Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 2

* * * * *

Day 2

* * * * *

She had not dared to go back to the shelter by herself. PimpGuy might be there and who knows what he would do if she showed up because she was tired. Instead, Nev had spend the rest of her first night and a big part of the following morning, curled up on a bench.
She had 300 dollars on her and although PimpGuy had told her half of it would be her share, she didnt dare to spend any of it yet untill she had shown him the full amount.
Not very well rested, still naked, cold and hungry does day two begin.

- - - - -

"H-hello Sir." Nev said timidly, walking up behind a man she had spotted in the street.

Rolling his cigar between his teeth Stubble turns and looks the girl all the way up "yes ,?"

Nev gulped, holding her arms in front of her in an attempt to hide her nudity "I .. eh .. Im a cheap whore Sir. Could I be of service to you? You dont have to pay if youre not satisfied."

Stubble grins broad as his eyes dwell over her naked slightly shining body. He taps his cigar and with a false smile "cheap huh ? ....yeah i can find some use for you "

Nev sighed some and nodded "What would you like me to do Sir." she almost whispered, eyes shifting around her, not knowing if she were being watched or not and desperate not to make any mistakes in case he was spying on her.

Stubble grins broad as he scratches his beard and puffs his cigar glowing red "follow me ...i need a quiet place "notices her skittisch looking around "something wrong ?"

Nev only shrugged lightly, mumbling "Lead the way." as she waited for him to make a move. She didnt want to tell him she might be watched, she didnt know if she were or not. She just needed to make some money so 'he' wouldnt beat her up.

Stubble grins as he grabs her wrist and leads her down an alley to a rundown chack , checking his backpocket if he got everything he needs "this way"

Nev held her breath as he took her wrist, afraid to pull back, but afraid of his touch too. She follows him to the alley and waits silently for more instructions.

"In here cunt!” Stubble’s voice turns hard as he pushes her rough and brutal inside "get on the bed and spread them wide "

Nev's eyes widen as he suddenly turns rather rude, quickly rushes over to the filthy looking matrass in the dark and damped shack and plonked down on it, spreading her legs and looking up at him with fear in her eyes. "Whatever you want Sir." she managed to say in a soft timid voice.

Stubble slams the door hard shut , he firmly locks it and turns to the girl . An icecold mean look comes over his face as he looks down on the girl spreading her legs wide , he reaches to his backpocket and takes out a syringe squirting it lightly, squatting down between her legs he grabs her legs in an iron grip and keeps them spread "youre gonna love this gonna make you the nastiest cunt around "

Nev is overcome with sudden fear, apparantly she had walked up to some sort of freak. Unable to move due to his tight grip and her fear of what he might do if she would even try she looks at him with her big blue eyes, lips trembling and her voice highpitched as she 'eeps' out "Wh-what is that??"

Stubble smirks with an evil twinkle in his eyes "this ...this is my own find and soon its gonna be on sale" grabbing her clit tight between his thumb and indexfinger he pulls it towards him and jabs the syringe in it "youre never gonna feel a heat like this "and injects his drug till her clit swells up as much as it can "there cunt "slaps her snatch "all set "

Nev squirmed her body, in an half-hearted attempt to get away from the syringe, but she cant do anything but watch him stick the needle in her clit. She swallows the scream, biting down on her underlip untill it bleeds as her teeth slice through the soft skin. "Wh-whyyy?" she blurts out, confused and scared. Her hands are clawed down into the matrass, knuckles turning white. Shortly after that she starts to feel the first effects of the drug overwhelm her, skin turning red and tingly all over her body and flipping her hips up and down, almost uncontrollably as she gets more and more horny by the second.

Stubble grins broad as he climbs on top of her and grabs her throat in his big hand , twists her head sideways to reveal her pulsating neckvain . He jabs the needle in it and injects the rest of the syringe "yeah see in the clit it works immediatly ...the rest is to make you a dirty addict that depends on me " slapping her blushing red face as she starts squirming under him "im gonna make you a nasty drugwhore that works for me "

Nev let out a muffled 'eep' as he grabbed her throat and injected her again. A frown forms on her forehead when she hears him utter his words. She feels her innerthighs getting wet as her cunt starts to release its juice. "I already work for someone Sir." she gasped, after he had slapped her.

Stubble turns her over roughly, hastely unzips his pants and lets his huge thick cock sway free. He bends her over and lifts her ass in the air, spreading her cheeks as wide as he can he brutally drives his shaft through her rosebutton, impaling her all the way to the base "dumb bitch!" Stubble grabs her hair and yanks her face back "i dont give a shit ...from now on youre gonna work for me or end up in hospital get it ?" ramming his dick in her with mercyless deep hard hauls

Nev groaned loud in relief when his hard cock thrusted inside of her, grinding her hips around she needed to be taken right now. With her head pulled back she looks ahead at the wooden board wall, blinking her eyes, trying to focus, but her sight is getting blurry. She hears the splattering of her juices as he pumps her roughly, her cunt dripping with desire, even though 'again' she had met someone she fears and hates. "I ... ngggggh .... I get it!" she moaned.

"Yeah bitch!" Stubble keeps on pounding her bowels with a savage pace, he pulls hard on her hair with every thrust as he tries to get deeper in her. Pressing in with all his weight he makes sure her clit scrapes the rough wooden crate with every thrust "fucking nasty whore !" He slaps her ass so hard that the smacking sound fills the room "who do you work for now ?!"

Nev's eyes fill with tears, not able to see anything anymore which frightens her even more. Despite her fear for him she cant help but moan and turn and twist her hips, working with him to make him enter her cunt as deep as possible, sticking her ass up in the air even more and grinding down on the crate to stimulate her big red swollen clit. She also presses down her swollen sensitive nipples against the crate, beads of sweat appearing all over her body while the tension inside her builds and builds. "I work for you!!" she screamed out between heavy breaths.

"Yeah bitch and dont you forget it!" Harder and harder Stubble rips her insides with his thick hard pulsating dick, so hard a smoldering piece of ash falls on her back. His fingers dig deep in her flesh as he tries to tighten his grip even more as he feels her grinding and fucking him back under the influence of his drug "yeah bitch told you you'd like it !" His sweat dripping down his chin onto her back, he feels the building orgasm in his gut getting to boiling point, making his dick even harder "almost ....there ....bitch "

Nev didnt even notice when the ashes fell on her skin, she was on fire already. Moaning loud she squirms and grinds underneath him, a puddle of her fluids forming on the crate she was pinned upon. For the moment, the loss of her eyesight was forgotten. Breathing heavily, she needed to cum .. needed to be taken hard. Driving her hips up and down in contramotions of his thrusts she makes sure to let his throbbing shaft inside of her stimulate her g-spot while still grinding down her now painfully swollen clit on the roughness of the wood. She started trembling as her body got ready to climax "Fill me up!" she snarled at him, longing to feel his cum inside of her to cool off her burning cave.

Stubble’s eyes roll back in their sockets and drool drips of his lower lip as her motions and hard milking muscles push him hard over the edge, making him explode violent and his thick hot sperm shoots deep inside her in thick threads, filling every nook and crany of her snatch "yeaaahhhhhhh !!!!! fucking whore take it in " slamming his pelvis hard into her butt and holds her shocking and shivering pressed under the weight of his cumming body

Nev was on the edge of an orgasm and feeling the cock buried deep inside of her expand just before it released its seed was all she needed to let go. She howled out as her body jerked with spasms. Dizzy and tired she continues to grind her hips against him, unable to stop even though the rush of her climax still pulsed through her veins.

Stubble grins broad as he gasps for air "yeah bitch its gonnna take more then one fuck to turn the heat of my drug" pushing her rough of his dick he grabs her hair and dragges her onto the fithy matress "time to tap your other hole bitch" bending her over he places his still rockhard cock on her rosebutton and with a mean brutal push he rips her muscle open "let me hear that voice whore "burying his dick all the way in her bowels

Nev screamed out when he pierced his cock into her rearhole. She had been fucked there for the first time only a day ago and it still felt sore and bruised. The drugs however made her body so willing and needy that the tight, almost virginlike muscle was more relaxed. Semen and her own juices poured down her open swollen cunt over her innerthighs like little rivers. "Noooo!" she screamed impulsively, when his hard cock penetrated her raw and abused anus, but her body seemed to live a life of its own and she pushes back against him, her full round cheeks pouncing against his pelvis with every thrust.

"yeahh !!!" Stubble screams loud against the ceiling as he grabs her upper arms in an iron grip pulling her arms back and he rams his pelvis into her butt, making loud wet slapping sounds that fill the room. Her tight muscle being savagly ripped by his cock "im gonna make you shit wrong for a week bitch !"

Nev felt torn and didnt know whether to cry or scream in extacy, her whole body covered in a thin layer of sweat and droplets of sweat dripping down her forehead onto the matras. Her boots were filling up with the juice and semen mixture still dribbling down her legs. "Nooooooooo!" she yells out again, struggling to get one arm free, not to get away from him, but to be able to rub her needy cunt .. stimulate her clit that was screaming for attention, pull and twist her painfully stiffened nipples.

Stubble  pulls her backwards and hangs her totally with her ass on his dick, one hand gripped on her throat the other smacking her rockhard erect clit "yeah bitch feel how your body is raping your mind " making her bounce hard up and down his shaft this way he has trouble to contain her trashing body "im gonna make you squirt hard bitch !"

Nev cried out ..... in extacy ... flipping her hips around wildly, body jerking every time he smacked her clit, sending shivers through her entire body. She had lost all control, just needed to cum again .. and again, and again. "Suck me!" she begged him .. longing to feel a warm hot tongue between her legs, teeth grazing on her clit.

Stubble feels her muscles gripping tight around his shaft, milking the sperm up his shaft , he suddenly explodes hard again making his hands gripping and squeezing hard as he can in her clit and nipple "yeeahhhh !!!!!" He shivers hard as her bucking body squirms on his dick , he roughly pushes her off of him dumping her on the matress and smirks gasping "lick you?" He  laughs "thats for the customers ....i aint sticking my tongue in that dirty snatch" gives her a stomp of his boot

Nev didnt even notice the pain his exploding cock caused her bowels and both her hands move down in between her legs to grope and dig in to her soaking pussy even before her body hit the matrass. Eyes wide open, staring unseeing up at the ceiling she pulls on her petals, buries a gloved hand inside of her, twists, turns and tugs on her clit .. bringing herself to another fullblown climax, clear liquid gushing out of the wide-open hole.

Stubble grins broad and pleased as he looks down how she frantically brings herself to another huge orgasme, making her squirt so hard she drenges the matress . Smiling he squats down to her and grabs her throat once again and twist her head, quickly he jabs another syringe in her vain "here lets top you up some more ...that'll make sure you'll come back to me" He smirks as he slaps her swollen clit hard and swipes his hand rough between her soaking legs and tastes her "hmmmmm ..... maybe next time, now i got other business to attend" stands up and zips his pants up

Nev felt the needle being stuck into her vein again, her eyesight was still failing her but somehow it didnt really register yet. "I work for you." she mumbled, flipping her hips again when she felt his hand in her crotch. "Youre leaving?" she asked .. rather upset over it, not done quite yet and disappointed to not get fucked again.

Stubble grins as he grabs her mouth and snarls at her "thats ricgt bitch so get your ass up and go to work!" He grabs her hair and pulls her to her feet "get out there and make me some money ..." Monk Leborski grabs her hard in the cunt driving two fingers in her snatch "you know you need to be fucked more"

Nev growls out with pleasure being grabbed in her needy cunt, is slightly off balance when she stands on her feet and turns around to search for some light indicating where to find the door. "I cant seeee ..." she exclaimed, swaying on her trembling filthy legs .. trails of half-dried up semen staining her black pantyhose.

Stubble drags her by the hair, He drags her outside and tosses her in the alley "get to work ill be watching you!" pointing his finger in her face and slaps her hard in the crotch

Nev almost falls down, regains herself and stumbles off hastily .. bouncing against the wall and scraping her skin. "Where am I?"

Stubble smirks as he grabs her again, seeing a girl looking from far away , "let me show you your spot " slaps her in the crotch "and better work hard you hear ?!"

Nev just nods, being dragged along with him without seeing anything yet "Yes ofcourse." she said obediently .. now having two guys spying on her she wouldnt even dare to pull any stunts.

Stubble pushes her into the lightpole "here cunt thats youre spot!" slaps her hard on the ass and gives her a cellphone "any customer that makes trouble you call! got it ? get to work "turns away and dissapears in the alley again

Nev leans against the pole, looking quite perplex when he hands her the cellphone, unable to make out any numbers on the display. She nods again "I got it." and shoved the phone into her boot.

- - - - -

Well, at least he hadnt robbed her of the threehundred dollars she had shoved down her stocking. Nev felt used and abused, holding on tight to the lamppost does she sort of doze off, her eyesight failing her due to the effects of the drugs. Apparantly not all clients would be 'a pleasure to please'.

- - - - -

Nev finally 'awoke' from her drowsiness, still leaning against the lamppost she senses someone nearby, but her sight is still blurry. "Hello s-sir?" she sais hesitating with a timid voice.

PimpGuy eyes across the street, noticing the whore he met yesterday and walks over to her taking a sip from his coke, smiling and saying "hello there"

Nev recognised the voice and felt both relieved and worried "Ooh its you!" she exclaimed. Her hand fell down to cover her private parts, fingers idly playing with her swollen and wet lips. "I need to talk to you .. something happened."

Jane Doe RL taps on D's shoulder, Hey MIster!

Nev heard the female voice and squinted her eyes, seeing more blurry figures nearby, but she wasnt sure who was who and who was talking to who.

PimpGuy hates it when someone does things like that. He tells the whore on the sidewalk "sure, just a second" and turns around annoyed, shouting at the woman behind him "what the fuck do you want?"

Nev nodded and leaned against the lamppost, waiting patiently while still fiddling with herself, unable to control the urge.

Jane Doe RL raises a brow, my my what a temper Mister, i only wanted to tell you that im really pissed at ya, calling such a sweet girl a whore! “I should kick your ass for that!”

PimpGuy looks back at Nevan over his shoulder. He surely knows she's a whore, but can't remember calling her like that anytime soon. He looks back at Jane Doe RL, thinking she's joking and tells her "oh yeah? go ahead then" and starts to grin

Jane Doe RL only smiles at him as she moves closer, asking him: your sure, but doesnt wait his answer, as she gives him a hard kick

Nev took a better hold of the lamppost and sort of hid behind it. She felt groggy, horny as hell and was annoyed by her failing eyesight. She'd had a rough day and even though this guy had abused her the day before, he wasnt half as bad as the guy she had met earlier today. "Its fine." she mumbled towards the blurry figures, not wanting to be the cause of any fight which would piss him off.

Jane Doe RL smiles at the sweet innocent girl, i leave him to you now, i think he will behave from now on

PimpGuy grabs the hit spot as he shouts "fucking bitch! that hurts!". He kneels to the ground, seearching with his hand for a big stone and looks at her angrily.

Jane Doe RL grins as she starts to run, shouting, im not a fool...

Nev gasped, upset the woman had hurt him and afraid he would take it out on her. "Are you allright?" she whispered, kneeling down, holding the lamppost for support.

PimpGuy turns around to Nevan and takes her arm by the elbow, telling her "yeh, come on, let's get away from here, you can talk to me anywhere but in front of the police station"

PimpGuy takes a look around outside, making sure no one's around and closes the door as he turns to her and tells her "ok, what's going on? you don't look well"

Nev follows him clumsily, stumbling a lot, her skin is damped and sweaty and when she gets inside the caravan, she sits down on the couch and starts to fiddle with her swollen red and dripping cunt again. One hand reaches down her boot and she takes out some neatly folded bills "This is the money I made today." she said, offering him it all. "But another customer .. he didnt pay me .. " she moaned a bit, flipping her hips up and down " .. he drugged me .. and told me I have to work for him now."

PimpGuy looks at her suspiciously and reaches to her face, taking a look at her eyes. Her apples are widened and he can feel she's sweating all over. Looks like she's really on drugs. "Take off everything", he tells her, "I wanna be sure you don't hide more money somewhere, you sure you didn't buy the drugs yourself?"

Nev tried to focus on him, but it only made her dizzy. Somehow .. after today .. she felt more at ease around this one, trusting him better than the other guy. With trembling hands does she open the zippers of her boots and takes them off. Then she rolls down her stockings and gloves and throws everything in a little heap next to her, eyes filling up with tears as she twists her head some to show him her neck, the marks of having been strangled and the puncture wounds of where she was injected. "He is armed, he is agressive .. and he'll be watching me." she whispered "I'm afraid of him."

PimpGuy takes her clothes and searches then in a hurry, finding nothing more, still wondering if he can trust her. "What did you tell him when he told you to work for him?", he asks as he tosses the clothes aside before adding "and why you're playing with your pussy while talking to me?"

Nev twitches her lips and blinks, she hadnt even realised she was doing that and she takes her hand from between her legs, folding her arms in front of her. Legs slidely spread he'd see her wide-open soaked pussy and her clit that was swollen to three times its normal size "I .. eh .. I told him I already work for you!!" Tears start to fall down her cheeks and she stares at the blurry figure "He didnt care, he said he'd make me his whore and ... " Now closing her legs and squirming around on the couch she added "Its the drugs .. I cant help it .. I n-need .. " she extends one arm towards him, beggingly "I need you." she then said.

PimpGuy runs his eyes down her naked body. "she's quite dirty", he thinks and smiles telling her "come with me, you need a bath first". He heads to the door at the back of the trailer and opens it, waling over to the tub and letting the water flow filling it, checks the temperature with the back of his hand to find out it's not very cold yet and sits at the edge of it, starting to scratch his head and think.

Nev followed him, the thought of a bath bringing a smile on her lips. Once in the small bathroom she lifts one leg up to climb in the tub, but misjudges the height and plonks down face forwards in the water. Coughing and almost choking she emerges from the water, looking like a drowned cat, before settling down and leaning backwards. "Thank you." she smiled at him, after catching her breath again.

PimpGuy looks back at her, starting to laugh. "Easy, don't kill yourself, I need you alive", he makes a stupid comment, trying to be nice, before he asks an even sillier question "How is your asshole? Still sore?"

Nev's face grimaces, hands disappear underwater as she starts to clean herself .. meanwhile rubbing herself in the spots that are screaming for attention "He raped me." she said, blurs of what happened coming back to her "The drugs make me .. ehm .. needy .. and he raped me .. in the rear." Her breath gets unsteady and her voice panicky "He'll make me an addict .. I dont want that. I need your help, but please .. be careful!"

PimpGuy looks back at her still being suspicious "I'll take you to the hospital a bit later, they should have something that can help you. Can I trust you though?", he asks seeking honesty in her eyes, but gives up quite soon as his eyes meet her empty look.

"He'll do it again!!!" Nev responded in a highpitched voice. "He's very agressive .. I wouldnt lie to you!!" She lets herself sink down under water, taking big gulps, having sweated ever since she had been drugged, her body needed water and once she started drinking she couldnt stop. "He gave me a phone!" she suddenly remembered and pointed back at the other room "Its in my boot .. he'll keep in touch with me and told me to call him when someone was troubling me."

PimpGuy raises his eyebrows, thinking he may trust her, but warns her just in case right before he starts to speak "ok, I think I have a plan, but you'll have to be tough and if you fuck me up I'll sell you or kill you. Have you ever hit a person?". He throws her the rest of his coke adding "here, drink!" and counts the money tucking half of them into his pocket ... "what looser should one be to pay $300 for a blowjob", he grins and leaves the rest near the sink behind him.

Nev extends her arm to reach for the coke offered to her, hand swaying as she tries to grab it. "I ehhr ... " she frowned some, trying to remember if she had ever hit someone. She couldnt even remember her own name, or where she was and where she came from. "I dont think so?" she answered questiongly. "The blowjob customer was nice, he said he'd look me up again when he was in the mood." she added, almost proudly. "He could be like a .. regular."

PimpGuy nods commenting on what she said "good job, we need rich fools". A random thought runs through his head "never trust a hooker!". He doesn't even remember where he heard it, but it just came out of the blue all at once. "so what? she's a whore from just one day", he thinks ignoring the golden rule and goes on "ok, you're gonna go there and make sure you have a rock near you. I'll be at the other side of the street, pretending I'm just hanging out there. Then you're gonna call him and when he comes you'll lift your foot behind your back and start scratching your ankle. That way I'll know it's him. I'll go behind him and try to make him turn around and then you're gonna grab the rock and smash it as hard as you can at the back of his head. Then you'll help me tie him up and carry him away. Got it?"

Nev gulped, almost choking on the coke "I c-can try?" She frowned, not convinced they would be able to knock him out that easily. "He's got guns though. He could .. kill us." A gurgly noise is heard when she sips down the last of the coke and she fills the cup with bathwater, one hand secretly disappearing underwater again to fiddle with her clit. "I got it ... " she nodded .. she might be scared of the outcome, but she was willing to give it a try. Anything to get rid of the other guy.

PimpGuy nods "yeh, he might if you fail and then you'll have to be my whore in heaven", he grins, getting back to his old habbits joking about death. "Make sure you don't miss! Grab the rock with both hands, aim good and hit hard, he won't be looking at you so he can't avoid it. I want you to be very sure you're gonna do it, cause I don't wanna die yet"

Nev got more and more aroused, twisting and tugging on her clit with her thumb and indexfinger, the bathwater caressing all the folds and she nods, moaning softly "Nggh ... I'll do it." which sounded more as if she were talking about something else. Her breasts floated on the water and the nipples stood erect, painfully stiff. She dropped the halfempty cup with water on the bathroom floor and reached her hand out towards him again, voice low "Come in the tub with me?"

PimpGuy shakes his head. He loves to see her playing for it, so he'll make her do it a bit longer. "Nah", he says, "get out if you're done and grab some food first, you're gonna need energy". He laughs, taking his shirt off and opens the door throwing it over the couch through it.

Nev looked disappointed but didnt stop satisfying herself, it was uncontrollable, her body needed it, screamed out for it. The hand that had reached for him drops down under water too and she insert four fingers in her cave, leaning her head back on the bathtub edge and getting more comfy she fucks herself with her fingers while rubbing and massaging her oversensitive clit. She'd get out when she was 'done' .. and it looked like it wouldnt take her long to get there. With her eyes closed and lips parted she started breathing more heavily, breasts dancing on the water as she brought herself closer to the climax.

PimpGuy grins looking at her. He undoes his belt and takes off his pants, shaking his cock in front of her face and heads for the door, telling her "ok, I'll throw away the food then"

Nev yelled out a 'Noooooooo' the moment she orgasmed, water splashing over the sides of the tub as her body jerked around. Still needy and not satisfied yet she gets up on unsteady legs, slip slidin' after him she bounces against the door and walls, body covered in foam, but clean. "Dont leave me!" she pleeded, squinting her eyes to find the blurry figure in the next room. "I'll eat you .. if you fuck me .. please?" she begged. The drugs making her a very different person and in the least bit shy .. all she wants and needs is to listen to her bodies urges.

PimpGuy raises his eyebrows at her. "did you just say you're ready to sacrifice your rear hole again?", he asks her with a huge smile on his face, putting his hands over his hips, holding elbows aside and waiting patiently for an answer.

Nev shook her head and walked up in front of him, pressed her foam covered breasts against his chest and baldly too hold of his cock. She spread her legs and tilted up her hips, leading his cock in between her legs and rubbing her also foamy and wet lips over it. "Please?"

PimpGuy reaches, taking her wrist and pulls her hand over his cock, making her move it, showing her he wants her to stroke it. He puts his other hand over her ass cheek and squeezes it, looking into her empty eyes "I know what those drugs do", he says "some mad scientist sells them, thinking he helps the city and it will be better when men and women are both horny. I even have some of them. You'll do anything for a cock right now, right?". He grins giving her a firm smack over her ass

Nev folded her fingers around his shaft and moved it up and down, making sure the head was still in between her legs and letting it bump against her enlarged clit. In response she just grinds her breasts firmer into his chest and brings her free hand behind him, clawing into his buttock and pushing his pelvis against her.

PimpGuy moves his hand away from her ass and reaches to her breast squeezing one of them and pushing it up. Once her nipple becomes visible he takes it between his fingers, pinching it and starts pulling it slowly as he twists it slightly at the same time. He feels his cock starts to get hard as she strokes him and wraps his arm around her, pushing her body back over the ground, getting on top of her

Nev's breath hastens again and soft moans of pleasure escape her throat as he pulls and twists her nipples. She feels his cock getting slippery from her own juices she released on the head and smeared all over the shaft with her hand. She lets him push her down and spreads her legs eagerly for him, hips grinding around impatiently and groaning out with satisaction when he finally entered her craving cunt.

PimpGuy feels her pussy lips spread, taking the head of his cock and close tighty around it as she takes it willingly. He grabs her hips and pulls her to him sliding it deeper into her cunt and lifts her legs in the air, grabbing her thighs and starting to pound her pussy fast and hard without any hesitation.

Nev growls in delight, tilting her pelvis up to enable him to enter her even deeper. She's not herself, one hand squeezing her own breast and nipple as the other slides down over his pale skin to start rubbing her clit again while he thrusted and pumped her hard and wild, exactly what she needed now. Her skin still wet and foamy from the bath starts to break out in sweat again and her soaking wet pussy splatters juices around every time he pounds her.

PimpGuy watches her hold her boob while the other one bounces wildly from the thrusts as he fucks her. He keeps shoving his already hard as a rock cock deep and hard inside of her, groaning loud, starting to get sweaty himself. "Maybe I should start keeping you drugged too", he says as he's drilling her cunt, "I like you more that way"

Nev lifted her unseeing eyes up at his blurry head "I'd fuck ayone for free." she smirked, continuing to rub her clit with her thumb but extending her fingers to massage his shaft everytime he pulled out of her. Red splotches started to appear on her chest, and breasts .. pulling on her nipple and stretching it untill she made herself scream in agony. The line between pain and pleasure was thin and she hurt herself to release the sexual tension flowing through her veins. The muscles in her cunt contracted around his stiff cock, squeezing it tight as she came closer to yet another orgasm. "Fill me up!" she screamed out.

PimpGuy shakes his head and grabs her wrist, pulling her hand away from her clit. "I don't think so", he says and starts to tap his fingers fast over her swollen oversensitive spot. "you're gonna cum all over my hard cock like a good little slut and make it slippery before I stick it up your ass"

Nev spread her legs even further, threw her head back and arched her back, lifting her pelvis up even more and sweated heavily now. The muscles in her stomach contracting and releasing and making the skin ripple. It felt so much better when someone else touched her clit than when she did it herself and the tapping fingers on her erect centerpoint brought her up in extacy fast. She cried out, body spasming as large splashes of clear liquid gushed out of her wide-open cunt, not only wettening his cock, but also his stomach and legs.

PimpGuy looks down as she squirts her juices all over him. His jaw falls down as he says "wow! that was a good one!". He presses his hand over her belly and holds her body down while it's still shaking, waiting for her to calm down a little. His hand moves over her hip after that and he pushes her, making her flip over, pulling his cock out.

Nev doesnt even attempt to catch her breath, gasping wildly for air she isnt done yet. Without any struggle does she let him flip her over and willingly she sticks her ass up in the air towards him, keeping her legs spread wide so her cheeks are parted some. The abused rearhole is widened too, muscles not as tight as they were the day before and drops of her own cum dribble down her gaping cunt.

PimpGuy slaps her ass cheek hard and presses his throbbing cock against her back hole. He tells her "now we're gonna make it a bit harder for you", as he grabs her hips and rams his penis up her ass all the way in. "I'm gonna pound that tight hole as hard as I can and I won't stop until you cum again. If I cum before you, you'll suck my cock hard and we start it all over again". He grins moving his hands up and down her back caressing her skin and waits for her reaction.

Nev inhaled deep with a gasp, the flesh inside raw and torn from having been taken in her tight hole twice .. and now a third time. Once his cock is pushed in all the way, she relaxes a bit .. squirming her hips around to find a more comfortable angle. She is so horny and needy though, cumming wouldnt be that much of a problem .. despite the pain. She drops her head down and rests her forehead on the ground, arching her back again and pushing her ass back against him. Then she moves one hand down and back under her, reaching between her legs and a little further untill her fingers find his sack. She lets the pads of her fingertips slide over his balls while the palm of her hand presses against her clit.

PimpGuy looks down at the perfect curve of her back as he places his hands over her shoulders. "That's right you better start rubbing yourself", he says as he starts to ram his cock deep and hard violently, squeezing his teeth and getting all the collected anger out on the helphess horny body below him.

Nev rubbed her clit, meanwhile caressing his nuts as they were slammed into her ass as he rammed into her. A little stream of sweat trinkles down her spine starting at the small of her back and sliding down to her neck. "YES!" she screams, rubbing more feverishly now and starting to tremble again .. her muscles exhausted from the many climaxes. Her hand wet from her still dripping cunt she is on the verge of an orgasm and encourages him by thrusting her ass back and forth against his pumping motions. "Cum inside of me!!" she yelled out, waiting to feel his cock expand inside of her just before he would release his semen.

PimpGuy groans loud, as he keeps pounding her little hole. He's amazed she doesn't scream from pain this time, and seems to enjoy it ... "maybe it's the drugs", he thinks, knowing with all the rapes going around this hole is not gonna be so tight for very long, so he better make the best of it while he can. He shakes his head again as he moans, feeling he's getting close "I want to cum all over your boobs this time", he says "and you won't clean them before going out again. Maybe that guy will think you have worked hard for him when he sees that"

Nev couldnt wait any longer and shoved her hand into her cunt, thrusting it in deep and howling out as she came with another explosion of liquids, squirting all over him and herself. She keeps her hand buried inside her cave, letting her fingers caress the inside of the sensitive walls while inhaling and exhaling heavily, head still resting on the floor. "Okay." she just mumbled.

PimpGuy pulls his cock out and slaps her ass hard, leaving a red hand mark over the sweaty cheek. He steps wide, looking down at her and commands her, breathing heavily "stick it in your mouth and make me cum!"

Nev crawled up quickly and kneeled down in front of him, wrapping her hands around his behind and slurping in the big fat cock hastily. Without starting off easy and gentle she gulped its entire length into her mouth, sucking hard on it and letting her teeth expertly graze over the soft skin as she let it slide out again, making sure it wouldnt hurt. She kept her legs spread wide as she sat in front him, a burning sensation in her ass and her cunt still on fire she needed the air to cool her off some.

PimpGuy hold his hands behind his ass, knowing already she doesn't need to be forced to take it all. He arches his back and looks up, trying to breath deep and hold it back a bit longer, but she's quite good at it and he doesn't have a chance. He thrusts his hips against her as she sucks him and soon looses control, whispering between his moans "oh god ... I'm gonna cum, pull it out ..."

Nev loved the taste of cum and it felt ashame to pull away just before the bonus, but even though she was drugged she knew perfectly well this was a guy she shouldnt mess with. With a 'customer' she might have just continued to suck, selfishly wanting to feel the result of her work being squirted out on her tongue. But she obeys and lets it slide out with a soft plop, flipping her hair back over her shoulders she sits up straight in front of him, shoulders pulled back so her firm breasts were perked up a bit more, ready for him to shoot his cum over her.

PimpGuy grabs his cock firm and strokes it savagely as he points it at her breasts, stepping closer to her. "fuck!", he shouts a few times repeatedly as his stomach muscles contract a few times before his cock explodes, starting to squirt a huge load of hot sticky spunk all over her jugs. He tries to move his spasming body from side to side as much as he can, attempting to cover them all. Knees get weak and he has to do some effort to stay up as the streams of cum start to loose power and his orgasm slowly fades away.

Nev watches the splurts of cum painting white splotches on her breasts, then notices his wobbly legs and brings her arms up again to support his hips. It was funny how she was afraid of him but also felt he was the only one she knew she could trust. As long as she didnt have another choice, she'd stick with him .. obeying him seemed worthwhile, he had even been kind to her and she needed help with that other guy. When he is all done cumming does she curls her lips up in a smile and moves her head forwards, puckering her lips out and plants a soft kiss on the sensitive head.

PimpGuy trembles as her lips touch the oversensitive flesh. He looks down at her and tells her "there should be still some left inside if you wanna taste it". He takes a deep breath, feeling totally exhausted and puts his hand over her head caressing it.

Nev looked up at him, her eyesight finally getting less blurry and her smile broadens. She parts her lips and gently takes in his cock again, careful not to suck too hard after he had just cum she takes it in all the way, letting her tonsils wrestle with the head and bringing one hand from his hip to the base, curling her fingers around it and squeezing down on it. Then she starts to move her head back and forth, her flattened tongue caressing the soft skin and slowly increasing the suction as if to suck the last droplets out of him.

PimpGuy trembles again, taking a deep breath, trying to stay cool. He loves how his body reacts to it right after he came and doesn't tell her to stop right away, letting her do it a bit longer, while he runs his fingers to her hair. "Those drugs make you a really good girl you know", he grins as he steps back and pulls his cock out of her mouth afraid it's gonna get hard again if she keeps on sucking it like that. "think it's time to put what's left of your clothes back on before you lost them too", he smiles at her

Nev frowns slightly, looking up at him from her kneeling position. "Its not the drugs." she said, her voice low but sincere "The drugs make me horny as hell, but I behave because I want to. I need your help with that creep." She doesnt tell him that she actually likes the way he behaves when she doesnt piss him off, that would be too much information for now. She then gets up, brushing her breasts over his chest .. seemingly by accident, but the faint smile on her lips betrays her and lets him know she did it fully intentionally. Then she turns to the couch, plonks down on it and starts to pull on her stockings.

PimpGuy grabs her gloves from the couch and brushes his chest with them before he throws them back to her. He turns around and walks over to the sink, taking her money and coming back, handing them to her. "There 150 bucks as I promised. Dunno what you gonna buy, but better buy it fast or hide them somewhere and don't carry them with you. There are a lot of people like me round here and they won't hesitate to rob you before they rape you", he gives her a friendly advice as he starts to get dressed too.

Nev had forgotten about the money and was pleasantly surprised he remembered and gave her her full share of it. She puts the folded bills back into her stocking, shoving them down some so her boot would cover it. Then she takes her gloves, makes a pouty face and rubs the fabric over the couch to sort of clean them of his semen before putting them on too. "I'll buy myself some clothes!" she announced, quite cheery, her eyes now focussed on him and watching him get dressed.

PimpGuy pouts making a face "That's bad news for me, I loved to look at you naked while you're out there". He reaches to his belt adjusting it and adds "anyways, women's clothes don't last long in this city. If I were you I would buy something I could keep .... and one more thing ... don't tell anyone about this place ... even if he threatens to kill you"

Nev bites on her lips some, pondering over what he said. She wouldnt know what else to buy besides clothes, she felt extremely vulnerable and exposed without them, not to mention .. cold. She arises from the couch, nods at him and makes her way to the door "I wont tell a soul." She made sure not to brush up against him again, not wanting to smear his clothes with his own seed.

PimpGuy turns his head after her and grins. "That's right, time to get back to work, the jerks are waiting". He gives her another spank on her ass as she passes by and walks over to the oven, grabbing a fork and starting to eat right from the pot.

Nev had also forgotten to eat or even think about food, but as she saw him dig in to the food her stomach turned and she just shook her head, continuing her way to the door and stepping out. "Watch out for me, please?" she asked him as she stood outside, eager to go and buy an outfit, but not looking forward to meeting that drug guy or any other freaks for that matter.

PimpGuy shouts after her "yeh, sure" not taking his eyes from the meal, she got him really tired this time and he needs to eat to recover as fast as possible. "I'll be right there in a while", he says and he's chewing a mouthfull and some of the food drops over the floor between his lips.


She had bought herself a dress. Settling in her role as 'whore' had she chosen to get a dress that would attract clients. It was funny how soon a person 'accepts' the situation they are in. She could have tried to use her money to try and escape. Ofcourse the thought had crossed her mind. But without any recollection of who she was and where she came from, where would she escape to? The city she was in, it was not a 'normal' city. There was no public transportation. No busses you could hop on, no taxis, no trains. Maybe if she hadnt had that encounter with 'Stubble', maybe then .. maybe she would have had the nerve to try and find a way out. But in her mind, PimpGuy was someone who would protect her from creeps like Stubble. PimpGuy could be harsh and grumpy, but he gave her baths instead of drugs. One day into the life of a whore and Nev had already given in to the fact that that was indeed her life.

- - - - -

"Hello Sir .. can I be of service to you maybe?" Nev asked with a timid smile.

Male Client ML looks at her up and down and smiles. He raises his eyebrows after she speaks. "Maybe whats the cost?"

Nev's smile widens some and she lowers her eyes to stare at the concrete when she speaks "You pay me what you seem fit Sir. If youre not satisfied, you wont have to pay at all."

Male Client ML lets his tongue slips out over his bottem lip. He shoves his hands in his pockets and looks her in the eye. "You look like you suck a mean dick hmm?" he grins at here his eyes locking hers.

Nev bit her underlip some and pushed herself off of the pole, walking over closer to the man while dropping her hands down. She slowly pulls the fabric of her little dress up and over her head, shoving the soft shiny fabric in her boot. She'd had one client ripping her clothes off and she wanted to prevent that from happening again. "I can do whatever you want Sir. Lead the way please."

Male Client ML eyes widen at the sudden act of pulling her dress off out of no where "My my you move fast. Thats a good thing. Follow me I know a good place off the main road." he gives her naked body a look over and wistles before begining to lead her off.

Nev followed him quickly and grimaced slightly when he took her to the gas station where she was first abused. She steps up to him again and leans into him, her bare breasts pressed against his muscular chest and her stiff nipples piercing through the fabric of his shirt. Her hands undo his pants and reach inside as she whispers to him "How do you like it Sir?"

Male Client ML’s stomach sucks in to let her hand easy acess down to his cock. As her hand grips his meat he feels it start to slowly stiffen for her. "On you knees" He says matter of factly as he hikes down his pants only half way and his cock lays draped exposed in front of her. "And do it nasty." He says.

Nev drops down on her knees, her eyes focussed on his cock dangling in front of her. Slowly she licks her lips to wetten them before sucking in the cockhead quite abruptly. Nasty he wanted it, nasty he would get, she thought to herself. With quick circling motions does the swirl the tip of her tongue around the head before sucking in the entire length of the shaft, her nose buried into his pubes. She lifts up her eyes to look at him, get some sign of approval, or instructions of how to do it different.

Male Client ML winces as her her wet tounge licks around his cock head. And then as it engulfs him all the way he lets out a deep sigh. He catches her eyes looking up at him. "Fuck yeah" he places a hand on her head holding her deep on his cock. "You love that stranger’s cock in your mouth dont you slut."

"Mhhhngh" Nev mumbled in positive response, unable to speak up with such a large and delicious piece of meat in her mouth. One hand moves up to gently cup his sack, fingers carefully folding around it and she starts to squeeze his balls expertly. She tries to move her head back just a little, the way he pushed her down now. she couldnt even breath through her nose as it was dug into his skin. Her other hand goes up and around and claws into a buttock, eyes still looking up at him she extends one finger and slides it in between his ass cheeks, letting the pad of her fingertip massage his rearhole. This was tricky, some men loved it, some men really got upset about it, but he'd said he liked it nasty.

Male Client ML looked down at her with clenched cheeks again catching her eyes staring at him. He grunts as he feels her squeeze and tug his balls. He pushes his hips hard against her mouth as her finger nails rake his ass cheeks. But when her finger slips between his ass cheeks he clenches them tight. "Mnmm girl." before grabbing the base of his cock and pulling it from her lips. He uses the other hand to pull her head back by the hair and turn her face up towards him. He beasts his cock against her face. The mix of saliva and precum leaving a sticky trail of spit connecting her cheek to his cock. He rubs it against her face and points it at her "Spit on it then suck it." he commands her.

Nev drops her hand from his behind, realising this is one of the guys that did not like that. Instead she brings her hand down in between her own legs, her cunt needy still, lips swollen and her clit at least two times its normal size and aching to be touched she starts to rub herself, while doing what he told her. She collected some saliva in her mouth and spit it on his cock .. then sucked it in again, flattening her tongue against the soft skin of his rockhard cock, feeling the veins throbbing. She starts to suck him hard and deep, letting the head bump against her tonsils, pulling it out almost entirely and making a big mess of saliva and pre, dribbling down her chin and onto her breasts.

Male Client ML lets out a low growl as he sees her getting messy with the spit on his cock. He places his hand on the top of her head to pump her a little faster for a few strokes before reaching it down to grip her breast hard. He squeezes her roughly before noticing her other hand rubbing her clit. "Yeah sucking that big cock makes your slutty pussy soak doesnt it whore." he states. His fingers pinch her stiff nipple as she burys his cock in her face.

Nev's moans are muffled, still under he influence of he drugs she had been forced to take, her body was oversensitive and she couldnt help the urges. She pulled her shoulders back some, lifting up her breasts as he pinched her painfully stiff nipple and groans loader, continuing to rub herself. She keeps on sucking fast, changing the suction from just a bit to almost sucking his inside out of he little hole, the hand cupping his balls massaging them a little harder now, almost trying to squeeze the semen out of him.

Male Client ML sweating and breathing really hard now as the orgasm begins to build. He reaches up with both hands and takes her by the side of the head. "Ready baby Im going to feed this cock to you." he sais before begining to pump her on and off his cock roughly. He clenches his jaw feeling his stiff prick gliding between her full lips. He yanks her on and off his meat pumping it into the back of her throat with each stroke using her mouth.

Nev lashed her tongue around his shaft, stimulating him even more as he pumped her hard. He didnt give her time to swallow the abundance of saliva and pre and gurgly sounds are heard everytime he thrusts in deep, the mixture of fluids dribbling down and making her entire face, chest and breasts sticky. She stops rubbing herself and places both hands on his ass to assist him to smash into her throat.

Male Client ML grunts as he fucks her mouth. Sweat drips off his forhead landing on her knees. His pumping begins to become mechanical. His mind narrows all he can think about is the sensation on his cock. His breathing quick and shallow. The orgasm suddenly comes washing over him like a wave. His brows furrow with pleasure as his cock begins to throb between her lips and a thick rope of hot cum shoots down her throat. He pulls it out leaving only the cock head in her mouth as the second shot of cum blankets her tounge. He groans loudly his legs shivering as he emptys his balls into her mouth.

Nev almost chokes on the first load as he shoots it way back in her throat, but manages to catch her breath quickly and lets him empty his cum in her mouth. She doesnt swallow just yet, collecting the white thready sperm on her tongue and swirling it around the sensitive head with slow lazy motions. She felt her own juices drip down her innerthighs and she rocks her hips some. Then she looked up at him again, wanting to know what to do with his cum .. if he wanted nasty and messy .. she could let it dribble down her body .. she'd prefer to just swallow it though.

Male Client ML looks down at her he pulls his cock in her mouth to drag the whole vein out clearing the last bit of cum in it. He looks down at her "Show it to me then eat it." he commands her. Looking down still breathing hard he watches to see her do as she is told.

Nev leans her head back, opens her mouth and shows him the collected load of cum on her tongue. She plays with it some, swirling it around in her mouth and making it bigger by adding her own saliva. When she thought he'd seen enough she swallowed it all and opened her mouth again, to show him it was all gone. Still squirming her pelvis she keeps her hands on his hips and asks with her low soft voice "Did you enjoy it Sir?"

Male Client ML smiles down at her as his breathing begins to slow down and the sweat cools his exposed skin "Mhmm your very good at what you do." he takes the half inflated cock beating her lips with it playfully and wiping the eye on her lips. He takes a step back out of her grip and tucks his cock down his pants again. "I suppose youll be wanting payment for a good job." he smirks reaching into his pocket and pulling out a decent sized fold of cash.

Nev stays down on her knees and bows her head a little "Only if you think I deserve it Sir." she said again, seeing the bills being pulled out from the corner of her eye and her heart skipping a beat of pleasure. If he'd pay her that would mean she wouldnt get beaten up later when she returned to give PimpGuy his share.

Male Client ML unfolds the wad of cash all 50s. He pulls out one and then considering how good of a blow job it was another. He smiles at her and holds em out to her "Your a good slut I hope I see you around again some time." He then tucks the fold back into the inside pocket of his jacket.

Nev takes the money from him, her lips curled up in a thankful smile, and folds the bills neatly before tucking them down her stocking, shoving them down deep enough so her boot would cover it. "It was my pleasure Sir, your cock is delicious!" she said, trying to make it sound sincere. "I'll be of service anytime you want to." she added.

Male Client ML smiles at the girl on her knees liking the way the precum and spit made her face gleam up at him as she smiled. "Well be carfull out there sweet heart Ill see you around." he turns leaving the girl naked on her knees.

Nev watches him walk off before pushing herself up to a stand.

- - - - -

And another hundred dollars. She had known that threehundred for a blowjob was over the top and she was satisfied to have pleased another client enough that he was willing to pay her. A hundred dollars was not bad at all. Nev couldnt deny that the drugs Stubble had given her made her job, for herself, a little easier. But thruth be told, even if her body wasnt in a state of constant arousal, as long as her clients were 'descent', she actually enjoyed making sure that they were satisfied.

- - - - -

Nev walks up to .. well .. whatever his name was and smiles at him while reaching down her boot and giving him the money she had earned "You keep it safe for me please?"

PimpGuy looks at Nevan, raising his eyebrows and starting to grin as he counts the money and sticks them into his pocket "you come back too soon ... good job by the way"

Nev shrugged slightly and started to walk off again, looking back over her shoulder she sais "Just happened to see you, I'd rather not walk around with that much cash on me." she explained herself.

* * * * *

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