Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 7

* * * * *

Day 7

* * * * *

Still with awkard butterflies in her stomach about the filmshoot and the fun she had had the previous day with PimpGuy is Nev ready for a new day. She hadnt been in this city for long but she had found herself a bench that she now considered ‘her’ bench. Working the streets and offering her services to total strangers .. most likely it had not been her childhood dream, but some of her clients had been really nice and it was obvious that she did enjoy to please them. As long as she managed to stay away from the freaks and earn a lot of money, PimpGuy would be pleased with her and she would do anything to see him smile or have him behave the way he did yesterday.

- - - - -

Female PJ: “Hey lady whats up, hmm u need a dress i think, its not good for ur health to sit here totaly naked.”

Nev lets her eyes travel over the entire form of the girl in front of her "Clothes only get ripped off of me anyways, easier to start out in the nude." she shrugged.

Female PJ opens her eyes *oh damn the man did smashed all intelligent out of ur head"

Nev cant help but chuckle and stares the girl straight in the eyes now "That pathetic little excuse of a skirt you are wearing, that is keeping you warm?"

Female PJ: “Oh if u go down the street u will find wooden boxes at the right side there some clothes inside. Better then nothing hunny.”

Nev shrugged again, slightly annoyed "I lost a bet okay? I would prefer to have some clothes on, I admit .. but I lost a bet and I keep my end of the deal."

Female PJ: “Yes yes i trust you.” *starts laughing and claping her hands at her knees* “Ok have fun. but if u will get clean in ur head remember the wooden boces down the street.”

Nev couldnt help but to start laughing too, she had hardly had any contact with girls around here at all, seemed they all avoided her or just wanted her to get out of their turf "Yea I'll remember, thanks for the tip."

Female PJ: *shaking her head and moving away* She thinks to herself ‘It will be better if I will find her the doc, he can help her.’

Nev tilts her head "Youre back again? You wanna sit down for a bit maybe?"

Female PJ held a handheld phone in her hand, talking into it “Ok i will be with her" Stepping closer she takes her jacket off and gives it to the woman with firecoloured hair.

Nev squints her eyes, overhearing part of the conversation "Who were you talking to?" she asked, her tone of voice hushed and suspicious.

Female PJ: “Oh nothing cute girl nothing”, stroking softly her hairs “Be calm all will be good.”

Nev takes the coat, folds it neatly and places it on the bench as a pillow. Then she moves her ass up and pushes it underneath her "Thank you .. it was quite cold actually."

In the slightly freckled face of Female PJ flushed a characterized broad smile, like in a toothpaste commercial. It is the smile of joy even in this place. “Youre welcome but its not a pillow.” *shaking her head and rising up her hands "Oh god give this girl some brain.”

Nev: "Well it warms up my buns pretty good." she giggled and shimmied her butt around on the soft fabric warmed up by the girls body heat.

Doctor Sour: “Hello Female PJ.”

The smile shows her teeth and cute dimples in the freckled face of Female PJ and she strokes her hair from her face and stuck them behind the cute little ear. “Hello doc.”

Doctor Sour: “How are you today Female PJ?”

Female PJ looks at the girl “She is crazy i think and needs some help. I’m ok.”

Doctor Sour: “What happened to her?”

Nev turns her attention away from the girl who apparantly is called Female PJ and shifts her eyes over at the man in front of them "Hello Sir." she said, a little timidly.

Doctor Sour: “Humm she really looks odd, all naked.”

Female PJ: “Can u help her?”

Doctor Sour: “Humm well let me see.”

"I'm sorry, is it against the law to not be dressed Sir?" Nev’s cheeks fluster a bit and she tries to cover up her private parts with her arms.

Doctor Sour: “Nonono dont worry its ok, what is your name?”

Nev bites her lips and lowers her gaze to the pavement, shrugging ever so lightly "I dont know Sir." she mumbled.

Female PJ circles a finger at her forehead.

Doctor Sour: “Well she is really in bad shape, maybe we can drive her to the clinic.”

Female PJ: “Oh ok, u need some help doc?”

Doctor Sour: “Let me see. Hey girl, can you come with me to the clinic?”

Nev's eyes grow wide and she starts to shake her head slowly "I dont think that is necessary Sir, I am fine really .. " She was quite sure about it that PimpGuy wouldnt appreciate her going to a clinic, she wasnt sick after all.

Female PJ looks at the girl “U can give me my jacket later.”

Doctor Sour: “Humm well looks she dont like it.”

Nev turns her head to face Female PJ and nods "Allright .. thank you for lending it to me."

Doctor Sour: “Maybe you can make her to go.”

Female PJ is sure the girl doesnt know what she is speaking of and holds her hands “Miss?”

Nev's brows furrow when she frowns, shifting her eyes between the two of them "Why do you want me to go to a clinic, I'm not sick!"

Doctor Sour: “Well we just want to be sure about it.”

Female PJ: “If u are not sick u can go, but to sit here undressed ... is not a sign of psychological health, trust me.”

"I'm telling you so .. wouldnt I know if I were sick?" Nev starts to panick a little and her eyes dart over the streets in search of PimpGuy "Just let me do my job okay, I will need to go to a clinic if you guys wont let me do my job!"
Doctor Sour: “Well what job is this?”

Nev twitches her lips and lifts her big blue eyes up at the man "You know of many jobs that dont require clothes?" she asked semi-sarcastically.

Female PJ: “Ok u are a free minded person, it is ur choice.” *standing up and walking down the street* “Bye.”

Nev raises her hand up and waves at Female PJ "Bye."

Doctor Sour: “Bye girl.”

Nev rolled her eyes some and shook her head, watching the pair walk off, relieved they finally just let her be.

- - - - -

Well that was somewhat odd. Ofcourse, Nev realised that sitting on a bench in the buff could be considered to be .. strange?! But this city she was trapped in, it was a strange place. And she certainly was not the only ‘working girl’. It had been nice to find out that there were actually people that seemed to ‘care’, but she just knew that PimpGuy would _not_ have liked if were she to follow with them to the clinic. Only reason she sat here without any clothes on was because of that silly bet she lost, not because she lost her mind!! Or .... ?

- - - - -

Male Client LA casually hangs around. He looks over to the spot where the prostitutes normally stand. Looking for someone to have some fun with. He leans up against the lamp post and looks through his phone.

Nev had just been dropped off by Daemon in yet another part of town and with one hand trying to cover her bare breasts, the other held down over her bare private parts does she scan the new location with skittery eyes. Seeing the man who looks like he might be a potential client does she step towards him a bit, keeping well out of armreach and with a soft low voice does she speak in hushed tone "H-hello Sir."

Male Client LA looks up from his phone. He peers at her over his sun glasses. A smirk spreads across his lips as he notices her already almost naked. Perfect. He nods his head to her, "How's it going? You on the job?" He studies her to make sure she's not a cop. Last time that happened, he had to put his blade to use and skip town. Not very fun when you're just trying to get a piece of taile.

Nev arches a brow before quite timidly nodding. Despite her appearance, somehow, most men simply didnt get what line of business she was in, not even after offering her service to them. At least this one seemed to have gotten the right idea without her even having to say much about it. "Yes Sir." she whispered, moving just a little closer to him and keeping her eyes lowered to the pavement as if she were too shy to look him in the eyes. "Can I be of service to you Sir?"

Male Client LA nods slowly. "I think you could be of service to me in some way." He pockets his cellphone and looks at her. "What's that you're hiding?" he motions to her hand over her breasts. He smirks, testing her to see if she is the real deal or not. He waits to see if she will call his bluff and show him what she's working with.

Nev pusted out her breath she didnt even realise she had been holding. Approaching clients and later on, asking for money, were the part of her job she disliked the most. The insecurity, the fear of being rejected. Having him give a positive response relaxes her and she closes the little distance there is left between them. Both arms sliding to her sides and leaning in a little so her breasts brush over the soft fabric of his hoodie. "What would you like me to do for you Sir?"

Male Client LA places his hands on her hips. His fingertips graze along her sides. His hands move down to her legs, barely brushing the skin. Making sure to not touch the merchandise too much before paying. "Maybe we should step into my 'office' to talk business, love." He grins at her, looking down at her breasts, enjoying what he sees.

Nev nods, presses her body a bit harder against him as his hands travel her curves. "Lead the way Sir." Her eyes were still avoiding his, but she felt a lot more at ease already and quite proud of the fact she had a 'catch' so soon after her drop-off.

Male Client LA nods to her. He gives her ass a quick squeeze before he backs away from her to start walking. He doesn't look back to see if she is following him. He walks. He pats his pocket to make sure he has the wad of cash to pay her with. This one will be a lot of fun, he can already tell that.

Nev shifts her arm back over her breasts as she follows him. So far he hadnt given her any reason to believe he would turn out to be a freak and she couldnt help but observe him a bit better now that he walked in front of her. It made her job so much more easier when she found a client actually attractive. She tilts her head some and widens her eyes when he leads her into the room, with a real bed .. yet another bonus. "Nice place you have here Sir." she whispered.

Male Client LA nods and smiles at her as they walk. He locks the door behind them and sets the keys on the table. They clank and jingle as they fall onto the wood. He makes eye contact and pulls a fat roll of bills out of the pocket. He throws it down on the table and it makes a thud. "So. How should we get this party started then?"

Nev's eyes drift over to the cash and again do they widen some. Then she steps towards him, letting her arm that was hiding her breasts fall down again, one hand reaching up to unzip the corset. With her soft breasts pressing into his chest does she let the corset fall to the ground and she moves her lips to his ear, her sweet breath caressing the shell "It is my job to please Sir. So whatever pleases you, I will do for you."

Male Client LA grins at her and lets his hands wander to her ass. He squeezes her ass cheeks hard.  He lets go of her, "Have a seat on the bed, love." He sits down on the table and waits for her to have a seat. He grins at her and speaks. "I see you're in business to make, money.. You seem like a smart business woman, right?"

He would feel her nipples stiffen even through his sweater when he squeezed her cheeks and with a slightly flustered face does Nev move backwards to the bed, pushing down her skirt over her hips and letting that drop to the floor too before letting herself fall down on the matras. She leans back some, arching her back so her perky breasts are lifted up and crosses one leg over the other, her eyes following him as he takes a seat on the table. "We all have to make a living." she simply answers, not exactly sure what he is getting at.

Male Client LA nods and stands up. He walks over to the wooden cabinet and opens it. he pulls something out. He closes the door and sets it down on the table. He moves away so she can see. It's a camera. "Have you ever been on film before, love?" He grins at her and studies her face for a reaction.

Nev's timid smile actually widens and she nods, twinkles appear in her big blue eyes and she shifts her gaze between him and the camera. Only yesterday had she had the most fantastic day she could remember, shooting the movie with Daemon and the celebration afterwards when they were both extatic about the result. "I have!" she nods again, proudly .. images of her walking over the red carpet and posing for all the photographers now entering her mind.

Male Client LA grins and pushes a button on the camera. A small beep emits from the camera and a red light turns on. He sits next to the camera. Lay down and show us your pussy" He looks down and at the camera and makes sure it's aimed and focused properly.

Nev shuffles her bum further back on the bed and turns towards the camera. She spreads her legs wide, brings one hand up to her mouth, quite suggestively extending her middlefinger and sucking it in. Then when its wet enough does she bring her hand down and slides the wettened finger between the petals. Meanwhile her eyes look straight into the camera questiongly "Do I need to move?" The shyness from earlier seems to have vanished completely and she wants to make sure he will get good shots of her.

Male Client LA shakes his head, "You're perfect, love." He watches her working her sex for the camera. He begins to harden and bulge against his pants. He resists the urge to pounce on her right now and holds off a bit. This girl is definatly a pro, he thinks to himself. He unzips his pants and pulls his cock out, not being shy about himself one bit. He strokes himself, getting ready to enter the scene.

Nev spreads her petals with a few fingers, showing the camera the glistening pink inside of her lips. Her other hand reaches down too and she starts to fiddle and play with her clit, tugging and twisting it to get herself more aroused, although .. the camera and the attractive looks of this client were in the least bit a turn off. Her eyes dwell down to his exposed cock, then up to meet his eyes. "Do you have a .. script?"

Male Client LA shakes his head, "I don't think we will need one." He strokes himself a bit more and begins to disrobe. He sheds his clothes rather quickly. He kneels on the bed next to her and strokes his cock. "Open up" he says to her,"Lets see what you can do with that pretty mouth"

Nev had watched him undress and all that was reveiled only made her more eager to please this client. She turns her head between the camera and him, trying to figure out what the best angle would be, assuming he wanted to catch on film how she sucked his cock, but probably also wanted to capture more of her body. She crawls up on hands and knees, bum towards the camera with her legs spread wide and ass up high in the air. This way the camera would see both holes and hopefully also be able to peer through her legs and see her performing her act. Only now does she look down at his cock, licking her lips wet. With one hand does she grab hold of the base and points the already hardening piece of meat a bit further up before pressing a soft kiss on the glans. Eyes now lifted up at him to see his reaction does she stick out the tip of her tongue and starts to circle around his cockhead, slowly.

Male Client LA brushes her hair from her face as she grabs his cock and gets ready to go to down on it. He looks down at her with a smirk and waits for her to place it in her mouth. He reaches his hands down her back to her ass cheeks and holds them apart, fully exposing her to the camera. He leans forward and runs his fingertips up and down her ass and pussy.

Nev starts to moan softly and rocks her hips back and forth. She parts her lips a little and lets his cockhead slide into her mouth without taking her eyes off of him. So many different men, so many different ways they wished to be pleased and she was always on the lookout for any signs of approval or instructions how to do it differently. Inch for inch does she let the shaft disappear deeper into her throat until she feels the head caress her tonsils, meanwhile pressing her flattened tongue against the soft skin of the shaft.

Male Client LA moans as she takes him into her throat. He pushes against her mouth, pushing a little more into her. He rubs her clit back and forth quickly to get her wet. "Play with that pussy for me, love." he says in between soft gasps of air. Her throat fitting his cock like a perfect glove, he loves having her lips wrapped around him.

"Hmmnghhm" she moans as a reply to let him know she heard him. Nev moves back just a little and sticks her ass up even higher in front of the camera, one hand moving down in between her legs to let her fingers slide through all the moist folds, spreading it open for the camera and digging in a few extended fingers into her depths. She releases her other hand from around the base and lowers it just a bit to cup his sack, fingers folding around it very carefully before she starts to massage his balls gently. Her head starts to move up and down in a slow pace, increasing the suction slightly , letting his cock almost slide out entirely of her mouth, only to push back down again until her nose was completely buried in his pubes.

Male Client LA slides his fingers up a little to make room as she begins to play with herself. His fingers coated in her pussy juice, he begins to rub it around in a circle around her tight little asshole. He moans as she works his entire cock like a professional. One of the best blowjobs he's had in a while. He applies pressure to her ass. Adding more pressure little by little until it begins to sink into the tight puckered hole. He looks down, watching her pretty face fuck his shaft.

He would feel Nev tense for a moment, her rearhole still quite sore and raw. But she relaxes when he turns out to be a client who actually thought about lubricating his finger first before shoving it up her tight anus. She increases both speed and suction and starts to bob her head over his cock fast, not allowing herself time to swallow the abundance of saliva forming in her mouth and the rooms fills up with slurpy sounds, foamy saliva dribbling down her chin onto his sack which she keeps on stimulating with her hand. She pushes her pelvis back against his finger, unable to speak, letting him know that he can push down deeper if he wants.

Male Client LA looks down and sees the saliva dripping down her chin and hears the slurpy noises. Nasty. Just the way it should be. He begins to thrust forward into her mouth, fucking her throat. He loves the noises it makes. He pushes his finger deeper into her asshole, the knuckles of his finger slowly disappearing into her one by one. He moans out in pleasure, turned on by her willingness to please.

Nev tilts her head some, creating a better angle for him to thrust deeper into the back of her throat.  She starts to swallow, letting the muscles in her throat massage the sensitive glans and almost trying to swallow his entire dick. She moans louder too when his finger moves deeper into her puckered hole and she starts to fuck her craving pussy harder with her own hand.

Male Client LA slides his finger in and out of her ass while he fucks her mouth. He decides to switch things up a bit. He pulls his finger from her ass slowly and grabs her by the hair. He pulls her mouth off of his cock. He continues to jerk off while looking down at her, "You ready to get that pussy torn up?" He grins at her, looking forward to what's coming next.

Nev let out a disappointed 'aaw' when he pulled her away from his cock. It had to be obvious that she enjoyed sucking cock and it was always a bummer when she wasnt allow to finish it. But he was a client, so he decided what he wanted her to do and she nods at him, fingers still pumping in and out of her pussy. "Yes Sir."

Male Client LA shoves his cock back into her mouth and fucks it while he talks. "What's your favorite way to get fucked?" he asks. He fucks her mouth for a couple moments more and pulls it back out, allowing her to talk. He reaches down and plays with her tits while he waits for her to answer.

Nev's brows furrow, really taking that question in consideration before coming up with an answer. Her tongue lashes around his shaft when he forced her back onto his cock and by the time he pulls her back again she hadnt come up with anything yet. "I like anything you want Sir." she said in her mild obedient manner. Closing her eyes and shuddering lightly when his hand touches her breasts.

Male Client LA nods to her. He forces himself back into her mouth after she gets done talking. He fucks her throat for a couple more moments, really enjoying her. He reaches down, pinching her nipples and squeezing her perfectly shaped breasts. He pulls himself out of her mouth and pushes her onto her back and waits for her to do what he said. He watches her body with lust, looking forward to pounding that pretty little cunt.

Nev sucks down his cock eagerly when he pushes her back, squeezing his balls a little harder but careful not to hurt him.  Then she releases his dick with a soft plop when once again she gets pulled off and quickly adjusts her position when she feels him flipping her body over. Not sure what he had in mind does she lift her legs up and pulls them closer to herself by wrapping her arms around them, that way lifting her bum up from the matras some and exposing both holes that by now are both shiny of her arousal.

Male Client LA kneels down on the bed. He rubs his cock up and down her wet pussy and ass. He ponders for a moment as to which hole he should fuck first. He rubs his cock against her clit, smearing precum on her pussy. He reaches up to her tits and squeezes them with one hand while he rubs his cock against both her fuck holes. "Tell me where to fuck you" he says with more hunger in his voice.

Nev wasnt used to men letting her make the decisions at all and her body squirms underneath him when his swollen glans rubs her clit, bringing both hands up to her own breasts she assists him in the squeezing and tugging of her sensitive nipples. "Fuck me in my cunt." she pants, flipping her pelvis up and trying to lead his dick into her wet hot depths.

Male Client LA pushes himself into her pussy. He grinds it around as he pushes into her inch by inch. He squeezes her tits harder as her hands close over his. He keeps pushing until his balls rest against her ass. He keeps pushing into her, throbbing inside of her tight folds. He grins at her and begins to slide in and out of her slowly at first. Enjoying the way she feels. He continues to squeeze her tits and roll her nipples around in his fingers. He begins to pick up the pace little by little as he lusts for her more and more. The sound of his nuts slapping into her ass gets louder with every thrust.

Nev closes her eyes and throws her head back, burying it as deep as possible into the soft matrass while a loud groan emerges from deep down her throat. Feeling him slide in so slowly, deeper and deeper, untill now without having caused her any pain at all .. it just feels all so good. With her knees up, legs spread as wide as possible and feet on the bed, she pushes her hips up to let him sink into her as deep as possible. Then when he starts pumping does she try to meet him with every thrust, loving to feel his balls slam into her bum and feeling her own fluids being splattered around onto her innerthighs. "Ooooh ... fuck me!" she moaned in between deep unsteady breaths.

Male Client LA leans down and sucks her nipples while he squeezes her tits. He grinds his dick around inside of her as he goes in and out. He does as she says when she tells him to fuck her. His thrusts get harder and faster. The sound of their hips slapping against each other gets louder, as does the wet noises made from the juices in her pussy. He nibbles and sucks her nipples for a bit and then moves up to her neck, biting and sucking the skin while he pounds her.

Nev wraps one leg around him, resting her calve on his ass to push him into her harder and little beads of sweat make the milky skin of her chest and breasts shiny. Her nipples painfully erect and deeppink by his nibbling. She moves her arms around him and digs her nails into his back, scraping down over his spine, twirling her hips around to make his cockhead massage her g-spot.

Male Client LA grinds his hips against her as she moves around. He nibbles on her ear and slides his tongue into it. He moans into her ear as they fuck. One of his hands slides down her body, sliding on her skin, slick with sweat. His hand makes it's way down her side to her ass. He squeezes her bum cheek and inches his fingers to her asshole. He rubs around her hole while they grind their hips back and forth.

Nev growls when his tongue enters her ear, something no client ever before had done and it sends shivers through her entire body. She'd continue to rake her nails over his back with one hand but lets the other one slide down his side and pushes it in between them, scratching the soaking wet pubes around his base while pushing her wrist down against her clit and rubbing it furiously. A little 'eep' of pleasure tumbling over her lips when she feels his finger on her rearhole.

Male Client LA continues invading her ear with his tongue. He lifts himself up a little bit to give her some room to work her clit with her hand. He continues to rub her asshole with one of his hands. He takes his tongue from her ear and grins at her. One of his hands goes down to the straps of her stockings. He hooks a finger into it and pulls. He lets it go and snap against her skin. He leans down to kiss her, something he doesn't usually do with the models he works with. Most of them don't kiss while performing, but he was too worked up to care.

Nev turned her head some and rubbed her ear on the matrass when he took his tongue away from it. It feels as if its on fire and the skin on her stomach ripples as shivers continue to make her muscles contract of joy. She grins when he lets the garter snap against her thigh but her eyes fly wide open when she feels his warm lips on her mouth. Looking up in his eyes he'd see the surpise and confusement, but she kisses him back eagerly and twirls her tongue around his. Her moans muffled  when she tastes the warmth of his mouth.

Male Client LA explores her mouth with his tongue. He moans into her mouth. He slows to a stop and holds his throbing cock deep inside of her. Their sweaty bodies pressed against each other. He continues to kiss her for a moment. He backs away from her and continues to fuck her. A string of saliva still connects their mouths together. He pulls out slowly and slams it back into her. He repeats this a bit, watching her tits shake with each thrust.

Nev cant stop staring at his face, her mind going in circles and wondering what the catch will be, when he will turn out to be a freak as most of them are. Her lips still parted when he breaks the kiss does she pant loud and her chest rises up and down quickly. She starts to giggle when he makes her breasts shimmy around and wobble all over the place with his thrusts.

Male Client LA smirks at her as she giggles. Always nice to be able to have fun with it. He makes a mental note to try and get a round two with her some other time. Got the body and the charm, perfect. He pulls his cock out of her pussy and grins down at her, "Bend over. I want that beautiful ass up in the air." He strokes his cock looking at her and waiting for her to move.

Nev nods at him with twinkly eyes and swoops around to get into the position he requested of her. She wasnt sure whether he wanted her to stand or kneel so she crawls to the end of the bed and sits down on hands and knees, her face down against the matrass and her back arched so her ass sticks up as high as possible. Her cunt dripping wet and wide open and her clit swollen peeping out from under its hood.

Male Client LA leans his head down behind her and runs his tongue up and down her pussy from behind, tasting her sweet juices. He pushes his face against her pussy, shoving his tongue into her, trying to taste as much of her as possible. He pulls his tongue out and slides his tongue up and down between her bumcheeks, taking care to push it against her asshole each time he passes it. He slides his tongue back down her ass, over her pussy and to her clit. He sucks the swollen clit into his mouth and lets out a moan, sending vibrations through her pussy.

Nev gasps out and just has to turn her head around to peer at him, totally amazed by what he is doing. But she loves it and her entire body shivers and shudders like a trembling leaf. She starts to rock her hips gently back and forth against his face, letting him find all the delicious secret spots that so love to be licked by a warm wet tongue and more juices dribble down her thighs, all the folds and petals in her pussy shiny and soaked with liquids of pleasure. "Nggghhmmm." she moans, not breathing anymore at all as the tension inside of her starts to build up.

Male Client LA sucks on her pussy lips and raises a hand to play with her dripping clit. He milks her for all the juices he can get from her. He moans into her pussy as she pushes back into his face, grinding on his mouth. He nibbles on the skin right next to her pussy while he fingers her clit. His cock throbs so hard it hurts, eager to be back inside of her.

Nev almost felt guilty to feel so much pleasure given to her by a client but she cant stop moaning and grinding in to him. Her hands claw into the sheets, knuckles turning white when she clenches down hard, about to explode when his fingers massage her clit while she still feels his eager mouth nibbling on her petals. "Watch it!" she almost snarls at him, knowing he would drown if he didnt move his face away from her cunt soon. Her body as stiff as a plank starts to jerk when a climax is waiting around the corner, unable to hold it back any longer.

Male Client LA knows what she means when she tells him to watch it. He keeps rubbing her clit almost violently, intent on making her cum hard. He sits up and rubs his cock against her fuck hole, hoping she will squirt all over it. He strokes himself, waiting for her to cum, throbbing, aching to fucking her.

Nev's eyes roll around to the back of her head and she braces herself, gripping the sheets even tighter and pulling them out from under the matrass when the orgasm suddenly rushes through her veins. Clear hot liquid gushed out from her wide-open cunt and splashes with force all over his stomach and cock, leaving his sack dripping wet and causing a large wet splotch on the matrass. Her body jerks uncontrollably and she has to do her best to keep her ass up in the air since her legs turn into jelly. Sweat trinkles down her spine from the crack of her ass, over her spine, down to her neck and her face is buried into the matrass while she screams out in extacy."Fuck me, Fuck me!" it sounds muffled and beggingly from inside the bed.

Male Client LA jams his cock into her pussy in one violent thrust. He grunts as he feels his cock slide into her soaking wet cunt. He ravages her pussy, no longer taking it easy. He smacks her ass, watching it jiggle with each thrust. He moans out, turned on by how much cum she squirted. He reaches up and grabs her hair, pulling a big fist full. He pushes hard into her, determined to get as deep as possible into her.

Nev's head gets lifted up from the matrass and she throws it back as far as possible, trying to hold on to the sheets or matras or whatever she can get a grip on to keep herself in position and be able to thrust back when he starts ramming his cock into her so wildly. She still is eager to help him and please him as best she can and pumps her ass back and forth, meeting all his thrusts and continuing to wetten his crotch area and her legs with all the fluids that splatter around. The spanking for sure leaves red marks on her cheeks but the vibrations reach all the way down to her supersensitive erect clit that stands up proud and throbbing in the centerpoint of her flower.

Male Client LA grabs onto the straps of her stockings, using them to pull her back onto him. He ponders about fucking her asshole, but loves her pussy. He decides it'd be best for the video to fuck that perfect little asshole. He slows the pace down and pulls himself from her pussy. His cock is absolutely soaked by her juices, so no need to lube her ass up. He pushes his cock against her asshole, "I'm gunna fuck that asshole. Spread those cheeks open, love" He strokes the shaft as he pushes on her hole.

Nev turns her head to side some and leans her shoulders and cheek on the bed, supporting her weight to keep her up while moving her arms back. Her hands grab hold of her buttocks and she spreads them wide for him. She had by now forgotten all about the camera and she pushes back against him when she feels the wet slippery glans against her puckered hole, forcing it inside. If only she had a few hands more she'd grope her cunt and dig into it, but she doesnt want to do anything that he hasnt given his permission for.

Male Client LA moans as she pushes against him. He keeps pushing against her until every bit of him is burried in her ass. "Oh you're ass is so fucking tight" he moans to her. He begins to fuck her slowly, watching her asshole squeeze him. "Let me know when you can take it harder" he says to her, hold her hips, fucking her ass.

"Take me harder!" Nev said immediately. Her body so incredibly hot and aroused that she'd probably be able to fuck an elephant without any problems. Her entire skin was damped and steaming and her hair clistered in wet strands against her back and upperarms. She keeps one hand on her ass, spreading open one cheek while the other wandered down under her, unable to resist the urges. She just had to dig a few fingers into her pussy, massaging her innerwalls and feeling his fat throbbing cock fuck her ass through the thin wall parting the two holes.

Male Client LA pounds her asshole harder than he pounded her pussy. Her tight ass squeezing him so hard it almost hurt. He ravages her asshole, not worrying about wether or not it hurt anymore. He spits on her asshole for a bit more lube and grabs her hand that is holding her asscheek and pulls her fingers to her asshole. "Slide one in that ass. Stretch that motherfucker out for me, baby." His breathing quickens, watching himself slide in and out of her.

Nev had never done that yet, but she'd do basically anything for a client and she was once again glad Daemon had devirginized her ass the first time they met. It still wasnt that pleasant but it didnt upset her anymore and this one seemed to at least be concerned with things like lubrication which made it a whole lot better for her. She keeps pumping her hand in-and-out her cave, extends the middlefinger from her other hand and tries to squeeze it down into her anus alongside his shaft. But she is afraid to hurt him in the process and doesnt dare to push through.

Male Client LA grabs her hand and pushes her finger into her ass with his cock. He moans as her ass gets even tighter with her own finger in it, too. He keeps fucking her asshole and spits down on it, watching the spit slide down between her cheeks, around his cock and her asshole, then down her pussy. He reaches around underneath her and puts his hand on her's. Pushing her fingers deeper into her cunt. "Fuck me with that tight asshole," he says, trying to egg her on a bit.

Nev inhaled with an 'Ooow' sound of surprise when he pushed her finger into her asshole and she tried to jiggle her fingertip over his shaft to stimulate him even more. She didnt need that much encouragement to shove her hand deeper inside of her pussy and pumped the soaking hole wildly. If only she could support herself better, it was hard to keep her balance with him ramming his cock so hard into her and she had no hands free to hold her body back, but she tries her best to push back against every thrust.

Male Client LA feels himself near orgasm, but holds it back the best he can.  He keeps pumping her ass, meeting her thrusts, slamming her. "You want my load in your pussy? I want to fill that juicy cunt up." He grinds himself aound inside of her perfect round ass, watching it shake on him. He reaches under her and squeezes her tits as they sway back and forth.

"A-any ..... nggggg .... wh-where" she barely manages to push out over her lips, breathing heavily and sweating as if they were in a steaming hot sauna. Another gasp when she feels his hand on her swollen mounds that are decorated with their deeppink rosebuds. In order to please him more does Nev squoosh her indexfinger next to her middlefinger in her anus and wiggles them around nipping the soft skin of his rockhard cock.

Male Client LA fucks her ass. He can't believe how tight she is with two fingers in her ass. This girl is perfect. He continues to pump her ass until he can't hold back much longer. He pulls out of her asshole and watches it pucker and shut on her fingers. He pushes himself up against her pussy, not worrying about wether or not she already had fingers in herself or not. He pushes into her pussy and fucks her hard and fast, intent on working himself into an orgasm. "Tell me where to put this fucking load," he groans to her.

Nev continues to fuck her own ass with two fingers after he pulled out of it, but retracts her hand from her cunt when he thrusts it in there. She reaches a little further back and lets her fingertips tap lightly against his nuts everytime they slam down in between her legs. If he was giving her choice .. "mouth" ... she moans, riding his dick hard.

Male Client LA pounds her pussy hard, enjoying the show she is putting on with her fingers in her asshole. "You like that better?" He asks her, saving his cum, and slowing down a bit.

"Mhhm" Nev replied, pulling her two fingers apart to open her ass wider and then letting the muscles push them together again. She now grazes her fingers through his pubes that are soaking wet and must be itchy, scratching around the base while he decreased the tempo some and gave her finally time to try and catch her breath.

Male Client LA pulls out of her and strokes himself, watching her play with her asshole. He grabs her hair to pull her mouth over to his crotch. "Come get it then," he says, stroking himself.

Nev swiftly turned around, extracting her fingers from her bum and positioned herself in front of him on her knees but with her legs spread wide and her ass down on the bed. She leans forward and slurps in his cock that glistens with their combined fluids and smells of herself. She lunges on to it and takes it deep far back in her throat in one go as if to eat the whole damn thing without ever even chewing on it.

Male Client LA moans and holds onto a fistfull of her hair. He throws his head back, enjoying the way her throat feels on him. He thrusts into her mouth as she moves forward on it. "You ready for that fucking load?" he asks her through gasps of air. His cock hardens, ready to fill her mouth.

Nev feels his cock expand and gets ready to receive, letting it slip out just a little so he wont choke her by blasting his cum directly into her windpipe. She doesnt even moan a reply but folds her fingers around his tensed full sack and squeezes it ever so carefully.

Male Client LA reaches down to his sack and puts his hand over her's. He squeezes her hand to let her know she can give it all hell. His body tenses up as the orgasm rips through his body. He yells out as he begins to shoot load after load of thick ropes of cum into her mouth. "Take that fucking cum," he growls at her through gritted teeth.

Nev grips down harder around his balls and feels them shrink in her hand as the sperm is being forced out, her other hand reaches around him and claws into an ass-cheek, pushing him closer and deeper into her throat after the first load covered her tongue with a white layer of hot thready semen. She swallows it quickly and gulps down his cock as far back as possibly, her lips tight around the base.

Male Client LA finishes cumming and pushes into her mouth. He pushes himself until the base of his cock is against her face. He comes down off the orgasm and pulls his cock out of her mouth. "Ah.. That was perfect!"

Nev smacks her wet lips after he pulled out and opens her mouth for him to show that she had swallowed every last drop of his semen. She looks at him with a bright smile on her face and glinstering eyes "Are you pleased Sir?"

Male Client LA nods and stands up next to the bed. He pulls his pants on and grins at her, "That was perfect, love. Perfect. Your money is here on the table when you're ready for it. The room is rented through the night so feel free to stay the night if you want." He looks her over, admiring how sexy she is, especially after a long fuck.

Nev remains in her position on the bed, with her legs spread and the lips crimson-red and swollen still dripping with her juices. She cant help but look surpised when she hears she'll get to keep the full amount and bows her head some "Thank you very much Sir. I'll be of service to you any time you desire."

Male Client LA pulls his shirt on and nods at her, "You're welcome. I look forward to future business with you." He picks up the camera. "Say bye!" He points it at her with a smirk.

Nev starts to laugh when she realises she had forgotten about the camera and tilts her head some, winks in the camera and waves at it. "Bye byeee!"

Male Client LA shuts it off and puts it in a bad. "Awesome video for sure. You're perfect." He slips her a card. "This is my cell phone number. Call me if you're in need of some business. I've got all kinds of work for you."

Nev takes the card from him and shoves it down her stocking. Then she gets off the bed too, her legs a bit wobbly, and walks over to the table to count the bills, neatly fold them and hide them in the same place, making sure to tuck them down far enough so her boot covers it. "Thank you Sir." She couldnt believe he had just paid her 600 dollars but she tries not to show her surprise once again and just thanks him politely with a sweet smile.

Male Client LA nods and picks up his bag. He turns to leave the room. "The name is Male Client LA. Pleasure to meet you." He smiles.

Nev smiles and kneels down to pick up her skirt and corset "It was a pleasure indeed Male Client LA."

Male Client LA turns the doorknob and opens the door. "Good evening," he walks through the door and vanishes into the night to do a little bit of editing.

Nev watches him leave before she gets dressed.

- - - - -

She decides not to tell PimpGuy that one of her clients had videotaped her during the job. Nev didnt want to loose this client and she was quite positive PimpGuy would not like someone else making a profit using ‘his property’. She was incredibly satisfied by this client and on top of that, he had paid her an obscene amount of money. After the client had left and she had gotten dressed does Nev return to where she had picked him up .. or had he picked her up? This was another part of town, PimpGuy sometimes took her to different places to expand her clientbase. Apparantly this part was a little chiquer and despite the bet she had lost, had he made her wear some clothes, it wouldnt be appropriate to be there totally naked had he told her. PimpGuy seemed distracted when he picked her up again, not in the best mood and obviously with his mind elsewhere. Harshly had he demanded her to strip again and left her at her usual spot without asking her if she had made any money.

- - - - -

Nev turns her head to the man who sat down next to her on the bench "Ooh hello Sir." she said, somewhat shyly and placing her arms in front of naked private parts.

Male Client Fang takes a seat next to her on the bench "Greetings.”

"C-can I be of service to you Sir?" Nev’s eyes travel over his body before she lowers them to stare at the pavement.

Male Client Fang looks at her, his head moving up her frame “Is there a reason you are walking around naked?"

Nev curls her lips up in the faintest smile and nods "I lost a bet."

Male Client Fang takes a glance at the others across the street, catching the womans gaze, he glares at her, then turns his attention back to the naked woman on the bench next to him “Well that kind of sucks for you doesnt it? So how is it you lost this bet?”

Nev shrugs ever so lightly, her gaze still downwards "In my line of business .. well .. if I do wear clothes, most of them end up being torn off my body. I guess this saves time." Her voice is soft and she sounds semi-sarcastic. Then her cheeks start to fluster into a deep pink and she looks at the man next to her for a moment before turning her head away from him again "Its quite an embarrassing story."

Male Client Fang shakes his head laughing “No doubt, you do, and what line of work is that?" He looks at his watch “Well it seems I have some time, explain?"

Male Client Fang: “Ah this city, it has such colorful people in it!” He watched as another catfight was about to begin across the street.

Nev twitches her lips, she didnt like lying, but telling a total stranger, even though he might be a potential client, telling him how she had lost the bet?! She takes a deep breath and her cheeks turn into crimson now "Well .... ehm .... someone bet that he could pee further than that I could squirt. Turned out .. he was right."

“Perhaps we should get you off the streets and into some clothes, it wouldnt do good to have you on the streets naked .. whats your name,young lady?" Male Client Fang then laughed “I dont see how you couldnt have known that, we have better aim and reach.” and winked at her.

Nev bites her lip and shakes her head "I lost a bet Sir, it would be wrong of me to get dressed since that is what the bet was for. And unfortunately I do not know my name. But ... " she glances at him "If you want me to be of service to you .. it would be my pleasure Sir."

Male Client Fang: “So how is it you lot your memory, you get hit in the head .. somehow?”

Nev shrugged again "If I knew how I lost it .. at least I'd have a clue where to look for answers Sir."

Male Client Fang shakes his head, then looked at her “And tell me, what service are you going to provide me?"

Nev pulled her shoulders back a little, still trying to cover her body with her arms but attempting to at least look more confident "It is my job to please Sir. So whatever you want me to do."

Male Client Fang sat back in the bench and crossed his arms, then looked down at her, then laughed “So youre a prostitute, I pay you and you please me, correct?"

Nev shakes her head, lifts her big blue eyes up at him and looks him straight in the eyes for the first time "No. I please you first. If you are not satisfied you do not pay me at all."

Male Client Fang turned his dark eyes towards her, a feral look comes into his eyes, then let his eyes glide of her naked form “Sounds tempting" His hunger was beginning to grow "Come lets see how well you satisfy"

Nev pushed herself up from the bench and nodded "Ofcourse Sir." And then she waited patiently for him to lead the way.

Male Client Fang stood up and looked at the woman “This way,its over by the church,my place"

Nev nods again and follows him to a part of town she hadnt been before.

Male Client Fang looked back at the woman as he walked "Its beyond the graveyard,we have to walk through it to get to my place" He looked around the cemetary as he entered,checking to see if anyone else saw “Its down these stairs"

Nev looked around her with widened eyes "I've .. n-never been here."

Male Client Fang: “Its the cemetary, most people dont come around the graveyard, people say some creature stalks it, looking for flesh.”

Nev figured that maybe the rent down here was cheaper, it wasnt a very attractive neighbourhood. "Its a .. ehm ... an interesting place Sir."

Male Client Fang takes his jacket and places it over the womans shoulder “It can get cold down here"

Nev smiles at him and held the jacket close around her. "Thank you."

Male Client Fang took her shoulder and guided her through the catacombs,moving deeper in to the dark depths “So you say you never been down here?"

Nev giggles softly "Not that I remember anyways."

Male Client Fang pointed to the bed "Look a cozy place to rest your pretty little head, with your pretty little mouth.” He moves closer to her “So you have to please me or I dont pay you, we’ll have to see"

Nev looks over at the huge impressive bed, her jaw dropping for a moment. Most clients took her to some abandoned shack with a filthy matras on the floor .. or just wanted her to please them out in the open. This looked very luxurious. She turned her attention back to him and nodded "Exactly. What is it you want me to do Sir?"

Male Client Fang pointed to her boots and stockings and leaned back on the bed “Remove those also, whore"

Nev nods once again, bends down and pulls down the zippers of her boots. She steps out of them and then starts to roll down her stockings, making sure she rolled down the money and businesscard from her previous client into the thin fabric of her stockings without him noticing it and shoves them into her boots. Once completely naked does she stand up straight again and looks at him questiongly.

Male Client Fang strolled around her, his gaze inspecting her body "Im wondering lady, seeing as you have a lovely body, how skilled you are at pleasing men" She can see in the mans eyes that the wheels in his mind were spinning, she had no idea what he was up to.

Nev always felt a little uncomfortable with new clients, there were so many freaks amongst them. She follows him with her eyes and asks once again, in a hushed tone "How may I please you Sir?"

Male Client Fang walked behind her and taking his hands, he slapped her ass 'I will be the one that speaks, you will remain silent until I give you permission to speak, that would please me from the start, now get on the bed, on your hands and knees"

Nev only shuddered a bit when he slapped her ass, it was something most clients seemed to enjoy. She nods once more and without looking back at him does she walk over to the bed, crawls on top of the soft sheets and positions herself the way he had told her to.

Male Client Fang looked at her as she got up on the bed naked, into the postion he’d requested “Tell me sweetheart, are men the only thing you have pleased?”

Nev twisted her head around to look at him, a slight frown furrowing her brows before she nods. He had told her to remain silent and she wasnt quite sure what he meant. She had never pleased a woman anyway, so yea .. she only did men.

Male Client Fang got up on the bed behind her"Take your hands and spread your ass cheeks for me, I wish to see the little brown pucker' He slapped her ass again for emphasis “What about a beast my dear, have you ever pleased a beast before, someting from your nightmare?"

Nev now was glad about the fact PimpGuy had devirginized her from being taken in the rear, it still was not something she preferred to do, but at least it didnt shock her anymore. She places both hands on her buttocks, arches her back, pouts her ass up higher in the air and spreads her cheeks for him. "A ... a b-beast?" She gasped when she realised she had spoken and starts to shake her head.

Male Client Fang hearing her voice, a slight nervous tone to it, he took his hand and slapped her ass twice, leaving it red “I said to remain silent, understood?” He took his finger and forced it into her ass, violating it. “Yes a beast, a creature from the depths of ones mind, have you ever given pleasure to one?" He pushed another finger into her ass.

The flesh of Nev’s pale-skinned luscious cheeks bounced due to his smacks, but it send pleasant shivers to her pleasure point. She feels him insert a finger into her anus and pushes her ass back against it, letting it sink in deeper into her tight, rather sore rearhole. She started to feel real uncomfortable with this man, he spoke in riddles and she didnt know exactly what he meant. Again she shook her head from side to side in reply to his question.

Male Client Fang withdrew his fingers from her ass and backed of the bed “I sense you are confused, not sure what I speak of. Let me show you what i mean by pleasing a beast" He tore off his clothes, close his eyes and let the transformation take place. His eyes became a deep yellow, almost orange in color as his body contorted and his muscles transformed his body in to something alot different than the man she had met earlier.

Nev didnt dare to change position, he was a client and it was her job to please and obey clients. The last thing she wanted to do was make him angry by doing something she wasnt allowed to do. So she remains on hands and knees with her ass high up and twists her head around as far as possible to follow him with her eyes. Her eyes that almost popped out of their sockets when she watched him transform into ... into ... she didnt know what the hell it was, but it was furry and creepy and looked dangerous.

Male Client Fang pounced back on the bed behind the woman and grabbed her by her ass, his claws raking across her flesh, his grip holding her tight, unable to move, he leaned forward and growled in her ear "Lets see how well you please me, if you survive my attentions" He began fingering her ass with his fingers, now transformed claws standing in for fingers, he pushed three fingers deep into her.

Nev probably wouldnt have been able to move and flee the scene anyway, even if he hadnt held her in his tight grip. She was totally frozen and in shock by what she had seen before her very own eyes. These sorts of things only happened in .. stories .. in spooky stories. She clenches her teeth together when his claws dig in into her ass, the flesh of her anus had already been sore and abused but she was sure she wouldnt be able to sit for at least a month after he had finished with her. Tears well up in her eyes from pain and freight and she does her utmost best not to make the slightest sound, afraid it would piss him off.

Male Client Fang began to violate her ass with his fingers, opening her ass preparing it for his assault on her ass, despite that, he knew he would still tear her anus apart, but first he wanted to feel those luscuois warm lips around his lupine shaft. It had been a few nights since he sated his lust on a human female. He grabbed her by the hair and turned her body around and forced his cock into her face "Open up, whore"

Nev's throat was swollen with fear and it didnt matter how much she gulped, the clump wouldnt go away. The pain was nothing she had ever experienced before and she felt liquid dribbling down between her cheeks, positive it would be blood. Then when he flips her around and pushes her head down onto his cock does she close her eyes. Sucking a fucking dog, that was just sick. But she didnt have much of a choice and opens her mouth to take the entire length of his shaft in, letting the cockhead bump against her tonsils while she flattens her tongue against the shaft in order to give him extra stimulation.

Male Client Fang: “Thats it girl, take that canine cock in your throat, bet you never had to please a werewolf with that mouth. If youre good at pleasing me with that  tongue, I might not hurt that ass so bad.” He took his hand and grabbed her by the hair and forced his cock deeper into her mouth, maybe he woulnt devour her, that would make another he could use at his leisure. “Your lips feels so warm on my cock"

Nev lashed her tongue against and around his shaft, a canine cock sure was a hell of a lot bigger than any man she'd had to suck before and when he pushes her head further down, she felt herself starting to choke. Her nostrils flaring wild to get air, she tilts her head some to change the angle and begins to swallow, stimulating the glans with the contractions of her throat-muscles and preventing herself that way from gagging or even worse, throw up on him. Saliva started to dribble down her chin onto his fur and she took one hand, moving it to his stomach and folded her fingers around the base to squeeze it and make him even harder than he already was.

Male Client Fang took her head in his hands grabbing her by the hair he could feel her struggle as he pushed himself deeper into her mouth, yes the girl did know how to use her mouth, if she never pleased a beast before, she was doing a fine job of it, his lupine cock getting harder with each lash of her tongue. "That tongue feels so good girl, sure you never pleased a beast before?" He pulled her from his cock and looked into her eyes “Stop sucking, I want you to get back on your hands and knees"

Nev gasped for air when he pulled her off of his cock and stared at him with freight-filled eyes. Too many questions and not allowed to speak. She shakes her head, then nods and crawls back on hands on knees. Without him having to ask for it does she put her hands on her ass again and spreads the cheeks wide open, exposing the bloody asshole he had claw-fucked not that long ago.

Male Client Fang moved up behind her and taking her ass cheeks in his hands, he spread them. With his tongue he traced it up the crack of her ass teasing and tormenting her bloody ass with the tip of his tongue, shoving it into her ass, raping her ass with his tongue. Then e placed his cock to her slit and shoved the full length of his lupine cock into her snatch "You taste sweet girl"

Nev couldnt help but actually get aroused when she felt his extremely long tongue licking her poor abused ass. It relieved her from the stinging pain the claws had caused her and this was the first time someone .. or something .. had stuck a tongue into her anus. She squirmed her hips around and when she felt the head of his impressive cock push against her cunt, did she push back some to let it slide into her deep warm cave. She held her breath when he rammed in the entire length at once and shivered from both fear and delight.

Male Client Fang looked down at the girl, his tongue buried in the girls ass, he withdrew his cock from her slit, then rammed it back into her small frame. Unaware of his brute strength he shows no mercy as he pounds his cock in and out of her slit, his lupine cock threatening to split her. Although he sensed her fear, he sensed something else, as if the girl was responding to his attentions “I will delight in using this body whore, lets hope you live throught it"

It was a total new experience for Nev, but as long as she closed her eyes and didnt think about his appearance .. the wet tongue fucking her ass .. it was totally amazing. She let out the softest, almost disappointing sounding 'eep' when he pulled his cock out of her pussy, but had to bite down in the sheets to stop herself from screaming when he thrusted it back in with such force that she was afraid he would damage her woomb with his impressive, inhuman .. well yea, he wasnt human after all, length.

Male Client Fang began to piston his lupine cock in and out of the girls slit, his tongue still fucking her ass. He then withdrew it from her ass and withdraw his cock from her pussy. He looked at her then ordered her on her back “Lay on your back and hold your legs, I wish to take you in your ass, I wish to see the look in your eyes as I do .. plus you will touch your clit while I do"

Nev quickly obeyed him and rolled over onto her back. She spread her legs wide for him, held them up in the air and curled her arms aound them to pull them closer to her body. Then she tilted up her pelvis as far as possible, forcing her ass to be lifted up from the bed so he would have easy access to whatever hole he preferred. With her arms around her legs she was able to reach her hands down to her private parts and she spread the glistening swollen petals with one hand while she started to rub and massage her clit between her thumb and indexfinger of the other hand.

Male Client Fang grabbed her legs and pushed them back even further, giving him a lovely view of her tight brown pucker. He placed the head of his cock to the tight hole and with a quick thrust buried his full length into her tight brown hole, the tightness snug against his shaft

Tears of pain streamed down Nev’s cheeks when he rammed his dick into her anus. She didnt even want to imagine what it would have felt like hadnt he lubricated her tight ass with his tongue before. She bites down on her underlip, teeth clasping down so hard on the soft flesh that they pierce through her skin and a droplet of blood seeps down her chin. But she continues to rub her clit, tugs on it and pinches it, making it swell to at least twice its normal size. She had been afraid of clients before, but this one ... if she didnt do what he wanted her to do, chances were most likely, that she wouldnt live to tell the story.

Male Client Fang looked down at her as her hands played with her clit. He could see her pulling on it and twisting it "Thats it girl, abuse that clit, twist it and pull on it!” He withdrew his cock, to the tip, then slowly fed it back into her ass. He reached down and raked his claws upon the flesh of her breasts, squeezing them with his claws and pulling on them as he used her ass. He doesnt show signs of slowing down, rather he began to pick up his pace, increasing the speed of his thrusts and the depth of the penetration. He looked down at her and smiled, he was hoping he could hold his hunger at bay

Nev had to concentrate fully on her own hands, trying to block out the things he was doing to her. Her tearfilled frightened eyes look into the yellow eyes of a beast when his sharp claws start to rake over the tender skin of her lily-white perky breasts and she hopes to god that he will be pleased enough with her to not molest her body and tear her open. She kept on stimulating her clit as he had ordered her to and extended a few fingers of her other hand to plunge them into the warm depth of her cunt. Meanwhile doing her damnest best not to cry or scream when he started to pounce her ass merciless with his insanely huge rockhard cock.

Male Client Fang bent his head down and taking her nipple in his mouth he bit it drawing blood. Seeing the blood drip from her nipple he licked his lips then licked the blood off of her. The taste so sweet in his mouth, so warm upon his tongue. Many girls he has taken but now a different hunger called to him. He continued to rape her ass, taking his claws and raking her flesh and licking the blood from the ensuing wounds. He would satisfy himself in more than one way. He decided he would take what he needed to survive and leave her barely alive, but alive.

Nev's underlip started to tremble furiously when his teeth pierced through the sensitive skin of her deeppink rosebud that decorated the soft full mound of her breast. There were too many things going on at once and she was scared out of her mind, the only thing keeping her in her role was her survival instinct and her need to please her pimp who wouldnt be happy with her if she showed up with a molested body or even worse .. if she didnt show up at all. She wasnt sure if this beast expected her to bring herself to an orgasm, she was in too much pain and too full of freight to focus on bringing herself into a state in which that would be possible. She looks down her chest and sees his claws leaving their bloody marks in her skin, not even able to feel the pain it almost seems as if she is watching a movie in which she plays a role. Her ass by now has almost gone numb and she hears him thrusting into it, feels his balls slam against her cheeks rather than that she feels his cock inside her tear her anus apart. Her hands shaking and hard to control she continues to handfuck herself and stimulate her clit for him.

Male Client Fang is deep into a feral state, his claws continue to rake at her flesh grabbing her breasts, squeezing them while he rammed into her ass over and over again. He was at the peak of his excited state, hunger and passion at its highest. He could feel his seed begin to move from his balls to his shaft, the speed increased. He could feel her warm body under him, pinned to the bed, her breasts bleeding from the wounds delivered to her by his claws. He looked down at her throat and with open mouth he grabbed her by her throat as he kept her imobilized.

Nev gulped and her body froze when the enormous maw opened and he clenched his teeth around her throat. She was sure her end had come and she shuts her eyes stiff. Her entire body stiff as a plank she doesnt dare to make any sound at all and awaits in agony to feel his teeth sink down into her flesh.

Male Client Fang buried his fangs in to the girls throat, puncturing her flesh, into her veins, his fangs entered, tasting the sweet taste of blood. He began to lick at the wound as the blood flowed from the wound, meanwhile he still pounded his lupine cock into the girls ass. His hunger being sated by her blood and her flesh, he drank the blood, though he would prefer to devour her. Her blood for now would sate his hunger, he plunged his cock deep into her ass as he shot his load into her ass,his mouth still upon her throat,he released her.

Tears fell down in a constant stream from Nev’s closed shut eyes and images of the wonderful things that had happened only yesterday flash through her mind. 'This is it', she thought to herself .. 'I'm gonna die!!' The sharp teeth sink down into her flesh and she feels his eager tongue lash around her throat, drinking her blood. Then on top of that, she feels his cock expand to an even larger size just before he empties out his semen deep into her bowels and the excrutiating sudden flash of pain shooting through her body makes her contract all her muscles and squeeze the tight anushole even tighter around his exploding cock. 'I'm still alive .. am I .. am I still alive?' she thinks, not even sure about that.

Male Client Fang released her throat from his mouth, licking at the blood as it flowed from her throat. He withdrew his lupine cock from her ass, the shaft straked with her blood and dripping with his cum he pulled himself up from the girl and looked down at her broken and violated body. Her breasts bleeding from the gash from his claws, along with her throat bleeding from the puncture wounds in her throat. Seeing the blood he feels his hunger rise to the surface again, the sweet smell of the blood in his nostril he bent his head down to her throat sniffed the blood and then grabbed her by the throat again. Gripping her tighter he bit in to her flesh again, this time he gripped her tighter and placed his hands around her throat as he squeezed, enjoying the taste of her blood.

Nev peeked up at him through her lashes when both mouth and cock were taken away and being pulled out of her. Trembling like a frightened scared and abused leaf the laid their, both hands numb still placed on her cunt and waits for what the fuck is gonna happen next. She saw his maw closing in again and she pressed her head further back down into the matras as if to bury herself and not be accessible to him. But once again do the teeth sink into her throat and her eyes flash open wide to stare into his yellow orbs with unseeing eyes when his paws started to squeeze down on her throat, making it impossible for her to breath.

Male Client Fang: “Its unfortunate girl, that you taste so sweet” He kept his grip on her as his teeth puctured her throat again, this time he had no intentions of stopping the feeding as the intoxicating smell and taste of her blood kept his mouth fixed to her throat. He bit down deeper, enjoying the taste of the girl. His lust sated he needs sustenance after the recent activity. When he felt he fed enough he pulled his fangs from her throat, dripping with her blood he looked down into her eyes, barely alive. He pulled himself up from her and leaped from the bed “Sleep well my dear" He turned and headed out of the crypt, her breath coming in short shallow breaths,the last thing he hears fading as he heads back out under the moonlight of the city. Perhaps he will come back later to finish his feeding.

Nev is barely aware of the fact that he is leaving her, drifting in and out of consciousness does she lay deadstill on the bed, her body ravaged and raw with open bleeding scratches and puncturewounds. If she would survive at all .. this was a client she never would want to serve again.

- - - - -

Nev Nizna had finally come to after her unfortunate encounter with a rather .. violent client. With her body covered in bloody scratches and bloody puncture wounds had she drug herself out of the crypt and confused or maybe even brainwashed as she was did she intend to go to work again. She had found clothes in the boxes the girl from yesterday .. or was it the day before that .. had told her about. Convinced she wouldnt be able to attract any clients if she didnt cover up her ravaged body. Now she walks up to the first man she sees. "Hello Sir." she said in a hushed voice, trying to hide the state of her body by holding her arms in front of her.

Male TJ had taken a wrong turn he was sure .. yes he was sure because ahead of him was a basketball court and little else .. he was quite certain that he didn't want to play basketball and thus .. he was in the wrong place and had taken a wrong turn .. the logic was infallible. He was considering what direction to take when a woman stepped out of the shadows almost directly in front of him .. at first look he expected her to cry for help and his brows lifted in surprise as the blood covered woman greeted him as if she wasn't dripping blood.

Nev Nizna held one arm in front of her breasts that were hanging out from the torn top while the other tried to cover her neck which looked as if it were attacked by a beast. Something not far off from what had actually happened to her indeed. She eyes the man somewhat timidly, she never liked approaching potential clients and felt rather shy about it. "Can I be of service to you maybe Sir?"

Male TJ considered the question perhaps longer than most people might .. perhaps the silence was a bit uncomfortable but a half naked woman asking if she can be of service wasn't exactly what he had been expecting .. his mind considered all the facts laid out before him .. they resonated and seemed to start to fall in place .. "you a street girl?" he hasked curiously

Nev Nizna felt uncomfortable indeed, her eyes shifted around the area skittishly. She wasnt allowed to wear clothes, but attracting clients with a body covered in bloody scratches was not the way to make money .. and if she didnt earn him some money he would probably be even more violent than when he spotted her wearing clothes. She lowers her eyes to the pavement and shrugs slightly, takes one step closer to the man but keeps out of direct armreach as she whispers "It is my job to please Sir. So whatever it is that pleases you .. it would be my delight to do." He would hear that the sincerity in her voice was fake .. but the shyness was real.

Male TJ nodded lightly .. she had the look of a street girl and while she didn't exactly own up to it she didn't deny it either .. in fact wording her response like any other street girl he'd talked to until they knew he wasn't an undercover blue or something. He glanced down the street in each direction in that way that indicates dark thoughts were running through his mind ..the kind that make you look around to see if anything saw you thinking them. His voice was a bit gruff as he responds with a lifting and non-descript wave of a hand .. "well find some water and clean up a bit. If someone were to walk by they might think I had just tried to hurt you .. I don't need that kind of attention."

Nev Nizna nodded, she had been on her way to the shelter to clean up when she had stumbled upon him and just didnt want to walk out of an opportunity. She looked back over her shoulder at the gas station and nodded over in that direction. "There will be water there. Why dont you follow me, not very likely we'll meet someone along the way that would actually care if you tried or will try to hurt me." She had become blasé about her own situation in the short period that she had been here. But she doesnt turn around and walk away, she stands in front of him with her eyes lowered again to the street, not at ease to make eyecontact with people who hadnt confirmed to want her service, and she waits patiently for a nod or some sign that he will indeed want to make use of her.

Male TJ lifted a hand and scratched the days old stubble along his chin as he considered the woman .. the lines of her body were pleasing enough and he was just curious enough to see what she looked like cleaned up. He hadn't really thought about why he went out walking the slums tonight but this was really wasn't it .. just a cunt to fuck in some dark alley .. there was something so darkly honest in these meetings. No fake words of love .. no strings .. just the dark truths of desire, dominance and survival. These thoughts wandered in and out of his mind as he turned where she indicated he waved her ahead with just a few words .. "I need something from just such a convenience store in fact .. lead on woman .. you got a name?" *he added after a short silence*

The faintest smile curled on Nev’s lips when she thought she had a 'catch'. Today had been lousy and the only client she had had, had used and abused her body and left her for trash without any payment. But the smile fades when he asks about her name and she closes her eyes for a moment before slowly shaking her head. If she only knew her name .. if she only knew who the fuck she was and where she came from .. she sure as hell wouldnt stick around in a shithole town like this. Another slight shrug and she forced the timid smile back on her face "You may call me whatever you desire Sir."

Male TJ grunts a bit at the response .. "well when you clean up a bit we'll see what name best befits you when you are cleaned up woman" *he had noted the pause, the change of expression. He didn't expect a real name and in fact it was often amusing to see what names they came up with, these sluts on the street, but this one seemed genuinely disturbed by the question .. he didn't think too far down that path not knowing the source of the response but just noted a bit of an oddity .. "come let us find this gas station." *he waved her forward*

Nev Nizna nodded and turned around, now quite sure he would follow her and not looking back anymore. She limped a bit and walked funny, almost as if she were drunk. But he would have noticed the shape her body was in and her eyes didnt show any sign of having had too much alcohol. She does her best though to not let it show that she was in pain and makes her way to the gas station as fast and normal as possible.

Male TJ followed along, noting the limp .. he almost had felt a bit of sympathy for the woman but his own mind was too far down the path of dark thoughts for that. Here in this place, the dark corner of nowhere it was a world to itself, you became a different person when you passed into the shadows of the streets, primal was the best word to describe it really .. one thing he was sure of that when he looked at women in this place, in the state of mind he was in when he was in this place he was certain of one thing .. they were there to be used .. and when you looked in their eyes when they hit their knees at your feet .. you could see that they knew it too.

Nev Nizna went straight to the filthy bathroom and opened the faucet, cupped her hands under the water that poured out from it and started by washing her face and clean her neck, wincing as she rubbed the puncture wounds where she had been bitten. Then she turned her head slightly to glance at the man who had followed her, turned her back towards him and pulled her top off over her head. She bend down to unzip her boots and stepped out of them and then unbuttoned the pants that were at least three sizes too small. Embarrassed about reveiling her torn and abused body for him does she step out of everything and then starts to rub her skin down with big splashes of icy cold water which made her skin deeppink. When she was finally done scrubbing herself off does she turn to face him, butt naked with her legs crossed and her arms in front of her breasts and private parts. "What is it I can do for you Sir?" she asked softly.

His phone rung then. Male TJ was quite surpised by it and had thought in fact that he had left it behind as usual. He seemed quite put out after answering the call, in fact bordering on angry .. and yet there was a resigned look on his irritated face when he replied .. "It would seem nothing for now .. something has come up and I must be somewhere else".. he turned then with little explanation and few pleasantries. They both knew that in this dark place they would likely meet again .. she was stuck here in this hell hole or else she wouldn't be here at all and that dark side of him would bring him back .. it always did in the end.

* * * * *

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