continued, "Maybe I should wait for him and ask him .... or just take my turn and go, cause I think you aren’t telling me everything"

Nev lowered her head and made a headnod gesturing to her crotch "Please, take that damn bottle out of me." She didnt know whether to be extremely pissed with him or what .. stubborn fool wasted so much time with waiting for answers she could give him later .. later when they were 'safe' .. if she would ever be really safe from Bryan. "Our last 'job' .. was supposed to be our last 'job' ever. Huge. We stole diamonds, well .. I stole them. Streetvalue of well .. depends on who'd buy them, but at least enough to 'retire' for the rest of our lives. Bryan got caught .. last I remember was seeing him being handcuffed and taken to the police car .. I managed to escape .. 'with' the diamonds. Next thing I know is waking up in an alley in Cyan. Bryan thinks I still have the diamonds in my possession and will do all possible to get them." She snorts semi-sarcastically, shaking her head at the irony of it all. "PimpGuy, I dont have a clue where the diamonds are .. somewhere between escaping the scene and ending up in Cyan is a black hole in my memory. If I knew where the damn things were I would get them and take you with me to paradise ... but I dont know ... and I think the only thing we can do right now .. is get back to Cyan. Bryan wont be able to get in .. and if he does .. well .. " she shrugs and lifts her eyes back up at him "... we'll have to dispose of him."

PimpGuy's eyes started to shine when he heard about diamonds and tons of money. "I'll make you fucking remember where you left them. Looks like you remember shit when you're being treated like one", he said and reached between her legs, taking out the bottle from her cunt. Seeing the sand between her legs he laughed "looks like your _lover_ has a strange fetish". He smashed the bottle into the chair breaking it to pieces and walked behind the chair, cutting the ropes with the broken bottle left in his hand.

Nev shuddered when he smashed the bottle on the chair, for the slightest moment thinking he was gonna whack it down on her. "PimpGuy, I love you .. you know that right? I want nothing more than to remember what happened with those fuckin stones and where they are." She winces some when getting up from the chair as soon as he cut the ropes and had unraveled them from around her wrists. Still cuffed with her hands on her back does she walk over to him and leans her naked body into him. Even though she was in a hurry to get out of here, she really needed to feel his arms around her.

PimpGuy looked at the cuffs and tossed her over his shoulder, starting to laugh, realising he did't have anything to break them or unlock them. All he did was lowering his body to the ground and tossed her over his shoulder, asking "where's the fucking police Lara? I think they will be fucking happy to see you and it's hard for me to believe anything you say right now". He started walking to the entrance, carrying her and heading back to the place they stayed at to collect the garbage bag. Everything they had was inside it. Running into her lover was a risk he was ready to take so he was walking slowly as his eyes got empty. As long as there was big money involved she was valuable though, so trying to ignore everything that happened the past few days he spat on the ground and cursed again. Maybe she was telling the truth, maybe not. He would take his time to find out.

It had been a shock for her to suddenly be confronted with her past, Nev’s head was pounding and the one person who had become to be her 'meaning of life' apparantly didnt believe a damn word she had said. Being flung over his shoulder and taken back to the crummy motelroom she just closed her eyes, ignoring his 'threat' to turn her over to the police. Knowing PimpGuy .. he'd want to keep her alive and in one piece, even if it only was for the possibility of getting his hands on a fortune. She too would have time to make him realise he was the only person in the world she hadnt lied to. "Back to Cyan then?" she finally asked, not baring the tensed silence between them any longer.

PimpGuy nodded even though she couldn't see him doing it. "yeh, back to Cyan and I'm gonna torture you until you fucking remember where you hid them. In the meantime you'll work and take care of the other girls", he said as he was bending down to pick up a large box he saw next to a garbagecan on the street. Once they reached the room, he threw the money he had and then all the documents except his own ID and the one of the girl that looked like her inside the bag and tucked it all into the box, closing it with duct tape. "rrrrright", he said as he took the pen they used earlier and wrote on it with big ugly letters "Cyan, PimpGuy, to be handed over personally!". Looking at her still cuffed he asked short and clear "post office?"

Nev had never felt so small before. Lara .. the woman she had been .. the confident double-crossing con-artist who was able to stay calm under the most stressful circumstances had not truly loved Bryan. She had used him for her own benefits. The girl she had become in the past weeks however .. had given her heart away. And PimpGuy now trampled all over it. "Its in the middle of the night, post office is closed." she only said, doing her utmost to prevent her voice from breaking down while she followed his every move with her eyes.

PimpGuy gritted his teeth and shouted at her "Did I ask you if it was open or not?". He grabbed her and pushed her down the stairs, watching her rolling down and hitting herself into the walls. "Where the fuck it is? I'm patient, I'll wait ‘till the morning comes!", he said after following her down.

Nev stumbles clumsily down the stairs, thudding her body against the walls and scraping her skin all over, but she manages to keep on her feet and nods her head to the right "That way .. go round the back, they'll probably be sorting this time of night."

PimpGuy opened the door and walked outside, looking at the way she pointed. He wondered what to do with her while he delivered the package. Looking at the toyota, he thought the trunk would be rather hard to open from the inside and if she was silent in there her ex lover might never even bother to check inside. He took out the duct tape and muffled her mouth, unlocked the trunk and pushed her inside. "You stay here for now and don't make any noise, cause he might come back for you!", he told her locked her inside not waiting for some sort of reply, put the keys back into his pocket and with the package in hand he headed to look for the post office.

Nev couldnt believe he had locked her in the trunk of a god damned car, what the fuck .. as if she would ever want to leave his side. Though .. if he'd keep on acting this way, maybe her feelings towards him would indeed change. Lara taking over control she squints her eyes and looks around her. The old toyota was so rusted that light from the streetlamps poured through several cracks and she could actually see quite good. She nods approvingly when she spots the iron bar used for taking off the wheels and as silent as possible does she manoevre her body around, letting the bar slide between her cuffs and then repositions herself, trying to find a way to stick the bar into something solid so she’d be able to use it as some sort of lever to bust the chain between the cuffs.

PimpGuy walked around and after a bit of searching he found the place he was looking for. It was closed indeed and knocking didn't help, so dropping the box on the pavement he sat down next to it and nervously started smoking one cigarette after another, spending the next few hours alone with his thoughts. He surely still loved her, but he didn't know if he could trust her when tons of money were involved. "you have to be the tough guy that don't give a shit. you'll love her when you get out of the whole shit if she's still there", he said to himself. It wasn't easy for him, his world had turned upside twice in less than a week’s time. The next few hours passed quite fast and soon a lady approached the building and greeted him before opening the door. He followed her and acted nice, while handing over the package. She asked him to fill in the zipcode and after he weighed the package and paid her he walked out and headed back to the car, wondering if she'd still be there or had tried to escape because of his sudden change.

Nev hadnt expected PimpGuy to take so long. It had taken her not more than half an hour of struggling with the stupid bar to finally manage to break the chain. With her hands free she pulled off the duct tape from her mouth and started to search through the trunk for whatever the motelclerk from Prickley Beach had collected in there. Everything was filthy, damped and smelled mouldy. She found more motel towels and a backpack with a bottle of water, an apple that had turned into moosh and beach clothes, at least five sizes too large for her. First she took the water and started to clean her private parts, washing off the sand and grit Bryan had tortured her with. Then she got dressed, which wasnt easy to do in the confined space she was locked into, but she pulled on oversized beach shorts and a foul stenching t-shirt. She studied the lock and knew it wouldnt take her long to crack that open, but why would she do that? If she would get out of the trunk, the risk of Bryan finding her was a lot bigger, so she just waited for PimpGuy to return. Using the motel towels as a pillow she even dozed off and she was sound asleep, curled up into a little ball when he finally came back.

PimpGuy walked over and unlocked the trunk. Seeing her dressed and still there made him check the lock and he discovered she hadn’t even tried to open it. There were no scratches and it was equally dirty all over. He nudged her shoulder as he leaned over her and whispered "wake up Lara". The name sounded strange and it would take him some time to get used to it.

Strangely enough Nev hadnt dreamed at all and it took her a moment to realise where she was. Then she turns around, sleepily .. with a smile and stares up at PimpGuy, obviously still not completely awake."Morning."

PimpGuy reached his hand out to help her get out of the trunk. The past few hours had made him feel a little guilty and he tried to give her a short explanation about what he was doing and what he was about to do "ok, listen to me, cause I may not say anything like this any time soon again. These past few days were the best days in my life so far and nothing has changed for me. I'm gonna act like the baddest bastard you've seen from now on, but it's not because I stopped loving you. Once we get enough money I'm out of there and I'll take you with me. Til then you have to ignore everything I do and say, can you do that?"

Nev crawled out of the trunk, her legs stiff and her pussy feeling extremely sore due to Bryan’s sandy torture. She wobbled a bit and 'stumbled' into his muscular form after he had helped her out ... seemingly accidental, but all she really wanted was to just touch him, hug him .. and she hoped he would instinctively react by wrapping his arms around her. "If I get my hands on the diamonds, I'm out of there quicker than lightning .. and I'll take you with me." she replied, with her eyes searching for his. "I'm an actress PimpGuy .. but what I feel for you is no act. You may be the biggest bastard you can be, you may treat me like shit and like the whore I am expected to be there in Cyan, but hurt my heart and believe me .. you have no idea how bad-ass Lara can be." Yes, it was a threat in a way ... or a warning. But it was honest .. and she wouldnt lie to him.

PimpGuy did exactly what she’d expected and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tight and kissing her forehead. Taking her hand, he headed down the street and told her "I'll have to treat you like shit so Monk and nobody else suspects anything, cause I don't feeling like sharing the money ..... and you better keep playing you lost your memory. Now lead me to the police and let's give ourselves up so they can take us back"

Nev nodded, nudging his side teasingly with every other step. The brightest smile had appeared on her face and she halts in the middle of the street, pulling on his hand to make him stop and turn around. "Other way babe." She giggles and blows him a kiss. "I'll be your best whore ever .. and dont worry .. no-one will ever see through our act. You can treat me as worthless crap in company .. I'll know that we'll get out of this together and find that fuckin paradise."

PimpGuy kept walking until he saw the white and blue cars, parked in front of a building. He smiled and stopped, pulling her back. "Give me your best kiss cause I have no idea when we'll kiss again", he said and wrapped his arms around her shoulders, holding his face an inch from hers, rubbing their noses together.

Nev curled one leg around his, pushed her entire body against him and planted her lips on his mouth. Squeezing him in the tightest hug ever does she slip her tongue between his lips and purrs happily while dancing her tongue around his.

PimpGuy held her and lost sense of time as he felt her lips over his and tasted her blood. He didn't know for how long he moaned, playing with her tongue. Maybe a few minutes or maybe an hour. He thought of her name repeating it a few times so he wouldn't forget it and parted his lips from hers, pushing her to the door and started laughing as he followed her and slapped her ass before she entered. The officer behind the desk, moved his eyes from the newspaper he was reading when PimpGuy reached into his pocket and threw the IDs in front of him on the counter, saying with a huge smile "Good morning officer! I believe you're happy to see us" and grinned, starting to wait for his reaction, looking around the place.

Nev could not wipe that grin off of her face, she might have been a master in lying and deceiving .. but she had never before been so incredibly in love and she didnt give a damn if the whole world could see that. Not now that is .. as soon as they would be back in Cyan, she'd baffle PimpGuy with her acting-skills. Maybe they could do another movie .. maybe they could do a 'romance' story, just to be able to 'act' being in love. This idea only made her goofy grin even wider and the officer that had taken their ID's didnt know how to react to their absurd behaviour, which ... ofcourse .. only made the situation even more hilarious and she started to feel a giggle-fit growing inside of her.

PimpGuy noticed the officer looking at the IDs and at both of them a few times, unable to realise what's happening. "Take your time, I know it's hard to believe", PimpGuy said and laughed at him. It took the officer a bit longer before he yelled out at his colleagues, sounding confused "C-C-Cyan r-r-refugees!" and a few cops appeared surrounding them with guns pointed at them and shouting "Put your hands behind your necks! Now!"

That would be a story the officers would be telling over dinner that night, two refugees turning themselves in voluntarily, laughing and giggling as if it were the funniest thing ever. Nev corks one eyebrow comically, looking at PimpGuy .. raises her arms and puts her hands in her neck, bursting out in laughter untill tears stream down her face. "Shouldnt have busted the chain of the cuffs huh?"

PimpGuy did what he'd been told also and told her "shhhhhh!" as he was waiting patiently for the cops to search his body. The cuffs weren't really needed, they just directed them to a big cell and locked them inside with a few other people there. Taking her hand he led her in a corner and sat down on the cold floor, leaning his back against the wall. She’d slept a few more hours than him and his body was begging him to get some as he nodded at her to sit next to him.

Nev pursed her lips together in order to stop the bubbly giggles, but her eyes sparkled and her whole appearance was of someone not in the least concerned with being send back to .. hell. She lets herself slide down on the floor next to him, stretched her legs in front of her and then pushed his head gently down to let him lay in her lap. She couldnt help it, wanted to say it as often as possible now she still had the chance and without making any sound does she mouth to him "I love you."

PimpGuy wrapped his arms around her. He would do it everytime they would sleep together from now on. "I love you too", he said and fell asleep holding her .... They surely didn't let him sleep long, cause he’d hardly closed his eyes when strong hands grabbed his shoulders and shook his body hard. All he heard was "wake up lover boy, it ain't a fucking bedroom". He pressed his back to the wall and pushed his feet to the ground getting up as the cop grabbed his t-shirt and pulled him after him, while another one did the same with ..... Lara. He was still trying to get used to it. Leading them outside of the building they were pushed into the back seat of a police car and drove outside the city limits, where they were unloaded and a well known huge vehicle was waiting for them. "Those two escaped!", shouted one of the cops and a familiar face appeared - the guy he’d paid to get them out of the city. Not waiting for an order PimpGuy started to climb the ramp, still rubbing his sleepy eyes, looked around for a place to sit and unable to find one went to a corner and sat down, trying to continue sleeping.

Nev had had enough time to let her giggle-fit sink down and when the officers, quite roughly, had dragged them to the car and escorted them to helicopter she holds her face 'blank'. Not pissed off, not happy, not in love, not scared .. just 'blank'. She follows PimpGuy quickly inside and after plonking down next to him she give one sly wink at the soldier .. meanwhile rolling up the oversized t-shirt she is wearing, reveiling her stomach and tying the fabric in a knot. She had to get ready to get back into her 'role' and being dressed like some punk-ish skatergirl in clothes that would fit a body-builder was not being 'in character'.

PimpGuy had almost fallen asleep when he heard the soldiers voice "didn't work, huh?", he asked and started to laugh. Smiling at him PimpGuy answered "it worked perfectly". "We can drop you somewhere again", the soldier suggested, but instead of answering PimpGuy, just pulled out his pockets to show him he had no money and closed his eyes again, trying to get some more sleep the rest of the way.

Nev gave the soldier a slight shrug and a friendly smile, then stared back out of the window while letting one hand rest on PimpGuy's upperleg. Back to Cyan, back to hell .. at least she'd be rather safe from Bryan ... what the fuck had happened with the diamonds? She couldnt sleep, so many things twirled through her mind, an entire lifetime of a woman she no longer was had come back in her memory and she used this time in the helicopter to try and figure out how she would use her knowledge about her past .. in the nearby future.

PimpGuy felt someone pushing him again. He really hated that, first it was her, then the cops, now the soldier, sticking his gun into his shoulder. "I know! I know!", PimpGuy shouted and got up, opening his eyes to see the ramp falling down. They were landing and he would see his hometown as he walked out. That brought him a mix of good and bad feelings. He hated the place, but was glad to be back for some reason. Walking down the ramp, he turned around and waited for her. The soldiers were not brutal to them, but the other people were pushed and kicked outside. As the machine lifted from the ground, PimpGuy turned around and pointed his right hand to his forehead, like they do in the army. He was surrounded by a crowd of scared people, not knowing where they were. "Welcome to paradise, sluts!", he shouted and winked at a few of the better looking girls before he started to laugh out loud.

Nev had prepared herself, having looked out of the window the entire time she had seen the high walls surrounding Cyan from afar. Funny how she had been so glad to get out of there only a few days ago .. and how she now .. willingly .. returned. Volunteered for a life of being used and abused by agressive horny men who didnt give a fuck about anything but getting off, getting their needs fullfilled .. and money. She had torn the shirt, created a deep cleavage which hardly reveiled her breasts at all. The scratches from the lycan nicely healing and fading. When the helicopter lands and PimpGuy gets out does she wait for just a moment before following him. She puts on her mask .. slouches her body some and looks scared, making herself be absorbed by the crowd, no-one would pay notice to her this way. Some of these girls would probably end up working for PimpGuy, working for her .. but she couldnt show them her confidence ... not yet.

PimpGuy reached for her elbow and grabbed it, pulling her after him, pretending they didn't know each other. "you come with me!", he said and turned around pointing at three of the girls he liked, shouting at them "you, you and you better find me, cause if I find you first I'll make you sorry for that!". He pushed her in front of him down the street and headed for the gas station.

Nev 'eeped' when he took hold of her and struggled, trying to break free. "Let go of me!!" she yelled, letting her voice sound scared and highpitched. She looked back at the other girls, beggingly and shouted "Heeeelp me!! Dont let him take me!!"

PimpGuy put his foot over her ass and kicked her hard forward, making her stumble and fall down. He didn't stop walking at all. Just as he reached to the place she fell, he grabbed her hair and pulled her after him, shouting "move, bitch!" and kept going.

Nev howled at the kick and started crying. She shouted a few more times and got more or less dragged after him, clumsily trying to get back on her feet, but half-crawling through the dirt her clothes got even more filthy than they already were and she clawed into the ground to find something to hold on to.

PimpGuy pushed her and started to laugh once they reached the gas station. "congratulations bitch, you just earned yourself a promotion", he said and smiled "now you need a hat, a gun and some kickass clothes, you gotta look bad!"

Nev muttered and started to wipe her clothes and skin off, leaving black smudges everywhere. "Better gimme money then and time to take a bath!" she grunted, avoiding eyecontact with him.

PimpGuy nodded "I will when the fucking package arrives, everything is there, remember? and when the fuck will you learn to look at me when we talk? huh?", he squeezed his teeth, trying to look angry, but after turning around and not seeing anyone around started to laugh again

Nev turned her head in all directions, also making sure no-one was nearby, but kept her distance and only glanced at him, quickly looking away when he started to laugh. "Not out in the open ... if I look at you now I will just want to kiss you and I dont want to risk someone rounding the corner and stumbling upon that scene." she hissed, keeping the posture of a slut afraid of her pimp.

- - - - -

Well that was it then. They were together at least, but back in that shitty hell-hole of a town called Cyan. Back to being regarded as flesh for lust. Nev wasnt sure the knowledge of her being ‘Lara’ would make it easier for her. She might be able to act and she might recollect most everything about her previous life, which would sure help her to assist PimpGuy and Stubble with expanding their business ... but hadnt it been easier in a way when she didnt remember shit?

* * * * *

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