Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 5

* * * * *

Day 5

* * * * *

The following morning did Nev wake up in the caravan and only remembered bits and pieces of what had happened the day before. A little disappointed to find herself alone and with a weird feeling in her stomach that made her blush when she thought about Daemon. She was falling for him but found it hard to believe herself and would never want to admit that to him. After taking a bath and replenishing her bodily fluids with a whole lot of water does she head back to the streets, determined to earn Daemon a lot of money so he would be proud of her.

- - - - -

Nev smiles timidly as she walks up to the man standing alone and looking as if he has nothing better to do "Hello Sir."

Male WR: yes, what do you want?

Nev bows her head down some and stares at the curbstone, the timid smile still curled on her lips "Just wanted to ask if I could be of service to you Sir."

Male WR raises an eyebrow " great another prostutite looking for some cash, sorry not interested right now sweetcakes"

Nev shrugged lightly and stepped back from him "Anytime Sir." With hastened pace does she go on her way in search of another potential client, she desperately needed to make some money or Daemon wouldnt be happy with her.

- - - - -

Guess you cant expect every man to be horny as fuck and interested in you. But getting rejected made Nev feel very insecure.

- - - - -

Nev observes the man standing in the middle of the street with tilted head, throws him a timid smile and speaks with a low soft voice "Hello Sir."

Male MJ turns with a lingering eye and watches the woman for a moment before taking a step in closer to her. "A woman has to be careful in a place like this, dressed that revealingly. Most of the men here assume anything they see belongs to them."

Nev bows her head down a little when he closes the distance between them. With the faint smile still clistered on her lips does she stare at the concrete and replies "Arent you 'most' men?"

Male MJ watches her dip her head, taking her eyes from his as he moves closer. "I'm up here, you know? And no, no I am hardly most men."

Nev lifts her eyes up at him, bites her lip for a moment before almost whispering "Can I be of service to you maybe?"

Male MJ closes the distance and reaches the back of his hand to run across her cheek. "Another time, perhaps, my business pulls me from such pleasant distractions now unfortunately."

Nev pushes her cheek into his caressing hand and lets out a disappointed sigh "Another time .. any time Sir."

- - - - -

Great, another rejection. At least this one had seemed interested.

- - - - -

Nev observes the man near her with tilted head, smiles timidly at him and speaks in a hushed voice "Hello Sir."

Male EA was making his way towards the DG when a woman spoke to him, stopping in his track he would look at her "Yeh?" his eyes quickly scanning her as he awaited her answer..

Nev stepped a little closer to him, her head bowed down some she whispers "Can I be of service to you Sir?"

Male EA begins to laugh and walk away shaking his head "Ya really think i need to pay for that shit?" his laughter loud as he continued walking..

Nev arches a brow, raising her voice so he'd hear her she muttered "Who said anything about payment!"

Male EA stops and turns around, his laughter stopped almost as soon as he stopped walking, his eyes looking over to her once again as he tips his fedora lower "I can tell ya type.. nobody needs to say anything about payments" his eyes moving over to her now he would grin "Plus that still dont mean im intrested.."

Nev nodded and lowered her eyes to the pavement "Not for now .. maybe another time Sir." A slight fluster coloured her cheeks and she shook her head so her hair would cover it.

Male EA would shake his head as he stared at the woman "Didnt mean to be a prick, but you should really consider a career change.." giving her one last look he would turn around and continue on his way..

Nev sighed in frustration, this day had been slow as hell, and if she didnt get any client soon she was sure to receive a serious beating later. "Not that I have much choice." she mumbled softly to herself as she watched the man walk off.

Male EA stops walking, his hearing was not the best but he had heard her, reaching in his pocket he would find a wad of cash, taking apart around 700 dollars from it he would grab it in his left hand, turning around he would walk towards the woman once again, handing the money to her he would smile "Get on a bus, and leave this town" not saying anything else he would turn around and continue walking..

Nev's jaw dropped as she took the stash of cash from him. "Wh-why .. thank you!" she gasped out in utter amazement. Quickly she shoved the bills down her stocking, pushing the bulge down far enough so that her boot would cover it. She watched him walk away again before turning around herself to rush over to the meeting point, where she'd feel a little more safer waiting to be picked up again now that she was carrying around this much cash.

- - - - -

Yet another rejection, but .... wow! No other words come to mind besides ... wow!

- - - - -

Male Client SK extracts a cigarette from his pack and pats his pockets. "you gotta light?" and continues patting down his pockets looking for his lighter.

Female HA turns around, confused and looks around, sees a man in black leather jacket "are you talking to me? mister?"

Male Client SK nods slowly and then makes a lighter gesture by flicking his thumb and waving his cigaret. "Yes.. Do. You Have. A. Light" he says slower.

Nev reaches down her left boot and pulls out a box of matches, waving the box in the air she raises her voice some to the man in the street "You need to be set on fire Sir?"

Female HA shakes her head, "no sir do I look like someone who smokes? perhaps you can try the convenient store down the alley I am sure they can help ya" *points at a random direction*

Male Client SK chuckles. "Yes.....but let's first just start by setting my cigarette on fire......"

Nev smiles timidly when the man approaches and extends her arm towards him to hand him the box of matches "Here you go Sir." she said with a soft low voice.

Male Client SK shakes the box and then extracts a match, strikes it and lights his ciggy with it. "Thanks". He tosses the box of matches back and then turns back to Female HA "you know, everyone smokes.....especially when set on fire....."

Nev catches the box and quickly shoves it back in its hiding place, her head bowed down a little but her eyes lifted up at him she speaks "I could set more things on fire for you Sir, if you'd want to."

Female HA nods to the black leather man, "indeed, but this girl gets a pretty bad headache when she smokes"

A smirk forms on Nev’s lips, checking the girl out from the corner of her eyes and she slowly shakes her head some before trying to get eyecontact with the man again.

Male Client SK: “Maybe you haven't been smoking the right kind of stuff......”

Female HA: "what should I be smoking then?" *laughs*

Male Client SK reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small handrolled joint. "WEll there's always one of these....." He then watches the woman wander away. "Oh well...." and looks back at Nev. "So, setting stuff on fire eh? nice hobby....."

Nev wrinkles her nose and lowers her gaze at the pavement when she sees the joint. She had had her fair share of drugs and wasnt into anything of that. "It is my job Sir." she said, looking back up at him with her big blue eyes. "I work to please."

Male Client SK nods. "There much work available around here for pyromaniacs? I figure the cops wouldn't take too kindly to burnin the city down to the ground...."

Nev pushes herself up from the bench and closes the distance between them, stopping just a feet or two away from him. She keeps her head bowed down a little "I havent had any problems with the cops yet Sir .. matter of fact .. they dont mind a bit of heat themselves."

Male Client SK rubs his chin. "The cops always try to shake me down.....must be my sparkling peronality........"

Nev fakes a sincere giggle, tilts her head and whispered "Can I be of service to you Sir?"

Male Client SK ponders a moment out loud. "Well, I don't need anything else set on fire......what other services do you provide?"

Nev shrugged ever so slightly "Anything you desire Sir. Like I said .. it is my job to please."

Male Client SK mulls it over in his mind. "Well why don't you lead the way and we can just see where it goes from there......"

Nev's lips curled up in a smile, proud of herself to maybe have found herself a client and she nods at him "Ofcourse Sir." then turns around and leads him to a more deserted part of town. Her hands grab the bottom of her skimpy dress and she pulls it over her head while walking, bending down to shove the soft shiny fabric in her boot. Too many clients had ripped her clothes off already and she was fed up with it.

Male Client SK follows her swaying hips and then finally looks up to where he's at. "Nice you got here...."

Nev couldnt help but chuckle, looking around the filthy gasstation, air filled with ranchid oil and gasoline damp. She moves closer to him and softly brushes her bare breasts against his chest, almost as if it were accidentally "What would you like me to do for you Sir?"

Male Client SK pulls his gloves off and lets his hands touch your skin. "mmm..." he says as he drops his cigarette onto the ground an crushes it with his boot. "how about we see how talented of a mouth you have to start with....."

Nev shudders a little when his hand touches her, she nods and slides her fingers between the waistline of his pants and stomach, tucking it gently to make him follow her. Then she pushes him back against the gastank so he could lean against something before she kneeled down in front of him. Fingers swiftly undoing his pants and folding around his cock to pull it out. She lifts her eyes up at him before doing anything else "How do you like it Sir?"

Male Client SK smiles down at her. "surprise me......."

Nev nods again and pushes her nose against the cockhead, nuzzling it and sniffing in the typical male scent. Then she wettens her lips, presses a kiss on the tip, parts her lips some and lets the head slide into her mouth. The tip of her tongue sways in slow circles around the head and she suckles gently. Some men liked it rough and hard, others preferred the more gentle approach. She figured he would give her instructions if he wasnt pleased.

Male Client SK slowly pulls off his jacket and lets it pool at his feet as he places his hand on her head. "mmm yeah.....just like that.....soft and slow...." She’d notice the gun strapped to his side as it's now not hidden by his coat.

Nev slowly sucked in more of the shaft, inch by inch she let it slide in untill her nose was buried into his pubes and the cockhead bounced against her tonsils. Her flattened tongue put pressure on the shaft and she felt the veins through the soft skin. With eyes halfclosed she does spot the gun, which in this town, wasnt that much of a surprise. Most of her clients were armed.

Male Client SK lets out a groan of pleasure as his hips slowly begin to move back and forth with the movement of your mouth and he slowly begins to fuck your mouth with his hard throbbing flesh, grunting softly as the sensitive underside of the head of his cock scrubs back andforth over your tongue. "mmm yeah........."

Nev lifts one hand up to cup his sack, fingers tenderly curling around it she starts to massage his balls. Her head bobbing back and forth she plays with the suction, increasing and decreasing it. She doesnt allow herself time to swallow the abundance of saliva forming in her mouth and it starts to dribble down her chin onto her chest. Her other hand reached down between her legs and she starts to play with her private parts, rubbing her clit with the pad of a fingertip and spreading the slightly swollen glistening petals.

Male Client SK begins moving his hips a little faster as his hips move back and forth, using her soft mouth as a warm wet hole to fuck as the pleasure her sucking mouth and soft pink tongue are creating causes his cock to begin to ooze salty pre-cum onto her tongue. "mmm yeah....put your fingers in your pussy. I want it wet and ready for my cock......."

Nev moans in a positive response, unable to speak with his impressive piece of meat in her mouth. She lashes her flattened tongue against his rockhard shaft and is pleased to taste pre oozing from the head. She extends three fingers and digs them between her lips into her hot cave, the palm of her hand now rubbing her clit faster as she starts to fuck herself. Gurgling noises are heard the faster he moves his hips and forced his cock into the back of her throat, mixed with splattering noises from down between her legs and her owns fluids start to drip down her innerthighs.

Male Client SK groans louder and pulls his cock from her mouth and rubs the head against her lips. "Your pussy nice and wet for me?"

Nev let out a soft disappointed 'eep' when he pulled out so abruptly, lifts her head up at him and nods "It is Sir!" still moving her hand up and down quickly into her cunt.

Male Client SK leads her to get down on hands and knees and rubs his saliva slicked cock up and down her wet slit before positioning it at the entrance of her pussy and slowly begins to sink his hot hard flesh into her silky wet depths.

Nev lets him lead her into the new position and spreads her leg wide for him, arches her back and pouts her ass up in the air, exposing the fleshy cheeks and her swollen waiting cave. She grinds her hips in circular motions when he teasingly slides his cock against her lips and moans beggingly to be taken, letting out a satisfied sigh when he finally enters and pushes back down to pierce herself onto his welcome hot rod.

Male Client SK moves his hips, plunging deep inside of her, the thick head of his cock spreading her open to push his veiny shaft deep inside of her and then pulling back leaving her feeling empty only to drive himself back deep inside. His hips gently slap agains her ass as he picks up the pace and his panting becomes more ragged "mmmm fucking like that?"

The splattering of her liquids, wettening his crotch and her innerthighs should be proof enough of Nev liking it and she eagerly rocks her hips back and forth to meet his thrusts, the warm soft walls contracting around his huge cock in a milking way. Her breathing has become unsteady and beads of sweat appear on her back. "Yes Sir!" she pants in between her moans.

Male Client SK shifts his legs under himself and then begins driving his hips fast and hard, his hips slapping against her ass as he pounds his cock in and out of her tight wet hole. He growls lowly "mmm I'm going to fill your pussy with my hot cum.....mmm I'm so close..."

Nev repositions herself so that she could support herself with only one hand, bringing the other one back down under her, reaching far back to let her fingertips tickle his nutsack that slammed against her. Her wrist conveniently rubbing the clit that was now almost twice its size and peeked out from under its hood, erect, sensitive and deeppink. "Fill me up please?" she moaned, stimulating herself while trying to make it even better for him. She stopped breathing as the tension started to build up and her body stiff and slightly trembling prepared itself for the rush of climax.

Male Client SK groans loudly as he feels her playing with his cum filled balls. He saws his cock faster and deeper as he feels his balls tighten and pleasure and cum suddenly rush up the length of his shaft and erupts deep inside of her while his cock swells and then begins throbbing and jerking in the tight confines of her pussy. His balls pump gob after gob of his hot sticky cum into her pussy, splashing against the tight wet walls with each spurt.

Nev gasped when she felt his cock expand inside her craving cunt and she started to jerk and spasm in front of him just before the first splash of his semen filled her up. Clear liquid gushed out from her pussy in several waves and she had to take away her hand that was playing with her clit, both because she needed the extra support to keep herself up as well as that her clit now was too sensitive to bare being touched. "YESSS!" she screamed out, throwing her head back, eyes rolling around in their sockets. It wasnt often a client actually managed to please her and she considered it a huge bonus.

Male Client SK holds his cock deep inside of her as his balls empty themselves. He drapes his body over hers, his chest pressed against her back as he tries to catch his breath when the last dribbles of cum empty inside of her.

Nev sinks down onto the cold and filthy concrete, her muscles so sour and trembling she cant keep herself up. Ass up high in the air she pushes it up far to let his cock sink in as deep as possible inside of her. "Wow" she sighed, with a smile on her lips ... cooling her sweaty forehead on the ground.

Male Client SK smiles at her. "You were right about serving to please...."

Nev turned her head some to look at him, her body exhausted and steaming in the chilly nightair. "W-will you pay me?" she asked shyly and almost embarrassed about it. She never liked this part of the business, but if she didnt bring home cash she would be punished, and above all, she wanted to please the man that had claimed her and expected her to earn him money.

Male Client SK pulls up his pants tucking his spent cock back in his pants. He smiles as he pulls them back up. "Of course....lady has to make a living too......"

Nev crawls up into a kneeling position in front of him. A mixture of her own cum and his semen seeping out from between the folds of her pussy and leaving a marbled white wet splotch on the ground. "Thank you Sir."

Male Client SK pulls out a money clip, pulls the clip free from the bundle of bills it holds and hands the whole bundle of 250 dollars in total over to the woman. "Is that enough?"

Nev blinks, her mouth falling open some as she stares up at the bundle of bills. She reaches for it hesitantly and nods "Only if you think I was worth it Sir."

Male Client SK crouches down and runs his fingers through her hair as he brushes it away from your face. "every cent."

Nev smiles at him, relieved about everything and she shoves the cash into her stocking, tucking it down deep so her boot would cover it. "You are most kind Sir. I will be of service to you anytime you want."

Male Client SK smiles. "I'd like that.....". He touches her face. "You can put your clothes on if you'd's a little cold out here..."

Nev nods and reaches down her other boot to pull out her dress. Apparantly her boots were the barer of all her wordly possesions. She puts the skimpy dress back on and then wipes her pussy with her gloved hand to remove most of the slippery wet evidence of what she'd just been up to.

Male Client SK bends down and touches your face again. "See ya around, hot stuff...."

Nev giggles softly, her already flustered cheeks reddening some more. "I hope so." she mumbled. She didnt even care that much about how much he had paid her, it had been a pleasant surprise to find a client who didnt abuse her and had given her an orgasm instead.

Male Client SK smiles and picks up his coat and strolls down the alley.

Nev stays in her kneeling position and watches him walk away. She doesnt get up untill he is out of sight and then she makes her way to her hiding place to dispose of her earnings. It would be ashame to have them get stolen from her.

- - - - -

Hook ‘em and Reel ‘em in. Nev was damn proud of herself for having managed to lure this client into getting his attention when he was clearly on the prowl for someone else. She would never want to wear other footwear than her boots, they were amazing .. she had all sorts of things shoved in there .. and the box of matches had just earned her twohundred and fifty dollars!!

- - - - -

Male BJ: damn cold out to be dressed like that

Nev throws the man who stopped right in front of her a timid smile "Indeed Sir .. it is all I can afford."

Male BJ: “Not much business tonight huh?”

Nev shrugged ever so slightly "Its not my nature to complain."

Male BJ: “I feel kinda sorry for you, can I offer you some money?”

Nev tilted her head and frowned "Can I offer you something in return?" she asked in a hushed voice.

Male BJ: “Yes you could cover up, I can't live with a guilty concsience should I walk away and some hoodlum comes upon you and does who knows what.”

Nev glanced at the other man that stopped near her and gives him a little nod, her lips curled up some.

Male BJ tosses the girl a few bills...  “Please cover up.”

Nev blinked at his words and catches the cash which she immediately shoves into her boots "Thank you Sir!" She watches him walk away before returning her attention to the other man "Can I be of service to you Sir?"

Male Client LM smiles at her "Come on, you know what I want."

Nev bowed her head down, almost shyly "Ofcourse .. it will be my pleasure Sir."

Male Client LM looks around "you find a place"

Nev pushes herself up from the bench and closes the distance between them, gives him another timid smile and turns away from him. "Follow me Sir."

Male Client LM nods at her

Nev leads him to the gasstation which almost always is kinda deserted "What would you like me to do Sir?" she whispers, leaning in to him some so her breasts brush over his chest.

Male Client LM looks around and shakes his head at the place "Find somewhere else"

Nev arches a brow and then nods "Ofcourse Sir."

Nev leads him to a shack and closes the door behind him "Is this better Sir?"

Male Client LM nods "Perfect"

Nev smiled and quickly pushed down the skimpy dress that didnt cover much of her body at all. She shoves the fabric down her boot and looks up at him "How can I help you Sir?"

Male Client LM rubs his chin and smiles at her "By letting me taste you..." he said and stepped closer to her

Nev blinked, most men did not request that. She spreads her leg and runs her middlefinger through the deepred glistening petals, lifts her hand up at him and offers a taste. "Ofcourse Sir."

Male Client LM "It's something i love doing." he falls to his knees and quickly kisses her pussy and kisses it once more "mmm not bad" he said in a light voice almost like a whisper

Nev gasped when she saw him fall down to his knees, spread her legs further and tilted her pelvis up for him, pressing her private parts against his face. Unsure what to do with her hands, she holds them behind her and balded them into fists. "Ooow." she sighed.

Male Client LM stopped and looked up to her "Control me" then put his head back down and began to lick the outside of her pussy pressing his lips directly to it several times giving it kisses

Nev shuddered when she felt his tongue caress the soft skin of her swollen lips and she brought her hands in front of her and placed them on his head. Fingers brushed though his hair before clamping down on him tighter and pushing his face deeper into her burning cunt.

Male Client LM slowly began to stick his tongue inside of her and using his arms he stretched them out and placed them on her butt pushing her closer to his face hoping her pussy would be even closer. As his tongue went inside he twirled it around and began licking the inside and kissing the outside of it

Nev let her head fall back and rocked her hips against his mouth, soft moans emerging from her throat. She'd never had a client like this and couldnt help but wonder what the 'catch' would be. She lifted one leg up and curled it around his back, enabling him to enter her craving cave with his tongue even deeper.

Male Client LM sticks his tongue in deeper and began to lick faster and faster just mildly teasing her clit, then he stuck it in even deeper and began to massage her pussy with his tongue as he twirled it around her clit several times hoping she would enjoy it

Nev started to breathe heavily, clawing one hand into his hair she used more force to pull his head back and forth. She moved her other other hand up to start pinching and twisting her nipple. He'd feel she was trembling on her legs and in between unsteady breaths and louder moans does she whisper "I-I ... ngghhh ... n-need to .. " She never finished the sentence, but lowered herself to the floor, keeping a firm grasp of his hair and let herself plonk down on her ass, spread her legs wide in front of him and laid back down, her back arched and more wildly flipping her hips up and down, combined with a circular motion to let his tongue rub her clit in all the right places.

Male Client LM he would go down on the ground with her not taking his tongue out as he did this. He began to massage her clit faster and faster not letting his tongue off of it for anything. Then he strecthed his arms out and placed them onto her breasts rubbing them lightly as he still was licking her clit. After a while he moved his tongue all around her pussy licking the walls of it and licking it everywhere to make sure he covered every inch of it with his tongue, afterwards he moaned and began to brush his tongue against her clit again.

Nev's eyes rolled unseeing around in their sockets as her clit grew to at least twice its normal size and peeked out from under its hood erect, sensitive and deeppink. Growls swell up from deep within her and she wraps her legs around his shoulders, burying his ears and cheeks between her thighs. "Oooooh gaaawd!" she exclaimed extatically. Her constantly contracting muscles making her cunt look as if it was a goldfish out of its bowl gasping for air, showing the purple-red innerwalls of her cave when they released. Juices started to dribble down between her folds, wettening his entire face and leaving a small puddle on the wooden floor. "Fuck me!" she gasped, lifting her ass up further from the ground and forcing his face to almost disappear into soaking wet pussy.

Male Client LM’s face disappeared into her soaking wet pussy, licking all over it quickly to make sure none of her juices were wasted, as they went into his mouth you could her a quiet 'gulp' as he swallowed them down in his throat. After he cleaned most of the cum away from her pussy he tried to back his head away and as he did that, he smiled at her and asked her wondering "Did you enjoy that?" he chuckled just a bit at saying this, not awaiting her answer he gave her clit one more good kiss then back away and sat there looking at her smiling and wiping his mouth of her sweet juices.

Nev's body shuddered still and her legs dangled limp on his shoulders as he moved back some. She lifts her head up to stare at him, pupils wide and beads of sweat on her upperlip and forehead "You need t-to .. ask?" she asked with a raspy voice, lips curled up in a wide smile. "It was amazing!" she added.

Male Client LM laughed and smiled at her "Glad you enjoyed it, ashame I have to cut this short but it seems I must get going, I am needed somewhere" he said in a sigh as he wished he could have stayed longer "So how much do I owe you this time?"

Nev blinked, she should be paying him for what he just had done to her. "That is up to you Sir." she said. "I dont have standard rates, clients pay according to how satisfying they have found me."

Male Client LM reaches into his pocket and takes out a wallet. He grabs 400 dollars and holds it out to her hoping she will take it, "I am glad you allowed me to do that, it was amazing and I really enjoyed it" smiling at her "I hope we can maybe do this again sometime real soon?"

Nev's jaw drops when she sees the amount of money offered to her. Almost embarrassed to take it, she does accept it. "I really hope so too Sir, I'll be at your service whenever you want me to!"

Male Client LM nods and smiles at her "farewell for now, I'll be seeing you real soon"

Nev stays down on the ground, her body still shuddering and exhausted "Be careful." she whispered.

- - - - -

Fuckin’ FourHundred Dollars to get my pussy licked??? Could this day get any better?

- - - - -

Nev had been on her way to the caravan but let her eyes wander the street just before she took off and she spotted PimpGuy immediately. She walks up to him with a beaming smile on her face and her cheeks still flustered from her last client "I have a lot of money for you!" she said, obviously pleased with herself.

PimpGuy turns his head raising a brow at her as he was thinking about something else with an empty look staring at the space in front of him. "you do? how much", he asks her and gets back to his thought, trying to ignore the pain in his back.

Nev leans into him, her eyes shifting around the area, then whispers "I dont have it all on me, I hid most in the .. well .. you know where. But its 1770 in total."

PimpGuy's eyes shine as he hears the total amount. "yeh, I think I know where. how much do you have with you?", he asks and reaches into his pocket taking out a little bottle of alcochol. "I need you to help me with something", he reaches to her dress and tries to tear a piece off but the fabric was not strong enough and it falls apart totally. Handing her the alcochol and her torn dress he turns his back on her.

"What the ... " Nev's upset at first that he molested her pathetic little excuse for a dress she had on, but when he turns around and she sees the marks on his back she is immediately worried and gasps "What happened to you?" Quickly she pours some alcohol on the fabric and starts to gently rub it into the wounds. Totally forgetting to answer him about how much money she had on her right now.

PimpGuy laughs, guessing she dont remember a shit, her mind was somewhere else after all so it's not so unbelievable. "you don't remember?", he asks a retorical question and goes on "remind me to take your bloody boots off next time I wanna fuck you"

Nev makes sure to clean all the wounds carefully with the alcohol soaked fabric, a frown appearing on her forehead and then holding her breath when she realises what he meant "I ... I did that?" Her flustered cheeks turn into deep crimson of shame and she whispers "I'm sorry .. I didnt .. I mean .. I'm sorry."

PimpGuy nods squeezing his teeth, waiting for the stinging touch of the fabric. "yeh you did it, but you were too busy to notice", he grins before he shouts when she starts to treat his wounds "easy!"

Nev arches a brow but continues to dab at his wounds "Well, in a way it wasnt really my fault, now was it?" she said smirking. "Hush now, it stings like hell, but you dont want it to get any worse."

PimpGuy squeezes his teeth harder frowning "just shut up and fucking do it!". He feels immense pain as she's rubbing his back and the cold liquid mixes with his blood, making it burn.

Nev purses her lips together and pours extra alcohol on her dress before treating all his wounds with a second dab. "Be nice .. I worked my ass off for you." She said it in a hushed voice and her glee from earlier slowly disappeared.

PimpGuy waits until she finishes, hoping it will make him feel better soon. He turns around getting used to the feel of his skin burning and tells her "ok, give me what you have with you, I need to buy a fucking camera"

Nev hands him the bottle of alcohol back before reaching down her boot. She pulls out a stack of folded bills. "450, the rest is .. " she doesnt finish her sentence, but just stands there with her alcohol stenched torn dress in her hand and bummed out that he wasnt happier about her achievement.

PimpGuy reaches to her neck and pulls her closer, whispering into her ear "where's the rest, girl?", he asks with a threatening tone, trying to scare her.

For a moment Nev had thought he was about to give her a thank you kiss, but his tone of voice was harsh and she clenched her jaws together, confused about her own feelings for him. "Under the left tableleg." she hissed in a hushed tone.

PimpGuy smacks her ass starting to laugh, saying "knew you could start working harder", he looks down at his hand holding the money and counts a hundred giving them back to her. "By the way are you any good at acting?", he asks her "I might give you a hundred more if you help me shoot a movie"

Nev took the money from him and shoved it down her boot quickly, rolling her eyes when her head was bent down so he couldnt see it. -Can I act, what the fuck does he think I am doing all day when I work my clients- she thought to herself. When she looks back up at him again she just smiles timidly and nods "Pretty descent actress, yes."

PimpGuy smiles as he reaches to her boobs and presses his index finger to one of her nipples barely touching it, trying to tease her. "you're gonna be famous soon then", he says being sarcastic "now get back to work!"

Nev's body was still sensitive from her last client who turned out to just want to please her instead of the other way around and she shuddered under the light touch, pursing her lips together again to muffle the moan. "Yes Sir." she managed to say, not sure whether she was allowed to call him by his name.

PimpGuy fakes a wider smile, heading down the street to the caravan to get the rest of his money. He would turn his head over his shoulder, telling her "I'll find you a bit later" and thinks to himself "I’m got damn lucky with this one"

Nev followed him with her eyes, relieved to have seen him smile and feeling a bit better again. "I'll be around." she mumbled, not loud enough for him to hear, but he would know that anyways. Then she heads further up the street to rest on a bench for just a little while before a next client would claim her time.

- - - - -

She couldnt quite pin-point it herself why it made her so happy to make him smile. It seemed she had totally given in to the fact that he controlled her and that he treated her as his property. But it had become her main goal of her existence, to work her ass off and make him proud of her, just to see him smile.

* * * * *

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