Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 10

* * * * *

Day 10

* * * * *

The following morning Nev wakes up and she is full of energy, excited to get out of the room and check out the beach she tries to wake up PimpGuy who is still fast asleep. She doesnt even take a shower, planning to dive into the ocean as soon as they get there ... if they ever get there.

- - - - -

"Beach is that way!" Nev said quite enthused while trying to drag him out of bed and into the street to explore where they had ended up "Lets go there?"

PimpGuy rubbed his face as she woke him up from a nice dream. "Wh-where?", he asked half asleep yet "where are we?"

Nev snickered, grabbing hold of his arm and trying to pull him after her, eager to let her toes sink into the sand and maybe even take a dip in the salty water "Prickley Beach, remember? Cmon ... I want to check the beach, thats what we came here for!"

PimpGuy pulled himself back like he was doing when his mom was waking him up for school. "5 minutes more!", he said and turned to the other side, closing his eyes again. He grabbed the pillow and hugged it, trying to fall asleep again.

Nev crawled on top of him and straddled him, let her breasts plonk down on his face and jiggled them around "You slept longer than I did .. time to wake up and go outside!" She felt so relaxed and happy despite her physical pains and hoped his mood wouldnt flip around to being grumpy. With a huge smile on her lips does she look down on him "Cmon .. pleeeease? We didnt come here to hide inside this room all day, did we?? Did we??"

PimpGuy opened his eyes and started to rub his face again. The first thing he saw were breasts so he blinked a few times, making sure he was not still dreaming. "ok, ok!", he said and tried to smile at her as the things from yesterday, started to come out in his head one by one and the line between the reality and what he was dreaming became more clear.

Nev grinned and stayed atop of him for a little while longer. The scratches and wounds on her breasts still sore but definitely starting to heal she continues to smother his face with the soft full mounds. "Dont even bother about taking a shower ... we can go .. skinny dipping!!"

PimpGuy put his hands over the bed and pushed his body up, leaning his back at the wall behind him. "Nice way to wake up", he thought, staring at the boobs jiggling and touching his face. Pulling his t-shirt off and tossing it in the bag, he told her "yeh, especially since we don't have any swimwear" and started to chuckle and cough.

Nev was careful to keep her ass lifted up in the air, sleeping on her side with that plug dug inside had not been that comfortable at all. But PimpGuy had curled up against her and she had heard his heartbeat the entire night which calmed her enough to eventually doze off herself. She never wanted to leave this place again .. or rather, she never wanted to go back to where they had escaped from. "Swimwear is overrated!" she giggled and pounced him teasingly in the stomach. "Get up, get up, get up!!!"

PimpGuy grabbed her shoulders and pushed her aside, starting to laugh. How could he get up while she was sitting on him. "Remind me not to take you with me next time", he said as he sat at the edge of the bed, rubbed his eyes some more and got onto his feet, feeling dizzy for a moment. Walking over to the toilet, he unzipped his pants to find out he had a hard on and bent over in a strange position pressing his penis down he started to pee, groaning. A deep sigh of relief came out of his mouth once he was done and he filled a cup of water, splashing it into his face and went back to the room, forgetting to zip his pants, stumbling on each step.

Nev knew he was kidding and he had said it laughingly, but still .. she kept her face 'happy' with a smile on her lips, but it hurt her more than she was even willing to admit to herself. She stays in the bed, laying sideways and watches him disappear in the bathroom. One eyebrow lifted when she saw him return with a dripping wet face and a morning boner. "Had a nice dream?" she asked semi-sarcastically trying to make it sound innocent.

PimpGuy took a few more steps almost planting his face over the floor, but managed to keep his balance and stay up. He looked down at his cock still sticking out and back at her as he smiled and said ironically "what kind of dreams you think guys have when they fall asleep with a pair of big jugs in front of their faces?". He zipped his pants and grabbed the bag, getting ready to leave the room, telling her "ok, let's go, I'm ready"

Nev started to giggle again and climbed off the bed. During the night she had taken her blouse off and she didnt really plan on wearing it again now, it would only get dirty on the beach. "Ive been ready for aaaaaages!" She rushed over to the door with her funny, almost duck-like walk and pulled on her skirt a little to let it cover the huge plug sticking out her rear end.

PimpGuy walked over to the door, waited for her to leave the room and locked after her. Taking her hand he walked over to the reception to find the guy from last night sleeping in his chair again. "See? people want to sleep!", he told her as he pushed her in front of him and started to drum with the key over the desk. Seeing the guy open his eyes he reached into his pocket and pulled out a 10 dollar bill leaving it next to the key and told him in a questioning tone "we haven't been here, right?". PimpGuy waited for him to just nod, gazing at Nevs boobs and reached to squeeze them, whispering into her ear "Smile, say bye and blow him a wet big kiss!"

Nev grinned from ear to ear. Even though her breasts were still covered in red scratches, most men didnt really care as long as they had a clear visual of the nipples and this motelguy didnt seem an exception to that rule the way his eyes were locked on her boozem. "Goodbye Sir!" she said in her sweet low 'street' voice, winking at him and instead of blowing him a kiss, did she extend her middlefinger and sucked it in between her pouted lips very suggestively.

PimpGuy couldn't help it, but started to laugh as the guy's jaw dropped while he was rubbing his eyes, staring at her boobs too. "Nice way to wake up indeed", he thought as he grabbed her arm by the elbow and walked out dragging her after him outside. "So where's the beach once again?", he asked. The burning sun shining straight into his face and made him half close his eyes and put his hand over his forehead.

Nev darts after him, one hand tugging down her skirt to not let mister sleepyhead see the buttplug and once outside she pointed eagerly north. The road clearly going downhills and the twinkles of the sun reflecting in the ocean guiding them in the right direction. "There there! You see!! Cmon!!!"

PimpGuy walked down following her, still slightly irritated by the sudden waking up. He didn't have a coffee or anything and it was gonna take him some time to get back to his normal daily condition. "Ima take a nap on the beach", he thought as he walked dizzily, trying to keep a straight line "if she let me ...."

Eager as Nev was darted she in front of him, not even looking back whether or not he followed her. She couldnt remember ever having been on the beach, although she did ofcourse know what a beach was .. but somehow she had a feeling that she used to like it and in some way she hoped it would trigger something and make her remember something ... anything .. about her past. "You coming?" she hollared over her shoulder when she came nearer and nearer to her destination.

PimpGuy nods as he follows her, wondering how she was able to walk that fast with that thing stuck up her ass. "yes, yes, I'm coming", he says as he walks down the stairs, holding onto the bars. As he sees the large mass of water in front of him and feels the breeze touching his face and play with his hair, his mood gets better instantly and he closes his eyes inhaling deep before he says "fucking paradise!"

Nev's smile turns even bigger and she kicks off her shoes, leaving them wherever they happen to land and still in her stockings does she run to the waterline, letting the waves crush over her feet while exlaiming "Its cooooold!" but not stepping back. Instead she winces some when she leans down to scoop up salty water in her cupped hands, turns to see where PimpGuy is and just throws it his way. "Shooower!!!"

PimpGuy smiles evilly, looking at her. He kicks off his shoes and pulls his pants down, stepping out of them. "How cold can it be?", he thinks as he drops the bag and kicks everything together collecting it on a big pile over the sand. Taking a look at the sun once again he rushes to the water and jumps, holding his knees to his chest as his body hits the water a meter away from her, making a "water-bomb" and splashing her all over.

Nev laughs loud, turning away a little from the waterbomb about to explode all over her. The water is cold .. but she wants to dive in too and quickly does she undo herself of the rest of her clothes, swooshing them onto the sand. Totally naked does she turn back to check out PimpGuy's reaction when he would emerge, eyes lowered to spy on his crotch area. She holds her thumb and indexfinger a centimeter apart to indicate something very very tiny and smirks "This cold???"

PimpGuy swings his hands back and shows his head above the water, shaking his head like a dog, trying to dry itself, spreading salty drops all around him. He smiles evilly as his heart pumps faster, trying to get used to the lower temperature. Diving, he starts to swim into her direction and grabs her ankles moving his head between her feet. "I won't be the only one freezing here", he thinks as he suddenly gets up and lifts her over his shoulders, throwing her backwards.

Nev throws her arms up in the air, circling them around in an attempt to keep her balance when he first grabs hold of her ankles, but she doesnt really struggle to prevent him from performing his evil plan and swoops backwards into the freezing water. The salt stinging her open fleshwounds, but the temperature numbing the pain. For a moment is she lost in the water and doesnt seem to know which way is up or down, but then she emerges .. howling out loud from pure joy and feeling like a little girl "HooooHoooooHOOOOOO!!!!! That is COOOLD!!!" She gets back up on her feet and mimics his gesture by shaking her head vigorously, long wet strands of hair slapping against her skin and the drops of water she is shaking off of herself forming almost a halo around her curvy shape. Then she looks down to her chest and laughs, pointing two indexfingers at her erect nipples "I told you it was coooooold!!!"

PimpGuy grins as he walks over to her and pushes her back into deeper waters telling her "come one, don't be a pussy! you'll get used to it!". He dives again and starts swimming to the boardwalk. He disappears under the water for about a minute until his head pops out and he starts shouting back at her, holding onto the iron foundations "come here, No!"

Nev plunges forwards into the water and swims after him, mostly completely emerged with her eyes wide open and looking around in her underwaterworld. There werent many fish here to be seen, not many corals or weeds either. But it was still fascinating how beautiful the world was when you were swimming an inch above the white sand with the blue waves above you and the sun trying to break through the surface. She sees his legs and swims around him, bites playfully in his right ass cheek and then jumps up, laughing and throwing her arms around his shoulders so her wet breasts with their stiffened rosebuds pressed against his muscular back.

PimpGuy kicks his feet in the water and releases the huge iron bar to turn around and face her. He presses his forehead against hers and starts to rub noses looking down at her lips, getting now violet and shivering from the cold. He thought for a moment to kiss her but right then a huge wave smashed into the bar next to them breaking in two and covered their heads, filling his open mouth with salty water and he turned his face aside to spit it.

He'd feel Nev's breasts moving rapidly up and down against his chest when he had turned to face her and had his face so close to hers. She gulped loudly and didnt feel like a little girl at all anymore. Just when she thought he was about to kiss her does the splash of the crushing wave break the moment and she turns away from him, looking over at the beach. "I .. ehrr .. its cold." she mumbled, confused .. before slowly wading over to the shore to let the warm sun dry her skin and .. well .. just to create a little distance between them.

PimpGuy wasn't so worried about the cold. He'd been horny since he woke up, so he cursed in his mind and headed to the shore also pouting at her and shouting "chicken!" as he stepped out of the water. Rubbing his shoulders to get warm he headed for the lounger nearby and layed back to catch some sunbeams while his skin gets dry,

Nev didnt know how to act, the confusing feelings that made her actually feel quite noiseas made her insecure and she strolls along the shoreline back to where she had shed her clothes. Picking them up one for one she then saunters over to the bag PimpGuy had left a little more back and she puts her own stuff in there too, including her shoes. Nervous but regaining her composure does she take the garbage bag back to the lounger where PimpGuy seemed to be taking a nap and she dumps it down in the sand. "Its .. beautiful here." she whispered, other words not coming to mind.

PimpGuy turns his head annoyed and says shortly "yeh, you wanted to come here, enjoy!". He nuzzles in the lounger to the other side and lays his head over his arm, using it as a pillow trying to sleep some more. Closing his eyes, he soon finds out he's too pissed to do it and swears out loud "shit!", not mentioning why.

Nev stands next to his lounger, hesitating whether to snuggle herself next to him. There is enough room left for her. Eyes shifting between him and the lounger a bit further away that isnt occupied she just fidgets with her hair. "I do ... its ... wonderful." The excitement from before wasnt there anymore when she spoke in a hushed tone, although she did mean what she said .. the beach was awesome.

PimpGuy nods as he taps over the space left next to him and frees a bit more, making her a sign to sit. "it would be wonderful if we met here like normal people before the explosions, right?", he asks sarcastically and shivers as the cold breeze brushes his skin once again.

Nev lets herself slide down on the lounger and lays on her side next to him, relieved he wanted her near him. With a frown forming on her forehead does she give him a puzzled look "Explosions?" He was a local from Cyan and knew all that had happened there, she however .. had no clue what he was talking about and didnt have any memories that went further back than what .. how long had she been with him .. a little over a week. "What explosions?"

PimpGuy turns to her and runs his fingers over her breasts, caressing the skin around her nipples. He looks into her eyes, wondering how she can look so innocent at times. "yes, I asked the same on the next day", he says not daring to blink. Light eyes always managed to calm him down somehow. He was starting to feel like hypnotized, staring into them. "You really don't know what has happened, do you?", he asked as he flickered his fingers over her sticking nipple, teasing it.

Nev gazes back into his eyes, her nipples growing larger and more sensitive under his touch. She tried to remain 'relaxed' but couldnt help her breaths getting a little heavier and the slightest blush turned her cheeks lightred, which could also be blamed on the sunbeams shining down on the both of them. Her eyes sadden some and she shakes her head slowly without ever breaking eyecontact "No." By now she had figured out that most likely she had been one of those women who she had seen being dumped from the helicopter the previous day, she also thought that in her previous life .. she probably wasnt that shy about her sexuality the way she genuinely could enjoy some of the tricks she played with clients and she also thought that she hadnt been ... stupid ... or at least, she had been educated. But that were all guesses and she sighs before repeating the same simple answer "No."

PimpGuy nods slightly not moving his eyes from hers, staring deeper like he's searching for something in there. "Ok, I'll give you a short version of the story", he says and starts explaining. "Cyan was a fucking ordinary midsized city. There was a car factory and 90% of the population was working there. I was working there for fucks sake! It's been a peaceful place until everything changed one day. I was sleeping deadly drunk cause it was a friday, but people said they heard and saw explosions in the sky. From the next day it was all different. Something happened to men and they became violent and felt constantly horny. The rapes and the murders started. The police failed to keep control, cause most of the cops got infected too. So the army came and they built those walls around the city. I was thinking they would let us kill all the women and then kill one another after that, but I guess they had other plans for us, cause the helicopters started coming, bringing more fresh human load. That's all I know"

Nev's eyes grew wide the more he told her and she shook her head again, one hand moving to his chest and letting it wander over his skin lightly, almost absentmindedly. "We are ... we're not ... not going back, right?" He was all she had, in the short time of her 'existance' .. he had become the one she depended on. "Are we?" The story he had told her sounded too surreal to be true, but having lived there for a week, she knew it had to be the truth. "Can we ... cant we just stay here? Forever?"

PimpGuy takes her neck and pulls her face closer to his. "I wish we could, but don't see a way how we can do that ...", he pauses for a few seconds and adds "yet! ... I mean you don't have an ID and mine shows I'm from Cyan, the first cop that gets in front of us will report us as runaways and they'll capture us and send us back"

Nev lets her hand slowly travel down, caressing the obvious sixpack on his stomach and further down, fingertips ever so lightly playing idly with the hair around the base. Her mind is going in circles and she thinks out loud "Couldnt be that hard to get a false ID? We have quite some money from the fiat guy."

PimpGuy sticks his lips to her cheek and kisses her softly before he sais. "ok, I've thought about it a lot and decided not to make you come back, I can help you get a false ID and maybe find out who you were before and leave you here. I'm going back tho, I don't want another miserable job that would hardly pay the bills. I've seen families ruined because of the lack of money so I wanna earn a lot before I have my own."

Nev takes a deep breath, eyes looking deep into his, searching to try and figure out if he is telling the truth and .. wondering why he didnt want to take her back with him. Not that she wanted to go back, but she didnt want him to go back either. "We can make money here?" her voice so tiny, and the hand that had plucked on his pubes now laying limp on his underbelly "People will pay for sex anywhere, right .. I could earn money for you." she offered, hoping to convince him to stay.

PimpGuy spreads his legs and makes her sit in front of him. He takes her neck and turns her head, getting brave enough to kiss her lips. The direction their conversation took, makes him think he may not be able to do that again so he better do it now. "you really think getting a bunch of whores to work for me will remain unpunished here?", he asks her, parting their lips for a moment. Adding "No, Cyan may not be paradise, but it's way better than jail" he sticks his lips into hers again.

Nev didnt know what to think anymore or how she felt about anything. Torn between not wanting to go back to that hellhole of a city called Cyan and not wanting PimpGuy to leave her behind .. alone. He probably was right, prostitution may be the oldest profession in the world and even though she didnt remember anything about her own life, she did know that prostitution was illegal in most places. Her heart skips a beat when she feels his lips against her and when he presses them against hers once more does she push her face deeper into his and slips her tongue into his mouth. At least for now, he was still here and she decided she would just try to make the best of the situation and maybe .... with a little luck ... she would be able to change his mind ... but not with words.

PimpGuy tilted his head slightly as his tongue started to dance with hers and the feeling made him shiver. He wasn't feeling the cold breeze anymore. It was something else. Taking her shoulders, he made her face him and sit over his lap. His morning sensations returned and he felt like his dream is resuming. The hardening nipples touched his chest as he slid his cold hands down the sides of her body and it was enough to make him want her badly.

Nev let him turn her around and straddled his lap without breaking their kiss. Her tongue slowly and gently exploring his mouth, she wasnt in a hurry, they were on the fucking beach with the sun shining down on them and the crushing of the waves near them. She keeps staring into his eyes while swirling her tongue around his and she pushes her pelvis down some to caress his cock with her petals, barely touching him, just edging him on, teasing .. arousing him, making him want her .. making him never want to let her go.

PimpGuy continued sliding his hands down and they touched her thighs. The memories of the kiss before they started to shoot the movie, came back to his head. He remembered how she had smelled, how she'd tasted and how soft her lips were. Nothing had changed. He closed his eyes, desperately thinking of a way to make her come back with him. The thought of forcing her to do it was the only thing that comes along though. Not very sure he could be tough enough to do it again, he tries to empty his head and enjoy the moment.

Nev moves her hands to his shoulders, softly squeezing them before drifting to his back. One hand started to run along his spine, down and up .. and down again, while the other found the little hairs in the back of his neck and started to play with them. She too closed her eyes and let herself be taken by the moment, freeing her mind of all the questions and worries. A soft moan broke the silence and she couldnt help but to press down a little harder on the stiff cock between her legs. Even though he hadnt touched her private parts yet, the soft tender touches and the closeness she experienced with their lips locked together made her horny as fuck and she could feel her petals swelling and getting moist. With a subtle slow rocking of her hips does she start to slide her lips over his shaft, letting him feel her arousal and lubricating his dick for what .. hopefully .. was about to follow.

PimpGuy felt her lips spread and gently wrap the head of his cock. It was already pulsing and filling with blood. He couldn't help it but moan himself when she pressed her cunt over it and swallowed him, coating her juices around it. He parted his lips from her mouth and layed back, looking into her eyes, inviting her to bend over for another kiss.

Nev opened her eyes when his lips left her mouth, insecurity for a second written in her eyes .. but then a little smile curled on her lips and she leaned down, her breasts brushing over his chest as she did this and started to nibble on his underlip. She could hardly wait to feel his cock inside of her but she continues to just slide over it, tilting her pelvis a little so that the glans bumped against her clit when she slid back.

PimpGuy licked her upper lip when she kisses him again. He felt her hair touching his chest and his face as she was leaning down and couldn't help himself, but touch her sticking nipples again. Twisting them between his fingers slightly, he pushed his hips up and stuck his cock inside of her a bit deeper, doing it by instinct.

Nev bit on his underlip when she felt his fingers twisting her nipples and another moan escaped her throat when he finally led his cock deeper into her longing pussy. Too edged herself to continue this superslow dance, she had to press down further .. not quickly though .. inch for inch engulfing his entire length with her warm moist depths untill their lowerbodies were completely connected and she had buried him completely inside of her, as if they were .. one. She ignores the pain this causes her, her ass badly screwed up with the plug stuck into it .. she could feel his thick stick press against the thin wall parting her two holes and the open flesh of her anus rubbed uncomfortably against the disinfected cloth wrapped around the plug.

PimpGuy started moaning himself feeling his cock being taken in slowly and gently until he felt her clit on his pelvis. He had never done it that way, but he likes the feeling. Clearly knowing that nothing will ever be the same he started pushing his hard piece of meat slowly, moving it in and out of her. Her pussy walls wrapped tight around it as he moved his hands over her hips. She would probably expect to be pulled hard down so he could have it his way, but he just started to caress her skin there.

Nev sucked his underlip in her mouth, pulled on it and let it go with a plop. She could sit here on his lap on the beach for the rest of her life. She loved the touch of his hands on her skin, pleasantly surprised that he apparantly had a 'soft' side too.  Wrapping her arms tighter around his neck does she push her breasts deeper into his chest and she starts to nuzzle her way to his neck, planting tiny kisses on his skin untill she finds his ear and breathes into it with parted lips, letting him hear her unsteady breaths and soft moans of pleasure before pointing the tip of her tongue out and gently tickling the outlines of his earshell with it.

PimpGuy hugged her tight as she leaned over like he would never let her go. He was trying to concentrate on his emotions as another big wave splashed onto their legs and the cold water made him tremble and arching his body he slid his cock deeper into her. Moaning loud he could feel it hard as a rock and throbbing inside of her. The guy that enjoyed making women scream and cum as many times as they could, could fuck for hours, but this time it was different. Once he let her lead he was insecure, every move of her was getting him closer and closer. He started to nibble on the skin of her neck and sucked it hard, leaving a red spot after it. Sliding his hand up he rubbed her back and burried it into her hair playing with it. Everything was so different when he didn't control what was gonna happen that he felt like taking things in his own hands, but supressed it somehow and whispered into her ear "I'm all yours, do what you want with me"

Nev 'eeped' when the wave splashed over them, the water feeling absurdly cold when it crushed between her legs where her skin was burning hot. He'd feel her shiver, the slow 'love making' new to her, well ... new in this life that is and she absorbed every touch, every emotion, everything she felt into her memories and promised herself never ever to forget it, whatever her future would bring. Squirming of pleasure when his hands caressed her back and played with her hair. She too felt insecure ... she had gotten used to 'being used' .. she had started to 'need to be told' what to do. That was her job, right? To please .. to serve ... to do whatever the client desired. And in the few occasions clients had asked her what she wanted, she had genuinely not 'known' the answer. She felt the urge to tell him .. or to beg him .. that if he was hers, that all she wanted was for him to never leave her. But she swallowed the sudden lump in her throat away and didnt want to spoil this moment by bringing up the whole topic of Cyan again. "I'm doin it already." she whispered instead, riding his cock in a pace as if time didnt exist.

PimpGuy felt his body getting tensed and took a deep breath. His heart was racing as the emotions were taking over. Not knowing about his sensitive side he wanted to go all the way and memorize everything about it. He might never get another chance to show it to someone else. He felt the need to do something to get rid of the tension in his muscles at least for a while and he slammed his head back at the lounger, closing his eyes and pushing his cock deeper into her. "fuck! you're gonna make me cum!", he said as he gazed into her face and everything got blurry.

Nev couldnt help but chuckle, circling her hips around to rub and massage his throbbing hardrock cock to its max. "Isnt that the whole point of it?" she asked, her smile almost breaking her face in half and her eyes twinkling with joy as she stared back at him. She slides her hands back to his shoulders and pushes herself into a more upright position, arches her back and increases the speed of her movements. Starting to ride his cock rougher and letting her breasts bounce and jiggle as she moved her bum up and down. The sounds of the waves now combined with the squooshy sounds of her juicy cunt slamming down into his crotch. "Dont hold back." she encourages him, throwing her head back and looking up at the blue sky decorated with a few fluffy white clouds far above them "I'll make you cum many more times today."

PimpGuy squeezed his teeth and banged his head back at the lounger another time, desperately trying to hold it back. The moment she started to ride him harder he already knew everything he tries will fail. Breathing heavily the first thing he felt was his legs start to shake as his hips pushed up hard, shoving his pulsing cock as deep as it could go. His penis started squirting his load inside of her, pushing against her belly every time his muscles convulced like it was trying to tear her off. The first few spasms made his body shake really hard and for a moment the blurry things he was seeing just disappeared. Then it all slowly faded away as his body collapsed below her. His breathing was speedened up and his heartbeat also. With a trembling voice he managed to whisper "d-damn you g-girl!". His muscles started to relax as everything was going back to normal slowly and he knew both of them wanted more.

Nev had moved her head forward again to observe him, watch him cum, see the expression on his face as he blasted the strings of semen deep inside of her milking cunt. She was horny, she was hot as hell ... but she didnt cum yet herself. She'd had encounters with clients in which she really had had a very good time, clients who preferred to make sure that she was pleased. But this was so much better, so much more ... spying on PimpGuy when his body was filled with extacy .. caused by her doing. This was not just .. filthy sex. She rode his cock one more time, frustratingly slow, letting it almost slip out before sinking down on it again and taking at least two minutes to let the entire length delve back into her cumfilled cave of pleasure. Her lips curled up in a smile as she took in every detail of his bodylanguage, but she didnt speak. Words would never be able to capture her true feelings. She just lets him enjoy this moment in silence, watching, her body now still to not distract him.

PimpGuy's face muscles pulled his face in a twisted grimace as he felt the rubbing against her burning flesh when she started to move slowly again. She would probably laugh at him as his body trembled a few times while he was panting, trying to breathe, but he didn't want her to stop. Wanting to go on until he'd totally collaps he tried to get used to the strange feeling and forced himself to smile when he wrapped his arms around her and searched for her lips to kiss them again. The salty water from his body vaporised by the burning sun and got replaced by drops of sweat dancing over his forehead and his chest. He didn't need to say anything himself. Right now words were useless. He wasn't even sure if he could speak at all, because all the sounds that made it through his lips were moans getting louder as she started to take his cock deeper.

Nev places her hands on either side of his head, fingers ruffling through his still damped hair. The beach, the few people around them, the sound of the waves and eagles in the sky .. it all faded .. she was all alone here with him and the world around them didnt exist for her. She moves her mouth to his, lips pouted out and parted, untill they brush ever so lightly over his. With the tip of her tongue does she taste the saltiness on the skin of his upperlip .. a combination of seawater and sweat .. a taste so delicious she would forever remember it. Her long hair falls down, like a curtain, making the little world they were trapped in even more private. She heard the words in her head, repeating over and over again .. but she locks her lips over his mouth and snakes her tongue into the cavity to prevent herself from saying them out loud.

PimpGuy's arms slid down her back to her waist as he felt his cock hardening again and started sliding it deeper into her cunt, pushing his feet over the sand and digging them into it with each thrust. He lost sense of time and space. Knowing there are people around him he didn't care if they were looking ot not. The seconds passing were sticking like notes into his head with all the little details he would never forget ... the smoothness of her skin regardless all the bruises over her body, the taste of her lips, the scent of her hair and the butterflies in his belly that kept starting to dance there everytime she touched him. He was scared like a little boy, but the last thing he wanted was to stop. Her tongue touching his made him take out another loud moan and he grabbed her neck pulling her face to his, like he was hoping they would get stuck to each other and nobody would separate them.

Nev knew his body was getting ready again, the rush of his climax ebbing out and now craving for more. Grabbing hold of his head tighter she lashes her tongue around his passionately and her own moans can not longer be held back. What was it he had told her? I am yours, do whatever you want with me? Assisting him with his thrusts, lifting her hips up and down to ride his throbbing cock harder and faster she quite abruptly lets it slide out completely .. breaks their kiss and turns her body around. Still straddling him but now with her bum facing him does she bend down to slurp in his sticky member that is covered with a marmbled mixture of their combined bodily fluids. She folds both her hands around the base, pointing his dick straight up as her lips and mouth envelop the veiny shaft. She is insecure about this position, but it is something that she longs for, something she had fantasized about, something she wants. With her thighs on either side of his head does she push her pelvis down some to bring her pussy closer to his face .. silently asking him .. or letting him know what it is she wants by giving him a clear visual of her swollen lips.

PimpGuy put his fingers to his lips and stuck them in his mouth, covering them with saliva. He didn't need to be asked. Seeing her pussy lips an inch from his face was enough of a hint so he took out his tongue and touched her clit with it. At first just teasing it, licking it slightly and leaving it alone before he did it again. It was already swollen and her body reacted to every touch. He could feel her breathing over his cock as her lips moved closer to it. His fingers parted her pussy lips when he pressed two of them inside. He got braver with his tongue too, sticking his lips around her clit and sucking it deeper into his mouth so he could lick it there. She was all over him and all inside of his head now.

Nev had received oral pleasure from a few clients and it had blown her away. But no-one would ever be able to make her feel the way she felt now, no matter how experienced they would be when it came to eating out. She had to close her eyes and he would feel her freeze for a moment, with her lips around his erect member and the swollen glans throbbing against her tonsils does she feel his tongue and she isnt even able to breath. It turned her on so much and she instantly felt her juices starting to flow even more, covering the pink skin of her flower in a glistening layer of arousal. A loud muffled moan made her vocal chords vibrate and stimulate the cockhead deep inside of her throat when his fingers pressed into her cunt and she almost choked, trying to gasp for air when he started to suck on her deeppink clit. She really needed to concentrate before she was able to return the favor simultaneously. Flattening her tongue she presses it against the shaft and then starts to move her head .. up and down .. slowly .. nails scratching through the soaking wet hairs around his base ... increasing the suction and taking in his cock as deep as possible.

PimpGuy's body trembled some more when he felt the vibrations running through her body coming back to him. He shoved his fingers deeper, searching for her g-spot. Her body reacted and he felt she tried to moan louder, which made him think he found the right spot. Pressing his fingers to it he sucked her clit deeper and started to run his tongue all over it, biting it slightly. He had only heard what he should do and was going with the flow. Her body was reacting in a way he liked so he would push her harder while she sucked his cock ... or just hold it inside her mouth like she did now. He would probably breath heavily and pant if his mouth wasn't busy, but it was more important for him what she felt right now.

Nev starts to grind her hips down onto his face, she was unable to 'not' do that. Pressing her cunt into his mouth, forcing the fingers to sink in deeper, not allowing him any space or freedom to move his head anywhere else than bury it deep into her nether regions. Her muscles start trembling, making her shiver like a rustling leaf on a tree being moved by a soft breeze. He was her breeze .. he was her breath .. he was her life. She moved one hand to his upperleg, clawing her fingers into the muscular flesh to support herself when she started sucking on his rockhard cock more rapidly. Saliva she wasnt able to swallow dribbling down onto his nutsack, drenching it. She knew it wouldnt take her that much longer to cum, adrenaline and arousal filled her veins and replaced the blood that was all being pumped into her supersensitive clit that was painfully erect and physically not able anymore to fit the hood it normally hid under. She wanted to make them cum together, shower eachother with their explosions of exctacy and her nostrils flare violently trying to inhale while a constant moaning kept her vocal chords rumbling in pleasure.

PimpGuy instinctively opened his mouth and let her clit go as she sucked harder on him. "oh god!", he managed to whisper before he licked her clit and started sucking on it again. His body tried to push his cock deeper into her mouth, but she was holding him down. Fingering her harder, trying to stimulate her g-spot more intense, he felt himself getting close again. He was literally melting underneath her and the sun. The urge to explode made him take a deep breath and try to fight it again. The sudden spasms appeared and he knew she could make him cum easily as his fingers started moving faster and pressed into her g-spot harder racing with their both heartbeats, trying to bring her closer to the edge.

The sound of his voice maybe edged Nev on even more than his fingers and tongue, if that were possible. Or maybe it was a combination of everything. But he would feel the walls contract around his fingers and the slightly roughened skin of her g-spot rose in temperature and throbbed under his skillful rubbing fingers. Digging her nails deeper into his thigh she stopped scratching his pubes and took hold of the base, assisting her sucking mouth with her hand and jerking on the soft skinlayer covering the max sized blood-filled shaft. She had stopped breathing again as her body prepared itself for the orgasm that was so close and each and every muscle in her slender body were so tense that it almost hurt. "Ngggghhmmmm." her muffled moan was loud as she did her best to keep on concentrating on him, longing to taste his cum, longing for release.

PimpGuy felt her pussy clench around his fingers. The pressure that built inside of him made every muscle in his body shorten, trying to hold, but it got too hard as she jerks the hard shaft. His cock throbs so bad that it gets painful, trying to grow even more pulling on his skin. His fingers are clenched tightly between her legs and he has to push even harder to fight the grip around them. It doesn't take long for his body spasms to get more powerful and frequent and finally it makes him release. His cock explodes and starts to fill her mouth. Hips pushing up with each pulse sliding his cock deeper into her mouth for the next squirt of whatever's left from his cum. It feels at least twice as much better than the prevoius time when he starts to calm down, feeling exhausted.

Nev cant hold back when she feels his body respond to her actions and her entire form starts to jerk in uncontrollable spasms atop his strong frame when his huge member inside her mouth expands seconds before he releases his load in the far back of her throat. She'd scream, cry out .. that is .. if her mouth werent filled with him. Her clit and cunt so sensitive that she couldnt bare to be touched anymore does she push her ass up in the air, uncovers his face and if he would have his eyes open ... if he even would be able to see that is, he'd sees the muscles of her pussy release the tension, the hole of her dark cave of lust opening just before a splash of her clear hot cum gushes out and soaks his entire face. With the hand around his shaft tightening does she let his squirts of thready cum cover her tongue with a thick layer of white semen. She gulps it down eagerly, not letting a single drop go to waste before she collapses and sinks down on him. Completely exhausted and utterly satisfies does she lay her head sideways on his lowerbelly, resting her cheek on his sweaty skin with his emptied out used wet cock laying next to her, the little hole in the center of the glans staring back at her. "I love y... " she heard her own crackly voice, raspy and hushed and she swallowed the last word ... shocked by what she had almost said out loud. "I love .. the beach." she then whispered, somehow hoping he wouldnt have noticed or heard what she was about to say before.

PimpGuy felt her juices squirt all over his face and had to close his eyes while his body was still shaking hard. Reaching down to the bag, without opening his eyes, he grabbed the first piece of clothing he got his hands on and brushed his eyes with it. Planting a little kiss over her ass cheek, he reached to her head and started caressing it. His eyes shone for a moment when he heard what she was about to say, but the sparkles disappeared right after she corrected herself. "yeh, nice beach", he said while his mind was still somewhere else. Meanwhile it was starting to get dark and the wind got colder. "Come up here", he told her as he dropped his t-shirt in the bag and searched for the stranger's jacket.

Nev's damped sweaty skin, overheated by her orgasm was now covered in goosebumps and she had started to shiver, the sun that had warmed them the entire day had lost its power and she pushes herself off of him. Arms and legs weak and wobbly when she turns her body around to lay down atop of him again but now with her face resting in the nape of his neck. A wicked smile curling on her lips when she nuzzles him and smells the distinct smell of her own cum all over his skin. "That was awesome." she mumbled into his ear .. for the moment her body and mind so relaxed that she had forgotten all about her torn up anus. Lazily does she nibble teasingly on his earlobe and just enjoys to feel every inch of her skin stuck onto his, both sweaty and sticky and glued together.

PimpGuy tossed the stranger's jacket over her back and covered it. His hands move over her ass cheeks and he starts to squeeze them carefully as his body finally relaxes. "you want it to happen again?", he asks her whispering into her ear "if you do you better look me in the eyes and finish what you were about to say, cause my whole stable comfortable world flipped upside down the last 48 hours and I'm fucking confused with everything right now"

Nev gulped and bit his earlobe a little harder in surprise or shock hearing his words. Slowly she raises her head up from the comfortable nook she had placed it in and with the tip of her nose touching his does she look him in the eyes. Insecurity, hope, embarassment, love ... a mixture of all the different emotions she was experiencing all portrayed in her big blue eyes that gazed at him. The slightest nod of confirmation makes their noses rub against eachother and barely audible does she whisper ... questiongly ... "I love .. you?"

PimpGuy started to chuckle hearing the tone of her voice. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead "I know you do, silly", he says "I love you too .... and we should have stolen a god damn blanket from that room, but you were so much in a hurry". His eyes shine again, gazing into hers, smiling at her. Something he hadn't felt since his school years and he'd considered gone forever was happening to him. He thought about Cyan again and after today he was sure he'd not go back there without her.

Nev didnt know how to react and her eyes keep on staring ... without really seeing anything. The whole situation was so absurd, so surreal. This man who had forced himself upon her, who had threatened her, who had forced her to work the streets and sell her body to strangers. She shouldnt be feeling this, but it had started to grow and build stronger quite a while ago already ... or well a while .. it seemed like a lifetime but in reality not more than 10 days had passed since she first met him. "Now what?" she finally asks, her brain going in circles trying to grasp the meaning of what he had told her. She didnt want to go back to Cyan and she knew he didnt have much of an option .. not only did he 'want' to go back .. he 'had' to go back to that hellhole.

PimpGuy thought for a while before answering, the moment was too nice to ruin it with serious talk about their future, so he told her "now you'll go and ask the guy at the reception if he can give you a few blankets. show him your boobs again if he says no", he starts to laugh, remembering how the poor boy reacted to it in the mornig. "and I think we need to get drunk, so I'll look for the nearest place where they sell booze", he adds pushing her aside and starting to put on his pants.

Nev nodded relieved. There would be enough time to 'get serious' about things later on. She couldnt remember if she used to drink alcohol or not, she hadnt liked the effects of getting drugged .. but drugs and alcohol, they werent the same thing. A celebration was what they needed, a party for two. She nods again and finally returns his laughter and happy face with a huge smile of her own that made her eyes squint and glitter. "Right!" she agreed and pushed herself up, wincing only for a moment when she was painfully reminded of the plug up her butt. Rapidly does she get dressed, although she doesnt bother to put on her stockings and shoes. The skimpy shirt and reveiling torn shirt would be fine. "You go that way and I'll hurry to the motel." she pointed in the direction of the few stores she saw not more than a mile away and started to rush off, came to a sudden halt, rushed back and flung herself around him. "I love you!" she now exlaimed, with no question mark and no hesitation in her voice.

PimpGuy tosses the bag over his shoulder, since everything they have is in it and he didn't want to leave it right at the beach. Looking in the direction she pointed at he sees some blurry lights and starts to wonder why she pointed that way, but heads to them anyway, shouting back "love you too!". When he finally reaches them after the long walk over the sand he finds out there's really an liqor store there and the questions start to emerge. "Looks like someone has been here before", he thinks and smiles entering the store, quickly buying a bottle of cheap vodka, some cigarettes and a huge package of crisps and hurries to get back.

Nev skiphopped in an awkard way as fast as her sore ass allowed her to move back to the motel and barges in to the scummy reception, plonks her breasts down on the counter so the nipples that stick out through the torn fabric of the sheer shirt she is wearing stare the clerk right in the face. She hadnt any money on her, but the poor guy was so perplex by the sudden vision appearing in front of him that he never even asked for it when she purred at him in her sweetest voice "Love, can you be a doll and lend me some warm cozy blankets please?" She blew him a kiss after he had disappeared into the back and had returned with a high stack of blankets, more than they would need even. With her hands full of blankets does she rush back to beach, treating the clerk a nice view of her bare cheeks and the plug in her bum when she headed out the door.

PimpGuy was still on his way back and went over to the trees near the road. He opened the bag and tossed it over the ground, and with his lighter started to search for sticks over the ground and collect some, thinking of lighting a little fire. Happy with the amount he collected he goes on and another weird thing comes to his mind .... on their way the past 50kms she hadn't looked at the map and they had to take like 10 turns. Looking at the sand as he walks he feels the earth's temperature, dropping quickly as the sun disappeared. When he reached the place where they parted she was already there waiting for him and he got busy to set the sticks he collected on fire, digging a hole into the sand because of the wind.

Nev dropped the stack of blankets on the sand and started applauding, her whole 'happy-as-a-little-girl'-mood had returned and she cheers about the wonderful idea of making a campfire. She starts to unfold some blankets and places them neatly on the sand, creating a rather large picnic area for them to lay on without any bodyparts having to touch the sand that was starting to cool off rapidly now that the sun was sinking into the ocean. She lays down on top of the blankets and has three blankets left, one of which she uses to wrap around her shoulders while watching PimpGuy build the fire. "This is so cool!" she beamed, shifting and shuffling some to find a comfy position for her to rest in. "We should have had marshmellows ... oooh .. and a guitar!"

PimpGuy laughs at her demanding extras. "would be fine indeed", he nods reaching into the bag and throws her the bottle of vodka "couldn't get any cups, we'll have to drink from it". Clicking his lighter and setting the woods on fire he sits behind her and takes her blanket, wrapping it around both of them and throws some crips into his mouth adding "couldn't find better food also".

Nev unscrews the cap from the bottle and flings it over her shoulder behind her in the sand. She had no intention of not finishing the bottle so they wouldnt need it anymore anyway. She puts the bottleneck against her lips and takes a large swig. Gulping the vodka down her eyes widen and then she starts to cough, waving her free hand in front of her face as her eyes start to tear up. "Woooow .... strong stuff!!" She starts to laugh, already 'drunk' on love and takes another swig just for the heck of it before handing the bottle over to PimpGuy and snuggling closer against him under their blanket. "Its perfect." she whispered, enjoying the moment to the fullest and diving her hand into the bag of crisps ... but letting them drop down again when she realised she didnt want to eat anything 'solid' yet.

PimpGuy took the bottle, opened his mouth and filled it with the liquid, swallowing it all in one gulp. He hadn't drunk anything since the explosions and twisted his face from the awful taste. "Ewwwwww!", he said as he tought sand would probably taste better. Taking a few more large sips, he handed the vodka back to her and grabbed a handfull from the crisps, trying to stick them into his mouth all at once and start to chew noisily. "Think you've been here before", he told her like he was saying something ordinary and meaningless like "hi there", and he kept chewing the junk food.

Nev had laughed at his funny expression when he drank the vodka and took the bottle back from him. She swirled her tongue around the bottleneck as if it were something ... other than a bottle of vodka, winking at him while she did this. She had just taken another .. smaller .. swig of the booze when he startled her with his words and again she chokes. "Wh-whaat?" she coughed and gasped, some of the clear liquid running down her chin. When she regained herself she looked at him, shaking her head confused "Why? Really? Why?"

PimpGuy filled his mouth with crips again and tapped her back as she started to cough. With a mouthfull he tried to speak and explain "well, you didn't need the map much to bring us here and how did you know they sell alcohol over there?", he pointed at the blurry lights a few kilometers far before he took the bottle, drinking more and leaving it over the sand half empty.

Nev hadnt given anything any thought, hadnt realised she didnt need the map. Her forehead wrinkles with frowns as she lets it sink in and she curls herself even closer into his body that seemed to fit her like a glove. "You think I ... I used to live here?" Somehow the idea frightens her and she pulls the blanket further over her head, as if to hide herself for anyone who might pass by. She was so confused, she didnt want to return to Cyan .. but if she would remember who she was before .... maybe, it would change her feelings towards PimpGuy. And she never wanted to let him slip out of her life. Not knowing, how frustrating it might be, it also was 'safe'.

PimpGuy just nodded and wrapped his arms around her before he continued "yeh, think you lived somewhere here, maybe in a nearby city or something". He kissed her cheek and smiled as he moved his lips down her neck and nibbled on her shoulder. "we might take a walk tomorrow and hopefully someone will recognise you and you'll find out who you were"

Nev just 'hmmm-ed', a funny shiver creeping down her spine and making her feel cold and vulnerable. She wasnt so sure she wanted anyone to recognise her. In order to not have to answer did she take another swig from the vodka and handed him the bottle back.

PimpGuy groaned after his turn on the bottle, starting to feel dizzy. Luckily he was sitting down so he was safe from the usual shit he was doing when he was drunk. "you don't want to find out who you are?", he asks and hugs her body tighter, pressing his chest to her neck when she starts to shiver.

Nev buried her face into his chest, comforted by the smell of beach, salt, sex and sweat. "I dont know." she mumbled. She wrapped her arms around his waist and tried desperately to find a way to change the subject. With a soft giggle does she start to tickle him, hoping the mood will swing back to what it had been only moments ago. The mood of puppy-love without any worries clouding the sky.

PimpGuy laughed as she tried to tickle him. He grabbed her wrists and thrwe the blanket aside. Flipping her body over he pressed her hands over the ground holding them at both sides of her head and started to laugh as he asked her "do you give up?"

Nev planted her feet on the blanket and lifted her plugged ass up from the ground as he so abruptly pushed her down on her back. Staring up in his eyes with a huge grin does she shake her head furiously "Never!"

PimpGuy lifted up his leg and stepped over her, sitting over her belly. He released her wrists and started slapping her cheeks slightly, trying to make her angry at him shouting "fight then!"

Nev only corked one brow comically, not taking him serious at all. With her hands free again does she move them swiftly down and instead of 'fighting' does she start to tickle his sides again. "Beg for mercy!!!"

PimpGuy chuckles and falls aside over the sand, shouting a few times as loud as he can "HELP! SOMEONE SAVE ME!". He kicks with his feet in the air and rolls his body from side to side, trying to flip it over when she gets over him and keeps tickling.

Nev rolls around with him, the neatly laid out blankets turning into one big heap and sandy mess. "Beg for mercy, beg beg beg .... you hear me?!" she laughed with her fingers searching his body for the most ticklish areas. "I want to hear you say it!!!"

PimpGuy freezed his body for a moment and shouted pointing behind her, gasping wide "LOOK! A FLYING HAMBURGER!"

It was a cheap trick, a lousy trick, but damn him she fell for it. For the shortest moment Nev is shocked by his expression and cant help but stop what she is doing and turn her head to look, only realising within a second that he had tricked it ... too late. And she had lost the control she'd had over him. "Oooh fuck you." she snickered when he had taken her wrists again.

PimpGuy was thinking of pushing her aside and getting up, but when he saw her falling for it and her facial expression after she realised her mistake, he started to laugh so hard that he released her wrists and dropped his arms over the sand. "ok, I'll give up if you kiss me", he says still laughing.

Nev didnt hesitate at all and dove down to smother his mouth with her lips, forcing her tongue roughly between his lips while he was still laughing. Her hands swirm all over his upperbody and slowly make their way to the waistline of his pants while she 'brutally' rapes his mouth with her wild lashing tongue.

PimpGuy moaned loud as he felt her lips over his. He pushed his hand against the sand and rolled his body over hers. Parting his lips from hers he moved them down her neck tracing the way to her left nipple nibbling on her skin. Wrapping his lips around it he sucked it into his mouth and pulled it slightly before he released it and looked up at her face evilly. "I lied!", he told her and started to tickle her on his turn.

Nev had started to shiver again, this time not of cold or uneasiness .. she shivered in sudden delight and utter love when his lips traveled over her skin and locked around her nipple that stiffened immediately. She had closed her eyes and moaned softly, her body instantly eager for more and the shock was clearly visible when her eyes flew open and stared back at him when his fingers started to tickle her instead. "Fucker!!!" she yelled out, trying to sound really angry but she couldnt help but laugh at the same time and squirmed her body around to try and escape from his torment.

PimpGuy pressed his body over hers holding her over the ground, waiting for her to get tired and stop fighting. Once she did he sat over her belly again, this time with his back turned to her face. He pulled up her skirt and stuck his fingers to her clit before he looked at her over his shoulder and tried to threaten her grinning and panting from the fight "give up or I'm gonna make you cum until you do it!"

Nev flipped up her hips against his fingers and immediately shouted out "I give up!!! I give up!!!", tears of laughter streaming down her cheeks. She knew all too well that he was fully capable of practising out his threat. She might not remember all the details of that night at the gas station, but she does remember she was physically totally worn out after he had made her cum over and over again. "I give uuuuuuuup!!" she laughed again.

PimpGuy grinned again as he stuck two of his fingers in and started to finger her furiously, holding his palm over her clit. He looked back over his shoulder and told her "you didn't say it seriously enough!"

Nev had started to moan and pressed her head back into the sand, rolling it from side to side while pressing her pelvis up harder into his hand. "I ... ngggghive ... up" Well that could hardly be taken serious, but he was just too damn skillful with his fingers and her body was still aroused from the entire day they had spend together and the confession .. or revelation .. that they 'loved' eachother.

PimpGuy went on harder with his fingers trying to make her cum quickly and bent his head over to take a better look at what was going on. He was acting like a little boy, that got a new toy and was extremely happy about it, completely forgetting what happened to her when she tried to squirt at the pavement.

Nev clasped her hands into the bundles of blankets, feet digging down into the sand to keep her bum off the ground and breathed heavily with the crispering of the fire and the crushing of the waves joining in to her song of arousal. It didnt take her long at all to reach another orgasm again and he'd feel her muscles contract before she released the tension with a deafening scream, splattering her cum around. Not as forceful as before but still producing so much liquid to sploosh droplets of it over his face and leaving a wet splotch in the sand.

PimpGuy realised what was about to happen in the last moment when he pulled his fingers out. He tried to move his face out of the way, but it was too late and the stream smashed straigh into it. All he had time for was to just close his eyes. "Shit!", he cursed out loud and started to laugh at his own stupidity as he felt it dropping over his chest.

Nev panted and gasped to catch her breath, the orgasm slowly ebbing out and leaving her tired but satisfied. Softly she giggles and mumbles with a still unsteady voice "Your own fault."

PimpGuy got up and turned to her again, grabbed her wrists and pressed them to the sand again. Her cum started to drop over her face too when he leaned over and said questionably "so? ...."

Nev stuck her tongue out and licked her juices from his face "So?" she repeated after him, tilting her head a little, a big-ass grin on her lips and twinkles in her eyes.

PimpGuy smiled as he got up and pulled her on top of the blankets, sitting behind her again. He slid his hand between her legs and touched her clit again. "Do you give up?", he whispered into her ear and kissed her cheek before adding "or you don't wanna sleep tonight?"

Nev snuggled against him, only then realising that the sun had now totally disappeared and even though they had the little campfire, it was getting really chilly. She warmed herself with his bodyheat, spread her legs a little wider and rubbed her cheek against his. "Both. I will give up .. I'll give up anything to be with you. And I defenitely dont want to sleep tonight." she chuckles and presses a soft kiss on his cheek, mumbling with her lips against his skin "But I do want to do you in a bed for once."

PimpGuy pulled a blanket under his head improvising a pillow and another one to cover their bodies. The fire was almost gone and the only light remaining soon would be the moon reflecting over the sea's surface. "Get some sleep", he said "we're gonna leave early tomorrow, we got stuck in a single place for too long and we gotta keep moving or we'll get in trouble"

Nev sighs deep, the reality of their life hitting her ... again. The whole day had been like a rollercoaster of emotions, from happy puppy love to worries and fears about the future. "Allright." She searched her nook and closed her eyes, their bodies close and keeping eachother warm. "I love you." she whispered once more .. smiling .. loving to be able to say them out loud.

PimpGuy kissed her head and replied "I love you too". He rested his head back and gazed at the stars, thinking that if it was up to him he would stop the time right here. Wondering whether to go to the nearby town tomorrow, he picked up the bottle and drank the rest of it and he fell asleep unable to make any decision.

Like the night before, Nev didnt fall asleep right away. With her head resting on his shoulder did she stare at the dark water and listened to his heartbeat, listened to his steady breaths once he had fallen asleep. She tried to remember if she had recognised anything around her .. the more she thought about it, the weirder it was indeed that she seemed to know her way around .. but except for this feeling of extreme uneasiness does she not remember anything. Long after PimpGuy had drifted off does she finally fall asleep too, dreaming about things she wouldnt recollect the next morning.

* * * * *

Day 9

* * * * *

Day 9

* * * * *

Yea, she skipped a day. There simply was not much to write about. After Male TJ suddenly had to dash off had her wounds started to get infected badly. Nev had started to shiver and even though her bodyheat had risen to a high fever, she couldnt start trembling from being so cold. With the little reserve she had, had she strolled for hours, rather aimlessly, through the alleys, determined not to go back to PimpGuy’s shelter because she was sure he would be extremely pissed to see her in this condition. By pure accident, or luck, had she stumbled upon the clinic that seemed to be abandoned and ... like the rest of this city ... filthy and on the verge of tumbling down. She had snuck in, found something that resembled disinfectant, dabbed all her wounds and then she just hid, curled up into a little trembling ball of misery in a cold, dark corner of the deserted hospital.

- - - - -

Nev sneaks up behind PimpGuy, dressed in old sweatpants and a top, trying to stay behind him so he wouldnt see the scratchwounds and puncturewounds on her chest and neck. "Hello." she said softly, eyes shifting to the two girls, not sure if she was interrupting something.

Working Girl BA laughs "Oh is that so ....... what would you do, rape me?" She tilts her head looking at the new arrival. "Hello."

Working Girl HN stands up quickly and runs up the street, hoping to make her quota before the next time she sees PimpGuy.

Nev watches one of the girls run off and lifts her hand up, wriggling her fingers at the other. She hadnt seen either of them before.

PimpGuy hears the neko in the chair. "you're gonna learn what respect means sooner or later", he thinks as he hears a familiar voice behind him. Not in a hurry to turn around he tells Working Girl BA "rape would be your last thing to worry about!". Swearing out loud, feeling a rush of anger attacking his brain, he turns around, shouting out loud at Nev "and where the fuck have you been?"

Working Girl BA laughs and rolls her eyes taking a long drag on her joint and purrsss, "Ask Master, I like it rough ........ so do tell what else would i need to fear but rape?" She smirks "Damn Stubble and his damn drug of arousal and heat."

Nev's first response is to duck down when he turns towards her swiftly and bursts out, as if she were expecting him to hit her. Her arms fly over her chest, trying to cover up the wounds. "I-I .. ehhr ... had a rough client."

PimpGuy moves his eyes down her body, noticing the nasty scratch over her shoulder. He takes her wrists ... she's never been acting like that before. Pulling her arms aside, seeing her chest makes him drop his jaw and gasp, managing to only tell her "holy shit, girl, what happened to you?", completely forgetting about the neko, smoking weed behind him, claiming to be Stubble's pet.

Working Girl BA smirks and now ignores him, closing her eyes and smoking her joint.

Nev relaxes only a little bit, she had been hiding for almost two days, attempting to selfmedicate, so her wounds would heal before he would see her. But then she had figured that the longer she would stay away, the more pissed he would be with her and therefor decided to just 'fess up and let him know what had happened. She lowers her eyes to the concrete and shuffles her foot over the ground, ashamed .. even though she could never have seen it coming. "It was .. a b-beast. He looked like a normal man, but ... well ... he wasnt."

PimpGuy reaches to his hat and pushes it a bit up. "A man, turning into a beast? what kind of drugs she's on?", he thinks to himself. Pushing her chin up, trying to look into her eyes he tells her "what the fuck are you talking about? you think I'm dumb or what? how do you expect me to believe it?"

Nev avoids eyecontact with him and shifts her eyes to the side. She lifts one hand up to flick her hair back so the multiple puncturewounds in her neck from where she was bitten were visible. "There is ... more." she whispered, closing her eyes now and wincing .. she hadnt been able to sit or walk normal since that beast had raped her ass with his claws and two days later her bum was still one big bloody mess. She hadnt eaten a thing since then, afraid how it would feel if her bowelsystem were set in motion and he'd feel her body trembling as he held her by her wrist.

Working Girl BA lifts her eyes and mews a sultry "Hello Master."

Stubble  pats his pet's head as he looks around "there's my kitten" seeing PimpGuy and Nev closeby he taps his hat and greets "hey D i see you found her " gesturing at Nev

PimpGuy grabs her shoulders and shakes her body back and forward, feeling the rush of anger again. He searched the whole bloody city all over, 3 times one after another and now she comes with a shitty explanation about supernatural things happening. "There better be something more that would really convince me you're saying the truth, cause if you put yourself into my postition you'll easily see that I'm thinking you tried to make your way out of it and things went wrong!", he shouts loud, before he turns to Stubble and tells him "yeh, she came back alone, talking about men turning into beasts, you haven't drugged her recently? have you?"

Working Girl BA mews softly "Have you fixed the tags for my collar yet Master?" Her voice thick with the drug mixed with the weed she is now smoking, she offers her joint to her Master.

Nev either doesnt notice Stubble or just blatently ignores him, thats not quite clear. She almost looses balance when PimpGuy starts to shake her so violently, her body weak and sore and the sudden movements causing excrutiating pain in her ass. Tears well up in her eyes but she tries to blink them back "Somewhere m-more .. private .. please?" she whimpers. Not wanting to drop her pants in the middle of the street to show everyone her heavily abused and torn out rear.

Stubble smirks as he takes over the joint of his kitten and takes a deep drag, holding in the smoke he thinks out loud "nope dont thinks so ...nope ....although the first time I drugged her it still had a nasty hallucinative side effect ...maybe its a flash back" He shrugs as he takes another drag and blows the tip bright red

PimpGuy grabs her arm and pushes her rudely. "yeh, I don't think so too, but I'll give the bitch a fucking chance to prove it, maybe she just lost it!", he tells Stubble. "this way and it better be something important!", he shouts at her and leads her down the street.

Nev gets dragged along with him, her feet almost unable to keep up with his pace and she 'eeeps' in pain.

Working Girl BA just watches the two go and chuckles, she could tell she was still under the effects of his drug.

PimpGuy keeps walking down the street holding her unstable body in front of him, directing her. On the way he keeps thinking and realises he's glad enough his best whore is back and she'll probably be forgiven whatever she did. Pushing her behind the corner and looking around to check if anyone's watching them he tells her, feeling a bit calmer "ok, what do you have to show me?"

Nev had hoped for a somewhat more sheltered place, but walking all the way to the caravan didnt really appeal to her either. She checks the area a bit skitterish before untying the rope around her waist and then pushes down her sweatpants over her hips. She wouldnt even have to bend over to let anyone who saw her bum realise that what had happened there was not caused by a normal human being .. or at least .. not by human hands.

PimpGuy takes her hips and makes her turn around and bend her over slightly. He gets onto his knees behind her, spreading her ass cheeks, covered in blood, trying to explore what happened better. He turns his head aside from the nasty sight and gulps, trying not to throw up. Still not convinced in her words he says, starting to feel a little sympathy. "so, you're sure it was a beast and not some mindfucked freak with a knife trying to tear your insides? got any proof for that?", he asks, still being suspicious.

Nev felt ashamed and worthless, it wasnt her fault that she had stumbled upon such a freak, but still .. all she had tried to do was work as hard as possible to make PimpGuy proud of her and she feels like she has let him down, as if she has failed him. Tears now drip down her cheeks and she shakes her head "He turned into a lycan .. in front of my eyes .. he bit me in my throat, drank my blood .. raked his claws over my chest and fucked me in the ass with his claws." She turns to face him and show him once again the wounds in her neck. "I can show you where he took me .. and I have some hair from his fur .. but well, I could have just brushed that of a kitten, so ... " She didnt know how she could proof it other than just by showing him the damage done to her.

PimpGuy takes her pants from her ankles and pulls them up her legs, tying them again. He gets up and pulls her closer taking a better look at her neck. "Fuck me, but those are really some nasty bite marks!", he thinks as he sees the holes into her skin, caused by non human teeth for sure. He hugs her, pulling her closer to him and takes her neck, putting her head over his shoulder. "Ok, don't cry, I believe you now", he says trying to calm her down "I'll find a way to take care of that"

Nev felt so relieved that he believed her and buried her face into the nape of his neck, blinking extra hard to push the tears away. "He ... will want to use me again." she whispered. Despite the abuse and pain that beast had caused her, she had been brave as hell and done everything humanly possible to try and satisfy him, in order to survive .. he would have sucked the life out of her if he wasnt pleased. The only reason he had left her barely alive was because she was 'good' enough to be used again. "Im sorry, Im so sorry."

PimpGuy wraps his arms around her tighter as he says "don't worry, he won't, I'm pulling you off from the streets and next time he comes we'll be fucking ready for it". He tries to think of a way to kill a lycan, just to find out he wasn't a big enough fan of horror movies and hadn't seen enough of them. Her severe inner wounds scare him seriously. He's taken care of many wounds, but never seen something like that before. Thinking hard what could help her, knowing the hospital is abandoned, he remembers about the gasoline covered buttplug he stuck up that neko's ass earlier before threatening her he would set her on fire if she wouldn't listen to him. Maybe he could use the same approach to disinfect Nev's insides. "Ok, I want you to go to the hospital and hide somewhere and wait for me", he says as he turns around and heads for the caravan in a hurry, not waiting for an answer.

Nev felt her heart skip a beat when he hugged her even tighter and his by now familiar scent comforted her. It doesnt really sink in yet what he would mean with pulling her off the street, but when he lets go of her and tells her to meet him at the clinic does she simply nod and watches him walk off in the direction of the caravan. Only when he is out of sight does she start to limp her way back to the clinic where she had been hiding for the past two days.

- - - - -

Nev paces around the examination room with her funny walk, unable to stand still and impossible to sit down does she wait impatiently for PimpGuy to arrive. For two days had she been on the lookout to keep away from him and now she couldnt wait till she saw him again. In her own little weird world, he was the only one she trusted to take care of her.

- - - - -

PimpGuy had disappeared in the dark starting to run, stumbling over things unable to see where he went. Once he reached the caravan, he found his secret hole in the floor, opening it he got all the money he had left there and tucked it into his pockets. Just 200 dollars left after the movie startup 'business'. "it's not really much", he thought as he got back on the street and dialed the number of an old friend who supplied him with the sex toys he used for the neko. "I need another buttplug and a chastity belt, meet at the gas station in 15 minutes", he shouted and hung up. Luckily when he reached the station the guy was already here, asking for 100 dollars. "That's a damn robbery!", PimpGuy frowned and handed him the money, rushing to the hospital. As he entered it, taking a look around he walked over to the reception desk and started to drum his fingers over it, shouting loud "come out ...", pausing for a while, thinking of her name and remembering she said just "No". It makes him start to laugh, but he will call her like that from now on. "Come out, No!", he shouts again and starts to wait.

Nev heard his voice and comes out immediately, well .. as fast as she could move that is. "No?" she looked at him puzzled when she rounded the corner and saw him by the reception desk.

- - - - -

PimpGuy had forgotten to bring something he told her, and needed to go get it. Nev had to wait even longer and she felt herself getting weaker, dizzier ... the room started spinning.

- - - - -

PimpGuy enters the hospital with a snake-like walk, holding his bleeding head. At least he got the buttplug he forgot to take. Sitting over the desk and rolling over it, he passes to the other side and starts slapping Nev's cheeks, whispering "Hey, No! Wake up!"

Nev had tried to keep her head clear or at least had tried to stay on her feet. But the fear she'd been living in for the past few days to not get discovered, and now the relieve of having come out of her hiding place and telling the truth about what had happened to her ... in combination with not having eaten anything for days ... her body was weakened and while she waited for PimpGuy to return again .. the room had started to spin and well ... that is actually the last thing she remembered. ... a spinning room. When she hears his voice ... she slowly comes to again. The slapping on her cheeks dont even register, its the familiar voice, the only voice she trusts that bring her back to consciousness.

PimpGuy wraps his hands under her shoulders and pulls her body up. Putting one of his arms behind her knees he lifts her up in the air and asks her "Show me the way to that surgery room!". He turns back for a second leaving her feet over the desk just to grab the garbage bag and put it over her lap and heads down the coridors, following her directions.

Nev rests her head against his chest, letting his heartbeat calm her down. "Just around the corner." she mumbled, a limp hand sort of waving in the direction of the examination room. She had wondered what he had in the garbage bag before she fainted, but now she doesnt even care anymore. He would fix her up, he would make her better. He was the one that took care of her.

PimpGuy knocks at the door and takes a peek inside. Finding out it's occupied and the doctor is busy, he turns around and walks over to the bed, closest to the shelves and drops her body over it as he tells her "I know it's not the right moment to ask, but it would be wonderful if you earned any money, cause I'm gonna need some very soon"

Nev immediately curls up on the bed, laying on her side because it was impossible for her to lay on her back and have pressure on her bum. She nods and extends her left leg towards him. "It is in my shoe, take it off ... under the sole." She peers at him through her lashes, adding in a hushed tone "Its 750 in total .. 600 from a client and 150 I had left from my share. Take it all."

PimpGuy tucks the money into his pocket, dropping the bag over the floor next to the bed and hurries to the shelves. He starts searching for things fast to find out there are no painkillers or anaesthetics left. "Fuck!", he swears and keeps searching, pushing most of the medicines aside and bringing some down over the floor. After a bit more struggle he comes back to her holding a roller, a packet of cotton and a bottle of high degree spirit from the blue one. He drops the stuff next to her and tells her "that's all I could find at this damn place"

Nev had been here for two days, trying to selfmedicate her wounds or at least .. disinfect them. So she knew all to well that the provisions of medical supplies in this place were poor. She had no clue still what PimpGuy had in mind, but she just nods and throws him a faint smile "It will have to do."

PimpGuy unties her pants and pulls them off quickly. "Spread wide!", he tells her as he puts his hands over the inners of her thighs and checks her wounds ones again. After examining carefully for a few minutes he tells her "well, you're not torn inside, if you were you would have died from blood loss within a few hours, think you're just scratched and it's getting infected already"

Nev rolled over on her belly and spread her legs for him, pouting her ass up some. Just assuming this position already caused her extra painwaves and she bites down hard to not whimper. He was gonna help her and she wanted to be 'brave' for him. "I tried to disinfect it." she mumbled between clenched teeth.

PimpGuy takes the packet of cotton and tears a few big pieces from it. Bending the bottle of spirit over it he soaks the pieces good and leaves them over her waist, searching into his pockets. He takes out the buttplug and a duct tape. Wrapping the cotton around the plug, he takes the roller and starts bandaging the whole thing. Once he's done he pulls it hard, with no cutting tools at hand he just tears off. The duct tape is used to stick the base of it before he pours the remaining spirit over his self assembled 'disinfection tool'. "This is gonna burn a lot", he says as he touches her rear hole with the tip of it.

Nev had her face pushed down in the dirty, foul smelling sheets and hadnt seen what PimpGuy had been doing. Trusting him completely she would let him do whatever he deemed best and she braces herself when he warns her about the burning to come. Gripping her clawed hands down in the matrass untill her knuckles are white. Nothing could be worse than what that beast had done to her, she thought .. untill the in spirit-drenched tip of the cottoned-plug presses against her abused open flesh of her anus and she pushes her head further into the matrass to muffle the cries of pain she is unable to keep inside of her.

PimpGuy taps her ass cheek, giving her another second to get ready for what's gonna follow. "Bite the pillow! I'm gonna do it fast!", he says, waiting for another moment and presses his fingers over the plug hard, watching it slide up her abused rear hole fitting in perfectly. Happy with the result he gets up from the bed and gets back to the shelves, searching for glucose. She told him she hasn't eaten anything for days and she's gonna need some energy soon. He gets back to the bed, grabbing the bag and fills it in with all the glucose he could find on the shelves, tossing her one package and tells her "Drink this, it tastes like shit, but you need to eat"

Nev almost swallows the pillow, biting down in it so deep when the plug gets pushed beyond the badly damaged ring into her torn up insides. The cold spirit burning and stinging like hell. She doesnt dare to move a muscle with that thing stuck up her ass and lays completely stiffened on the bed waiting for the pain to either ebb away or for her to 'get used' to it. The package with the glucose substance lands near her head and she hears the thud next to her but isnt ready to lift up her head .. just yet.

PimpGuy notices her hesitation and gets pissed. He sits next to her and grabs her body, turning it around and makes her sit on his lap. Biting on the glucose package, he pulls his head aside, tearing a hole into the nylon and lifts it up to her lips, telling her "Drink and hurry up or we're gonna miss it!"

Nev clamps on to him when he pulls her up in his lap. A scared little girl in immense pain clinging on the one who had forcefully made her 'his property'. With no-one else to turn to and no idea who she was, she holds on to him and basically just puts her life in his hands. Feeling the package against her lips she starts to suck on it, swallowing the icky tasting liquid and finally nourishing her starving body with the sugary substance. She feels the effects of it almost immediately, the energy rush flowing through her veins and she keeps on drinking untill she had finished it all. "M-miss what?" she asks with a trembling voice.

PimpGuy smiles as he tosses the empty package over the floor and reaches down to the bag, starting to search inside of it. "You're gonna see!", he tells her as he pulls out the clothes he bought for the movie. Pulling off his top and tucking it into the bag together with his hat and mask he goes on "Get changed now, we gotta look decent or we'll fail"

Nev frowns, totally clueless about what he had in mind. But she hugs him a little tighter for a moment before she lets go and climbs off of his lap. Wincing when the plug inside her rear sends more painwaves through her tiny frame, but she forces herself to be brave and .. although slowly .. starts to dress up in the secretary outfit. "Are y-you gonna tell me what youre plan is?" she whispered.

PimpGuy shakes his head as he pulls from the bag his favorite t-shirt. It's almost clean, cause he didn't get a chance to wear it around yet. Tossing it over his head and stretching his arms, searching for the sleeve holes, he puts it on as he tells her "I won't tell you anything, cause you might get scared and ruin it". He remebers about the bullets over his belt and takes it off throwing it inside the bag, together with her old clothes.

Nev just nods, buttoning up the gorgeous blouse and adjusting her stockings so the seams were straight. It hurt like hell to bend down and feel the plug push and dig into the damaged walls of her bowels but the glucose had given her the little extra oomf and dressing up this fancy gave her also extra 'energy'. I'm ehhr .. yea .. I guess I'm ready." She brushes her hair with her fingers, trying to undo it of all the knots and make it look pretty.

PimpGuy turns facing her, running his hands over his chest, trying to smoothen his t-shirt. He looks at her innocently and asks her "do I look like a good boy or what?". Starting to laugh, he grabs the bag, rolling the end of it over his wrist and ties it up, tossing it over his shoulder. He grabs her wrist and pulls her after him, starting to run. "Come on! We still have time!", he tries to make her follow him faster.

Nev follows him as quickly as possible, not that she had much choice with him dragging her along. Despite the pain and her weak body does she start to giggle as adrenaline takes over, the excitement of the 'unknown' and the pure pleasure it brings her to see him this way ... laughing that is. "Time for what?" she cant help but ask, trying desperately not to show the pain she is in.

PimpGuy keeps laughing as he tries to go as fast as possible, dragging her to the dropping point after him. He takes a look at the next helicopter about to land already hovering over the spot and looks at her, getting immediately serious "we'll get onto this one!", he tells her and waits for her reaction.

Nev's eyes widen when they arrive at a place she hadnt been before and her jaw literally drops seeing .... a helicopter? She hadnt known there was any kind of transportation in this city. Had she seen buses or an airport on her first day here ... hell .. she would have got on to one and fled town. "Wh-where are we going?" she asks him, unable to take her eyes off the flying machine with the rotating blades that make her hair swoop up and fly all around her head.

PimpGuy looks at the helicopter landing slowly and the ramp falling down. He's been looking for a way out and it has seemed next to impossible to climb the walls around the city and pass through the army guarding it. About a month earlier he talked to a guy, who was completely crazy, talking all the time how he was gonna leave the city. Nobody believed him, but the guy disappeared and they didn't find his body. Paying the soldiers who were unloading the next load of fresh human supply pushing them down the ramp, seemed like the only way out. "Somewhere away from here ... at least until you heal!", he answers shortly and pulls her to the ramp.

Nev squeezed his hand tight, still eyeing the helicopter in sheer amazement and she feels her heart pounce rapidly ... due to the much needed supply of sugar into her veins but mostly due to the excitement of leaving this place .. with PimpGuy. Her movements awkard she lets him push her up the ramp towards the machine that is about to take them away from here, one hand on her head in an attempt to hold her hair under control so it wouldnt block her sight.

PimpGuy sees a little empty space between two of the soldiers as they keep pushing the fresh moving meat down the ramp. He notices a few not bad looking chicks into the crowd and tries to memorize their faces so he can find them later. He rushes in the empty space, pulling her after him, but one of the soldiers notices the movement and pushes them back, holding his gun, shouting "Step back or I'm gonna shoot you both!". He looks at him and steps back. Knowing he should look desperate in such situations, he tries to act and tells him "Come on, man! We're fucking healthy". Not that the solider cared to hear that, but after PimpGuy pulled out two bills of a 100 dollars each and handed them to him, he started to think. After looking back at his comrades, he nodded at PimpGuy to come over and whispered into his ear "a hundred more and you're in!". That sounded like a music for PimpGuy's ears. He gave him another 100 dollar bill and turned to Nev shouting "Ok, No! come on over!".

Nev stared in utter amazement at what she saw. Girls being brutally shoved out of the helicopter and only now do things 'sort of' start to make sense. She couldnt yet grasp it entirely, but the helicopter .. the soldiers .. the poor women being dumped here ... this probably had been the way she had come to this city too. It just all settles in the back of her mind, she still had no recollection of her life .. before this one. But at least now she had found one clue in the big puzzle. She watched the exchange of bills taking place and quickly wurms herself through the mass of bodies being squooshed of the helicopter and dumped like trash. She takes a seat next to PimpGuy, leaning in close to him while trying to keep her face from showing her amazement and surprise. "Thank you Sir." she said with a sultry smile on her lips, winked at the soldier who had given them permission to get in and crossed one leg over the other, even though her ass was burning by that movement. "Much appreciated."

PimpGuy gets up from his place and walks over to the edge of the ramp as they get airborn. He throws his arms up in the air and shouts out a long "Woooooooooooo!", like it was the biggest achievement of his life. It wasn't though. He clearly knew they'd have to go back when they ran out of money, but they made it out and that was what mattered right now so he was happy. He managed to see what was there behind the walls and he had been right. If they tried to escape from there they would get shot without a warning. A fucking army had surrounded the place to hold it under control. After they fly for another few minutes, he feels the helicopter starting to lower down to the ground and the guy who he'd paid approaches him, trying to shout louder than the engines "WE DROP YOU NEXT TO THIS ROAD AND YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN!". PimpGuy nods, takes the bag, and walks over to the edge of the ramp again, looking back to make sure she follows him.

Nev felt her stomach flip around several times, lifting off and flying away .. away from this hell hole. The 'actress' she was kept a stirn face, as if it was the most normal thing to do and she tries to come across blasé about everything that happened so unexpectedly. She couldnt help but grin though when she saw PimpGuy shout out in glee and throw his arms up above his head. Quickly she follows him when they are told ... or rather shouted at .. to get out and with all the dignity she is able to pull of does she walk towards the ramp with swaying hips and reaches out her hand towards PimpGuy to let him help her down on the ground.

PimpGuy realises the huge machine is hovering about 4 meters above the ground and it won't land especially for them, which is understandable. He throws the bag down and not giving her a chance to get ready, pushes her after it. Turning his head over his shoulder he looks at the man that helped them and instead of a 'thanks' he shows him a thumbs up and jumps himself. He wonders if he managed to push her fast enough so she can land over the bag full of clothes when his own body colides with the ground and he feels into his legs the pressure of a hard landing, rolling his body over the ground once he touches it.

Nev screamed in a very girly way when PimpGuy pushed her out of the helicopter and with arms and legs flying around does she fall flat-faced with a loud thud onto the garbage bag. Even though it did break her fall, the sudden impact send another wave of pain through her entire body and she lay there for a moment .. deadstill .. only her mind moving around and around, unsure whether she should even attempt to try and stand up. The storm created by the rotating blades of the helicopter and the deafening noise of the flying machine both slowly faded as it went on its way to an unknown destination and only then does she turn her head a bit to spy the area in search of PimpGuy.

PimpGuy gets up onto his feet slowly. Waiting for a few seconds for his body to react to the injuries before he gets calm, feeling just a slight pain in one of his wrists. Compared to the electric shock that suicidal bitch caused him earlier it was next to nothing. He walks back about 20 meters looking at the pile of garbage bag and human body over it. "Are you ok, No?", he asks when he gets closer and turns around, trying to figure out where they are. On one side of the road he sees a huge plain and on the other there is a forest. Not that he was too good at geography in school but looking a bit further he could see the mountains so they should be quite far from the coast.

Nev starts to crawl up on her feet, the way her mind worked was bizarre .. the whole situation of escaping the city and being thrown out of the helicopter ... the first thing that worried her and she started to check up on now was .. whether her 'costume' had been damaged. Looking down she finds her stockings to be in one piece and although the white awesome blouse had become a little smudgy .. there was no permanent damage and nothing appeared to be torn. She doesnt pay that much attention to where they were, just let a smile curl up on her lips and nods looking over at PimpGuy "I think so .. are you?"

PimpGuy starts to laugh as he sees her checking her clothes. "yeah, I'm fine", he says, trying to come up with a plan what they will do from now on ... And it doesn't take him long. He crosses the road and walks into the forest, disappearing for a few minutes and comes back pulling a fallen tree after him. Leaving it right over the road he walks back into the woods a few more times and brings out a few bigger stones, placing them next to the tree close enough to block the road even for higher vehicles. "Take the bag and come on over", he shouts at her "we need to hide and wait for a car"

Nev watches him disappear and return several times, nodding to herself when she understands what he has in mind when she sees him building the roadblock. Before he had even told her, had she already picked up the bag and started to walk .. or stumble .. over to the edge of the forest. Her steps careful and peering down at the road and grass she stepped on, in order not to twist her ankles wearing her high heels and hurt herself even more than she already was. Once she reached PimpGuy does she extend her free hand towards him to let him help her with the last bit into the woods. "You think it will take long?" she whispered, knowing he wouldnt know the answer to that question any better than she did .. but any lie would work for her and she just wanted to be comforted by his re-assurance.

PimpGuy smiles as he sits down on the grass and leans his back against a tree. "No idea", he says and pulls out a pack of cigarettes, lighting one, starting to wait patiently. "It's your turn to hurt someone though", he adds as he takes a deep drag from his cigarette and coughs slightly.

Nev doesnt sit down, the buttplug soaked with disinfecting spirit preventing her from being 'comfortable' and she leans against a tree, looking down at him. "My turn?" A frown decorates her forehead and she shakes her head slowly, not getting what he has in mind now. Even though he had provided her with a knife .. she hadnt used it yet .. and her survival-technique had consisted of just making sure to 'please' her clients that well that they didnt feel the need to ... well ... to 'not' kill her.

PimpGuy nods as he throws her the pack of smokes and the lighter. "yes, your turn", he says, "I hurt too many people lately and start to feel guilty about it.", he pretends he's starting to cry, but fails to act long and falls in laughter. "Anyway", he continues, "when a car stops, the bloke will walk out of it to remove the obstacle, grab something heavy, sneak behind him and smash it at the back of his head. He's gonna fall asleep for a while"

Nev catches the pack of cigs and lighter in a reflex and without even giving it a second thought does she take a cigaret and lights it. She doesnt remember if she had ever smoked before, but she liked the scent of the smoke that was part of PimpGuy's distinctive scent and maybe the nicotine would calm her nerves and even ease the pain in her butt. She almost chokes on the first drag but gets used to it quickly and puffs on the fag, chuckling when he put on his bad act. She wasnt sure she would be able to pull it off, her body was weakened and she was in more pain than she could decribe .. but .. if a car would come ... "Allright." she mumbles, her face covered in a white cloud of smoke exhaling through her nose "I can do that." she adds, trying not to let her voice tremble and not only wanting him to believe her, but also trying to convince herself by saying it out loud.

PimpGuy shrugs as he finishes his cigarette and throws the filter back, holding it between two of his fingers and pushing it with a third one. "ok", he says "if you can't we'll have to learn to live like forest people, we'll need to find water and after there is no more glucose left, I guess we'll have to make bows and arrows and start hunting", he chuckles wondering if the dark perspective will motivate her enough and goes on "hopefully we will make it till the winter comes, after that we'll need to find a cave or die"

Nev just lifts both eyebrows and takes smalls drags from her cigaret. She knew he was trying to stimulate her into doing what he had requested from her, but if for whatever reason she wouldnt be able to do it ... why the fuck wouldnt he then just do it himself. After all, he was the one with the muscles and 'experience' when it came to being the agressor. "You Tarzan, Me Jane?" she snickers jokingly before taking another puff from her cig.

Nev just lifts both eyebrows and takes smalls drags from her cigaret. She knew he was trying to stimulate her into doing what he had requested from her, but if for whatever reason she wouldnt be able to do it ... why the fuck wouldnt he then just do it. After all, he was the one with the muscles and 'experience' when it came to being the agressor. "You Tarzan, Me Jane?" she snickers jokingly before taking another puff from her cig.

PimpGuy chuckles tearing off a hand full of grass and tosses it over his head. He puts his hands next to his ears and makes a funny face, saying "No, you Jane, me Jane hunter" and keeps laughing, remembering what kind of guy he was before the fucking explosions. He surely hated his life back then, but he's not sure he likes his current one either.

It was absurd how a little humour in dark times could lighten up a mood and Nev laughed with him, only to choke on the smoke she had inhaled and she gets a cough-fit that makes her wince and whimper in pain when the muscles in her ass contract around the foreign object still inserted in her. It takes a moment for her to catch her breath. "Where will we go?" she asks him after a moment of silence, biting her lip some and scanning the road in hopes to see the headlights of an uncoming car.

PimpGuy shrugs another time and sticks a piece of grass between his lips. "I'm more interested in where we are", he tells her, making a long pause, staring into her eyes, before he asks "where you wanna go?"

Nev keeps her eyes on the road and ponders over his question. "Anywhere." is the first thing that comes to mind. In silence she adds " ... as long as I am with you." For the slightest moment does she return his stare, glad it was dark so he couldnt see the blush heating up her cheeks. "Somewhere warm? With a beach?"

PimpGuy reaches to his forehead and brushes the sweat off of it with the back of his hand. It was a warm day so a beach sounded like a damn good idea. "A beach will do, I was thinking about the coast too", he manages to say right before he hears the sound of a vehicle approaching. He puts a finger over his lips, making her a sign to shut up for a while and tries to guess what's approaching them. "A small car, italian engine, far from it's best times", he thinks "FIAT probably". "ok, get ready", he tells her lowering his voice and rolls around looking at the road through the bushes.

Nev held her breath, a new adrenaline wave rushing through her veins and she was sure that whoever was in that car, still far from them .. would be able to hear her wild thumping heartbeat. She quickly looks around her, pursing her lips together not to shout out when she bend down on her knees and picked up a rock that seemed to fit her hand. She got up again, eyes spying the road in awaital of the headlights while her free hand fumbled with her skirt and dress. Hopefully it would be a single male driver in the car who she could distract with her appearance before slamming the rock into his head.

PimpGuy grabs her shoulder and holds her as the car stops. He looks at the man, getting out from it and looking around, wondering who got the road blocked and getting suspicious. After a while, he decides to move the obstacles and continue probably feeling a bit more calm since nothing happened. Then PimpGuy releases her shoulder and looking at her face he opens his mouth to say "Now!", but just moves his lips, not making any sound. He gets ready to get involved quickly if things go wrong and keeps his eyes on the road waiting like a predator.

Nev's muscles were tense and she felt beads of sweat trinkling down her forehead and down the back of her neck. She was nervous as hell but nods at PimpGuy, forcing a re-assuring smile on her face before she as quiet as mouse starts to make her way back to the road, trying to hide her appearance by keeping the car between herself and the man who was busy to clean up the roadblock PimpGuy had build earlier. Biting down on the inside of her cheeks as she bend down behind the vehicle does she wait until the man returns from the side of the road and kneels down with his back towards her to lift up a big rock. On her tiptoes does she sneak behind him, one arm lifted up high above her and aiming the rock at the back of his head. She heard the man's breath, he was clearly not in the best shape and had started panting and sweating from clearing the road and he had no idea she had snuck up behind him. Silently she gulps, counts to three in her head and then slams down the rock as hard as she possibly can. The sound of the stone crashing down on his skull making her stomach flip. He never even had time to shout, just drops down with a thud and lays motionless on the ground in front of her feet and leaves her frozen about her own act.

PimpGuy watches the man fall down and comes out of the bushes, getting in the middle of the road and starts to clap loudly. "Good job girl!", he shouts as he hurries to clear the remainder of the roadblock, picking up the stones and tossing them aside of the road. He grabs the tree and starts dragging it back into the forest, shouting again "check his pockets!". After he's done with the "cleaning" he went to the place he left the bag and takes it before he gets back on the road to open the trunk and put it inside of it.

It took Nev a few seconds before she started to cheer herself. A loud howl of victory emerging from her throat as she threw her head back and let the sound fill the dark air. "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Then she kneels down next to the man, so exctatic about her achievement she didnt even feel the pain of the plug tormenting her insides. Her hands quickly patted down over his form, checking all pockets and folds in his clothes. She found a wallet, a small pocket knife, a cellphone, a bundle of keys and a packet of gum. With all the treasures clamped into one hand does she swiftly strip the man of his coat and shoes, thinking maybe later PimpGuy would have use of these items and then rushes to the car and gets into the passenger's seat.

PimpGuy walks over to the man and grabs his body under the shoulders dragging him off from the road into the forest, making sure someone wouldn't run over him. He puts the back of his hand in front of his nose and checks for breathing. Once he finds out he's alive and even hears him snore he gets back to the car and sits into it, slamming the driver's door after him. Reaching down to the keys, he starts the engine, presses the throttle and the clutch, shifts into 1st gear and takes off with a wheelspin, listening to the tires squealing as they leave black marks over the road behind him.

Nev had folded up the jacket she had taken from their victim and shoved it underneath her, supporting her buttocks but leaving sort of a hole free in the middle so it would release some of the pressure of having to sit down. She was now checking the glove-compartment of the small car that she already considered to be 'theirs' instead of having stolen it. The items she had found on the man lay in her lap while she rummages through the compartment in search of more usefull things and she lets out a 'Yay!' when she finds a roadmap. She also found a flashlight that didnt work, a halfeaten candybar and a little jar with ordinary over the counter painkillers, which she immediately opens to swallow three of them.

PimpGuy starts to laugh as he notices her song of joy. He looks at the dashboard to find out the gastank is half full. Something he hasn't seen before, cause he was always driving in the red zone, often running out of fuel. He keeps driving until he reaches the first road signs and peeks at the map, trying to figure out where the hell they are. "Who did we just rob?", he asks her pointing at his wallet.

Nev folds open the wallet and dumps the content on her lap, already spotting a quite impressive bundle of bills and more than one credit card. Further study let her conclude the man they had robbed most likely was a thief himself since none of the credit cards had the same name on it. She couldnt find a driver's licence or any other form of ID. "Hmmmm .... John Floster, Patrick deMoines, Dick Daynes or .. " she started to giggle ".... Jacqueline Mosters."

PimpGuy listens to the names and chuckles loudly as he asks her "no Mr Prick?". He waits for her answer taking a look at the map and points a finger over it, saying proudly "anyway, I think we're here, or wait no ....", he points at a nearby spot and tells her even more convinced "here!", scratching his head with his other hand before another "no wait ..." follows. He draws a big circle over the map and looks up at her face questiongly "maybe somewhere here?"

"No Pricks!" Nev laughs, stuffing the credit cards back in the wallet and flipping through the bills to count them, her lips moving as she quietly mumbles ".. one .. two .. three ... six .. eight .. twelve ... hmmm .. a total of 1420 in cash. Not that bad, right?" She turns her head towards PimpGuy, folding the bills together again and stuffing them back in the wallet too and then bursts out in a bubbly laughter seeing him scratch his head and marking a big area on the map "Well, that sounds about right. Can I have a look?"

PimpGuy nods as he keeps laughing "yeh you better do that, cause I can easily send us to the north pole instead of a beach". He takes the wallet, putting an elbow over the wheel and opens it, getting the money and throws the rest out of the window. Reaching down to the radio he turns it on and cycles through stations until he hears a familiar favorite song and sings a long loud, confident and false "Road runner, road runner! going faster miles an hour! tararara rararara! With the radio on!", not remembering part of the lyrics

Nev is slightly distracted by the sudden sound of his 'singing' and she cant help but feel incredibly happy at that moment, despite her uncomfortable position and pain still tormenting her ass. Feeling her cheeks getting warm and flustered again does she quickly turn her attention back on the map, looks around her for orientation, the mountains .. the roadsigns, the intersection .. and it doesnt take her that long to figure out where they had to be. She points at the map to show him "Here .. this is where we are .. and the coast is there ... so .. " she looks at the roadsigns again, back at the map and nods " .. yea, so we have to turn left here."

PimpGuy looks at her and back at the map. "yeh, I was going to turn left anyways", he says not very convincing as he smashes the throttle again and takes off like he's trying to improve a world record. He takes the intersection and keeps driving, following her directions until they get there.

Nev had studied the map, keeping one eye on the gas meter and estimated how far they could get without having to refill. Somehow she wanted to get to 'a destination' without attracting too much attention to them, and getting gas was tricky. Her eyes drift over the names of the several coastal villages and one pops out, she chuckles and gives him directions that will lead them to "Prickley Beach."

PimpGuy starts to laugh hard as he hears the name. "yesh! that's our place!", he says and pulls off the highway, starting to sniff the air for the specific scent of salty water like a dog, every minute or so.

The painkillers Nev had taken to numb her uncomfort some, but sitting in the small vehicle, despite the pillow she had fabricated, wasnt a position she could stay in that long. He'd notice she started to squirm on her seat and she was eager to reach their final destination and get out of the car. "What do we do when we get there?" she asked, letting all the events of tonight slowly settle in her mind.

PimpGuy turns to her, starting to think. Good question indeed. "First of all we'll keep your ass untouched, hopefully we won't meet any men turning into monsters, after that .... whatever comes along", he says moving his eyes back on the road.

Nev somehow sensed or knew that they would eventually have to return, even though she couldnt really find a reason for it. She stares out of the window at the passing landscape, secretly dreaming about escaping together, starting a new life. "Yea ... " she mumbles softly, not getting her eyes off of what lies outside ".... whatever comes along."

PimpGuy sees a gas station and pulls over to fill the tank. He enters to grab some junkfood for himself and returns to the car after paying for everything. Turning his eyes at her he realises she didn't really want to refuel and gives her a short explanation "sorry, had to do it, they burn better that way, we'll walk the past few kilometers on foot"

Nev had put on her act of being completely self-secure when she waited in the car for him to return. Even though she didnt see any people around, she didnt want to seem all nervous, fidgetty and basically 'look suspicious'. "Walk?" she mutters when they're back on the road again. She winces at the idea and starts to take her shoes off, glad she had stolen the shoes of the man that looked a lot more comfortable than the high heels she was wearing now. Then she reached for the jar of painkillers and took another two pills. "Fine .. probably best to dump the car."

PimpGuy pulls over one more time, already being able to see the sea. He does it at a downhill place. Taking out the bag from the trunk and handing it to Nev, he tears a piece of the man's jacket and sticks it into the gas tank, firing it up with his lighter. He jumps into the car real quick switching it off gear, directing it to the water and jumps from it while it moves, starting to look after it waiting for the explosion. "no, probably best to watch some fireworks", he says getting up from the concrete as the vehicle explodes behind him and the shock wave makes him fall down again.

Nev watched with wide eyes and got down even before the explosion, bracing herself for the blast and quickly looking around her afterwards to check if no-one was around. She put her high heels in the garbage bag and flung it over her shoulder while waiting for PimpGuy to get up and .. well ... lead the way?

PimpGuy looks around and sees lights near the seashore, saying "MOTEL", hard to judge in the dark how far it is, but not more than a few kilometers if he's able to read it from here. He takes her hand and heads into that direction, whistling happy tunes as they go.

Nev felt the butterflies dancing around in her belly again when he took her hand and appeared to be in such a happy mood. Soon she began to whistle too, and although still walking kinda funny, the painkillers did have their effect and she did her best not to slow him down.

PimpGuy watches the moon and it's floating reflection in the water as they go. Finally they reach the motel place. Following the signs to the reception room, he finds the guy who works there sleeping in his chair. PimpGuy tries to greet him and wake him up several times, raising his voice each time a bit more repeating "good evening" until he has to shout it. "We want the room with the biggest fucking bed", he tells him after he wakes up jumping in the chair. The guy hands them over the book and asks them to fill their names in, at which PimpGuy raises his eyebrows at him and pushes it back, saying "we'll pay double if we skip that" and the guy happily agrees.

Nev meanwhile acts as if its the most normal thing in the world to barge into a motel in the middle of the night with a garbage bag, no car and no intention to identify yourself and she flings herself into PimpGuys arms, one hand suggestively caressing his chest and dwelling down to his waist, so the nightguard would assume she was a whore he had picked up. When the man didnt make any objections about having them have the room without signing does she wink at him and blows him a kiss "Thank you handsome!"

PimpGuy pulls out the stack of bills from his pocket, searches for a 50 dollar one and slides it over the desk after seeing the most expensive room costs 25 per night. The guy gives him the key and takes the money. PimpGuy almost grabbed her ass reaching down when she started to caress his chest, but in the last moment he remembered it should be kept safe from people like him and moved his arm up, wrapping it around her waist, pulling her closer.

Nev had unbuttoned her blouse some and showed the man giving PimpGuy the keys a clear view of her cleavage before turning around and following PimpGuy to their room for the night. "That was easy" she whispered in his ear, curling her tongue out and flicking it in and around the shell of his ear to give the impression she had whispered something naughty to him.

Once they got to the room PimpGuy unlocks the door and pushes her inside, taking a look around and walking inside himself. He needs a shower and a sleep, but he feels so exhausted after the long day, that he decides to change the order and crashes jumping over the huge bed.

Nev drops the garbage bag the moment she steps inside and follows his example. Too tired even to undress she just kicks off the shoes that are at least three sizes too big for her and falls sideways on the bed. The only position she would be able to get some rest in.

PimpGuy smiles as he turns to her and wraps his arms around her belly, pulling her closer. "What a day!", he whispers and falls asleep holding her and breathing into her neck.

As tired as Nev is, she cant fall asleep right away and lays in his embrace with a smile on her face, unable to keep her eyes off of him as he sleeps. "What a day." she whispers .. about an hour later and finally lets herself drift off too.

* * * * *