Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 6

* * * * *

Day 6

* * * * *

She had taken a long nap on a bench and Nev wakes up actually feeling quite allright. Yesterday had been a good day, she had earned a lot of money and she hoped to repeat that today.

- - - - -

Nev throws the man near her a timid smile "Hello Sir."

Male JJ nods at the lady on the bench eyeing her thighs. He looks around, never letting her leave his peripheral.

Nev repositions, covering up a bit more as if she were embarrassed or shy even "Can I be of service to you Sir?" she asks with a soft and low voice.

Male JJ "I am just taking in the view right now. Wat is your specialty? If I did need help, what could you help me with?"

Nev nods, her facial expression not reveiling whether she was relieved or disappointed. "It is my job to .. ehm .. 'please' Sir."

Male JJ: "I see. You know you aren't very good at hiding your emotions."

Nev bit nervously on her underlip, peering at him through her lashes "What do you mean Sir?"

Male JJ grabs the front of his pants and adjusts his package.... turning towards her so she can see. "The curiosity and nervousness in your body language" He steps closer, "Your legs crossed... bouncing... your attempt to cover those long legs of yours"

Nev lowers her eyes down to the pavement when she sees what he is doing "I'm not sure what you mean Sir." she said, a bit defensively. Then she pulled her shoulders back and raised her chin up, trying to seem more confident "Are you interested in my service or not Sir?"

Male JJ smiles to himself because he can see her inner stuggle with needing to make money, and wanting to satisfy a curiosity for herself... "Forgive me, I will move along so that I won't interfere with your work" He holds her gaze as he walks by then turns to walk away... planning to come back soon to utilize her services...

Nev nodded, took a deep breathe and relaxed her body a bit.

- - - - -

Some guys just creeped her out. Even though he hadnt done or said anything really disturbing, something about this one had given her shivers ... shivers of the wrong kind.

- - - - -

PimpGuy crawls over to the bus stop. He gets up on his feet and starts rubbing the ropes behind his back against the bars, trying to cut them off. He sees blood flowing from his forehead as a few blood drops float down his eyebrows, thinking "don't get pissed! find your gun, get her and make her pay for it"

Nev wakes up from her little nap on the bench and pushes herself up to a stand, stretches her arms above her head and yawns. Then looks around her and sees PimpGuy ... tied up. "What the?!" she exclaims and rushes over to him. "What happened?"

PimpGuy turns his face looking the other way, still feeling ashamed from the fact that a woman made him kneel in the middle of the street. "nothing", he says, "the fucking bitch will pay for it"

Nev moves closer, doesnt ask any more questions but just starts to clumsily untie the rope. Her eyes darting over his body "Youre bleeding!" As soon as the knot unravels and the rope falls to the ground does she take off a glove, fumbles it up and bads the dripping wound on his forehead.

PimpGuy turns his face at her. "that's what usually happens when you hit your head in the pavement", he says, trying to joke about it and fails miserably at it. He would surely blush if he could, but thankfully mother nature saved him that one.

"You still got that flask on you?" Nev presses her glove against the wound to stop the bleeding and lets her eyes travel over the rest of his body, searching for other new wounds. "It might even need stitches, but let me at least disinfect it." She's worried about him ... and herself ... even though this was not of her doing, if he was in a bad mood, chances were he would take it out on her. Keeping one hand on his forehead, she reaches in her boot and pulls out a hundred dollar bill and shoves it in his jeanspocket. "Here, thats all for now .. but it will pick up later tonight."

PimpGuy tucks the green into his pocket as he tells her "you ain't workin no more today, go take a shower and make yourself beautiful, you're gonna be a star", he grins ignoring his other emotions. Thank god he could shift into moods quickly, that's why he survived so long.

Nev raises both brows "I .. ehr .. wh-wha?" she mumbled, taken with surprise. Then a huge smile curls on her lips and she looks at him with glitters in her eyes "Yes, okay!" She checks his headwound to see if it had stopped bleeding now and furrows her brows again "Well .. you wont die. But disinfect it and maybe put a bandage over it."

Stubble taps his hat and grins as he sees PimpGuy and his favourite whore at the busstop "hey all everything alright ?" as he notices the gap in his forehead

Nev starts to look worried again. PimpGuy wouldnt like it that Stubble saw him in this state and it would swing his mood around again. "Hello Sir." she smiled at him, not daring to call him by his name.

Stubble smiles with an eager twinkle in his eye to Nev and winks "hi there Nev " turning his look back on PimpGuy as he tilts his glasses to have a better look at him and frowns his eyebrows and bites hard on his cigar while hissing "troubles D ?"

Nev caught his look and hoped that the alliament between the two men would mean that Stubble wouldnt consider 'doing' her again. Ofcourse she would never turn him down in case he did make clear he wanted her. She pressed her glove back against PimpGuy’s forehead and didnt say a word, but tried to make eyecontact with PimpGuy, unsure whether he wanted her to get the hell out of here right now, or not.

PimpGuy looks at Stubble coming over as he thinks "my fucking reputation just hit the bloody ground". He mumbles under his nose "nah, just a little accident"

Stubble shrugs his shoulders as he takes out a joint and smiles broad , revealing a bleeding gap in his teeth "alright then ..." lighting the joint he takes a deep haul and releases the smoke slowly as he speaks "so nothing to set straight then ?"

PimpGuy reaches into his pocket and takes out the money he was about to give him. The woman that attacked him forgot to rob him thankfully. He throws him 800 bucks and tells him "that's your share from mine". Turning his eyes at Nev, he tells her "so that's your name? huh?". He points down the street and sends her off rudely "go fix yourself, we got work to do"

Nev wrinkles her nose when the smoke of the joint hit her nostrils and turns her head to the other side to come undone the smoke. She was fidgetty and stood around, not at ease. When she finally gets clear instructions she just rushes off without forgetting to say goodbye to either one of the men. "Nev" she mumbled to herself. It had a nice ring to it, she could go for that name.

- - - - -

Nev had taken a bath and washed her hair. When she was all done PimpGuy came to the caravan to pick her up and took her to the location he had chosen for the ‘movie’.

- - - - -

PimpGuy enters the boardroom, carrying a big trashbag over his shoulder and leaves it over the ground opening it. He pulls out an old suit from it and starts to change clothes, looking at her as he tells her "I got you some clothes for this, use them and try to keep them the way they are, you're gonna need them again later"

Nev lets her eyes glide over the clothes and smiles "Ooh wow .. these are nice!" She quickly gets out of her own torn up outfit and changes into the new clothes, twirls around beaming and winks at him "How do I look?"

PimpGuy gets busy to set up the camera while she's dressing up. He pauses for a while, turning his head at her and says "Awesome! You look like you're ready to be fucked". Laughing slightly under his nose, he gets back to his work and soon is done with it. A joyful sound comes out of his mouth "Yay! It's working. Those things were always giving me a headache"

Nev has started to wander about the room, in awe about the scene and how expensive everything looked. This was such a different environment than well .. wherever it was exactly that she had ended up after her memory loss. "Are we .. allowed to be here?"

PimpGuy gets up on his feet and nods at her "It's fine, I payed the security guy, he even promised to clean after us, just don't break anything, we can stay all night long"

Nev had turned on the bigscreen tv above the fireplace and was slightly distracted "Uhuh .. ohh great." she mumbles, eyes on the screen. "So .. what now?"

PimpGuy smiles as he reaches out and pinches her bum. Reaching into the bag once again he pulls out a pile of messy sheets and hands them to her telling "I met that drunk guy, laying in a corner the other day, was about to rob him, but it turned out he was a writer, told him to write me a script, take a look at it and try to remember it"

Nev was turned on by the scene on the tv and had spread her legs a bit already. She 'eeps' when he pinches her bare cheek and rocks her hips in return. "Better be good." she mumbles, heart thumping faster than normal already. She takes the sheets from him and glances them over with one eye, unable to take her attention away from the adult movie showing on screen.

PimpGuy notices her distraction and calmly tells her "I'll give you a percent of the sales of the 1st part if you fucking concentrate. Don't wanna drag you all over the place to make you listen to me, ok?"

Nev nodded, took a last look at the scene on tv and then turned it off. Her lips slightly parted and breathing louder and faster than usual. "Sorry." she sais, laying the remote on the desk and now reading the script. She glances up at him with a crooked naughty smile and smirks "At least I'm 'warmed up' now."

PimpGuy looks around searching for a good place to shoot a cover picture, while she's still clean and not sweaty. The first part of the story is not so violent, so he thinks it should be a sweet one. Moving his eyes back at her he tells her "You'll get more warmed up while you're reading it". He turns the camera to the place he liked and waits patiently for her to finish reading.

Nev's lips move as she reads through the script, repeating the words over and over again in her head. Her brows furrowed in concentration at first but as she got to the more 'juicy' part a slight blush starts to colour her cheeks pink and she giggles softly "Ooow?!", glancing at him, a little nervous but defenitely turned on by what was coming.

PimpGuy grins looking at her cheeks, asking her "Do you think you can do it or  should I get another one for that?". Not that he had much of a choice, but it was more of a thing he said to get her motivated.

Nev nodsnods, fiddles with her skirt and the frills on her blouse, glances over the script once more and nods again "I can do this!" she sais with a smile curled on her lips. She puts down the script next to the remote, quite positive she had the words down and walks over to him, swaying her hips and making her skirt woosh up so he'd clearly see she wasn't wearing any panties since they were not provided with the costume she had to wear. "Where do you want me?"

PimpGuy points at the place he had chosen for the cover picture. "First over there", he says "and try to look sweet and innocent, cause it goes right on the cover. If people don't like it they won't buy."

Nev walks over to him and wraps her arms around him, flicks her hair out of her face and puts on her sweetest and most innocent face.

PimpGuy grabs her bum, smiling wide as he tells her "Wrap you legs around me and kiss me like your life depends on it."

Nev's eyes widen momentarily, she jumps up and curls her legs around his waist. She hopes she wouldn't stain his pants because she felt herself getting wet already. He'd see her gulp before she moves her face close to his. She'd never kissed him and it felt a lot more intimitate and personal to do that than to let him fuck her ass or blow his cock. Her lips tremble a little as she brushes them over his lips, her nostrils flaring and wallowing her warm sweet breath over his face. Then she timidly points the tip of her tongue out and slips it in between his lips, tasting him for the first time. Her hands grab hold of his head and she lets her fingers brush through his hair as she deepens the kiss, swirling her tongue around his and curling it up and around, exploring every inch of his mouth.

PimpGuy didn't have to play at all for this one. She doesn't have a clue, but deep inside of him he hides warm feelings about this girl. Maybe too warm. He opens his mouth and his tongue starts searching for hers right away. His head tilts slightly as he's sucking her saliva like he's trying to pull all of her body juices through her mouth and swallow them. He might never have another chance to kiss her so he gives it his best and the inevitable happens. His cock starts to fight his pants, trying to come out of them desperately.

Nev moans in surprise at the intensity of his kiss and soon looses herself in the act, forgetting about the camera she kisses him back eagerly. Sucking his tongue into her mouth and letting him suck her tongue back into his. The innocence she was supposed to portray for this scene was far from what she felt right now, especially when she felt his body react and his cock started to bump through the fabric of his pants against her tingling glistening cunt. Her fingers claw into his hair and she pushes his face against hers, not wanting to ever break this moment or breathe in normal air again, she could live breathing through him. Her nipples pierce through the satiny fabric of her frilly blouse into his handsome suited chest and she starts to squirm and rub her body against him while moans emerge from her throat, the sound muffled by his mouth.

PimpGuy closes his eyes and his mind starts floating. Few days ago he fucked her brains off at the gas station and loved to see her body totally loosing it, now he kisses her. He holds her head, running his fingers through her hair and forgets to breath for one long moment. It takes a while for his mind to hear the voice of reason, telling him "Cut it, man! What are you doing? You've brought her here to earn some bucks so better get yourself together, cut it and get to it!". He parts his lips from hers, ignoring his desire, as he tells her "Ok, I'll find a good shot for the front cover from that". His cheeks would turn red if he could blush. He's pretty sure she sensed something. "Damn women always get under your skin and start digging there until they find what they want - bloody inuition", he thinks as he lets her step back on the ground.

Nev let out a disappointed 'aaaw' when he pulled himself away from her lips and she looks deep into his eyes, chest moving up and down rapidly and her cheeks deep-red, little pearly beads of sweat on her upperlip and forehead making her skin shiny and glowing. Reluctantly does she let herself sink to the floor, her legs quite wobbly and she has to look away from him, heavily confused and immensely turned on she tries to regain her 'actress' posture but totally fails at it when she opens her mouth to speak and her voice is tiny and trembling "Wh-what next?" She looks somewhat drunk as she makes her way back to the desk where she had left the script, picks it up the sheets rustle in her unsteady hands and she tries to read the words, but her eyes couldnt focus on them.

PimpGuy takes a deep breath, trying to get himself together. Partially it worked, partially not. His eyes meet hers and it makes everything worse. Turning his head, quickly he finds a good excuse reaching to the camera and turning it around, pointing it at the desk. "Fucking concentrate!", he tells to himself, trying to remember everything about his role, but the script is too sweet for him. The secretary fucking loves him. "Shit I'm in trouble!", he thinks, managing to find at least one good thing into it all "At least I won't have to act much this time". Breathing in deep a few more times, lying to himself that he's calm enough he walks to the chair and sits into it, getting into his role.

Nev had just realised one of the reasons she couldn't read the damn script, the letters seemed to be floating around on the paper and she was developing a light headache trying to concentrate and get her 'act' together. Then she suddenly giggles and raises her middlefinger up to the bridge of her nose, lifting up the glasses she had had to put on for the secretary 'look'. "Aaaah, thats better!" It distracted her from all the mindboggling emotions she didn't know what to do with and quickly she goes over the script again, nods to herself, puts it down, lets the glasses sink back onto her nose and walks over to him. She hops on the desk and folds one leg over the other, swaying her high-heeled foot up and down and rubbing her in shiny stockinged ankle against his thigh. "I believe it's your line now?" she asks, leaning behind a little, pulling her shoulders back and lifting up her breasts so the stiffened nipples poke visibly against the soft thin fabric of her fabulous blouse, which she desperately wants to keep after the movie was done.

PimpGuy looks up at her, forcing a smile and finally manages to get to his normal macho-man condition. "Yes, and you're supposed to be down the hallway at the start of it, walk out and I'll give you a sign when it's your turn to appear". He keeps thinking loud about his role, imagining how everything should happen, so he doesn't need to edit more after it "Ok, I have a large company, I bankrupt, I'm sad, life sucks, it's all gonna be different from tomorrow, cause I lost everything ..."

Nev gives him an apologetic look, already having screwed up at only scene two and she jumps off the desk quickly. When she hurries over to the hallway, her skimpy tiny skirt exposes her full luscious cheeks, the pale flesh bouncing up and down as she runs. Once she arrives in the hallway, she stops to take a breather before she turns around and makes eyecontact with him, waiting patiently for her cue to start the scene.

= = = = =  = = = = =  = = = = =

The Boss hangs up the phone with a slam. "That's it ... the end of the line", he thinks. With the market decline the contracts stopped coming, he told the employees he can't pay them anymore and freed them earlier and on top of everything his wife just call him to inform him she took the kids and moved to her lover's place. The world was at his feet only a few months ago but now he has nothing left. As he's sunk deep into his thoughts he hears the sounds of heels clicking down the hallway and moves his eyes from the table to the entrance.

The Secretary had seen all her co-workers go into her boss' office and one after one had they come out, some crying, some angry .. all of them frustrated .. and all of them going back to their desks to collect their personal belongings, say their goodbyes and leave the building. She had known for a while now that things weren't going 'great' business-wise and it hurt her to see the company fall into decay, not that she had much heart for the company, but she loved the boss ... and he loved her. Seeing him getting more depressed day by day, all that he had worked so hard for tumbling down, it broke her heart. She had no idea what would happen between them now, now that there soon would be no more workplace left where they 'celebrated' their love for eachother daily. With a fake cheerful smile on her lips does she enter his office and sets herself down on his desk. She leans in towards him, the contours of her firm bra-less breasts showing through the semi-sheer fabric of her white blouse and giving him a view straight into her cleavage. "How are you?" she whispers to him, a concerned look on her face and not knowing what else to ask or say.

The Boss moves his empty look from the desk up to her face. "I think you can guess what's happening", he tells her, looking down right after it. "You're the last one I should free and it's the hardest with you. I was delaying it all day, but our little paradise costed money and I can't get any so the bank will take everything tomorrow"

Tears well up in the Secretary's eyes, even though what he was telling her was no surprise. She lets her foot glide along the satiny fabric of his fancy suit and takes a deep breath that make her breasts rise and almost fall out of the refinement of the blouse. "My paradise is wherever you are!" she mumbles softly to him, hoping that whatever he would do next, wherever he would be going in life, she would still be a part of it. She extended her hand to brush away a lock of his hear that fell over his forehead. "I didn't fall in love with you for your money, you do know that, right?"

The Boss gets up from the comfortable chair and steps in front of her. He reaches to the buttons of her shirt and starts undoing them one by one. "I know it, but you deserve something better", he says as he moves his hands over her shoulders and uncovers them, pulling her shirt down to her waist slowly. "What I'll be having from now on is not gonna be a good life, most of the workers said they're gonna sue me, I haven't payed them for months, I might end up going to jail for a few years"

The Secretary pulls her shoulders back more and goosebumps appear on her chest when he starts to take her blouse off. She bites on her trembling underlip to prevent herself from bursting out in tears and totally loosing it. Whatever would happen, would happen .. but right now, at this moment, they still were together and she did not want to ruin that moment by breaking apart. She pushes her stiffened erect nipples forward against his hands, resting the soft warm mounds of her breasts on the palms of his hands and looks at him through her teary eyes. "I will wait for you .... " she whispers, her voice sincere and soft and her lips so close to his that they almost touch eachother " ..... always!"

The Boss moves his lips to her forehead and kisses it softly. He would collect some good memories to keep him warm for the time they couldnt see each other. "I know you will", he says "maybe if we're lucky someday we'll be togheter again". He takes her hands putting them at the buttons of his suit inviting her to take it off.

Taken by emotion, the Secratary's hands tremble and she fumbles with the buttons on his jacket. Then she pushes it down over his shoulders and lets it fall down to the ground. She nuzzles his neck and clenches her teeth into his tie she had given him for christmas not more than a few months ago. "I'll be with you, even though we're apart."

The Boss' heart skips a beat as he feels her soft hands roaming over his body. He feels the desire overtaking the despair and hurries to unbutton his shirt, tossing it on the floor behind him. Taking her shoulders he pulls her up on her feet and watches her kneel in front of his unzipping his pants. "I'll be with you too", he says trying to remember every single second of it.

The Secretary looks up at him with big sad puppy eyes, reaches inside his pants to reveal the cock that she adores so much. She folds her fingers around it, pulls it out, puckers her lips out and presses a soft warm kiss on the head without ever taking her eyes off of his face. "Let us make today 'special'." she whispers, before wettening her lips and letting his cock slide in between them, gently suckling on it before suddenly and quite abruptly thrusting her head forwards and ramming the entire length far back into her throat.

The Boss moans loud as she starts to swallow his cock so suddenly. He arches his back, feeling her lips over the head of it before she takes it all, sliding it down her throat. "She never did that before", he thinks as he puts his hand over the back of her head and runs his fingers through her hair

The Secretary almost choked when the swollen cockhead bounced hard against her tonsils and the tears that she had been trying to hold back now roll down her cheeks. She had never really liked to give blow-jobs, the smell and taste of a man's sexual organ, the knowledge that they also used it to pee with, it actually grossed her out. Today was different though, she wanted to make him feel better despite everything that was going on, and he had begged and pleeded her so many times to go down on him and give him a descent blow-job. She pulls her head back, gasping loudly for air, squeezes her fingers tighter around the base and points his huge piece of meat directly towards her, takes a calming breath and dives on again, forcing his glans to go beyond her tonsils and burying her nose deep into his pubes.

The Boss takes her head gently and pulls it back, taking his cock out of her mouth. He takes her body, lifts her up in the air and lays himself back over on the desk, pulling her on top of him as he says "Take your skirt off and whatever you have underneath, sweety"

The Secretary is secretly glad he doesn't let her finish what she had started and she wipes her mouth that was already covered with the abundance of saliva she never had a chance to swallow. She pushes her skimpy skirt down over her hips and lets it rustle into a heap onto the desk, kicking it away with her foot. She wasn't wearing anything more than the stockings and garters he had given her a while back. She decides to keep them on, because she knows it turns him on and she straddles him, rubbing her moist petals over his slick, in saliva drenched cock. "I love you." she whispers, rubbing her nose against his in an eskimo-kiss while big crocodile tears fall from her lashes onto his cheeks.

The Boss kisses her nose after she stops rubbing into his. "I love you too", he says as he grabs her hips and pushes her body down, feeling her pussy lips wrap around his cock, taking it all in.

The Secretary blinks a few times, forcing herself to hold back her tears and smiles at him. She tilts her pelvis some when he pierces her on top of his penis and moans when it slides into her hot longing cave. Her breasts are squooshed down onto his chest and she feels his heart thumping, a sound that always calmed her. "Today ... " she sais, looking at him somewhat shyly "... today, I will do everything you always wanted but I never dared."

The Boss finds it hard to smile. "Do you have a fucking idea how much I'm gonna miss you?", he asks, wrapping his arms around her as he starts to pump her dripping pussy, penetrating her deeply. He then closes his eyes and moans loud for a while before he gets brave enough to speak up, breathing heavily. "I was always asking and you were always saying no, but since it's probably the last time we do it ..... will you let me fuck you in the ass?"

The Secretary didn't even know how to respond to that, it already felt as if her heart had been ripped out of her chest just thinking of what would happen when this day had come to an end. She closes her eyes, remembering all the good times they'd had together and parts her lips, starting to pant, while he is slamming his massive hardrock cock into her cunt. Splattering sounds fill the office as her juices are being forced out by the hard thrusts and wetten her innerthighs, his crotch and the expensive Agarwood desk they lay upon. Her eyes flash open when she hears his request and he'd feel her pussy-muscles contract around his shaft in shock. It takes her maybe a minute to calm herself before she nods "Ofcourse my love."

The Boss takes her shoulders and helps her get up before he does it himself. He steps over the chair and looks at her getting in front of him bending over the table placing her hands over it. Taking her ass cheeks he spreads them and presses his cock to her ass opening. A whisper comes out between his lips as he's breathing heavily. "Thank you, darling", he says and slides his hands up the sides of her body, taking her shoulders pulling her slowly down over his hard throbbing cock.

The Secretary braces herself for what is about to happen. The puckered hole of her virgin ass tensed, she holds her breath when she feels his big strong hands on her cheeks and gasps when he spreads them. Even though the office isn't cold at all, she feels a soft cooling breeze caress the warm skin between her full round well-formed buttocks before she feels his cockhead push against her rearhole. He knows how scared and appauled she is performing this particular sexual act and even though she is willing to do anything for him, she cant help but cry out in pain when he pushes his fat dick into her dry tight ass.

The Boss stops for a moment, asking her "Are you ok, sugar?", waits for a while for her to get used to the feeling and starts to pull his cock slowly out and thrust it back in, increasing the pressure each time until he starts to pound her tiny tight anus furiously.

It felt as if her bowels were being torn apart, ripped open, and the fact that the Secretary found it impossible to relax didn't help either. Her glasses fog up and tears of agony fall down her eyes onto her lenses while she desperately tries not to scream anymore. Her nails dig into the desktop and actually leave clawing marks in the expensive wood. She is sure she'd started to bleed already but clears her throat and sais "I'm f-fiiine!", her voice high-pitched and broken and it had to be obvious to him that she was lying her ass off.

The Boss groans loud, feeling he's getting close. His skin is sweating all over and his stomach muscles start to spasm, pushing his body forward, making it even worse for her. "I'm gonna cum honey, show me your boobs, I wanna cum over them this time", he whispers, taking a deep breath as he pulls his cock out and starts stroking it.

The Secretary had moaned and groaned with frustration and pain while he was ramming his cock into her poor ass. The sound and feel of his swollen nutsack pouncing against her soaked cunt hadn't even registered her brain since she'd blocked everything out. She lets out a relieved sigh when he finally pulls out, only to gasp and turn her head towards him, eyes wide, when he tells her what he wants to do next. She realises she is a very 'normal' girl. When it came to sex she preferred the 'normal' positions and thought that many things were just 'icky'. But she had told him he could do whatever he wanted today and she would not back out of her promise. She lowers herself onto the rug, spreads her legs wide for him, leans back to show him her perky breasts and makes a grimacy face, quickly lifting her bum up from the floor when the pain shoots through her abused ass and makes her body squirm.

The Boss keeps stroking his cock savagely and he feels his body starts to give up on him. A loud moan echoing around the room is followed by a whisper "Oh god" and he tries to hold it back for a bit longer but fails. His cock explodes into his hand and he shouts "Fuck!" as huge streams of spunk shoot out from it and land over her neck, breasts and belly. He always wanted to do it, but by now he was even ashamed to ask for it. "Shit honey, I came so hard", he tells her breathing heavily, trying to calm down.

The Secretary had looked up at him through her damped and smudgy glasses, hopefully they would have disguised the look of disgust in her eyes when large squirts of white icky sticky hot cum started to pulse out from his red shiny throbbing cock. She closed her eyes just before the semen hit her skin and couldn't help but shudder when she felt it dribble down her neck and breasts onto her flat stomach. She peers up through her lashes when she hears his voice, uncertain if she is about to be hit with another load. She forces a smile on her lips and mumbles "Did you like it love?"

The Boss bends over her and takes her neck, kisses her forehead, telling her "Thank you for everything sweety, you've been good to me all those years and I'll never forget that, hope we'll be lucky enough to meet each other again". He heads to the place where he dropped his clothes and starts to get dressed, looking at her cum covered chest.

The Secretary blinks, frozen to the spot. Her eyes follow him as he makes his way back to the desk and she can't believe he is starting to get dressed already. Too shy and too upset does she finally crawl into a kneeling position to avoid pressure on her sore behind and looks down her chest at the mess he had left there. The man that always had been so tender and loving with her, was about to leave her, without even making sure that she had climaxed as well?

The Boss sits down into his chair, reaches down to the computer and turns it off. He takes a look around, saying "God I'm gonna miss that" before he heads for the door and leaves her there alone.

The Secretary felt her whole being shrivel up to nothing, as if all that was inside of her was just a big black hole when he walked out of the office and left her there. Her shoulders slouch down and she doesn't even care about the grossness he had left on her bare skin. Slowly her hands bald into fists, knuckles turn white and then when he is out of sight, does she let out a deafening howl, pouncing her fists on the floor untill they are bruised and broken.

After what seemed to be a lifetime does the Secretary finally gather herself. She slowly gets up and stumbles towards the desk, his desk .. shooting pains in her anus making it hard to stand up straight or walk for that matter. She uses a pile of faxes to clean herself off and then gets dressed ... in slow-motion. A last glance through the office where she had spend so many happy long never-ending nights of romance and then she turns around and heads out. She doesn't even bother to pack up her few personal belongings from her own desk, they will all only remind her of the man that had just walked out of her life and left her behind as a used heap of trash. In front of the entrance of the building does she pause for the last time, sure of it that she will never be able to smile again.

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PimpGuy starts laughing as he sees her coming out on the street. "Didn't know shooting movies can be so fun", he says with a happy smile on his face. The strange feeling of a kid let alone to run around and play in a toy shop takes over his brain and he jumps into the air hitting his feet into each other shouting loud "yay! we fucking did it!"

Nev bursts out in laughter to see him so happy and the droopy face she had had for the last scene fades immediately. She imitates his airjump and stumbles over her own feet when landing, falling flat on her ass. She kicks her legs up in the air, totally not caring about the fact her cunt in showing for anyone who'd pass by. "We did, we did!!!" she beams up at him with glinsters in her eyes. "When do we do it again??"

PimpGuy shrugs still laughing "dunno, let's see how this one will go and what the feedback will be first, not that I care, but the tapes cost money". He reaches down to the ground and grabs her hand helping her up as he slaps her with his free one between the legs before she stabilizes herself up on her heels.

Nev lets him help her up, overjoyed by the whole day and the good mood he is in. She 'eeps' not very convincing when he slaps her pussy and after regaining her balance does she playfully nudge her shoulder against his. "How did I do? Am I an actress or what?" she asked, assuming several modelposes as if she were being photographed at the Oscar's.

PimpGuy pushes her shoulder as she starts to strike poses at him making her loose balance again. "you did ....ok?", he says smiling devilishly and smacking her ass while she steps back trying not to fall down.

Nev wrinkles her nose, backs a few steps away from him so she is out of reach. "You're the one who told me to be careful with my costume!" she said, squinting her eyes and waving her finger warningly in front of her. "Can I keep it?" was her immediate follow-up, feeling gorgeous in the blouse and extatic about the shoes.

PimpGuy shakes his head, "nah, can't keep it, they're gonna steal it from you and it would suck to appear in different clothes for the second part, your acting was cool, but you need to do something else if you wanna be great". He grins, wondering how she's gonna react when he tells her exactly what.

Nev shrugged, looked down at the awesome blouse and then nodded "You're right, it wont last an hour on the street." She looks back up at him again, one brow raises and question marks appear in her eyes "What's that?"

Daemon Idlemind grins, reachin to her elbow and pulls her next to him at the sidewalk, making her face the same direction. "take them off first, cause your boobs were dirty enough when you dressed"

Nevan Nizna 'hhhmpfs' and takes off the corset and blouse, folding them both neatly and keeping them in her hands. She doesnt take off the skirt yet, its cute and pretty and she had cleaned herself off with fax-sheets. With breasts bare does she turn her head towards him "Better now?"

PimpGuy takes off his jacket and his shirt, tucking them under his shoulder too. "nah, the skirt too", he tells her, "don't worry, I'm in a fucking great mood today, so I'll do the same"

Nev suddenly had a flash-back of their kiss, during the start scene and she shifts her eyes nervously away from him when he starts to undress. She turns and with her back towards him does she step out of her skirt, bends down, unstraps the bands of her shoes and takes them off too. Then she unclips the garters from her stockings and just takes everything off. She was clueless as to what he had in mind, but of all the clothes she’d had on for her scenes, the stockings were the most fragile.

PimpGuy unbuttons his pants and lets them fall to his ankles, steps out of them and tucks them under his shoulder with his other clothes. He takes his cock in his hand and tells her starting to laugh harder. "you haven't cum yet, and I've seen you squirting quite powerful, but I bet I can pee further than that"

Nev twisted her head back at him, gazed at him over the rim of the glasses she still had on and just stood there opening and closing her mouth like a goldfish, at a total loss for words. Her eyes travel down to his cock, back up to meet his eyes before they start to twinkle and she laughs "A contest? Are you serious???"

PimpGuy nods taking her shoulder "yes, but no cheating if you step off the sidewalk it won't count, you'll either have to do it again, or you loose. what you're gonna bet?"

Nev placed her toes on the far edge of the curbstone and gave him another look. She had no recollection of her life before she came to this town and she doesnt know whether she had ever made herself squirt. But the experience of shooting the movie and seeing him so upbeat and happy, she didnt want to spoil a good day. "I have nothing to bet and I have no clue how to aim!!" she exclaimed, letting one hand fall down between her legs and spreading her lips with her fingers.

PimpGuy looks at her face seeing her starting to feel insecure, thinking "there's no way I can loose this one!". He scratches his head for a moment thinking what he should make her do and tells her "you have your clothes upstairs, and you like the ones you just took off, sooo ... I bet the secretary clothes, you bet yours, deal?"

"If I win I get to keep the clothes??" It was insane how something so little could get her to feel so excited, even though she knew she wouldnt be able to wear those fancy clothes .. like .. ever. The shoes maybe and the skirt. But Nev nods excitedly and starts to rub her clit with the pad of her fingertip. She probably needed a whole hell of a lot more time to be able to squirt than he needed to pee so she didnt want to waste any time and she curved her back, looking down at her hand, twitching her lips .. trying to figure out how she was gonna aim, if she managed to squirt at all.

PimpGuy looks at her as she starts to work hard on herself saying "just shout Start when you get there and .... to give you some more motivation you'll get a day off too". He holds his cock, feeling he has collected a lot and waits for her.

A day off didnt mean that much to Nev. She had no clue what she should do if she didnt have to work, but the clothes were motivation enough. She was still pretty aroused from the shoots and her pussy felt warm and wet when she dug a few fingers into it. A blush started to colour her cheeks and collarbone again when it floated through her mind how bizarre this would look to anyone who happened to walk by and it made her feel embarrassed but it also made her giggle and she had to tell herself to focus and concentrate. She whispers at him through clenched teeth "Would be nice with some help!"

PimpGuy extends his hand and smacks her ass squeezing the cheek "I wanna win, don't wanna help you". He touches her rear hole with his index finger and tries to tickle her there.

Nev wiggles her bum around, semi-annoyed and hisses "Cut it out, at least give me a fair chance then!" Although, if she were honest to herself, it didnt matter where he touched her, he turned on her on anyways. With her head and upperbody bend down, looking in concentration at her hands, does she continue to work on herself. One hand was now pumping her cunt which soon had become soaking wet again and it splattered and squished. With her other hand did she give full attention to her clit, rubbing it, pulling it, pinching it and smacking it. Her breathes went heavier and she started to moan, feeling the tension building up.

PimpGuy moves his finger off her anus and pulls it back just to slap her hard enough so she has to make some effort to stay on the sidewalk. He smiles looking at her trying hard and reaches to her breast hanging putting his finger under her nipple, starting to play with it pushing it up slightly.

Nev almost tumbled down, she already was in an awkard position trying to look down at her private parts to see what was going on and to determine how she was gonna aim. "Cheater!" she hisses again, stepping back onto the curbs without ever stopping the masturbation. When he reaches for her nipple, he'd feel her body shiver and she starts to moan loader. She knew she was coming close to an orgasm, but didnt know if she would squirt.

PimpGuy grins as he takes her nipple between his fingers and starts to twist it slightly to the sides. Listening to the sounds echoing around, he can tell she's pretty close to it. "Come on! you can do it!", he shouts, starting to laugh again.

Nev starts to get quite dizzy and suddenly realises she is still wearing her secretary glasses, but with both hands occupied she cant get them off. "Nggghmm ... t-take my ... hmmm .. glasses." she manages to pust out between moans, flipping her hips up and down and starting to tremble more and more.

PimpGuy reaches to her face and pulls her glasses off, putting them on himself. He looks at the clothes still tucked under her shoulder and tells her "don't you dare to drop my clothes over the dirty cement", he gets ready, knowing she's close, positioning his cock at an angle he thinks would be best.

Nev huffs and moans, cheeks deep-red from both excitement and concentration and beads of sweat dripping from her forehead onto the ground where there were several wet spots visible already from the fluids dribbling down her legs. She stops breathing all together, bends down her legs and contracts all her muscles when she feels herself almost being pulled over the edge. She rubs and rubs her clit, handfucks her pussy, extracts her fingers outwards to expand the walls and stimulate the g-spot and then pulls her hand out suddenly when the orgasm rushes through her veins. A big splash of clear liquid squirts out of her, straight up and hits her right in the face. She is so shocked by the unexpected outcome of this experiment that she stumbles backwards on her wobbly legs and falls down, her body jerking in extatic spasms.

PimpGuy bends over taking his belly literally peeing himself from laughter. He tries to be tough and threaten her, but can't stop laughing "told you hahaha not to hahaha drop my clothes". He tries to stop laughing but it goes on for another 5 minutes, making it hard for him to breath.

It took her a while to catch her breath after the climax, her face at first pouty and soaking wet of her own cum, but when he pisses himself and starts to laugh, Nev cant help but to laugh too and soon tears are streaming down her cum cheeks. She even gets attacked by a case of serious hick-ups which only makes her laugh even harder and while sitting bare-assed on the cold pavement, with her legs spread .. more smaller waves of cum gush out of her open cunt every time she hick-ups.

PimpGuy looks at the street, checking for a winner, he sees his liquid like 20-30 centimeters from him, and none oh hers there at all. He turns to her and tells her "looks like I win with a little", pauses for moment, taking a deep breath and goes on as he steps over her and moves his hips to the sides, shaking his soft cock like a pendulum "and you will go into the Darwin awards .... white woman killed herself, she squirted into her own face so hard that it throwed her backwards getting hickups, which killed her a bit later"

Nev now almost chokes in laughter and makes a loud snorting sound, hands fly up to her face and she covers her mouth, shuts her eyes and just wants to hide herself from embarrassment. Meanwhile it just makes her laugh even harder. Then she drops her pussy-smelling hands and starts to nap at his dangling slack cock "Watch it Mister, or I'll eat you!" she tries to say sounding incredibly threatening, but the giggles and sparkles in her eyes make it impossible for anyone to take her serious.

PimpGuy kneels over her, sitting over her thighs as he asks her "was it tasty at least?". He moves his nose to her face sniffing it and turns his head aside "ewwwwwww! you smell of fish!" he brushes a finger over her face quickly and puts it over his tongue, adding "and taste of ..... yuck!", he spits aside like 10 times before he goes on. "and you're telling me men pay you to get that mess all over their faces? no bloody way!"

Nev punches him teasingly in the stomach, this night was bizarre and the way they were behaving now, like kids .. playing around and teasing .. someone who would have seen them would never assume she was his ... what .. his whore. Him reminding her of the fact that men paid for her made her mood sink a little, but she smirks and brings one hand back up to her face, extends her middlefinger and sucks it into her mouth suggestively. Pulls it back out with a plop and smacks her lips "Hmmmmm ... delicious!!!"

PimpGuy was thinking he's gonna kiss her again at the end of the night ... if she wasn't such a clumsy sod that is. He asks her "where are my clothes now?" and pushes his body up on his feet, taking her hand and pulling her up too.

Nev let him pull her up again, for the second time tonight and falls into him cuz her legs still were a bit wobbly. She felt the urge to cling herself to him, hug him tight, but instead she pushes herself away from him, steps back and looks behind her at the bundle of clothes on the pavement. "Well .... " she said, trying to lighten up the awkard tension she felt between them " .. theyre not mine anyways."

PimpGuy bends over and picks up the pile of clothing. "That I'm in a good mood doesn't mean you shouldn't do what I tell you", he tries to sound threatening, but manages just halfway. "Ok, let's go to dress up", he adds "errr ..... some of us will dress up, others will put on stockings and boots and go to work"

Nev purses her lips together, trying not to smirk "You didnt 'tell' me what to do ... you just asked where they were." She pokes out her tongue at him and then she makes a pouty face. "Its been a very long day .. I would make you more money if you let me rest first."

PimpGuy shakes his head "told you not to drop them before you tried to kill yourself. By the way you would win, I saw it shooting like a bullet, if it was hard it would blow your head off and no, you lost so no rest". He takes her elbow and leads her aside "brush your face with those fax sheets and get ready for work", he says as he puts on his clothes, and tucks everything he brought back inside the black garbage bag, leaving her just her boots and stockings. "make sure you collect all the mess before we go, don't want to get that guy fired because of us, and hurry up, cause people will be coming to work here soon.

Nev shrugged ever so lightly, the gleefull mood had passed. But it had been fun, a lot of fun .. and with a little luck, if the movie brought in some money .. they would do it again. She dabs her wet hair and face with the fax sheets, not realising it leaves black inkstains on her cheeks and pulls on her stockings and then her boots. "If you cant find the glasses ... " she said, in an attempt to at least make him smile again " .... theyre on your nose!"

PimpGuy smiles, taking the glasses off his face and hands them to her. He pulls out of his pocket a stack of bills, counts 150 dollars and gives them to her. "that's what you earned today", after pausing for a few seconds he remembers about the questions he asked her when he almost killed her "one more thing ... the other night you told me something ... you prolly won't remember, but you told me you don't like your job much, so I wanna ask you how much did you earn since you're working for me?"

Nev takes the bills, folds them and shoves them in her stocking. A frown forming on her forehead as she hears the question and starts to ponder on it. "How much did I earn for you .. or how much did I earn after you took your share?" He was right, she couldnt remember him asking her that question, but it wasnt that strange that she had presumably answered that this wasnt her dreamjob.

PimpGuy nods as she asks the question "for yourself roughly per day, I'll tell you why I'm asking when you answer me"

Nev shrugs "About 100 dollars per day I guess .. average."

PimpGuy nods and keeps talking "I heard that they look for employees at the pub ... not that I'll let you go, but you seem to be living in some dream world and you have no idea what's going around .... they look for a bargirl, decent job, nothing nasty 10 dollars per day plus 10% of the tips, how does that sound to you?"

Nev stared at the pavement, as far as she knew, she had never given him any reason to believe that she wanted 'out' of what she was doing now and it gave her an unsettling feeling that he apparantly felt the need to show her the 'benefits' of her working for him. "Doesnt sound like much." she replies, shuffling her foot in front of her and keeping her eyes on the ground.

PimpGuy smiles "I'm telling you this, cause people walk around and offer big things to girls lately. Don't believe them cause they want to get use of you in one or another way." He looks into her eyes, telling her that cause he doesn't wanna loose her. Maybe she can see why, maybe not. Nothing to worry about so far, he gets his money and she brought him into troubles just once. "Ok, go to work now", he adds "and tell your regulars I'm selling your old dress. The one who offers the most will get it"

Nev had already had clients .. and non-clients .. offering her help or a way out or another job, but she had always declined because she didnt want to leave PimpGuy. Not that she would ever say that right to his face. She avoids his eyecontact, not wanting him to see what could be read in her eyes and flips a brow up when he mentions her dress, softly chuckling "Yea, that will bring in the money. That dress is old, torn, filthy and stained with cum. I have some freaks as clients, but seriously, just throw the damn thing in the trash before you get yourself some rat-infestation."

PimpGuy looks at her face, telling her "thanks Mom, I'll wash my hands before dinner". He laughs out loud, smacks her ass firmly goodbye and turns around heading down the street to the nearby movie studio. He already arranged it with a guy that works there to do the thing for less money and hopefully soon he'll have cool stuff to sell ...

Nev smiles and is relieved to have him made to laugh again. She ignores the smack and watches him walk away, the happenings of that day tumbling through her mind and bringing a smile to her face. Then she turns around too and walks down the street to go to her regular bench where her clients will know where to find her.

* * * * *

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