Friday, February 12, 2010

LoveLife Isle of Lust - Raw Erotic Romance RolePlay Sim

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LoveLife - Isle of Lust : Background
- - - - -

In the middle of the Pacific Ocean, far far off the coast of anywhere, roughly located between Hawaii and Kiritimati is this little Isle of Lust located. It is one of the smallest isles in a rather unknown, mostly uninhabited Pacific archipelago.

Through time LoveLife Isle hasnt developed that much, it has not become the 'tropical paradise' rich tourists flee to on luxurious cruise ships to escape their boring lives for a while. Despite the richness of the flora and fauna, the pristeen white sanded beaches, a gorgeous lagoon and a warm tropical climate, the 'village' itself seems to be in decay.

LoveLife Isle is the resort for those kind of people that have something to hide and want it to remain hidden. Some will use the isle for a short period of time to 'catch their breath', to conconct new 'business' plans in a tropical environment where they will not be bothered, or haunted down, by the government. Some visit the isle frequently, accompanied by a secret lover (or multiple secret lovers) to indulge theirselves in their lust without the risk of getting caught.

Though most visitors and even most of the few permanent residents can be considered to be of considerable wealth, there seems to be this silent agreement of not investing a dime into the redevelopment of LoveLife Isle. Everyone has their own reason to keep the isle as hidden and secret as it is. No-one wants to attract the attention of some suspicious governmental clown who might decide to send an investigation team if all of a sudden this little isle would start flourishing.

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LoveLife Isle of Lust is an adult ROLEPLAY Sim for those seeking an environment to indulge in their sexual needs. At all times RESPECT those that come here to RolePlay and do not disturb ongoing RolePlays by disruptive OOC-comments either in local chat or in IM.

If you do not wish to RolePlay, please wear the LoveLife Observer Tag.

If you just want to make use of the free-sex fascilities with a partner without RolePlaying, please keep your conversation in IM.

1. Show Respect
2. Be Nawty as hell
3. Have Fun
4. Consensual RolePlay Only
5. Wear an Observer Tag if you are new and just looking around.
6. Read the Background Story of LoveLife Isle of Lust
7. Read the RolePlay Basics Notecard

1. No Drama
2. No Griefing
3. No OOC in Local Chat
4. No Killing
5. No Escorting for lindens
6. No Scripted Weapons
7. No Underaged/Child Avatars

LoveLife Isle is a RolePlay Sim ... NOT a Combat Sim

All RolePlay should be consensual, meaning .. all participating parties should agree on the outcome of a story, everyone is supposed to have fun! Any form of forced sex, violence, rape, abductions, mutilations .. all fine .. as long as all involved are willing to play along.

No Scripted Weapons at any time and please .. for the sake of RolePlay-fun and continuing storylines, use weapons in your RP only to threaten someone with but keep the actual shooting to a strict minimum.
No Killing! No random shooting!
At least 10 posts EACH before pulling that trigger.
Give eachother the chance to either fight back or escape.
- - - - -

LoveLife Isle of Lust is a New RolePlay Sim
Ideas, Feedback and Suggestions to enhance the RolePlay environment created here are always welcome.
Please drop a notecard with your input, avatar name and date in the mailbox found at the landing point, or leave a comment on the blog.

Join the LoveLife - Isle of Lust Group for Free

Nevan Nizan,
LoveLife Isle of Lust
- - - - -

Spontaneous as I can be, I quite impulsively decided to create my own RolePlay Sim. Those who have read the entire Diary might recognize where I got the idea for this particular type of environment from. When PimpGuy and Nev escaped from Cyan the first time, we were looking for a quiet beach-village and after scouting around Second Life we couldnt find the location we had in mind. Visual is not ‘needed’ to create your story, but it makes it more fun and realistic when you get to RolePlay in a sim that fits your storyline.
Therefor I went ahead and created this dodgy little unknown village in the middle of the Pacific on a beautiful tropical island.
Creating your own RolePlay sim is a lot of fun, building it up from nothing and creating the image you have in your head. It also is scary and hard to put it on ‘the map’. A successful RolePlay Sim is not so much about the looks of the Sim, how much money you pump into it, the details most players probably wont even notice. Success is based on the Player Base. And that takes time.
I might fail completely. At least I will have had a lot of fun doing so. My goal is to try and attract serious paragraph RolePlayers, give them a place to build their stories with likeminded Players.
Anyway, this is why the ‘Diary’ was put on hold for a while. I have been busy building the Sim, thinking .. brainstorming and writing the rules. I hate the fact one needs rules, but I will look at them as guidelines rather than rules. Give Players an idea of what kind of Sim this is and let them decide whether or not they would enjoy being part of it.
So, wish me luck in this new chapter of Nev’s and PimpGuy’s life and hopefully soon I will be able to fill the Diary with new adventures of our little island whore!

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