Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 4

* * * * *

Day 4

* * * * *

"Can I help you Sir?" Nev asked when she noticed the man staring at her.

Male CV looks at Female DT and asks "what do you think of her?"

Female DT traces her gaze over the girl "She looks like a hungry hooker to me...but thats not exactly something special here"

Male CV continues his tour....

Nev shifts her eyes between the man and the girl next to him, one brow arched "Whats going on?"

Female DT shrugged a little "Dont mind him honey..."

- - - - -

Maybe it was best she didnt find out what that was about. She had been in this city for only a few days but she had already discovered that there were a lot of things going on that were ... a bit ... ‘odd’.

- - - - -

Nev smiled timidly when she found the one she had been looking for and walks up close in front of him, reaching down her stocking to pull out a nice stash of neatly folded bills she hands it to him "Here .. thats all I made."

PimpGuy takes the bucks and starts counting them, he sticks most of them into his pocket and hands her 50 dollars back. "that should be more than enough for food", he says, "I'm temporarily lowering your share until I do something about your other pimp and by the way give me that cell". He extends his hand and starts waiting.

Nev raised one brow when she didnt get her fair share, but nods and shoves the fifty back down her stocking. Not looking forward to some sort of beating she doesnt say anything about it. "His cell?" she asked, immediately biting her underlip for asking such a stupid question. She only had one cell. She reaches down her left boot and fumbles around to get the phone she had hidden in there. "What .. are you gonna do with it?" she whispered, handing him the object. "We are still gonna ... ehm .. get rid of him, right?"

PimpGuy takes the phone, starting to click the buttons, checking the call logs. He sees the last few are from the same number and shows it to her "that's his number, right?", he asks and pauses for a while before going on "I'm gonna call him a bit later and arrange a meeting with him, after being attacked and outnumbered I changed my mind and I think I'm gonna ally him"

Nev just nodded, there was only one speeddial number programmed in the phone and Stubble was the only one who called her on it, to check up on her. "Ally him?" she gasped perplex, not that sure she liked that idea. "Dont let him drug me no more, please .. I'll make a lot more when I am clean."

PimpGuy nods "I'll try to convince him, might have to make some compromises tho, not sure what's gonna happen". He reaches into his pocket and takes out a knife, handing it to her, saying "got you something. Next time someone tries to steal you fucking use it, threaten him you'll cut his cock off while you're blowing him or something. Hide it in your boots and try not to bring me more troubles"

Nev stared at the knife, slowly shaking her head she reached for it and held it in her hand as if it were some highly contagious object. "I d-dont think ... I .. ehh .. " she gulped, carefully shoved the knife down her boot in the spot where she had hidden the phone before looking up at him. "I wont get in more trouble." she mumbled not all too convincing.

PimpGuy nods, starting to laugh, looking at her scared face "you're such a pussy! you need to be tough on the street, so far you're lucky, but it won't go on forever!", he stops for a while thinking what he should ask her about her other pimp and goes on "ok, have you seen him since the last time I saw you and can you describe him to me so I can recognise him?"

Nev turned her head and showed him yet another little puncture wound in her neck of where the other one had given her an injection only yesterday. "He came to collect last night, but I didnt have anything." She ignored his laughter and pussy comment totally, so far she had indeed been lucky .. well .. if you could call being pimped out by two different guys being lucky. She tried to remember how the other one looked "He has a cigar, he always threatens me with it. He is shorter than I am. He's got like an unshaved face, not a beard .. but stubbles .. dark stubbles." Her eyes roll up and she stares into nothingness trying to remember more, she'd recognise him immediately when she saw him, but recollecting every small detail? Mostly she was just afraid of what he'd do to her when he was near her.

PimpGuy nods, trying to remeber the details. Of all she said just the cigar is something distinctive, but too many men smoke around here so it's kinda useless. "so he drugged you again?", he asks, "you look a bit better this time, at least you could recognise me, come closer and look into my eyes, I wanna see your apples"

Nev brought her face close to his, needing to bend down some and opened her eyes wide. The tip of her nose bumping against his and quickly she pulls her head back, startled by the accidental touch. "He didnt give me that much." She twitched her lips and couldnt help but curl them up in a smile, lowering her eyes to the concrete now to prevent him from seeing the glitters in them when she remembered the one client that had pleased _her_ for a chance right after she had been drugged again. She had even forgotten to ask for payment from him, so incredibly excited and fullfilled had she been. "It .. ehh .. yea, its not that bad now." she mumbled, trying to pull a more normal face.

PimpGuy looks up at her eyes and they seem pretty normal this time. "yeh, you're fine, but I'm not", he says pointing at his crotch so she can see his cock, trying to tear off his jeans and come out. "This fucking disease is driving me nuts, after I cum I'm fine for 10 minutes and it starts all over again. Take me somewhere and do something about it!". Daemon reaches to her ass getting a hand full of it and takes a peek inside her claveage.

Nev clenched her jaws and shifted her eyes around her "Dont you want me to go out there and make money?" she tried in a feeble attempt to get out of it. "I'm your business, right?"

PimpGuy shakes his head and moves his eyes back at her face annoyed "and what I'm supposed to do about this?", he points again between his legs "jerk myself off till I go blind? I'm not a teen to jerk in front of porn magazines fuck sake! you'll work after you're done with me!"

Nev reached one hand down and took hold of the visible bulge in his pants, already regretting to have pissed him off again "What do you want me to do Sir?" she asked with a soft hushed voice, pressing her body against him and behaving like the 'good' girl she played in the streets.

PimpGuy squeezes her ass still holding his hand there and takes her neck, pulling her head dows whispering into her ear "first you're gonna blow me til I cum, then you'll blow me to make it hard again and I'll stick it up your ass and cum there too, and finally I'll do it in your cunt. maybe if I do it 3 times one after another it will leave me for a while"

Nev's fingers fumble with his zipper, finally managing to pull it down she reaches inside and exposes his already erect cock. Without even waiting if he wanted to go somewhere more private she parts her lips and sucks in the cockhead, circling her tongue around it rather rapidly while lifting her eyes up at him to look for approval.

PimpGuy looks down at her and grabs her hair, pulling her back up on her feet. "it's not a very good idea to blow me right in front the fucking PD", he says "take me somewhere first"

Nev licks her lips, making some smacking noises as if she were being pulled away from some delicious sweet candy she'd been sucking on. "Sorry." she smiled, turning around to think of a place to take him. She started to walk towards the gasstation where he had taken her the first time, wiggling her hips as she walked in front of him she took hold of the bottom of her skimpy dress and flipped it up so he'd see her full luscious bare cheeks.

PimpGuy follows her as he smacks her ass seeing it wiggling right in front of him. He follows her to the gas station he steps wide and looks at her making her a sign to get on her knees and resume what she was doing as he takes the gun from his belt and holds his hands behind his back. "suck it bitch!", he commands her and pushes his hips forward, showing her his hard sticking penis.

Nev kneels down in front of him quickly, pulls her dress over her head in a rapid swoosh and shoves the thin shiny fabric down her boot where she appeared to keep all her worldy belongings. With legs spread she crawls closer to him, pressing her upperbody against his thighs and folds her fingers around the base of his cock, holding it up so it points straight ahead she slurps it in again and doesnt waste any more time with any slow gentle start, but bobs her head back and forth fast sucking and massaging his dick with her tongue.

PimpGuy feels her lips wrapping around the head of his cock as she doesn't hesitate to start sucking him. He feels a slight relief and arches his back pressing his body against her head so she can suck him deeper. Reaching into his pocket he takes out the cell and uses the speed dial, holding it to his ear waiting for an answer.

Stubble: "hello ...where's my bitch !!! and where's my money !!!" spitting his words out as soon as he hears the phone being picked up

Nev doesnt even notice him grabbing the phone. With her eyes closed she concentrates fully on her job of pleasing him, the fingers around the base tightening she takes in his entire length time after time. Saliva mixed with pre starts to dribble down her chin onto her bare chest since she doesnt allow herself time to swallow. Her free hand reaches down between her legs to rub her clit that is screaming for attention again.

PimpGuy laughs out loud in the speaker. "your bitch? and your money? ... easy boy! I'm sorry but I'm afraid I found her first and she's mine. She's sucking me right now and is a bit busy.", he tries to talk as he moans with his cock stuck up her mouth as she's swallowing it hungrily. Moving the phone next to her ear, he looks down at her face and tells her "say hi, bitch, a sweet one!"

Nev lifts her eyes up at him, one cheek all bulged and large by his huge cock that is pressing on the inside. "Wh-whaa?" she mumbles with his dick still in her mouth. Then she realises who he must be talking to and her jaw drops, she retracts her head and momentarily forgets about the cock she had been sucking. With bubbly splotches of saliva in the corners of her mouth she just sits there, frozen, holding her breath, looking up at him with scared wide eyes. "Hello." she finally manages to whisper.

Stubble: enraged about hearing a taunting male voice he slams the horn acouple of time's on the machine "you fuckhead ! bitch made more money on my dope then she will ever do i want my money man" his knuckles white of balding his fists he punches the public phone hard as he hears her gagging sounds and a feeble 'hello' "bitch you better have my money and didnt give it to that guy youre sucking ...or you dont want me to run into you and ruin you for good!"

PimpGuy grabs her head and forces his cock back into her mouth, sticking it down her throat, not giving her a chance to answer. He lifts the cell back to his face and goes on, groaning into it "did I fucking ask you to drug her? and not that I mind sharing her, but you could ask first. you don't respect my property - you don't respect me.". He pauses for a while taking a deep breath, trying to calm his anger down "anyway, I wanna talk to you, maybe we can arrange something. the gas station ... better be fast and come alone facing me if you're a man enough!". He hangs up not waiting for an answer and pulls the locker of his gun, charging it just in case, taking part of his attention away from his cock and looking around nervously from time to time.

Stubble is enraged about being cut off and he slams the phone on the horn "motherfucker!" kicks and stomps the cellphone hard to rage upon and sighs as he cracks a knuckle and calms down , reaching for a cigar in his pocket . He lights it and checks his guns and grins as he looks down on the gasstation "ok fucker lets talk "

Nev almost chokes when he forces his cock back into the far back of her throat. She was still holding her breath and her body was shuddering with fear. The hand that had been playing with her clit now hangs limp alongside her thigh and she keeps on staring up at him. "He'll hurt me!" she said with a trembling voice after pulling her head back again, his cockhead resting on her drooly chin. "Wouldnt it be better if I .. if I leave?"

Coming at the gasstation Stubble narrows his eyes and bites down on his cigar as he sees the whore sucking a guy's dick . Moves in closer with his hands on his holsters "hey !...are you the one that stole my money ?" rolling his neck and tensioning his muscles he's prepared for anything

PimpGuy shakes his head, looking down at her "your only worry right now is my cock and you better keeps sucking it or I'll be the one to hurt you.". He looks aside at the man who approached them and holds the gun next to his tigh so he can't see it. "first of all ... you're trying to steal my best whore and I don't like that at all. don't you have your own?"

Nev sat in shock and lost all her concentration and willingness to satisfy anyone at the moment she opens her mouth and lets his cock slide in again, moving her head back and forth mechanically she shifts her eyes to the right when she hears the familiar voice that she fears so much.

Stubble smirks "i got some dont worry ...but if a slut comes to me asking her to do her for free i claim her " giving the sucking girl a faul nasty look "besides she liked my drug ...didnt you cunt " seeing her automaticly glide her head over his cock , then smirks to the guy "i bet she raped your dick " laughs loud

PimpGuy nods and goes on, kinda pissed off she's not sucking him good enough, but that not his biggest problem right now anyway. "fine!", he says "I didn't call you because you're trying to steal her, she'll never give you any money anyway, cause she knows what I'm gonna do to her if she comes to me empty handed. I called you because maybe we can work together. the city is big enough and we can be fucking powerful if we ally"

Nev's eyes almost popped out of their sockets and she gasped when she heard him suggest an alliament. Her heart pounced hard and all she hoped for right now was --Ooh god, let them just kill eachother!-- When she realises she just sits there with his cock in her mouth without doing anything does she close her eyes and continues to bob her head up and down. She really does try to put some effort in it and lifts her free hand up to cup his balls, but this sure wouldnt go down in history as her best blowjob.

Stubble bites down hard on his cigar and thinks for a minute as he scratches his beard "ally's ...maybe ...yeah sounds alright to me i think we can run this town if we roll our muscle together " a faul smile appears on his face when the tension flows out of his shoulders and his hands glide to his buckle "we split all fifty fifty then ?"

PimpGuy feels a rush of adrenaline through his body. The whole thing going around turns him on more than ever before. He takes a deep breath trying to stay cool, but his cock is almost exploding. "there are 2 ways to do it", he says "fifty fifty, or everyone collects from his own sluts. and one more thing .... you used my best slut so you have to bring me yours to make things fair". He turns his eyes down at Nev after he finishes talking and shouts at her "what the fuck is going on with you today? put some heart into it, bitch!"

Nev saw her share sink to nearly nothing when the 50/50 was suggested. She didnt like it at all what the two were cooking up together. When he shouts at her she quickly puts some more effort in what she is doing and her fingers fold around his balls, she lashes her flattened tongue against his shaft and sucks his cock as if her life depended on it, which might even be the case.

Stubble chuckles as he sees her fast fixing her attention on the guy's cock . sounds fair ill get my best cunt for you to use and seal the deal ok ? " smirking he goes on as he points at the sucking whore "cant blaim me for trying to claim pricemeat can you now ,?" laughs loud as he bites down on his cigar trying to break the tension, he relaxes and lets the tension glide out his body and his hands to his buckle "partners then ? ...btw the name is Monk ...just Monk"

PimpGuy looks at him extending one of his hands for a hand shake, as he puts the one holding the 9mm behind Nev's head. His body starts to give up on him begging to release as his stomach muscles are contracting and it gets harder to talk "nah .... can't .... blame you", he says groaning loud "I'm .... Daemon ..... so? fifty-fifty .... or everyone ... gets his own?"

Nev felt the changes in Daemon's body and increased the suction, put both her hands on his ass and pushed him harder into her throat, helping him thrust deep and helping him hold his balance when he should cum. She starts to make moaning sounds, letting her vocal chords vibrate against the cockhead slamming into them. She listened carefully to the two and was glad to finally get to know their names.

Stubble grins as sees him start shocking his pelvis in her face and reaches his big hand out ,shaking his in a powerfull grip "fifty fifty ...its to much work other wise to do on my own ...besides i think were both gonna profit by extending our business" his eyes dwell down on her eagerly bobbing head pushed in his lap receiving his load "she is good isnt she " grins

PimpGuy feels his body letting go right after the handshake and shouts out loud "holy fucking shit!", grabbing Nev's hair and pulling her head slightly back so he can cum in her mouth and not down her throat. His cock pulses hard squirting out a huge load of spunk, and it would surely start to drip down from her lips if she doesn't swallow it fast. He arches his back and breathes heavily waiting for his body to calm down a little before he tells Monk "one more thing, don't drug her ... at least not too often, I'll drug her myself if she starts to bring less money". He moves his eyes back at her and tells her "keep sucking it and don't let it go soft, I'm far from done with you yet"

Nev gulped down the thready splurts of his semen, she always preferred to just swallow it but some men were weird and wanted to see it drip all over her body. She kept his cock in her mouth even before he told her too, suckling lightly on the slightly slackened piece of meat she swirled her tongue around it, making sure not to put too much pressure on the sensitive head. She gratefully looks up at Daemon when he tells Monk not to drug her anymore and some of the tension build up inside of her disappears.

Stubble chuckles as Daemon makes a spectacle out of his orgasm , splashing his cum in her mouth and over her face . The sight arouses him hard and he eagerly rolls his cigar between his teeth "ok i wont drug her anymore then neccessary's my phonenumber im reachable all the time any trouble and im there " his cock growing in his pants making the bulge in his crotch grow big and tight "hmmmmm i think i m gonna seek some relief myself"

PimpGuy nods understanding, squeezing his teeth as she keeps sucking the oversensitive head of his cock. He always liked the feeling. "yeh, better go and get some, I'll get your number from the slut's phone and call you later". He tightens his jaws again looking down at the whore running his fingers through her hair "happy now?", he asks her remembering how much she was complaining about the drugs.

"Mhhmhh" Nev moaned in positive response, looking up at Daemon and then shifting her eyes to the side to gaze at monk. She had been worried as hell how things would turn out when the two would meet, but it seemed like it had all worked out just fine. She keeps one hand clawed into an ass cheek and lets the other drop down again. Relieved and feeling a lot more at ease she starts to fiddle with her clit again while gently suckling on his cock to not let it slacken completely.

Stubble pulls his rim down, he turns and waves "ok then have fun ...ill be in the street " groping his bulge he walks off, his eyes eagerly spying around for any girl that fancies him

PimpGuy takes out a loud moan and moves his hands behind his back letting her suck him the way she wants to. His previous experiences with her have convinced him she doesn't need to be forced when sucking cock. Starting to grin and feeling his cock starting to grow and get hard soon he tells her "I'm not that happy, I'll be loosing like 75% of the money you make now. can't give you half of them anymore"

Nev looks up at him confused, continues to suckle his cock and swirl her tongue around the head. She couldnt speak so she lifted her shoulders a few times questiongly. Where did he get 75% procent from? She spreads her legs a little wider and moves her hand that was rubbing her clit and cunt further back, remembering all too well he had planned to fuck her in the ass again she massages her rearhole with a wet gloved finger to get it ready to receive.

PimpGuy smiles as he sees her reaching behind her back. "You love it in the ass don't you?", he asks her pausing his moans for a second and continues to explain "Monk gets 50% of the money you make, if I give you the half of what I get it makes it 25% left for me, don't think I can give you more than 10 ..."

Nev pulled her head back, let his cock plop out of her mouth but continued to stimulate it by jerking it with her hand. "He'll give you 50% of what his whores and drugs and stuff make." She might not remember who she was or anything about her past, but she sure was not stupid. Ofcourse, she wasnt exactly in the position to make any demands and as soon as the words poured over her lips she already regretted it. "Maybe best to let me go to work now then." she muttered, unable to not show her dissatisfaction with his statement. "I'll have to work extra hard then .. to make your 50% as much as the 100% was before."

PimpGuy shakes his head, feeling his cock is max sized already and grabs her shoulders pulling her up at her feet. "nah, don't think so, I'll see how it goes and then I'll tell you how much I can give you. And that cock won't get any harder, it wants to meet your little anus now!". He pulls her after him looking for a better place to ass fuck her.

Nev rushes to her feet and follows after him, when he stops in the alley she moves in front of him and bends down, exposing both her glistening cunt as her already wettened tight puckered rearhole to him.

PimpGuy smiles and smacks her ass as she bends over. He reaches to her hands and grabs her wrists pulling them over her back and presses his cock to her ass opening. "Ready?" he asks starting to laugh loud and waits for an answer

Nev pushes her ass back against the hot and sticky cockhead in reply, piercing herself onto it. The flesh still raw gave it a burning sensation when she felt his cock dig into it, but under the influence of the little drugs she still had flowing through her veins and the fact that she was starting to get used to it, it wasnt as bad as before. She squirms and grinds her hips around, frustrated not to be able to stimulate her swollen clit as he held both her arms behind her back. "Ready"

PimpGuy holds her wrists tight and starts to thrust slowly increasing the speed and the depth as he penetrates her anus. "good girl!", he says "I might let you rub yourself if you don't scream much"

Nev only moaned softly with delight and not in pain, his balls slamming against her wet cunt everytime he thrusted into her. Her hair swayed around and caressed her stiffened nipples as she was bouncing forth and back.

PimpGuy smiles wide evilly and starts pulling her to him harder, ramming his cock more violently. This is definitely what he likes the most - abusing women's rear holes brutally. He's happy to see her not complaining about it and even moaning so he keeps going harder and deeper, looking down at her ass cheeks bounce as his body colides with hers.

Nev tugs a little on one arm, trying to free it from his grip. The blowjob, which usually would turn her on, had been filled with distractions, but now she was getting into it. The slapping sound of her cheeks against his pelvis and his nutsack ramming against her needy cunt make her crave to touch herself. "Please?" she begs him, pouting her ass up higher by arching her back more and fully cooperating to meet his thrusts.

PimpGuy grins as his cock tears her ass, penetrating her forcefully. He definitely has a thing about this girl, especially when she's horny and humble. "ok ok", he says and releases her right arm, reaching to the zipper of his top pulling it down. He pulls off the right sleeve, slowing down for a moment, then he grabs her left wrist with his right hand and shakes the left letting his jacket fall down over the pavement, cause he's sweating all over. "but I wanna see you cumming a lot", he adds before he grabs her hips tight and resumes pounding her tiny hole furiously.

Nev doesnt waste any time and as soon as he lets go of her arm does she swoop it up underneath her and delves four extended fingers deep into her craving cunt, rubbing the palm of her hand over her clit she starts to growl louder. She could feel his stiff dick inside of her through the walls, pouncing hard and the double penetration gives her extra arousal she hadnt experienced before. She starts to pump her hand up and down and fluids splatter down her innerthighs and onto the concrete.

PimpGuy slaps her ass as hard as he can and grabs her hair. He pulls her head back and bends over breathing into her neck as he slides his other hand over her back, caressing her skin. He lets her force herself alone over her cock as he tells her, groaning loud "that's right! make yourself cum like the good little slut you are"

Nev felt the vibrations of the smack tingle all the way towards her clit. In the short time she had been here .. under these circumstances, and since she met him, it was odd that his warm breath wallowing over the damped skin of her neck didnt give her the feeling of compulsion anymore, instead it gave her goosebumps to feel him so close and have him caress her skin. She pumps down on him wildly, her hips rocking in circling motions to constantly change the direction of the pressure. As the tension builds up she starts to tremble on her legs and she holds her breath, all the muscles in her body contracting in awaital for the big release that was just around the corner.

PimpGuy slides his hand up to her neck. Her skin is sweaty and dirty, but soft like a silk. He reaches down in front of her and grabs one of her breasts as the other one keeps bouncy wildy. His fingers search for her nipple and he pinches it twisting it hard while he gets a strange feeling, which can be compared to butterflies dancing inside his belly. His cock is throbbing about to release for a second time as she's forcing herself over it, letting it tear her flesh willingly.

Nev howled out now, sweat in the back of neck forming a little stream that trinkled down her spine, through the crack of her ass and wettened the shaft of his in-and-out going dick. Her hand fucks herself roughly and deep, spreading her fingers inside her walls, that way not only massaging herself but also his cock. Then she screams when the climax suddenly overwhelms her and she pulls her hand out of her pussy, pinches her clit between thumb and indexfinger as several splashes squirt down on the concrete and even hit the curbstone. She pushes her jerking body back against him, unable to keep pumping she just presses herself as deep as possible onto his throbbing cock and she beckons him between clenched teeth, eyes rolling around in their sockets "Fill me up!!"

PimpGuy wraps his arm around her belly as he hears the sound of her cunt squirting her juices powerfully. He pulls her body up and watches her, feels her feet part from the ground for a moment when the second stream of her cum flies off in front of them and hits the wall, making a wet trace over the sidewalk. Her whole body weight hanging over his cock makes him cum too as he whispers "t-t-t-take it slut!", trying to play tough, but miserably failing at it because of his shaking voice. His body shakes hard and his knees go weak as he fills her ass groaning loud into her ear. He has to take a few little steps in different directions to stay up on the ground before everything besides his heartbeat goes back to normal.

Nev gasps when he suddenly lifts her up and then cums with a last squirt when his cock expands in her ass and releases the sticky hot cum filling up her bowels. Muscles in her cunt and ass contract and squeeze tight around the throbbing shaft. Her body dangles limp down and she was totally unable to help him keep his balance, she was more like a deadweight pulling him down. Her hand hangs numb down and pussyjuices drip down from her gloved fingers making little watercircles in the puddle on the ground. The occasional afterspasms make her body shudder still and she pants heavily in an attempt to catch her breath, hair sweaty and wet sticking on her back, forehead and cheeks. "Wow." she mumbled softly, a smile appearing on her lips that he wouldnt be able to see.

PimpGuy pulls his still hard cock out of her ass, looking down at it, seeing a few drops of cum come out of her ass and float down to her pussy lips. He stuffs it into her dripping cunt and his whole body trembles again as the head slides in and the shaft disappears after it. Taking a deep breath trying to get used to the feeling he whispers with a trembling voice "Wow? I want more!", he says starting to move his cock slowly, "but I'm afraid I can't stay up on my feet this time", he adds when he realises his knees are bending while he's pumping her slightly.

Nev 'eeped' in pleasant surprise when he dug his dick into her cunt that seemed to be on fire even though the multiple squirts should have cooled it down some. She feels how a chilly breeze chills down her gaping asshole and the semen seeping out sort of tickles her sensitive puckerhole with the millions of nerves coming together there. She too is unstable on her wobbly legs and almost falls down head forwards when he gently starts to pump into her again. "Lets lay down then." she spoke in a hushed raspy voice, her mouth dry from the constant panting.

PimpGuy pulls his cock out and reaches between her legs, giving her burning clit a smack. "come with me", he says as he takes her hand and leads her back to the gas station. Once they get there, he faces her and places his foot behind her before grabbing her shoulders and pushing her body back, leaving it over the ground, getting on top of her.

Nev lets him push her down onto the filthy oildrenched and cold concrete without any objections and she spreads her legs wide for him, lifting one leg up and placing it over his shoulder. She cant remember if he ever before fucked her cunt before but this was certainly the first time he was facing her and with her chest moving up and down fast due to her unsteady breathing, breasts jiggling around, does she stare up at him, tilting her pelvis up invitingly and pushing her soaking wet cunt against his cockhead.

PimpGuy wraps his right arm around her thigh and hugs it to his chest as his left hand supports her other leg. He pulls her to him, dragging her back over the ground and his face twists in a strange grimace as the oversensitive piece of meat slides inside of her again. He looks down at her face smiling and starts to move his hips, circling them and slowly pushes his cock into different directions, trying to get it hard again.

Nev's eyes roll back and more beads of sweat appear on her forehead and chest when she feels his cock penetrate her pussy. Her clit is now at least two times its normal size and it peeks out from under its hood, deeppink and throbbing and sensitive as hell. "Nggghhhhhh." She secretly watches him through her lashes and her hands move to her breasts to tug and twist the erect rosebuds.

PimpGuy drops her leg, letting it fall aside and reaches to her chest. He takes her right boob and pushes it up, trying to push the hard stiffened nipple to her face and tells her "suck it in and bite it hard". He keeps circling his hips as his cock starts to get hard again slowly and spreads her pussy lips.

Nev curls a smirk on her lip and bends her head down as far as possible, napping at her own nipple, missing the first few times she finally manages to capture the stiff knob between her lips and sucks it into her mouth. Then she clenches her teeth together holding the nipple in between them and starts to lift her head back up, stretching the bud further and further, a low growl of pleasure emerging from her throat. She turns and grinds her hips against him, wettening his crotch and pubes with the abundance of fluids that seep out with squooshy noises ever time he delves into her cave.

PimpGuy looks down between his legs to see a wet spot over his pants. "too late", he thinks, but he unbuttons his pants and undoes the belt. "look what you did!", he tells her as he moves his eyes back at her face to see her still pulling her nipple. Daemon spits over her swollen clit and sticks his fingers over it after pushing his pants to his knees, saying "you're a bad bad girl!" starting to grin and thrust harder and deeper.

Nev lets her nipple go with a plop, her breast flopping up and down when it is suddenly released and cries out with delight when the spit hits her clit and he starts to rub it. The walls clench tight around his cock and she giggles in between heavy moans "Ss-sorryyy." not caring about having made a mess at all. Her body is on fire and looking down to see his dick fill her cave, swollen petals being pushed aside when he dug in, seeing his face and grin .. it all just excited her even more and it had been quite a while ago since she thought that he was waisting her precious time she could have spend on the street earning some money. He was better than her clients.

PimpGuy starts rubbing her clit fast and hard savagely as he pumps her cunt while it clenches and releases around him. "I'm not gonna cum soon this time", he says "but I'm gonna make you do it until you make a fucking lake here". He pauses for a while and taps her clit a few times and resumes, going even faster.

Nev rolls her eyes in a sarcastic semi-annoyed way, jerks around when he tapped her clit and growls, throwing her head back, thumping it on the concrete when he pacens up the speed of this thrusts. "Nggh yesss!!" Pelvis squirming around making the cockhead and rim hit her g-spot, the skin on her stomach starts to ripple as her muscles contract .. a preview for the next climax that was on its way.

PimpGuy smiles wide as he feels what is about to happen. He moves his hand away from her clit and grabs her ankle, starting to pump her cunt, aiming his cock for her g-spot and looking at her face as she's about to explode again.

Nev's eyes roll around in their sockets again, body almost as stiff as a vibrating plank as the tension builds and builds to almost unbareable. The breathing has stopped and an innocent bystander who would see her just now could almost mistake her for being unconscious or even dead as she concentrates on the rush of extacy that she so longs for. When it hits her, she cries out, eyes unseeing flying wide open and another wave of hot clear liquid gushes out from her swollen crimson-coloured cunt, splashing over his chest and down in between them, drenching his balls and the ground. "Oooooooh FUCK!!!!"

PimpGuy puts his fingers back over her clit and starts rubbing it furiously, know that ones she gets there she'll cum over and over every few minutes. He would rub her until he decides she cant take it anymore. "time to ask some questions", he says laughing as her body shakes "what's your name girl?" he asks as he leaves her clit alone for a second just to brush the sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand.

The orgasm hadnt even ebbed away yet and was still rushing through Nev’s veins when he started to rub her supersensitive clit again. She almost chokes in her inability to breath normally, gasping for air does she shudder and jerk underneath him, her dripping cunt squooshing and splattering as he continued to pump down on her. The question does reach her but she doesnt know the answer and she doesnt have the breath to explain it as she feels another climax building up. The small paus only worsening the situation and when he touched her clit again she came with another bang and splash of clear liquids. "NoOOooO!" she yelled out, meaning that she didnt know her name.

PimpGuy grins looking down at her helpless body. He keeps going as the streams of her cum hit his hand. He can tell her body is overtaken by her lust completely and she can't do anything about it. "Nice to meet you No", he says ironically and keeps going "how did you end up here?"

Nev starts to cough, saliva collecting in her throat which she isnt able to swallow makes her choke all over again and tears well in her eyes due to a lack of oxygen. It takes her a while of aftershocks and spasms and heavy unsteady gasping before the panicking feeling ebbs out. Irises big and black stare up at him as she shakes her head and pants "I ... I d-dont .. kn-know!!" Her voice husky and raw but clearly sincere.

PimpGuy keeps rubbing her, pressing his fingers harder to her skin, feeling how hot she is down there. "What were you doing before you met me?", he asks his next question looking straight into her blue eyes waiting for the next flood coming out between her legs.

"Ch-chaased." she moaned, lifting her ass up further from the ground and flipping her hips wildly up and down, pressing herself harder into his working fingers even though she was exhausted and thirsty as hell. She wraps her legs around him, digging the heels of her boots into the bare skin of his back when another rush overwhelms her and she cries out as if she were being murdered, squirting straight up in the air the hot cum hits him in the face and pours down all over her stomach, streams down her chest and throat and forms a puddle in the back of her neck.

PimpGuy feels the heels scratch his back, digging into his skin. He should be bleeding, but manages to ignore the pain somehow, squeezing his teeth as he keeps playing with her burning clit, treating it brutally not showing any mercy. She's in a condition in which she wants him to stop and go on at the same time. If she tells him to stop she'll be sorry and at the same time she wants him to do it. "What do you like more? Being chased or being my whore?", he asks her as he pinches her clit and pulls it hard before he goes on.

-Its a trick question, its a trick question- a voice in Nev’s head keeps repeating it over and over echoing through her skull and she thumps her head back on the concrete again to make it stop. Her whole body is steaming and wet from sweat and cum, her shoulderblades scraped by squirming and slithering around on the rough concrete. "B-be yours" she answers at last, tears streaming out of the sides of her eyes down her temples. "Ngghaaaaah!" She screams when he extends her enlarged clit and she is so exhausted that she can hardly move but her body keeps on shuddering.

PimpGuy pulls his cock out of her cunt completely, holding it so the head of it touches her pussy lips. He pauses for a second looking at her face, not sure if she was sincere this time. "Why?", he asks and he slams it back into her violently, feeling her juices splash from the hit and drops of them land over their bellies. He pulls her clit again, extending it slowly waiting for her answer.

Nev let out a disappointed 'ooow' when he pulled his cock out of her and left her gaping cunt empty, the hole wide-open and flexing all the time. "Aaaaaah!" she exclaimed relieved and frustrated at the same time when he filled her up again. "Y-you ... take ... " she squirmed around and lifted her hips up higher when he tugged on her clit, the pain of continuing extacy unbareable but so fucking good at the same time "... t-take care ... of m-me." she finished her reply.

PimpGuy grabs her waist and starts to pound her cunt like he hasn't fucked anyone for years. The air around gets filled with the slappy noises that can be probably heard 2 crossings far from the place. He waits for the next one breathing heavily and all sweaty now. "so if you could choose wether to be my whore or have some decent job you would choose to be my whore?", he asks her, not really believing any of the shit she said. She tells him what he wants to hear, playing games, so he will go with the flow.

Nev banged her head back on the concrete several times, her body already in intense orgasmic agony that she didnt feel the pain when she started bleeding from a tiny fracture in her skull. She frowns in frustration and starts to shake her head wildly as yet another climax hits her used and exhausted body, cum just gushing out of her now in huge splashes as if someone had let the faucet running. "NOO?" she screamed her answer in a questiongly tone. If only he would let her catch her breath and explain things .. she couldnt think straight this way.

PimpGuy pauses for a while and raises his eyebrows at her in a questioning gesture. "no?", he asks her "what would you choose to be?". He knows her back should be bleeding bad from all the scratching into the pavement while he fucked her. Her head is bleeding too and he doesn't want to kill her, so he just holds his cock inside of her and starts to rub her again.

Nev now almost started hyperventilating, the constant stimulation and questioning confusing her and however hard she tried, she just couldnt think, she couldnt fucking think while he kept on going like that. She's breathing heavily, uncontrollably .. inhaling, inhaling, inhaling but forgetting to breath out. With panick written in her eyes does she stare at him, feverishly trying to collect her thoughts and come up with a real answer, but she'd already forgotten the question and when yet another orgasm overtakes her body she is just too exhausted to even shudder anymore. Legs fall down limp, one on the ground wide spread next to his knee while the other dangles over his shoulder. She is on the verge of loosing consciousness but with the last energy and willpower does she push the words out over her by now dry and cracked lips "Dont know."

PimpGuy looks down at her as her body relaxes like she doesn't care what he's gonna do to her next, cause it can't get any worse than that. He keeps rubbing her and shoves his cock in and out slowly. "Have you heard about a drug called Pills of The Truth?", he asks her, tapping her clit, wondering if she still can feel anything, going harder on it and looking for a reaction. "if you lied to me about anything you better tell me now, cause if I find out you weren't honest I'll tell Monk he can keep you on drugs all the time"

It was as if Nev wasnt in her own body anymore. She heard his voice and understood what he said, but it seemed as if he spoke to her from afar, from through a thick fog or a dream. The rubbing and fucking and tapping .. it all registered .. but she just had no more 'oomf' left to react. At least she didnt have to worry about Monkey Man and his stupid drugs, she knew she had told him the truth about everything. She wants to open her eyes, let him see that she was honest .. or that she still was alive .. but they were too heavy, the lids seemed to be clistered shut. Eventuallu her eyelids fluster a few times and with a lot of effort does she peek at him through her lashes "... didnt lie ... " she mumbled, trying to smack her dry mouth, her tongue felt like a piece of old dried out rubber.

PimpGuy rubs her clit faster and harder telling her "ok, I believe you now cum for me". He wonders if she's gonna pass out or if she can handle it a time or two more. She wouldn't be able to walk on her own for sure though.

Nev didnt know why, after all it wasnt like she had chosen to work for him, he had forced her .. or claimed her .. or whatever .. and even though she feared him and her body felt broken .. somehow .. she still didnt want to displease him. With closed eyes does she start to concentrate on just what she feels, blocking out all other thoughts and surrounding sounds and within a few moments did she start to shiver again, a tensed trembling when the climax build up inside of her. Then she yells out, her throat feeling like sandpaper and with barely no more fluids left in body only a pathetic little stream of cum drips out of her purplered balloonsized swollen cunt.

PimpGuy smiles as he bends over her, taking her shoulders. "good girl", he says "one more time and we're done". He pulls her over him as he sits back, not taking his cock out and wraps his arms around her. He starts to thrust hard up, making her ride his cock hard and fast. Her nipples rub into his chest and her clit touches his belly. He moans hard, trying hard to concentrate and finally cum and it kinda works. His whole body gets tense and his bloodfilled cock throbs inside her cunt.

Nev wraps her limp arms around his back and rests her head on his shoulder, a weird feeling of safeness overcoming her in this rather protective position. She sniffs in the typical male sweaty scent of his skin when she nuzzles his neck. She seriously didnt know if she were able to cum again .. ever again .. but his cock enlargening again inside of her and his hastened breath and moaning make her want to cum again .. to make him happy. Her hands claw into his back when she starts to work with him, grinding her hips around and focussing on his thick glans rubbing over her gspot, she starts to pant with open mouth and tries to build up to a last orgasm, waiting to feel his dick expand as a sign that he'd explode his semen inside of her soon.

PimpGuy puts all his will into it, squeezing his teeth, pushing his hips up hard as her cunt takes all of his cock, her body bounces up and goes down over it again. "fuck! I'm gonna cum!", he shouts as he feels he's loosing it. "let's do it together this time", he adds and hugs her body tighter, pumping her desperately, holding onto her.

Nev dug her nails into his skin, piercing through it and leaving ten tiny halfmoon shaped bloody puncturewounds on his back. Having him hold her so tight gave her more satisfaction than her short memory had recollection of to ever have experienced and all her sour exhausted muscles contract again, her painfully swollen cunt clenching itself around him, as if to keep him inside of her forever. She cant scream anymore but a husky rasp gasp near his ear announces her orgasm and she bites down on his shoulder as it rushes through her. The absolute last reserve of spare fluids in her body dribbling down in between them.

PimpGuy gets himself together for one last thrust and his cock explodes. He opens his mouth, wanting to shout something, but what comes out is only a silent 'unhhhhhhhhhhh'. He feels his cock pulse, stuck into her clenching pussy, her muscles squeeze him so thight that it's almost hurting him as the next stream of what's left of his cum shoots inside of her. His balls should be empty ... fucking empty. For the first time in his life he will pull his cock out of a cunt and won't search for another one right after it. He'd never been completely satisfied untill now. "have I told you you're fucking awesome?", he whispers as he freezes for a few seconds, laying his head over her shoulder while his heart races fast.

Nev let her totally worn out body hang over him, arms wrapped around his back in a loose hug and breasts flattened against his chest. A million incoherent thoughts twirl through her mind but she cant really grasp any of them. She feels used, broken, empty, exhausted ... and wonderful at the same time. The faintest smile curls up on her dry lips and all she manages to move is her head, pushing down her nose into his neck. "Yes." she whispered back, her wildly thumping heart skipping a beat a two. "Just now."

PimpGuy bends forward and leaves her body over the pavement carefully, getting back on his knees. "good, you can't say I never told you anything nice now!", he says smiling as he pulls his pants up and buttons them adjusting his belt after it. He gets up on his feet, feeling instantly dizzy and swears under his nose "holy shit, I'm knackered". Trying to walk over to the place where he dropped his top he finds out it's hard for him to walk in a straight line. He reaches down to the ground and grabs it tossing it over his shoulder and walks back to her, looking down saying "guess it will be useless to try to send you to work, can you get up?"

Nev followed him with her eyes, for the slightest instant worried he was gonna walk off and away and just leave her there like some used worthless slut. The smile widening when he came back she tries to push herself up to a stand. Wobbling and weak in the knees she falls against the metal pole of the gasstation and clings herself on to it. "Sort of?"

PimpGuy grins seeing her trying to be tough. "yeah right", he says, having serious doubts about her walking skills right now. He takes a step back and tells her "come to me"

Nev felt dizzy in the head, her eyes didnt seem to be able to follow the movements of her head and her world was spinning. She stood on her legs, but that was about all she could possibly do. She extends one arm out towards him, trying to estimate the distance between them while holding on tight to the pole with the other. The moment she let go off the pole and attempted to take one step, her legs turned into jelly and her world blackened as she collapsed back on the ground, once against thudding her head with a loud thump on the concrete.

PimpGuy walks over to her, finding her physical condition funny and can't help it but start to grin again, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. "well done!", he says before he helps her up and tosses her over his shoulder, adding "there we go". He turns around and heads for the caravan, the only place with running water he knows of so far.

Nev drifts in and out, she isnt sure what is going on, but she is moving it seems. The scent of his skin is familar and comforting which doesnt alarm her and therefor she unconsciously doesnt feel the need to panick and come to again.

PimpGuy kicks the door, opening it and enters with her on his shoulder. He walks over to the bed and tosses her body over it, grabbing her legs and starting to fight with her boots, taking them off and leaving them next to the fridge. He turns around to the sink, taking a cup, fills it with water and offers it to her as he says "drink!"

Nev feels herself land on something soft and for a moment she thinks she has landed on a cloud after falling out of an airplane or something. But then she sort of drifts back, flutters her eyelids and recognises the caravan. She didnt quite get how she'd gotten here but her smile returns when she sees Daemon and she tries to bring herself to a sitting position, leaning against the wall, before she reaches out to grab the cup of water, thirsty as hell and all of a sudden cold too.

PimpGuy opens the drawers above his head and pulls out a blanket. He looks at it, it's kinda dirty and torn at a few places, but if he can use it she'll be fine with it too. He tosses it at her rudely, saying "cover yourself, you can't work if you catch a cold. after you get up you know where things are, do what you need to, fix yourself and go to work". He takes her boots and hides them under the bed in case someone comes in while she's sleeping.

Nev downed her water in one go and hands him the empty cup back, she'd need to drink a whole bathtub filled with water to regain all the fluids she'd lost tonight. But it might be wisest to not drink too much at once. "One more please?" she whispered, tugging the blanket all around her and nestling down in a comfy position.

PimpGuy laughs as he takes the cup and fills it, handing it back to her. "ok, I gotta go do something now", he says as he heads for the door turning his back over his shoulder "you'll be fine? right?"

Nev took the cup again and now just sipped on it "I'll be fine."

PimpGuy opens the door and walks back to the city to find a place to sleep himself. He'll probably sleep way longer than her, but he doesn't want her to know that.

Nev finishes the rest of her water, drops the empty cup on the matras next to her, too tired to put it on the ground or shelf above her and dozes off even before he had left the caravan.

- - - - -

She wouldnt dream about anything that night. Her body was totally exhausted and she slept for a very long time .... with a smile on her face.

* * * * *

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