Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 13

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Day 13

* * * * *

Nev had spent the night in the hospital, where she had hidden once before from PimpGuy. She felt sorry for him, the state he was in due to the drugs, but she wanted to save her own body for when he was ‘normal’ again and meanwhile work her clients. He hadnt been that happy when he found her on her corner the following morning and there was a lot of tension between them when he brought her to some sort of club she had never been before. PimpGuy just dropped her off and left right away without so much as an ‘I love you’ or a look that would imply something similar.

- - - - -

Male Client WS turns his head and looks you up and down from a short distance

Nev spies someone watching her from the corner of her eye and curls her lips up in faint yet somewhat shy smile before she turns her head towards him and gives him a tiny nod of acknowledgment.

Male Client WS steps a bit closer with a warm smile on his lips "hey there, hows it going?"

Nev tilts her head a little, lowers her eyes to stare at his feet, obviously avoiding eyecontact with him. "Hello Sir .. I'm ehr .. fine. You?"

Male Client WS steps closer again "im pretty good today, you look a bit lost here ..." he says and reaches out with his hand for your chin to lift it up a bit and look into your eyes

Nev doesnt step back although he'd feel her body freeze for a moment when his hand touched her skin. She lifts her big blue eyes up at him and broadens her shy smile "I'm not lost Sir." Then she pulls her shoulders back some to 'seem' more confident and adds in a hushed tone of voice "C-can I be of service to you Sir?"

Male Client WS strokes over your neck with his hand and down your side, playfully pulling on the thin line of your thong and snapping it on your hips "mhh and what service could that be?"

Nev lowers her eyes again, embarassed or insecure when his hand travels down her body and snaps her thong. She leans in some careful not to touch him and whispers "It is my job to please Sir. So ... whatever pleases you." He'd see her cheeks turn pinkish and she hated it that she always was so shy during this part of .. well .. her line of business.

Male Client WS nods slowly "your job ... so you earn your money with ... pleasing?" and runs his hands over the half exposed flesh of your ass, gently squeezing it

Nev shrugged ever so slightly, her blush darkening in colour. "Only if my job was done good Sir. No satisfaction, no pay." She leaned in a little more and let her breasts brush against his shirt, not sure yet of having lured him in as a client, but so far .. he did seem to show some interest.

Male Client WS looks down, watching the full round curves under your shirt "and what do you usually get when you did your job good?" he asks, still exploring your ass with his fingers

Nev shrugs again "Depends on the individual Sir. I dont have rates." She didnt like approaching clients and she certainly didnt like to talk about the money. ((and I do hope you realise we're talking about RP money .. and not linden here .. I aint no escort :P ))

Male Client WS: ((i know))
Male Client WS chuckling quietly and watches your face blushing, he runs his hand to your shoulders pushing them back a bit causing your breasts to push forward more "mhh and do you have any specialities when it comes to pleaseing a man ...?"

Nev looked up in his eyes again, her confidence growing more and more by the way he didnt take his hands off of her. She nibbled on her underlip for a second and then shook her head "I'm good at my job Sir, my specialty is to please whatever your desires may be."

Male Client WS nods again, sliding his hands now to your breasts, cupping them through the fabric of your top and giving them a firm squeeze "and do you have a place where you go with your ... clients?"

Nev kept her eyes locked on his and he'd see her nipples stiffen when he squeezed her breasts. She had been dropped off here by PimpGuy and had no idea where exactly she was. "Anywhere will do Sir, this seems a good a place as anywhere else?"

Male Client WS shifts his weight to the other foot and feels a bulge growing in his pants while he weights your breasts in his hands "perhaps a more private place would be better ... my car is waiting just outside, i know some nice places"

Nev nods and smiles "Ofcourse Sir." And waits patiently for him to lead the way.

Male Client WS grabs his car keys and points to the black BMW in front of the door,"jump in"

Nev widens her eyes some when she sees the quite expensive looking car and nods eagerly, gets in and settles herself in the passenger seat. Turning her head around and around to study all she sees and her nose wrinkles when she starts sniffing "Hmmm ... leather huh?"

Male Client WS nods while he starts the engine and drives off fast, stops in the garage of his loft

Nev didnt pay attention at all where they were headed, she didnt know her way around here anyway. When he parks the car she quickly gets out and waits again for him to lead her .. well .. to wherever he wanted her.

Male Client WS takes your hand and leads you inside, he takes again a long look at your body before he pulls you closer and tugs on your shirt to pull it over your head

Her previous shyness slowly vanishes and Nev helps him to get out of her shirt. Before he could even ask her does she kick off her shoes, unbuttons her jeans and pushes both jeans and thong down over her hips, leaving everything in a heap on the floor. Totally naked does she lean in to him and moves her face close to his ear, whispering "What is it I may do for you Sir?"

Male Client WS guides your hand to the bulge in his pants "at first you could free this poor thing from its tight cage ..." he says and gently yet firmly pushing you downwards with his hand on your shoulders

Nev lets herself sink down on her knees in front of him, her hands sliding over his body from his shoulders, over his muscular chest down to the waistline of his pants. With swift moving fingers does she unbuckle his belt and pulls down the zipper before reaching inside and folding her fingers around his growing member. She looks up at him, with a smile on her lips, while freeing his cock from the confinement of his panst. Then she lowers her eyes, pouts her lips out and presses a soft kiss on the tip of the glans.

Male Client WS sighs relaxed as his member is freed from his jeans, he wiggles his hips and lets the jeans fall down to his ankles and steps out of them, the heavy flesh of his growing member slapping softly on your cheek, he kicks the shoes and jeans aside and lets his manhood slide over your soft lips

Nev takes hold of the base and points his member towards her, wettens her lips and with her eyes lifted up at him again to look for approval does she part her lips and gently sucks his cockhead into her warm mouth, her tongue slowly circling around it.

Male Client WS puts his hand on your head but not applying any pressure yet, looking down on himself on watches the crown of his cock sliding into your warm mouth, a soft moan escapes from his mouth as your lips wrap around it

Nev is glad to hear him moan and inch for inch does she suck in his entire length untill the glans bounces against her tonsils and her nose is buried in his pubes, her tongue flattened applying pressure against the side of the shaft. She moves her free hand behind him and claws her fingers into one ass cheek to push him even further back into her throat.

Male Client WS lets out a surpised gasp as his entire length slides into you mouth and not even hearing you gag on it. he holds your head with his hand and pushes his hips forward until his glans slides down your tight throat, letting out another long deep moan, amazed how good it feels

Nev swallows a few time to let the muscles in her throat massage his cockhead, nostrils flaring quickly to get some air. Her tongue slithers against the shaft and she feels the throbbing veins under the soft skinlayer of his rockhard cock. The abundance of saliva forming in her mouth starts to dribble down her chin onto the base and drenches his nutsack in a warm coat of sticky wetness.

Male Client WS pulls your head back by your air and lets you catch a breath before sinking his hard member back into your mouth and down your throat, enjoying the soft slurping sounds that come from your throat, feeling his cock twitch and pulsate in your warm wet mouth

Nev releases her hand from around the base to be able to take his stiff member in yet a little further into her throat and moves it down to cup his sack, gently squeezing the balls that feel large and filled with semen. Glad to get some air she quickly inhales deep and then starts to bob her head back and forth over his cock in a fastening pace, increasing the suction and letting it slide back as deep as possible with every thrust.

Male Client WS feels his balls tighen against his body while your hands massage them, his knees trembling a bit, his breath going faster and heavier, his cock twitching hard and his hips moving with your rythm, a few more strokes with your lips will push him over the edge

Nev recognises his bodylanguage and tries to edge him on a bit more by assisting him with his thrusts, the hand on his ass pushing him into her face everytime she bobs her head forward. Soft moans make her vocal chords tremble and the vibrations would massage the swollen cockhead. She also increases the pressure around his balls, very careful to not hurt him but almost trying to squoosh the semen out. Her lips glide tight along the shaft with every move as if to milk him and give her the treat she is now longing for.

Male Client WS moans load as his cock explodes in your mouth shooting out the hot load from his balls, he pulls it back a bit letting just the crown between you lips, his balls pumping out the huge sticky load in them right into your mouth

Nev braces herself when she feels his cock expand seconds before it would release its cum, the first splurt shooting straight down her throat. Tears well up in her eyes when she almost chokes, but she blinks them back and gasps for air when he pulls out some, opening her mouth a little wider so he could see how the following loads of his thready cum blankets her tongue in a white layer of sticky seed.

Male Client WS exhales deeply and pulls back his cock from your mouth, letting the last hot squirt hit your face "keep it in your mouth" he says and wags his finger and lifts your chin up a bit with his other hand to watch the cum in your mouth

Nev looks up at him with her blue eyes that are still watery from almost choking. With her mouth open does she start to play with the cum on her tongue, making the ball bigger by adding saliva to it. She doesnt wipe her chin that is still wet and foamy from drool and long sticky threads of a mixture of her saliva and his pre dribble down slowly, wettening her chest and breasts.

Male Client WS grins satisfied watching his cum in your mouth, he closes your mouth with a finger on your chin and winks "send it down" while he slides his still wet cock over your face, leaving wet streaks on it

Nev swallows her treat, swirls her tongue around her mouth to make sure she gets every single last drop and then opens her mouth again to show him that there is nothing left.

Male Client WS inspects your now empty mouth and slides back the head of his member in it to let you suck it clean, looks down at the mmixture of cum and drool on your breasts "hmm you need a shower ..."

Nev snakes her tongue all around his shaft, suckling softly on his sensitive cock and swallows down the abundance of fluids that it was covered in. She drops the hand that had been on his ass and brings it to her sticky chest, rubbing the wetness all over her breasts and sneakily pinching her own nipples.

Male Client WS takes your hand and drags you to the bathroom, waling right behind you, his cock touching your ass with every step

Nev giggles girly-ish and lets him guide her to the bathroom, swaying her hips a little extra and letting her full cheeks jiggle against his cock she feels thudding into them.

Male Client WS takes his cock in his hand and lets the heavy flesh slap in your ass cheek while he guides you to the shower, turns on the warm water

Nev 'eeps' when he slapped her bum and turned her head to look at him and give him a wink. She waits patiently for the water to get the right temperature before hopping under it and letting it wash away all the stickiness from her body.

Male Client WS grabs a cloth and washes your back with it before he pushes you down to your knees again, placing his hardening member between your breasts

Nev is genuinely pleasant surprised when he starts to scrub her back clean, closes her eyes and throws her head back to let the water stream down her open mouth. When he directs her into a new positions does she give him a wicked grin and lets the water she had collected in her mouth swoosh down over his dick between her lily white mounds. Lifting both hands up she presses her breasts together to surround him completely with the soft flesh.

Male Client WS grabs some shower gel, flips the cap open with his thumb and spills agood amount of it over your breasts and his dick between them before he starts to slowly move his cock up and down in the valley between your breasts

Nev corks a brow and then her smile widens when the added gel starts to foam and makes her breasts even more slippery then they already were. She squeezes and massages her breasts around his thick member and moans softly, enjoying the warmth of the shower and the feel of the of his member rubbing between her breasts.

Male Client WS sighs satisfied, enjoying the slippery warm flesh wrapped around his cock, moving it up and down languidly, he looks down to you and slides a wet streak of hair from your face, feeling his manhood growing back to its full length and thickness

Nev cant help but wonder what the catch will be, it didnt happen often she'd encounter a client who didnt try any funny stuff but she just looks up at him with a content smile curled on her lips and doesnt want to break the silence of pleasure. She starts to roll her hips around slowly, grinding her nether regions against his knees as she gets more around by the luxurious environment and the silky feel of the scented gel covering their skins.

Male Client WS holds you by your arms, pressing his hard cock firmly between your breasts, sliding it up and down, using them for his pleasure before he lifts you to your feet again and guides you towards the rug on the floor, again letting his cock slap against your round ass with every step, he whispers in your ear from behind while he rests his strong hand on your ass cheeks "i bet you have a tight hole there my cock would like very much"

Nev once again lets him lead her and still dripping wet does she step onto the rug, wiggling her toes in the warm fuzziness. With her back towards him does she look over her shoulder and grins, nodding "Your pick Sir, I happen to have two tight holes available."

Male Client WS grins "then get on all four and show them to me" he says, grabbing a bottle of lube and holding it in his hand, "im curious if your tight backdoor likes a big dick ..."

Nev quickly drop down on her hands and knees, arches her back and pouts her ass up high in the air, exposing both the swollen deeppink petals of her pussy and the small puckered hole in between her cheeks. She wiggles her hips some and looks again over her shoulder to see his reaction. "Im curious if your big dick likes my rear end Sir." she cleverly twists his words around.

Male Client WS liks over his lips as he sees your two holes, reaching down and slides a finger along your ass crack down to your pussy, gently rubbing it, pressing the finger on your clit before sliding it up to your rear and, pressing against the tight hole too

Nev squirms her body and moans a bit louder now when his finger touches her private parts, she leans down and lets her forehead rest on the rug, spreads her legs a little wider and pushes her bum up even more. A little shiver makes her slender frame tremble when he presses her clit and she pushes her ass back against his fingertip when she feels it touching her sensitive rear end.

Male Client WS still holding the lube in his hand, opens the bottle and lets it spill on your ass, watching it dribble down the crack, he pushes against your asshole with his finger again, feeling it slide in easily now, he hands you the bottle "prepare my dick for your ass with that"

Nev had closed her eyes when the oily substance creeped in between her cheeks and moaned again when his finger slid inside for a brief moment. Shaking her head once to get back to reality she quickly turns around to grab the bottle and kneel in front of him. She squirts a large amount of the substance in the palm of her hand, rubs her hands together to make it nice and warm and then starts to massage his cock. Letting it roll around between her hands and covering it entirely with the lube.

Male Client WS moans softly as the warm substance covers his cock while reaching around you and teasing your tight puckered hole with his finger, not stretching it too much yet, he closes his eyes and enjoyes how his cock rolls between your slippery slender fingers before he ligtly slaps your ass cheek once, motioning your to turn around again

Nev swiftly obeys and assumes her position again, setting the bottle down on the rug next to her. She now leans down to rest her weight on her shoulders, head turned sideways so her cheek rests on the rug too. Her arms and hands free this way, she moves them back, places them on her buttocks and spreads her cheeks giving him a clear view of the shiny tight hole covered with a thin layer of oil.

Male Client WS places his length between your buttocks, sliding it up and down there a few times, before taking his member in his hand and placing the tip at your tight rear end, pushing against it until it slides in, enjoying how the tight ring muscle cramps around his cock

Nev slowly pushed back against it, forcing his member deeper into the hot tight hole and moaned with pleasure. It hadnt even been two weeks since she was brutally devirginized in her rear. And this was the first time a client used any form of lubrication, it made the experience so much better to feel his slippery piece of meat sink into the dark depth. She moves her hands some and lets her fingers play with the hairs around the base of his cock.

Male Client WS closes his eyes and moves his hips forward with a powerful thrust, letting his cock slide deep into your ass, he lets out a deep grunt and lets his member rest deep inside you for a while "mhh this hole hasnt been used much, right?"

Nev gasped when he suddenly thrusted deep inside of her. It was a gasp of surprise and pleasure. She keeps fiddling with his pubes with one hand but let the other one drop down and brings it underneath her to let her fingertips play with her own clit, drumming softly on it before pinching and tugging it between thumb and indexfinger. "Ngghh ... no S-sir."

Male Client WS grabs you by your hips, not moving himself just pulling you back on his cock and pushing you forward again to let it slide almost out of your ass, each thrust commented with a deep grunt, he spanks your ass cheek with his palm once causing your tight hole to cramp around his cock

Nev joined in and low growls rumble deep in her throat with every slippery thrust, meanwhile starting to rub her pussy more vigorously. A little 'eep' escapes her lips when he spanks her and the smack sends funny but nice vibrations to the centerpoint of her flower.

Male Client WS lets his cock slide back from your ass until the crown slips out and immediately shoving his member back into your ass the full lengths, repeating that a few times before he takes your hand and guides it to his sac before pushing his cock deep into you again

Nev curls her fingers around his nuts and starts to rub them, lets them roll in between her fingers and chuckles softly when she feels they had become harder again. She extends two fingers on the hand that is rubbing herself and delves them into her moist cunt, presses them against the thin wall seperating her two holes and stimulates his cock from the inside.

Male Client WS lets out a gasp of surprise as his cock is massaged inside your ass, encouraging him to slam his body harder against yours, fucking your tight ass faster and stronger, his balls already harden the sac tighten against his body, loud moans escape from his mouth while he gives your ass the few more thrusts to push himself over the edge and open the floodgates again

Nev knows he is near and tightens her anusmuscles around his throbbing member the moment it explodes, squooshing down his balls and pressing one more finger into her cave. She leans her bum back against him when she feels the flow of cum being shot deep into her bowels and keeps him completely surrounded by the tight tunnel to let him catch his breath.

Male Client WS inhales deeply, almost falling on top of you while his cock fills your ass with his hot seed, he lets it stay in your ass until it slowly softens, he pulls it back and watches your tight hole still cramping, sitting back on his ankles slowly calming down

Nev felt a warm substance dribble out of her rearhole when he pulled his cock out of her and it slowly trinkled down to her lips. She retracts her fingers from her pussy and rubs her fingers into the stickiness, brings her hand back to her head and licks her fingers, keeping her position untill he would give her instructions on what to do.

Male Client WS keeps sitting on his ankles behind you, enjoying to watch the cum dripping out of your asshole, he pets your ass with his hand motioning you to turn around "come, here is something that needs to be cleaned" he says

Nev grins and turns around, basically takes in the same position but now with her head towards him. Without using her hands does she slurp his somewhat slackened cock into her mouth, loving to be able to bend it some with her tongue and swirling her tongue in long languid circles along his shaft does she clean him of the thin oily coat of lube and sperm.

Male Client WS leans back a bit and closes his eyes, feeling the warmth of your mouth all over his now very sensitive cock, he strokes over your hair and mumbles "mhh good girl, dont forget the balls ..."

Nev's response was a muffled 'Mhhmm', unable to speak with his member in her mouth. Almost in slow motion does she let it slid out between her lips, finally letting it fall out with a soft plop and she watches it dangle and bounce for a moment before leaning down further, twisting her neck some and shoving her head between his legs. She sticks her tongue out and lets it slide all over his sack, long soft licks with a flattened tongue. When every inch is cleaned of any mess made does she open her mouth wider and wraps her lips around one of his balls, sucking it in and gently suckling on it.

Male Client WS lifts his hips a bit more so you can crawl underneath his sac, closing his eyes and sighs softly as his ball is sucked, his thick cock laying on your face, he puts a hand on the back of your head pushing you further under him and enjoying your wet tongue at this very sensitive spot

Nev plays some with the ball in her mouth, circling her tongue around it and changing the suction some. Then she opens her mouth as wide as possible and tries to envelop his entire sack with her lips.

Male Client WS lowers his hips and lets his sac sink down in your opened mouth until both balls are completely in your mouth, then holds his body still and closes his eyes, soft moans coming from his mouth

Nev suckles gently on the entire sack, both cheeks bulging out and looking all funny and chubby. She is careful not to hurt him with her teeth and lets her tongue slide in between the two balls, parting them and softly poking into them with the tip of her tongue.

Male Client WS slowly pulls back his sac and slides his cock over your pretty face again before he gets up and winks "i hope i can use your services again soon he says and digs the pockets of his pants which still lay ion the floor for something"

Nev keeps laying down on the rug and looks up at him, nodding "Ofcourse Sir, would be my pleasure."

Male Client WS finds in his pants what he was looking for and hands you a small expensive looking cell phone together with some bills, a few hundred dollars perhaps "keep that on, i will call you soon" he says

Nev blinks seeing the bundle of bills and takes both the money and the cell. "Thank you Sir!"

Male Client WS nods "make sure you keep it on, so i can call you when i need your services ... and dont waste the money"

Nev nodsnods, studies the tiny cellphone and nods again "I wont .. I mean .. yes Sir, I'll keep it on." She folded the bills neatly but didnt tell him she would have to give it all to her pimp and probably wouldnt even get a quarter of it as her own share.

- - - - -

It had taken Nev a long time to find her way back and when she finally arrived at PimpGuy’s caravan she found it to be empty. He was probably .. hopefully .. dealing with his ‘problem’ making use of someone else. She crawled into bed, fully dressed, thinking that if he would come home in the middle of the night she would wake up when he tried to undress her instead of being brutally awoken by being raped in her sleep.

* * * * *

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